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  1. You're doing something wrong making the CIA. This is unrelated to pk3DS as your edits were performed. Be sure to compress the exefs if whatever tool you're using to build doesn't do so.
  2. You can edit the event flags and navigate there from any normal save file.
  3. Never added anything for Gen6 or Gen7 Would need an array of WC OT Names, and an array of valid replacement OT names for that generation. Example usage of these two arrays (probably don't need to make a hashset -- memory waste, this will rarely be reached) if (wc.OT_Name != pkm.OT_Name) // check for charset mismatch exclusions { if (!MorphOTFrom.Contains(wc.OT_Name)) return false; // wc OT name won't get replaced if traded if (!MorphOTTo.Contains(pkm.OT_Name)) return false; // wc doesn't have any valid replacement OT name }
  4. From what I remember, pk3DS assigns new mega pkm by checking if the held item is a mega stone. By randomizing held items (and some get a mega stone), and randomizing again, you'd end up with a mega. Just don't randomize again (if held items are randomized) to avoid this.
  5. Restore backups and use the latest version of the program.
  6. Why people ignore the Mystery Gift Database that is built in to PKHeX is beyond me...
  7. Should probably be fixed in the latest commit: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/41bc3f6182d3e0fc8e5d837e2bd994fb1e61f29c
  8. Kaphotics

    Corrupted save

    You likely did not dump it correctly then. You can post it sure, and anyone else can provide help.
  9. Kaphotics

    Corrupted save

    By following the other comments in the thread and making sure you have the latest version of PKHeX.
  10. Try NitroExplorer2b; the 'eliminating unused data' is just trimming the unused data at the END of the ROM. You should still be able to extract narcs. If all else fails, you can always edit the savefile and give moves you think you should have.
  11. Nope; PKHeX does read a valid value, but editing was not tested. Could be set by a flag or something, or this could be a file caching issue with yuzu; nobody has cared to obtain multi lang files and determine what really sets the game language.
  12. Assuming you followed a youtube tutorial, I'd try following another or reading the comments. The4thGenGamer's tutorial has a few inaccuracies with a step...
  13. Bad ROM dumps. If you're getting index exceptions, your exefs is bad.
  14. Follow another guide, or read the comments on the video. That youtube video is notorious for ppl having trouble dumping things correctly.
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