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  1. Already behaves fine on the latest commits; was fixed before any of this was reported.
  2. PKHeX calculates stats for whatever the regular mainline game stats should be. The game doesn't always store the calculated stats in all formats. For generation 3, boxed PKM data is stored without stats, so withdrawing in-game will cause the game to re-calculate, and depositing via PKHeX will discard whatever stats are calculated. PKHaX exists to skip some user-convenience logic like stat calculation and ability list narrowing. Use responsibly.
  3. Already been reported and fixed. Either wait for the next release or use the dev testing build in the meantime.
  4. Probably not a clean installation (dll should not be present).
  5. If only there were told built in to the program...
  6. Was an error log saved next to the executable? PKHeX requires writing to the disk for settings / etc. If it's unable to do so, it could be why it's failing. The program could be blocked by antivirus or blocked in general, or the external drive could be readonly, can't tell if no error report is saved.
  7. Best way is to check the Pokémon's data using PKHeX's legality checker. It's better than the official online-checker in 99.999999% of all cases.
  8. If only a sticky was posted. https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/40006-issues-with-pkhex-read-this-first-swsh-update/
  9. > BulkImporter.BulkImporterPlugin.AddToBoxesButtonClick This isn't PKHeX. Go ask whoever made your plugin.
  10. Thanks, fixed in latest commit: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/0e9d0886a9f9a7efda7bf329ee20f3e0ef4b2895
  11. length is 1 byte too small?
  12. The uploaded save file contents is all zero. There's nothing in the file. Saving twice only applies to gen3/4 due to the wear protection flipflopping which save is the most recent.
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