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  1. Yes... Just edit the OT memory parameters and give them valid memories.
  2. Try Google searching next time. There's many threads asking about R4 dongle and 3DS save files.
  3. There were no romfs changes with the latest patch. Everything works for pkNX
  4. Kaphotics

    PkHex and PkHax

    Local wireless does not have hack checks. Anything online will use the online hack check.
  5. Read the stickied threads instead of making useless threads.
  6. Kaphotics

    PkHex and PkHax

    Or just rename the exe to PKHaX, or open up the settings with the secret key modifier (alt or shift or control, idk) and set the force HaX on launch.
  7. Editing an old save causes the seeds to advance, btw. Seed check whatever you catch to ensure it's from the right seed and not a later frame.
  8. When you hack on TR moves without setting the TR flag, then yes, that's illegal.
  9. Save it to your desktop. If a file is write protected, it cannot be overwritten.
  10. Levels are fixed in the game code (based on stars); not sure where you'd have to change to get that.
  11. As previously mentioned in the thread, the Distribution (news) dens are updated whenever you communicate online, to ensure you're on the latest distribution data. Only the ROM raids are permanently fixed. You have to edit the ROM to get permanent (and shareable) raids; not that I recommend connecting online with a modified ROM.
  12. O0 is Orion 0; aka galar dex R1 is Rigel 1; aka armor dex R2 is Rigel 2; aka crown dex The asterisks are duplicate entries as the galar dex has the same entry. The game uses the first available dex data. So don't edit asterisk entries. Orion is the codename of sword shield used internally by the game; Rigel is the codename for the two DLCs.
  13. The Sun/Moon demo can only link with Sun/Moon. Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon cannot receive the gift.
  14. >I've destroyed parts of my save file with cheat codes >PKHeX doesn't like my save file anymore gee wonder why
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