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  1. Transferring event flag/work values is not enough to transfer story progress. Just play through the game on an emulator with speedup instead.
  2. No, if the game is sanity checking the Ability when hatching, then the only way to change that is to find that logic in the ROM and dummy it out via a cheat code / layeredfs patch. Can't do anything with save editing.
  3. no, that data is generated during gameplay, not stored in the save file.
  4. You can't just replace only the PIDIV, it needs to match the entire correlation -- all values shown.
  5. No, `gp1` files are exports from LGP/E save files, not GO.
  6. PKHeX does not support ROM hacks that modify the save data structure. Go ask the hack maker if they have any save editing solution for you, because regular PKHeX will never support community spinoff hacks.
  7. Images cannot be too intricate, the format only allows for 255 unique 8x8 tile arrangements. The aforementioned program is reducing the clarity of the image to allow it to be represented in the tile format. Choose a less complex image, with less curved lines.
  8. The latest commits have fixed this, to be in the next release. It can only be in a Poke Ball.
  9. It's now correctly flagged in the latest hotfixed exe.
  10. Issues with plugins should be directed to the plugins, not PKHeX. A new version of PKHeX was recently posted, but the plugin you are trying to use is old. If something changes internally with PKHeX that the plugin needed, then the plugin will need to be updated.
  11. Like I said, *590 was just added, re-download PKHeX from the downloads page.
  12. >complaining about size unrecognized >nobody mentions their file size / error message screenshot the *590 size was missing; if that is what you see in the error message, redownload, otherwise you need to be accurate and descriptive when you report unexpected behavior.
  13. https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/63890-pokemon-home/
  14. It is perfectly fine being a plugin. I don't want to have to maintain everything; plugins allow people to write code / parsers for the exact behavior they want.
  15. >new game update >old program doesn't work with new content It's barely been a day since the DLC came out. Wait for programs to update?
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