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  1. 1) already reported & fixed: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/issues/2360 2) already known & nobody has bothered replicating the exact rounding: 3) IsShiny is not something you can set; it is a derived property. Use ".PID=$shiny" instead, as indicated by the guide.
  2. ... download the latest release in the downloads section unzip the file to a chosen location (do not run directly from the zip file)
  3. >C:\Users\(myusername)\AppData\Local\Temp\BNZ.5d2813982b01e3\PKHeX.exe extract the exe to an actual location before running Also, try deleting all existing configuration files: "C:\Users\(myusername)\AppData\Local\ProjectPokémon", delete all folders that have PKHeX.
  4. Incorrect; PKHeX doesn't have hardcoded event data for Gen3 for everything. There's no readily digestible list of data like there is for Gen4+.
  5. Thanks, the latest 3 commits should have these issues fixed.
  6. Thanks, fixed. Uploaded a new exe with the latest commits
  7. Batch Editor to set out of bounds values. Not gonna bloat the GUI.
  8. Thanks, restore a backup and use the latest download (I've uploaded a fixed version). As for the Daily Records, those get reset by the game every day and aren't modified by PKHeX in any way. Should be fine.
  9. > i tried to gen > I thought, its cleary an issue with PKHeX no, you just suck at creating legal pkm data. PKM that have been traded will have a handling trainer set. Hacking saves to have the same TID/SID/OT is not legal either.
  10. I've uploaded a new exe to the downloads location, ty for reporting
  11. I've uploaded a new exe to the downloads location, ty for reporting
  12. It's been asked repeatedly and answered repeatedly. Remove any installed game patches and ensure the modified exefs file is being loaded by the console. The game doesn't magically revert your changes, it loads whatever data you give it.
  13. Both should be fixed in the next release; there's two areas that get stuck in an infinite loop
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