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  1. Kaphotics

    LGPE event flags

    Event flag names are dumped from the game data; I included some which looked interesting enough as a "starter kit" for event flags for LGPE. BGM_SILENT would possibly mute the game background music, which can be useful for people wanting to play with sound effects and their own external music. WAZA OMOIDASHI is Japanese for "Move Reminder" which is for the move relearner in indigo plateau, assumedly unlocking him (he'll unlock by the time you get there, I assume). ZUKAN is Japanese for PokeDex.
  2. >Simply feed it a folder (drag/drop or by File->Open) which contains the game romfs & exefs extracted content folders. >Please do not ask (nor private message me) how to obtain/dump/decrypt/unpack/repack ROMs as that is unrelated to the functionality of this program. Read. The. First. Post. Or watch a tutorial video if you're unable to read a long body of text.
  3. The user already asked me directly via private message, here's my response: Research it and document it on the forums. The program is open source as is community research; I only have so much time to do things for free. Rayquaza and mega flags are already in the Trainer Editor. The others can be unlocked by progressing through the game and beating the story.
  4. Wait until the program is updated; it doesn't auto update.
  5. Gameboy era events are not obtainable on the virtual console, thus they cannot be migrated to the recent games.
  6. If you haven't read prior pages; failing to open editors right after dumping your game should obviously imply your dump is bad. Bad guides result in bad dumps. Bad dumps are not the responsibility of pk3DS to help you correct; pk3DS expects clean & valid dumps in order to operate as intended.
  7. Assuming no other editor options work... You have a bad ROM dump.
  8. Doesn't open on prior versions of the program. Ensure you've progressed far enough in PBR and have saved in at least two different sessions so that the savefile is fully initialized (main & backup).
  9. You're doing something wrong; savedata.bin is ~1MB.
  10. Use another save file. There are too many (unknown) details to change in a save file to take it from an arbitrary progress point to make it 'complete'.
  11. Not supported, no plans to support ancient formats besides the most common ones.
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