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  1. Sure, dump the game from your legitimately purchased copy of the game via your hacked switch.
  2. Thanks for reporting, fixed in latest commit: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/6d0da504d5c416a5aa4104b1b586c194357bf2a6 Wasn't fun tracking it down, haha. Was probably a typo error in noting the location ID via numpad.
  3. Modifying individual block flags is possible with the Block Data editor; there are thousands of possible flags to change, and localizing all of them for each supported language would be tedious. We have a guide on manually editing flags (which includes the Dynamax Adventures values): Clothing is again an issue with localization; having to detail what each piece of clothing is for each language is a large amount of bloat when 99% of users just want to "unlock all" clothing options. Unlocking all can be done by importing a block obtained from the forums. With each DLC / patch, the g
  4. You can download the bleeding edge Development build for testing; for the latest release, you'd have to make sure there's a save in the first slot. Second slot was occupied
  5. Thanks, I've made some alterations to the save handling for PBR to account for saves that have an empty save slot before a filled save slot (based on your provided save).
  6. Regarding integrating plugins into the main branch, there's upsides and downsides. * Plugins can be updated independently of the main executable, and can be developed independently and with different coding styles the author is more comfortable with. * Plugins can use external dependencies or string resources, which may bloat the overall size of the executable. Most plugins are niche use, and majority of the users never use them. * More features added to PKHeX is more for me to maintain and clean. Not all implementations are reusable/extendable... If users ask about functionalit
  7. The reported issue was already fixed, but the template's OT names were swapped. The static constructor runs afterwards, fixing it. I've un-swapped them and removed the static constructor logic since it's no longer needed. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/9964c91dc66956c398e7fd5fe4633e4c7304a908
  8. HT_Name is reset to whatever the current savefile's OT is, assuming it's the current handler. Individual move suggestion is not a thing, hence the error. You have to .Moves=$suggest
  9. Oh boy¡ look at the stickies please
  10. Help, i can´t read stickies
  11. You can browse the source code to see what properties are exposed for editing. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/bfd948ee2b38a30394123a5b018c4b3c25bafcab/PKHeX.Core/PKM/PK8.cs#L428 BattleVersion is an int, so you need to set a number rather than true/false. It's the same kind of value as Version, just indicating on what version it was made "Battle Ready" on (which wipes its relearn moves and resets the current moves).
  12. Selecing BattleVersion in the drop-down tells you it's an int32, not a boolean. You need to set a version ID, same as the pkm's version.
  13. Sun/Moon Demo rewards were only receivable on Sun/Moon, not US/UM.
  14. Open it in a hex editor; the first thousand or so bytes appear non-random, but the rest of the file is FF. Not a valid save file dump; PKHeX working as intended.
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