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  1. Bad dump of save data. Too small to be a SW/SH save file. PKHeX is working as intended.
  2. Wow it's almost like there is multiple threads with this same error! Read the responses in them, a hotfix was uploaded over 12 hours ago.
  3. It'll be supported in the next release; I just added handling to recognize them when you drop em in.
  4. Should be fixed in latest commits: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/dfcd93bfff172b5456859777b93a24315f843a90
  5. > OneDrive gee, I wonder why Don't run PKHeX from a cloud/network folder. It might not be able to load files from that location, as evident in the error (UnauthorizedAccessException). Maybe try running it as administrator...
  6. You need .NET Framework 4.6 installed in order to run the program.
  7. Don't mix and match releases. Delete the old PKHeX.Core.dll from the folder the exe is in.
  8. There's extra data that is set to the save file in order to specify which pokemon (and their encounter details) are supposed to spawn. Just hacking in the items won't do anything, since that data is missing. You'll have to wait for future updates to have this documented, as they'll kinda behave like mystery gifts.
  9. Duplicate with another thread. See solution (redownload, use backup save):
  10. The legality checker is working fine; the pkm editor does not set relearn flags for the TRs yet. The TR flag interface still needs to be created You can teach them it in-game and they'll be legal.
  11. Double check the file count in the rom folder. If you've dirtied it by unpacking game files inside of it, the file count won't match the expected count. 41,702 is the magic number for sw/sh!
  12. You can always use the batch editor to provide you a reminder of the property name and value. Markings are stored in different formats across the generations, so it's not really concise enough to show as a simple control in the search options.
  13. Alternatively, use the built in modifiers when right clicking the box tab:
  14. When pkm are stored in the box, their party stats are discarded in order to save space. Only 232 bytes are needed, the rest can be recreated on demand. When they are in party format, they have an extra 28 bytes at the end of the array to store party stats (current hp, stats, status affliction, etc). EncryptedBoxData is the format a pkm is in when it does not have party stats and is encrypted. DecryptedBoxData is the above format, without the encryption (easy to reference in a hex editor). EncryptedPartyData is the format... when it has battle stats and is currently encrypted. DecryptedPartyData is the format when it has battle stats and is decrypted. Easiest to save pkm files it in the Decrypted Box format (232), since the party stats are negligible and in bulk they consume space. Decrypted because you don't need the encryption. When PKHeX handles a PKM, it keeps it in the Decrypted Party format (260) so that if stats are required for logic, the array is ready to go.
  15. I stepped through it and it recognized as a Korean save file, which isn't crystal, thus failed to load. Probably a collision in detection, idk
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