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  1. There aren't any entered-character sanity checks, so cross-language incompatibility isn't checked.
  2. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/15121c294594bd0e5d53a3e6e7f308406b41cb36
  3. Ignore it if you aren't editing a SWSH save file / pk8 files. It should be hidden for prior format editing, but we missed it before pushing the last release.
  4. Having duplicate/wrong tracker values wouldn't raise flags either? HOME auto-deletes cloned tracker value Pokémon when they're stored on your account at the same time. HOME auto-assigns a new tracker value if left empty. It's better stewardship to let HOME manage things rather than fail to trick it.
  5. Introduced in the middle of February, Pokémon HOME allows for transferring from Bank and Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee as a central storage site with connectivity to Sword & Shield. When a Pokémon is transferred from Bank or Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee into HOME, it is assigned a unique 64 bit number to differentiate it from other uploads. Pokémon that have not yet visited HOME do not yet have a HOME tracker. Pokémon that are traded in-game without HOME do not get assigned a tracker (SW/SH <-> SW/SH). Pokémon that must travel thru HOME to reach the game it resides on must have a HOME tracker (SW/SH origin do not have a tracker). Pokémon that are uploaded in the same batch are not guaranteed to have a similar tracker (usually incremental). Pokémon that aren't yet in the PK8 format cannot have a tracker value assigned (Bank did not track). It is only a concern in PK8 format. What exactly might this value be used for? Differentiation of unique uploads, to prevent users from depositing & withdrawing the same data to boost their counts. Tracking how Pokémon are traded between users. Detecting if a Pokémon has been modified from the original upload. Detecting if a Pokémon is foreign from the HOME system (having a value of zero). When Pokémon with the same Tracker value are uploaded to HOME, they are discarded (deleted). It only retains the first unique Pokémon with that tracker value, on a per-account basis. It appears the best practice is to let the server assign you a tracker, rather than having a blatantly wrong tracker. Historically, GameFreak does not obsess over this metadata, so having arbitrary/lacking tracker values might not matter at all. Only HOME can determine if a tracker value is valid. Due to the described behavior, here are our recommendations: When cloning Pokémon in Sword & Shield, clear the tracker value for all clones you create. When creating new Pokémon that are from prior generations for Sword & Shield, leave the tracker blank and transfer it to HOME. When creating new Pokémon that originate in Sword & Shield, leave the tracker blank. When modifying Pokémon that have already visited HOME, zero out the tracker if you change anything that can't be changed in-game. Why not create a random tracker value? Again, only HOME can determine if a tracker value is valid. HOME can possibly check tracker values to see if the details match the original upload (modified data). HOME can possibly check tracker values to see if the details are on another user's account (cloned data). Uploading to HOME without a tracker value will automatically assign a new one. You can receive Pokémon that lack a tracker value from other players via trade (in addition to SWSH natives). PKHeX's default settings are to ignore missing tracker values (should be on every non-Gen8 origin Pokémon that is residing in Gen8+), but has a toggle setting to opt-in for strict checking. This is to allow users to create the most-legal data without forging an INVALID tracker value, which will be legal after transferring in & out of HOME.
  6. Leave it blank on anything you create, and clear it for any clones.
  7. Online Rulesets are different than raw legality checks.
  8. It's not a great idea to create your own value. It's recommended to upload it to HOME once and get a unique tracker for each and every 'mon separately.
  9. The WC8 logic sets a random EC/PID if the value is zero, so I'll have to have some workaround for HOME. Just a minor complication Case D : need to debug cross-region variants; annoying stuff!
  10. Case A: Gen8 doesn't have alolan evolution methods, so it fails to reverse evolve it to the base form. Need to figure out how to handle these alolan-only evolutions... Case B: Fixed https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/f62b6e33f3934da86ecc238c6ee798d6abc838a6 Case C: It's more like a Wonder Card since it has a fixed OT/ID, kinda like Magearna and Ash's Greninja. The EC and PID are set to zero, so I'd have to have some special logic if we decide to treat it as a (fake) mystery gift. I can also add another type, but idk how different future HOME gifts will be.
  11. Transfer them from gen7. HOME doesn't assign duplicate trackers, so clones will automatically be differentiated when assigned a new tracker.
  12. Anything that has been stored in HOME will have a tracker value assigned to it by the server. Anything that must have been stored in HOME before arriving at its current format (eg PK7->PK8) must have a tracker value assigned. Creating a random tracker will not match what the server has (it's not in its database), and files without a tracker get one automatically assigned. Pokemon with the same tracker are deleted; only the first one is kept. It is recommended to let HOME assign you a tracker for all your custom creations, and to clear it from anything you clone.
  13. Read the changelog or the source code for an exhaustive list of batch editor details There's a way to SuggestAll
  14. PKHeX requires decrypted save data. Can't be used without a decrypted save.
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