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  1. By researching the changes required to the save file to get the state you want, documenting them, and implementing them into the program? PKHeX is not magic.
  2. Not a bug; PKHeX just prevents you from toggling the Captured/Defeated state back to any of the not-presented states because a simple ComboBox does not handle the changes required to set the requested not-roamed or roaming state. // CurrentStat:ComboboxSource // Not roamed: Not roamed/Defeated/Captured // Roaming: Roaming/Defeated/Captured // Defeated: Defeated/Captured // Captured: Defeated/Captured // Top 2 bit acts as flags of some sorts for (int i = 0; i < cbr.Length; i++) { int c = SAV.Data[ofsRoamer + 0x2E + i]; var states = GetStates(); if (states.All(z => z.Value != c)) states.Add(new ComboItem($"Unknown (0x{c:X2})", c)); cbr[i].Items.Clear(); cbr[i].InitializeBinding(); cbr[i].DataSource = new BindingSource(states.Where(v => v.Value >= 2 || v.Value == c).ToList(), null);
  3. PKHeX converts between formats automatically, using transfer logic to mimic the games.
  4. Dump boxes->import boxes, or drag and drop individual files. Familiarize yourself with what the program can do.
  5. Use the encounter database. Stop trying to fudge data if you don't know the requirements for the encounter. 1. Should have 4 flawless IVs, not 3. 2. Should have a Dynamax Level of at least 8. 3. Must be ability 1. Changing the PID/EC/IV/Nature for these encounters is traceable, by the way. There's a correlation for Max Lair raids, but its computation is too slow to be done without impacting the program's performance.
  6. Programs don't magically become "smart". It takes time to add features. Old versions of the program don't have all the smarts that a prior version would have. We're skeptical of your memory, because multiple different tools are telling us the data did not originate how you're saying it originated. Programs don't magically become "smart". It takes time to add features. Old versions of the program don't have all the smarts that a prior version would have. If you use cheat codes, don't assume they have no side effect. The game generates data according to patterns, because that's how the game code works. If your data does not follow a pattern, then obviously you did something outside the bounds of normal gameplay (cheats). Again, programs don't become "smart" without effort. Nobody has documented, organized, and codified receivability restrictions for all games.
  7. Did you even bother looking at the save file within PKHeX? Literally everything is illegal, so this is a hacked save file for sure.
  8. JERMEY stuff is just wild captures from the game. Literally nothing special besides it was an official cloned PKM. I'm not sure if they've been vetted to RNG conditions being able to encounter the encounterslot with the PIDIV, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were debug-ROM forced encounters (ignoring encounter slot and Method H nature loop).
  9. You're supposed to beat the 50th trainer afterwards in game.
  10. Problem: Nobody has serialized the event data needed for PKHeX to recognize those gifts.
  11. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Obedience
  12. PKHeX does not provide auto-legality functions, that is a plugin. Update your plugins. Ask for plugin help wherever you found the plugins, not here.
  13. Dev build is fine to use, no real internal changes have been made since the release earlier besides this extra sort setting -- no risk of data corruption. It's stable. I post new releases when the program feels "stable" enough, but I don't want to spam people with update notifications in posting new releases constantly. I don't expect the next "stable" release until September or October, as there really isn't enough being added at this time. Besides bug fixes and small additions, there might be trashbyte legality checks in the future which will take time to fully iron out before being pushed to as a release.
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