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  1. Here are some tools I made for B/W ROM hacking. BWME edits trainer mugshot sprites. BWOE edits trainer overworld sprites. BWSE edit front/back trainer battle sprites. BWTE edits trainers and their Pokemon. BWWE edits wild Pokemon encounter tables. https://www.mediafire.com/?m3aajx7ymoi0t4w
  2. Hey, Does somebody know how to change the shiny odds in Pokémon black and white?
  3. Ok. Long time no see. I had both a Pokemon Black and Pokemon White game saves on LEGITIMATE cartdriges that were 100% done (exept Legendaries), but I lost those save files when some sort of glitch occured. So my request is a Pokemon Black save file that has been saved at the Elite 4 (before Reshiram, so no HoF), the main character can be of any gender, name etc... since it can be changed via PkHex. However, Tornadus musn't be roaming yet, Zorua and Zoroark not triggered and no Legendaries caught. I found the perfect one for White on some file-sharing place, but there was none for Black... Just in case, is it possible to convert a White save to a Black save? I am asking this due to the Black City/White Forest glitches that occurs when you swap version save files... And the save file MUST be from an English version. Thanks!
  4. Author's Webpage: http://www.geocities.jp/bt_vermeille/remodel/pokemon_bw/ | (B2W2) Japanese Program. .NET 2.0 Required. Edits the ROM, not narcs. Features: Species Editor Evolution Editor Encounter Slot Editor Move Editor Download *TRANSLATED* Pokemon ROM Changer: B2W2 - English ROMs (by Kaphotics) B2W2 - JP Translation (by Kaphotics and Andibad) BW Translation (by Andibad) For ROM Hacks: PRC for BBVW2 Complete 1.1 PRC for BBVW2 Vanilla 1.1 PRC for BBVW2 Complete 1.00 PRC for BBVW2 Vanilla 1.00 Bond697 has graciously provided decompiled code (via .NET Reflector). It's not the original code, but it compiles into the same program. Original prc_bw2 (B2W2) Original prc_bw (BW) --Source for prc_bw2 translation (English) --Source for prc_bw2's translation (JP)
  5. Background About a month ago I ordered a DSi off of eBay (it was only $40). When I got it I noticed there was something strange on it: "PWC2010"? I never heard about there being DSiWare for Pokemon? I consulted with other people on the internet and it turns out nobody else has heard it either. I tried to message the seller, but he said that he has no idea either (most likely he bought them in bulk as he was selling a lot of other models at the time). The mystery was just starting, a group of individuals from the DS(i) homebrew scene started to get to the bottom of this (me being invited despite my lack of knowledge due to being the one who found it), here's what we were able to figure out: The Investigation Begins... The hardware The system itself is appears to be a normal black DSi, nothing about it is different from that of a stock model The casing has some minor scratches and such, and is missing the original stylus. On the front side where the camera is, there are two faded silhouettes of what look to be rectangular stickers The system was formatted when I got it and it didn't come with an SD card (this will become a problem later on) The Software The apps included are: Flipnote Studios, DSi + Internet, PWC2010 Rule Check Tool, PWC2010 Log Viewer, and PokemonBW2 Rule Check Tool. All of which were preinstalled to the NAND as there is no way to access "Data Mangement" to move them to a SD card. At first, the only app that would boot was Log Viewer as both of the Rule Check Tools would just crash and return back to the menu. It was later revealed the apps were looking for 3 files at the root of an SD card before being able to boot. Through observations we were able to get some insights on what each of the 3 mystery apps do: PWC2010 Rule Check Tool From what the name implies, this tool must have been used for the Pokemon World Championship (PWC) in 2010 The app looks for 3 file on the SD card: regulation.bin, regulation.cfg, and rule.prd. By making 3 dummy files full of garbage data and naming them as the files listed before, we were able to get it to boot, after which we were greeted with a lovely message: The weird thing is, Black and White were used for the 2011 PWC, not 2010. This could imply that the app was a carry over from a previous tool used the year before. Luckily, I just so happen to have a copy of Black. Putting in the correct cartridge displays the message "No problems found" and ask if you want to save the results. Through testing we were able to figure out how to get past this screen as it turns out "No problems found" also acts as a default message, if something does fail one of the checks it will display what the error was. It's possible to make it check both the party Pokemon and Pokemon in the Battle Box by editing regulation.cfg file. PWC2010 Log Viewer Log viewer shows the results saved from Rule Check, it shows the player's username and gives a technical description of each Pokemon in the party (stats, friendship, exp, moveset, etc.). By pressing "X" it will do the same thing but for the Battle Box instead. PokemonBW2 Rule Check Tool Exactly the same as PWC2010, expect looks for the Black2/White2 cartridge instead More Technical Details Looking into the game's files, we were able to extract the messages displayed by Rule Check: Rule Check Messages regulation.cfg is, as the name suggests, a config file. Through dumb luck I was able to figure out this much: Offset 0x00: checks party Offset 0x01: checks battlebox Offset 0x05: turns on cart access Offset 0x0C: save to livematch.dat These values have to be "turned on" meaning the value is set to '1' If offset 0x05 isn't turned on then it will say that the cart isn't inserted. If offset 0x00 or 0x01 aren't turned on but 0x05 is, then it will say that it passed all checks (probably the default message) The files saved from Rule Check and are viewed in Log Viewer are named "logTYYMMDD.dat" and "logBYYMMDD.dat" (YYMMDD is the date, so something like Oct. 31 2019 would be 191031). LogT is for the results from the party (T=Team?) and logB is from the Battle Box. Through great efforts, users Epicpkmn11 and edo9300 were both able to reverse-engineer these files before we were able to figure out how to save it: Google Sheets regulation.bin appears to handle simple checks like invalid number of Pokemon in party, level caps, and duplicate items/Pokemon rule.prd may be used for more advance checks like invalid movesets and banned Pokemon/items Conclusion As of right now, interest has been dying as people began shifting to their own personal projects. For the past 3 weeks nobody has found anything new and I'm left to try and figure it out on my own. The problem is I know very little about NDS development and how the Pokemon games work in a technical level, which is why I'm turning here for help. We still know very little about regulation.bin and rule.prd, which are believe to be two key factors in order to get Rule Check to work properly, and without the original SD card we are left in the dark. It's possible that rule.prd is somehow linked to the hex values found in Pokemon (movesets, lvls, type, etc.), but can't really determine where and what to look for We don't know how much is relied on the files or if certain checks are programmed Any insights, suggestions, resources, or tips are greatly accepted!
  6. Anyone can help me? this happens when I try to use the relocator in pokemon black, the other cartridge is heart of gold
  7. trdata = a/0/9/2 trpoke = a/0/9/3 How to use: v1.1a Tweaked the lists for trainer names and trainer class. Other Tools.rar BWTE v1.1a.rar
  8. Hi Everyone I have recently got into ROM Hacking and had a lot of fun playing with Wild Pokemon Levels, Trainer Pokemon Levels and tweaking difficulties etc. in Platinum. However the two main things I want to try and learn how to do are: 1). Change the levels of Legendary Pokemon - I cannot for the life of me find out how to change these, I have only managed to do Wild Pokemon so far. Basically I want to change a few levels in Platinum and slightly change their movepools: (eg. Regigigas to Lvl 70, The Regis to Lvl 40 atleast, Arceus to Lvl 100, Giratina to Lvl 50, Heatran to Lvl 70) This is to go with the increased level challenges I am giving myself (along with changing the Pkmn Evolutions to not require trading which I have already done successfully) 2). I have just finished playing through Black & White, and I was wondering if it is possible to make the version alternate Dragon (Zekrom in Black, Reshiram in White) appear in Dragon Spiral Tower in the Post-Game? I would set it to be captured at Lvl 70 so there is the option of catching both of the Yin & Yang Dragons. (I would do this in B2W2 as well at a later date when I finally play through that) This I imagine will be quite advanced, as I havent got that far into Map Editting etc. Would anyone be able to give me any tips in approaching these two ideas if possible please? Number 1 I have a funny feeling im missing something incredibly obvious, but number 2 should be a longer term project I will do over the coming weekends - Just looking for some guidance to see if it is possible and the best tools / tutorials to look at to achieve this Many thanks in advance! Monty
  9. [video=youtube;7CCKERTzGJI] This is the format of the banlist: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0E 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C0 07 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 98 7E 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D8 03 Notes: The banlist is 0-based and should be read in binary. Bit=0 means its corresponding Pokémon is allowed. Bit=1 means its corresponding Pokémon is banned. Formula to find whether a Pokémon is banned or not is P=(8×B)+b with: P (Pokémon) being a number between 0 and 649 included; B being the Byte number, counting from 0; b being the bit number from a given Byte, from 0 to 7 included read from right to left. The banlist is located at narc a/1/0/5 in BW, and narc a/1/0/6 in B2W2. Even though the banlist is the same between the facilities enforcing it, the banlist itself is technically not unique as you'll see below: Battle Subway and Battle Institute (All versions): Single Battle and Wi-Fi: file 20 Double Battle: file 21 Multi Battle: file 22 PWT (Black 2 and White 2 only): Single Battle: file 33 Double Battle: file 34 Triple Battle: file 35 Rotation Battle: file 36
  10. Hello to all. I have just figured out that the midi mappings that Pokemon Black and White in bwmidi.zip (which are direct rips of the game files), and PKMN_E.zip (again, direct rips of the midi files) use are almost completely compatible with the sound mappings for the default Roland MT32 and CM32L patches when mapped to 16 channels. A way to emulate this on GS modules is to force all channels to the last bank, and set the drumset to the last one in the default bank. This gives MT32 Sound, which maps better than GM, and is universal across all areas of the game's music. For a DS-sized MT32 bank, you can either google "2GMGSMT.sf2", "4GMGSMT.sf2", "5GMGSMT.sf2,", "8GMGSMT.sf2", or "16.5mb gm gs mt32 bank v2.51.sf2", and add "LuckyMax" to the query. The bank was made in '01. It is not very accurate to the real MT32 though. I will provide a 1 gig sampleset via google drive, but in case a homebrew music project is in need of even more sounds, I will provide a mod of Zandro Revielle's DB50XG sampleset which has the inaccurate MT32 samples, and the SC-88 samples from a similarly accurate SC88 soundfont in this post. The link to the 1GB uncompressed 24bit MT32/CM32L/BW/RSEFRLG/HGSS/DPPT soundset is here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3iwOegRlzCXVkZ6WmFHNzNhcTg Attached to this link is the soundfont containing the DB50XG Mod, the SC-88 Samples, and the MT32/CM32L samples: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3iwOegRlzCXWmRQbktoWDBmQTA The file above is 32.5MiB Below, I have an even less accurate, but more faithful version of the MT32 samples, but with GM and GS drumsets, and GM instruments where possible. It is 8mb. MT32.sf2
  11. Welcome to my first ever page with tools! This page will be updated soon with a nice layout. [HGSSSPRITE]278[/HGSSSPRITE] OxATTACK Pokémon Black & White Attack Editor | Version 1.6 Abbreviated as OxAT, OxATTACK is a tool that lets you edit attacks (moves) in Pokémon Black and White. In the newest version 1.6, move mechanics are editable and some more effect descriptions have been added. For now, the tool can edit the following aspects: Type Category Power PP Accuracy Secondary effect Stat manipulation Basic effect Critical Hit ratio Opponent(s) Priority Frequency Move mechanics Click here to download OxATTACK Version 1.6. Big thanks and credits to TwistedFatal, who helped me a lot with the tool creation! I hope you like the tool(s). If you find any bugs, please report them here. None of my tools are known to be 100% stable, so please remember to make back-ups.
  12. Hi, this is my second tool for editing Pokemon Black and White. A Starter Editor. Notes: - As for now, the program can only change what starter Pokemon YOU get, so when you open the box from Prof. Juniper at the beginning of the game, the screen will still shows Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. I still have no idea on how to edit that. - This program support both ROM (.nds) and NARC (a/0/5/7). - This program will not change the Pokemon that your rivals/friends get, since it need to be edited in another narc. I don't think I'll add it. Changelog: v1.0.0 - The first version. v1.0.1 - Remove the alt form from list, add in function to edit the starter's level. v1.0.2 - Fix the issue of loading different region's ROM. v1.0.2.1 - Should really fix the issue of loading different region's ROM. Credits: - Andibad, for all the information on where to edit. Please try the program (and with caution) and report here if there's any bugs. Zero's Black & White Starter Editor v1.0.2.1
  13. Hey! I came up with this idea when I first got into the Fairy Tail fandom, which was a long time ago, and since then, I have gained some experience in game hacks. When I was looking through my computer a little while ago, I found my ideas on a notepad and decided to start working on it. Over the last couple of days, I have been working on it and have started to create a Fairy Tail x Pokemon hack for Pokemon Black and White. My basic ideas are as follows: The protagonists would either be Natsu and Gray, and then Erza and Lucy (Different Versions) or Natsu and Lucy, and then Gray and Erza. (Once again, different versions.) Cheren and Bianca would be the other characters that you can play as in the other version. Starters appropriate for each trainer. Gym Leaders and Elite Four would be other FT characters such as Juvia, Gajeel, Levy, Lisanna etc. Wendy would almost definitely replace Iris. Text edited to fit a slightly different storyline and made for Fairy Tail. Ghetsis would be Zeref. (With obvious text edits.) Other Fairy Tail characters would be included like Jellal as N, (fits him perfectly) Meredy and Ultear as the blonde and pink haired women, (can't remember their names) Professor Juniper, (not sure who she would be) and Nurse Joy. (Possibly Mira since it fits her nicely.) I have been working on it for a little while but have had multiple errors. My main problem is that I have had trouble finding a good text editor to use for this hack and I have not been able to recreate amazing sprites despite many attempts. I was wondering if anybody could suggest a good text editor and let me know where I can find the files containing the text. (I tried thenewpoketext for my previous Gen 4 hacks but it was complex and I had a lot of errors and problems with it, so I didn't like it too much.) I'd also like a little help with creating the sprites. I have done a few Gen 4 FT sprites but if anybody could make me some Gen 5 sprites, that would be amazing. (NOTE: Overworld, Mugshots, Front and Back for the 4 Possible Protagonists. - Overworld, Frontsprite and Mugshots for Zeref, Jellal, Possible Gym Leaders and Elite Four - Overworld for any other characters.) If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to share! (Sorry if this is really long or in the wrong place since this is my first post.)
  14. I'm starting a Pokemon Black Egglocke and need Pokegen Eggs to start off with. Please help me. Legality isn't a problem as long as the Pokemon is able to hatch out of an egg or able to have those moves.Please nickname the Eggs, I'm not creative with names unfortunately... No Legendaries or Phione please, since I don't want the play-through to be too easy. Send files over Email please, since it's easier. Send as many as you want, holding any item. Thank you! Ps: Set the happiness to 0 please, since the egg will not hatch quickly, and I'm not patient enough to wait.. Thank you! Send to this Email: mightyenatrickster262@gmail.com
  15. Greetings, all. I am new here, so I apologize if this is in the wrong subforum. Now, what I am needing to do: My girlfriend and I are planning on playing all of the Pokemon games from gen 4 right up to gen 7. We both have homebrewed 3DSs with CFW and have the NDS Pokemon games as ROMS on R4i cards. The idea is to play HeartGold and SoulSilver> Platinum and Diamond> Black and White> Black 2 and White 2> X and Y> Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire> Sun and Moon, in that order. What we want to do is transfer Pokemon over each time we move over to the next pair of games. Each time we play a pair, we plan to catch all Pokemon available in that respective game, then move them all forwards to the next game. HeartGold/SoulSilver can trade to Platinum and Diamond, and Platinum and Diamond can trade to Black and White, and Black and White can trade to Black 2 and White 2, but each of these processes will take ages to accomplish, and there seems to be no way to trade Pokemon from Black 2/White 2 to X/Y when using an R4i card and a legitimate card is impossible to get in my country. So: Is there a way that I can batch export all Pokemon from a save (All .pkm/whatever files from the .sav) and the inject it into the next save? PkHex and PokeGen only allow for exporting and importing 1 Pokemon at a time, whereas I would like to do so as a batch to save a lot of time. I have .sav files on R4i and can make .sav backups for 3DS Pokemon games, I just need a way to transfer the Pokemon between them as a batch rather than individually. As a nitpick: Is there also a way that I can have Pokemon moved via this method be registered in the Pokedex for the game I inject them into? Thanks in advance and sorry for repeating myself in some parts
  16. Pokémon Light Black DS Rom Info: Hack of: Pokémon Black (USA) Language: English Current version: v1.01 Features: - Trainers are stronger. - Some places have new pokémon! - Evolutions in-game. - Cheren specializes in third generation Pokémon, and Bianca specializes in the fourth generation Pokemon. - Some trainers have more pokémon. First, second, third, fourth or fifth generation. - Now you'll be able to catch Ditto at Route 3 and breed him from the start. - Moveset of certain pokémon is diferent! ~Screenshots~ First two battles Route 1 ~Videos~ [video=youtube;Vp8yV3CeMTc] [video=youtube;2TbmlNy8FLg] ~Download~ MegaUpload - UPS Patcher ~How to evolve certain Pokémon~
  17. Ok so my whole idea behind this ROM hack is to basically up the difficulty level of Black and White. Here are the ways I am doing this. -Increasing the level curve -Adding in Stronger and more diverse wild pokemon -Giving every gym leader six pokemon -Modifying the stats of some pokemon (including things like type and ability) -Modifying move data to make some moves more useful -Editing Item locations So far, I have edited the stats of every pokemon I wanted to edit, and I have changed the movepools of the starters and the monkeys and all their evolutions. I have also edited quite a few of the weaker moves. Here's just a sample of my work. The tepig line are now all fire/ground, and of course learn some Ground type moves. Emboar and Pignite learn Close Combat in place of Roar as well, as even though they are now Ground types, I still feel like this move suits them. While Snivy and Servine are unchanged, Serperior is now a Grass/Poison type. It learns a new-and-impreoved Poison Tail upon evolution, and it has a new ability. As you could guess, it now learns quite a few other poison type moves, some of them by leveling, some by using a Heart Scale. Dewott and Samurrot are now part Dark type, because I feel that the Dark type suits a Samurai better than a fighting type. As most dark types do, they now have a few tricks up their sleeves, such as the Weak Armor ability, which, while making them more vulnerable, can increase their speed quite a bit. Archen and Archeops have dropped their terrible Defeatist ability for Moody, which changes them from a pokemon that pretty much has to one hit kill everything or it's doomed, to a High-risk, High reward pokemon. Many of the HMs have been edited to make them more useful, such as cut changing to Grass type with 70 Power. Strength has been changed to a fighting type move with 90 Power, and Waterfall is now on Par with Surf in base power. Of course, the move data changes are not only limited to the HMs, Rock Smash and Rock Climb are now Rock type moves, which could possibly give Pokemon like Scolipede and Scrafty a new option. All of the elemental monkeys now have a fighting subtype, and of course learn a few new moves to reflect that. Progress Move editing 100% (unless I change my mind about something) Pokemon Moveset editing around 50%, i still have to do the TM/HM compatability (unless a request is made that I decide to use) Item location editing 0% (actually, if I could get some help on exactly how to do this that would be great) Trainer editing up to about the end of Route 2 Wild Pokemon editing up to Route 3 Text editing (usually to go along with item location changes) 0% Edit: Oh, and one last thing, I would prefer not to add any pokemon from previous generations. The only exception would be if it was impossible to make a gym leader have 6 pokemon without doing that. EDIT 2: Come to think of it, since I have been doing this, Shouldn't it go in Progressive Edits?
  18. I'm making a PokeTex file list(yes, there is Kazo tool, but i have free time ) Here you are, there are only 25 for now. I use the 9.nds file hero, 53DC hero_cycle, 9804 hero_swim, BA6C heroine, C384 heroine_cycle, 107AC heroine_swim, 12A14 BW_Over, 1332C BW_Over, 1515C BW_Over, 160C8 BW_Over, 17034 BW_Over, 17FA0 BW_Over, 18F0C BW_Over, 19E78 BW_Over, 1B870 BW_Over, 1C7DC BW_Over, 1D748 BW_Over, 1E6B4 BW_Over, 200AC BW_Over, 21AA4 BW_Over, 2349C BW_Over, 24E94 BW_Over, 25E00 BW_Over, 26D6C BW_Over, 27CD8 BW_Over, 28C44 BW_Over, 29BB0 BW_Over, 2AB1C BW_Over, 2BA88 BW_Over, 2C9F4 BW_Over, 2D960 BW_Over, 2E8CC BW_Over, 2F838 BW_Over, 307A4 BW_Over, 31710 BW_Over, 33108 BW_Over, 34074 BW_Over, 34FE0 BW_Over, 35F4C BW_Over, 36EB8 BW_Over, 37E24 BW_Over, 3981C BW_Over, 3B214
  19. Some simple tools to edit stuff that didn't have an editor (yet). Mart Editor (B2W2 Mart Inventory Editor) Image: Instructions: Use kiwi.ds to extract all of the files from the PokeMart NARC (a282 for B2/W2) [Open] -> Select folder with all of the files [save] to save all of your edits. Use PPNFR or kiwi.ds to build a new NARC out of the edited files. Pretty straightforward, operates like Kazo's BWTE. Egg Move Editor Image: Instructions: Use kiwi.ds to extract all of the files from the Egg Move NARC (a124 for B2/W2) [Open] -> Select folder with all of the files [save] to save all of your edits. Use PPNFR or kiwi.ds to build a new NARC out of the edited files. Pretty straightforward, operates like Kazo's BWTE. MartEdit.zip MartEdit_%28src%29.zip EggMoveEdit.zip EggMoveEdit_%28src%29.zip
  20. I've tried working on my own expansion of the rather disappointing XY Pokedex, increasing it from 72 (there are actually 3 unreleased Pokemon in the game's code; look it up) to a more respectable 113 (technically 111 since there are two unstated Pokemon), and I'm thinking I want to make a Black/White (2?) hack that includes the now 113 extra Pokemon, as well as following a brand new storyline. (WARNING: THIS WILL FURTHER REQUIRE THE INCLUSION OF FAIRY-TYPE, AS WELL AS SEVERAL FEATURES THAT I'M NOT SURE CAN BE IMPLEMENTED INTO THE GAME PROPERLY). Changes: -Two new main characters (Thomas and Pepper, the main characters of the "unofficial" Pokemon Go! manga), as well as new companions (Ashley, who accompanies you, and Kylee, who's basically more like Bianca's role in B/W), and even a new rival. -Thomas starts off with Dratini and Gengar, while Pepper starts off with Mime Jr. and is GIVEN a Chimchar (which you can have the option of refusing in order to pick your own starter) -You will be able to choose from all 18 starters. -New evil team, in this case Team Murky -The aforementioned 113 new Pokemon added to the Pokedex, including Sylveon and Draceon, the new Dragon-type Eeveelution, several new evolutions and pre-evolutions -Handful of new items both officially from Gen6 and unofficially -Redesigned Elite Four rooms to reflect new types (Electric, Rock--which I may change, Ground, Poison) -Redesigned Cities, specifically the Gyms -New Fairy-type, as well as the new moves, abilities and retcons from XY, though no Mega Evolutions -Adding/modifying new locations (Pitch-Dark Hole, Abandoned House, which will appear on Route 20, Team Murky HQ, Zi'gyr, where you fight and capture Pokemon Cthulu--literally, Torment Forest, Kanji Island and Champion's Keep, where you face the Elite Four) -In order to get to Kanji Island, which is virtually inaccessible, you will need the Tropics Ticket, which is given to you after earning all 8 badges and ride a ferry. From there, you undergo a tournament with others, including your rival Viktor in the finals and even your gender counterpart (think something like Battle Tower, PWT, or more accurately Battle Maison in XY) -Battles play out similarly to the Pokemon League in the anime, where each competitor uses 3 Pokemon each, and are healed in between rounds. If you lose, you just start from the beginning; if you beat your rival in the finals, you're given an invitation to the Champion's Keep, where you face the Elite Four in no particular order and finally take on the Champion. -New Gym Leaders, and by extension, new badges (presumably also the same 100 TM's from XY) -All Pokemon available through the wild, in-game trade, Safari Zone, etc. (some incredibly rare, but still possible to capture) EDIT: I figured out what to do with the other legendaries. Intergen Legendaries: After beating the Elite Four, and completing the Buoku Dex (registering all Pokemon by seeing them, having data on them isn’t required), fly to Victor’s Cave (ビクターズパス Victor’s Pass)—which is the Buoku equivalent of Victory Road though the high leveled trainers and wild Pokemon it’s probably closer to Cerulean Cave/Unknown Dungeon (remember, that Pokemon League is treated differently than traditional games). At the end of Victor’s Cave (though if you descend all the way down to Level B12, you’ll be able to face Groudon at Level 60), you’ll encounter and face Terry in an off-the-record battle. After defeating her, she will reward you the Golden Ticket (ゴールデンチケット Golden Ticket). Show the Golden Ticket to the ferry and you’ll sail to the Tower of Light (天国タワー Heaven Tower), a massive 40-Level (not counting the roof and basement) endurance test similar to the Sky Pillar where it’s possible to battle and capture the legendaries, with a final fight with Arceus at Level 80 on the roof. Certain Legendaries do require certain party conditions to be met. For example, Regigigas’ room is only unlocked, obviously by bringing the Regis together, with the same applying to Lugia and Ho-Oh requiring the roaming Legendary Birds and Cats respectively. Arceus himself requires BOTH the Lake and Creation trios, though most of the early floors either require fairly simple or no conditions to battle. Most of the first through fourth generation Pokemon otherwise unobtainable are included here, as well as the Aura Trio from XY & a few generation five’s that had their levels changed or scrapped (the Forces of Nature sans Landorus, the Tao Trio, Swords of Justice sans Cobalion, Heatran) Meloetta, Keldeo, and Victini are also obtainable. -In the Team Murky HQ, you'll be able to find a secret room that leads to a glass case with a Poke Ball in it labelled Project Amber prototype. Use Rock Smash on the case, and you'll receive a special Golden Genesect in an Ultra Ball named PRJ (Project) Amber with Megahorn. (Or do you?)
  21. This is a rom edit of pokemon black and white where you can obtain all 649 pokemon. The difficulty of the game has been increased as well as various changes to pokemon moves and the pokemon themselves. Changes from the original versions: -All 649 pokemon are obtainable one way or another. To have version differences in the game, a pokemon may be found later in the game instead of finding it early like the other, or a pokemon may be more common to find. -Another version exclusive is how often you will require to play in a rotation/triple battle. Each game will have more matches of each type of battle. Black Version will continue to have more Rotation battles than white, and White Version will continue to have more Triple battles than black. -All trainers have their pokemon edited. This improves the difficulty in the game and satifies players to have a challenge as they play the game. -Trade evolutions is not required to evolve pokemon that needed to do so before. -Wild pokemon are stronger as well. This helps when level grinding is necessary. -Shaking Grass now contains more rare pokemon. -Dark Grass have tougher pokemon. Attack Mechanic Changes/etc -Critical hit ratio is returned to its former glory. All critical hit moves have been raised back to 25% chance to crit from previous games. -Expect to see secondary effects on moves to happen more often. Various moves have had their secondary effect increased including freezing moves(such as blizzard). -Buffs in stat-boosting moves. Moves such as Howl and Meditate now boost more than just Att. Howl is similar to Dragon Dance, and Meditate is similar to Coil. -Charge moves such as Fly, Dig, Dive are now more powerful and have a secondary effect if it did not before. -SolarBeam is no longer a charge move. It now performs similar to Fire Blast(ACC reduced to 85%. PP reduced to 5, and 10% chance to burn). -Trap moves have similar power to Surf/Flamethrower/etc(Whirlpool/Fire Spin, Sand Tomb, Clamp), or to Vicgrip(Wrap/Bind). -All move changes will be listed below soon. Pending Move Changes -Making Captivate Genderless/SpA version Charm - opinions on this change? Y or N? -Hyper Beam and similar moves - opinions on how the move should change? -Changing type for HM Strength - opinions on which type? Pokemon Type Changes Spinarak/Ariados is now Bug/Dark and movepool now reflects this. Masquerain is now Bug/Water and movepool now reflects this. Volbeat/Illumise is now Bug/Electric and movepool now reflects this. Seviper is now Poison/Dark. Glalie is now Ice/Rock and movepool now reflects this. Luxio/Luxray is now Electric/Dark and movepool now reflects this. Electivire is now Electric/Fighting and movepool now reflects this. Magmortar is now Fire/Psychic and movepool now reflects this. Servine/Serperior is now Grass/Electric and movepool now reflects this. Pignite/Emboar is now Fire/Dark and movepool now reflects this. Dewott/Samurott is now Water/Fighting and movepool now reflects this. Watchog is now Normal/Electric and movepool now reflects this. Cofagrigus is now Ghost/Steel and movepool now reflects this. Gothita/Gothorita/Gothitelle is now Psychic/Dark and movepool now reflects this. Elgyem/Beheeyem is now Psychic/Electric and movepool now reflects this. Beartic is now Ice/Fighting and movepool now reflects this. POKEMON MOVEPOOL CHANGES Kanto Pokemon Johto Pokemon Hoenn Pokemon Sinnoh Pokemon Pending Unova Pokemon Pending ROM HACK COMPLETION DETAILS Attack Changes - 100% Pokemon Movepool changes - 80%(transferring data to rom now) Pokemon TM/HM Compatability changes - 0% Wild Pokemon Changes - 0% Trainer Battle Changes - 0% Gym/E4 Battle Changes - 0% Expect more details about the hack throughout next week! *Note: sorry for the lack of creativity in first post as well as some sort of visual for the game. The thread will be updated often.
  22. Hi guys, I'm fairly new to ROM Hacking, but I've already got a hack in production underway, which you can find information on in the ROM Edit Ideas section (Probably gonna recreate it in the Progressing Edits once I get up to the first gym done and release a beta test version). It will include things like Edited trainers, pokemon stats, pokemon types, new wild pokemon, etc. But of course, I had to learn how to edit this data. I did most of the stats and types and such by using a tool by TwistedFatal, but with changed types, of course came other things like, for example, the TMs and HMs that each pokemon could learn. That specifically is what inspired me to make this thread. I never could find a thread about TM and HM compatability. I got the information about that from Drayano. But as it turns out, ALL of the Pokemon's data (except for movesets) is located in the same narc. So, lets take a look at exactly what is in this narc file. First off, you should extract the a/0/1/6 narc file using Nitro Explorer. Next, I reccomend downloading Crystaltile2, it is a phenomenal hex editor with a feature that makes editing the hex so much easier. In the best download I found, there are two .dll files that are missing, but you can just google search them and put them in the same folder as CT2 and it should work. And for one last preparation, I reccomend you go to this website:http://www.mathsisfun.com/binary-decimal-hexadecimal-converter.html. This is an amazing Hex-Decimal-Binary converter. Now, open up the a016 narc with Crystaltile2 and in the side window that pops up, double click on the section that has "(narc file name) 1" in it. This will take you straight to Bulbasaur's Data. Let's take a closer look at it. The first byte of each Pokemon's Data is the HP stat (in Hex of course) for Bulbasaur, this is 2D, which is 45 in Decimal. Say you wanted to raise the HP stat to 65. Just type in 65 on the decimal line on that site I linked you to, and replace that 2D with whatever pops up in the Hexadecimal line (should be 41). The second byte is the base Attack Stat. 3rd is base Defense, 4th is base speed, 5th is base Sp. Atk, and 6th is base Sp. Def. This should be the exact same order for every pokemon's data. Now for the 7th and 8th bytes, I have not tested this yet, however, they should be the Pokemon types. According to this thread:this explaining things about move data, 0B, which is in byte 7 of bulbasaur's data, corresponds to the Grass type, which just so happens to be Bulbasaur's primary type. It's 8th byte, which is 03, corresponds to poison type, which is Bulbasaur's secondary type. So, more than likely, the 7th and 8th bytes are the pokemon's types. In Bulbasaur's 9th byte, we have 2D, which is 45 in decimal, which just so happens to be Bulbasaur's catch rate. In the 10th byte for Bulbasaur we have 01, which I do not know exactly what that does. My theory is that it could be it's national Pokedex number. The byte after that (11th) as two 0s in Bulbasaur's data, which could have numbers in it when it gets to the higher pokedex numbers. Probably the National dex number in hex, split into pairs, and then reversed, just like it is for the moves when editing those via hex. This is only a theory and requires testing. Now we have the 12th byte. In Bulby's data, this is another 01. I honestly have no idea what this does. Perhaps there are two different Pokedex numbers that really come into play when you get to the Unova Pokemon? I will be editing this if I find out anything new. Bytes 13-18 are just a bunch of 0s for bulby. These may come into play more in other pokemon, I have not looked into this much yet, this research is a work in progress for me. I will edit the post when and if I find out anything. I have also been unable to figure out byte 19 or 20 off of info from Serebii alone either. I will edit the post if I find out something, as usual. If it helps anyone, Bulbasaur's byte 19 is 1F (31 in dec) and byte 20 is 14 (20 in dec). My conjecture is that maybe they have something to do with Egg Groups. Byte 21 appears to be Base happiness, as the 46 there in Bulbasaur's slot (70 in decimal) is equivelant to the info on Serebii. I am not sure what bytes 22-24 are. Byte 25 appears to be a slot for abilities, because in Bulbys data, it has 41, which is 65 in decimal. According to the Ability list on Bulbapedia, 65 is Overgrow's index number. Byte 26 is probably the second ability a pokemon could have, but since Bulbasaur doesn't have one, it has only 0s there. This is made even more likely by the fact that the value in byte 27 of Bulby's data corresponds to the ability, Clorophyll (index number 34, which is 22 in hex), which bulbasaur can have through the Dream World. Bytes 29-32 are 0s in Bulbasaur's data, so I'm not yet sure what those mean. I will experiment more with that later. Byte 33 has a 01 in Bulbasaur's data. I'm not sure what exactly this means yet either. Byte 34 has a 03. Again, not quite sure what this means. Byte 35 has 40 (64 in hex). Not quite sure what that means either. Byte 36 has 00. Clueless yet again. In fact, I have no clue what pretty much all the bytes do for a while. Perhaps it is what tells the pokedex to say in the pokedex entry's and classification, cries, honestly idk. But that's why I'm researching, to find out. Now, at Byte 41, I finally find something I know about. I'm just going to say right now, Thank you so much Drayano, he's the one who taught me how to read this part. Now, we start getting into why I even decided to do the research of this narc file. The TM HM compatability. Now, at Bulbasaur's byte 21, we find the hex value, 20. If we put that into the hex section of the coverter I linked you too, we actually need to look at the binary equal to that value. It should show up as 100000, now add two zeros to the beginning of this, and we have a string of 8 numbers in binary code. This string represents Bulbasaur's compatability, to TM01-08. But the tricky part, is that it goes backwards, so the first number actually represents TM 08, and it goes backwards down the line to TM 01. The 0s mean bulbasaur can't learn that TM. The 1s mean it can. So let's get into a bit more detail shall we. After you added the two 0s to make it a string of 8 the first number is a 0, meaning that Bulbasaur can't learn TM 08. The next number is another 0, meaning it can't learn TM 07. The next number, however is a 1, meaning that Bulbasaur CAN learn TM 06. The rest are 0s, meaning that Bulbasaur can't learn TMs 05-01. Say you wanted it to be able to learn TM 01, you would go into the converter and replace the corresponding number in the binary section (in this case the last one), and replace the old hex number with the new hex number that came up on the Hex line of the converter. Now, you may be wondering "What about all the other TMs?" That comes with the next several bytes. These bytes each represent Bulbasaur's conpatability with 8 different TMs (don't forget it's in backwards order, so instead of TM 09-16, it's actually 16-09, and same for all the other bytes). When you get to the byte that's supposed to represent TMs 96-90, you may be thinking "Hey! There is no TM 96!" Well that's correct. Instead, HM 01 takes up that spot. Then, the byte after that only represents the 5 remaining HMs (so the binary string should only be 5 digits long). One last thing to note, obviously, if any of these bytes contains two 0s, that means bulbasaur can't learn ANY of the 8 TMs that that byte represents. There should be 13 bytes containing TM HM compatability data. And finally, after the TM HM compatability bytes, we come up on some more bytes that I don't know what they do. Hurrah! I have a feeling that one of the groups of bytes that consisted of mostly 00s with a 01 thrown in had something to do with the amount of EVs given out upon defeating a bulbasaur in the wild, but I do not know which. So anyway, that's all I could figure out for now. I'll be sure to edit this post with the appropriate info if I find out anything new.
  23. No$GBA may be outdated, but it still has some good qualities to it. To me, and others, debugging is super helpful. To some, they prefer it to play and get screenshots from. However, Black and White has been a bit harder to get working with it. So, I made this patch. The patch allows the player to get EXP from battles, start the game, and even save! Best part is, no AR code is required to play your game. The current patch supports ENGLISH WHITE VERSION ONLY. If there is interest in Black version, I will get a copy of that out as well. To use, you will need a copy of the original xdelta and knowledge of the basic command line. If your ROM is 256 MB, it needs to be trimmed: First download the file below and the xdelta from the previous link. For ease, put xdelta, the patch, and your trimmed ROM into the same directory. Navigate into that directory via command line. Run this command (assuming your game is called "white.nds"): xdelta patch white_nocash.patch white.nds white_patched.nds If you did everything right, white_patched.nds is your new patched ROM. Downloads: white_nocash.patch
  24. With this article posted pokebeach. I decided to try to see If I could modify and even add new formes to the game. The data chart in the article can be found in a/0/1/6, the stats files. The files in the narc match up to each Pokemon's national pokedex number. after 649 are the stats for formes. I am not sure what file 668 is, I added my two new files as file 669 and 670. For the Pokemon you want to add a forme too, open the file that matches there pokedex number and edit these offsets. offset 0x1C(2 byte) = Nobis offset 0x1E(1 byte) = Sprite offset 0x20(1 byte) = Formes Make the Nobis equal the file in a/0/1/6 you want its stats to be, leave it at 0 if the stats do not change. The Sprite is the number for what sprite to use. You can only use sprites that come after Genesect. using 1 will use the first sprite after Genesect. The sprite files are in a/0/0/4. Each Pokemon uses 20 files for their set of sprites. After Genesect's last forme sprite, there is some other data there and a long list of palette files. Not 100% sure what these are for, might be used for Arceus and all his alternate forme's colors. I added 15 dummy files to pad it to 14300 files so it would take up the space of 3 sprites(60 files) and make my added sprites be align to the 20 files per sprite rule. For this example I copied Reshiram and Zekrom's sprites. You also need to add sprites for the part icon. These files can be found in a/0/0/7. The first file is a pal file, followed by 2 files per sprite. Since there is 60 files (3 sprites) of dummy data after Genesect's last forme sprite, we must also add 6 dummy files (3 sprites) to the party icon file before adding our own. For this example I also copied Reshiram and Zekrom's sprites. Forme is the number of formes a pokemon has. If the pokemon has no extra formes this number is 0. If the Pokemon has 1 or more alternate formes then the number is the number for extra formes plus the base form. Shaymin has this value as 2 for it's Land and Sky forme. Pokemon who have a 1 here only have 1 forme in the current game and extra formes in future games. If a Pokemon has more that 1 extra forme, when it is in the first alternate forme it uses the data for the Nobis and Sprite Bytes. The next forme will use the data after those. Example would be Nobis of 669 and Sprite of 63 will cause the first alternate forme to use Nobis 669 and Sprite 63, the second alternate forme will use Nobis 670 and Sprite 64. I do not have any idea how to change formes in game with pokemon who have new forme, but you can have them appear in the wild in the forme and it will keep the forme once captured. Here is a video showing the results.
  25. During my playthrough of Generation V of the games, I felt that some pokemon especially potentially powerful species are only available after the E4, including ones that involve Fishing or only at Victory Road. These powerful species being late bloomers will not make it in time for the trainer, assuming that he is not using Pokesav, to train them to a point they are capable of taking on the Elite Four and Team Plasma's elite members. To add salt to the wound, the creators of the game actually only allowed fishing to be accessible after the E4. So the player will have to contend with fewer species to choose from within the game! This is only made worse with the fact that White Forest or certain routes are only available after you defeat the E4; Some of those routes contain many potentially powerful species too. This hack will seek to resolve the issues by changing the encounter locations of certain species as if they were an ecology and also gives the player more choices to pick for their next fighter in the team. This hack will not add Pokemon from previous generations unless they are to be encounter in that place only after the Elite 4. Pokemon Black/white is now also more of a hunter's expedition because some good species have be edited to be rare so the player is going to have to go through a few more wild encounters before you will encounter that "potentially powerful" or rare species for your team. Testers and suggestions are welcome Credits Myself-- Siam on Project Pokemon/ FlameEntei on Pokecommunity. Drayano – the first guy to edit wild encounters in B/W Aragornbird- For teaching me how to edit wild Encounters Kazowar- Evolution editor Andibad- For being supportive of my hack Twistedfate- Creation of the stats editor and Wild editor. Features: 1. More species to catch 2. Starters are catchable Oshawott: Route 1- Surf Tepig- Dreamyard- Grass Snivy- Pinwheel Forest Inner 3. No need to fish to encounter some species 4. Gym Leaders are stronger Gym Leaders will not be so easy to defeat as their teams become a little more diverse in their moves. The first 4 gym leaders will have Pokemon of slightly higher levels. Somewhat at above 20 and below 30 Conversations edited Dreamyard Sends out <next Pokemon> Trainers edited Trainers will have more Pokemon since the new encounters will reflect in their teams. For EXP for the player. Release Date May - June 2011
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