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  1. Restore backups and only randomize/bump levels once. If you keep repeating the action, it'll compound their levels.
  2. Download some premade files. The batch editor edits, it does not create.
  3. Kaphotics

    zangoose realgam tower

    If it doesn't line up with the RNG algorithms (PKHeX nor RNG Reporter), it's likely something wrong on the user's end (emulation, active cheats, idk).
  4. Kaphotics

    zangoose realgam tower

    Might be worth checking if this is an antishiny spread
  5. PKHeX marks nicknamed events as Fishy. You can access the full report by holding control when clicking. It's possible to nickname anything, so long as you have the same trainer details (can be done via RNG abuse).
  6. Thanks, fixed in latest commit https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/6e8f7fe6801f4ab6cfa51070bbd5b0928d129410
  7. Nope! http://noseclub.bluwiikoon.art/gscshinyeggs.shtml Keep in mind that they can be shiny if they were transferred before GSC VC were released, since they didn't originally use the same DV->Gender/Shiny determination as Gen2.
  8. Yes. Blatant hacks/simple derivations aren't worthwhile contributions
  9. If PokeGen and PKHeX can't load the file, then your file is invalid. Upload the file or look at it in a hex editor to verify that the contents are actually a save file.
  10. It opens fine in the latest release of the program.
  11. Entire save is not copied; it stores boxes for numerous savefiles, since you can connect with up to 4 different saves.
  12. The second screenshot describes the game's behavior if you hack in a shiny.
  13. You have to have your console load CROs and exefs in order for the game to be in sync. One file determines what is shown, the other determines what is picked out.
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