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  1. Pokerus

    you didn't save the pkm data, or it was spread again.
  2. [BUG] About Event Pikachu

    should be fixed now, thanks for reporting https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/387030e16ff567d8c182db4260855c99f8eae683

    Legal is a derived property and cannot be set. It's only use is to filter out Legal/Illegal pokemon from the selection query. You have to do whatever fixes are necessary yourself.

    I shouldn't have to answer these questions for every single use case. The batch editor is made to be extremely flexible and simple (which makes it harder to learn); Last one I'll answer. You'd have to set all the OT_Memory/OT_TextVar/OT_Intensity/OT_Feeling to 0.

    Use the drop-down above to select RelearnMove1. It will tell you what type of value it is expecting. You can also use $suggest: .RelearnMoves=$suggest will apply the suggested relearn moves that the legality check provides. For a full list of suggested fix shortcuts, check the source code for the auto-fixes "SetSuggestedPKMProperty" does.
  6. Here are the .bin files from pokecolo_ex.tgc, in case nobody has the colo jp bonus disc file handy. Not exactly sure how to verify if a multiboot is in the data. full file contents There's another tgc (thpPlayer.tgc) which just has thp videos. They take up the majority of the bonus disc contents and play on VLC dg = donkey konga dk = super donkey kong fz = f-zero mk = mario kart ml = mario & luigi rpg mp = mario party pb = pokemon box
  7. Pokemon Ultra Sun Finished Game Save

    Use PKHeX and the Trainer Info editor to unlock both regardless of story progress.
  8. PK3ds Help

    again, >the edited exefs file is either not being loaded or it is being overriden. double check that your edited files are the ones being loaded by the game when in doubt, follow a tutorial on youtube.
  9. PK3ds Help

  10. PK3ds Help

    Uninstall any patches, the edited exefs file is either not being loaded or it is being overriden.
  11. pk3DS: 3DS ROM Editor & Randomizer

    pk3DS serves multiple purposes: * data visualization * data editing * data randomizing The more inter-connected certain edits need to be (ie, more advanced handling), the less likely they are to be fully fleshed out. === pk3DS shows the Tutor's list of moves it can tutor (what shows up in game), what they actually teach is separate from the displayed value. Updating the actual move table is extra handling which still has not been added (adding/fixing stuff takes time, and I have other things that interest me more). Remember, the community does not have the source code or flawless knowledge of how the games execute. Figuring out how to edit stuff and then simplifying it for regular users takes a lot of time
  12. pk3DS: 3DS ROM Editor & Randomizer

    Changing tutor shop selections doesn't work, same as OR/AS. There's a separate array which pk3DS doesn't change.
  13. Can't trade two Pokemon that PK Hex flags as legal.

    Don't think you can receive that Tapu Koko gift on US/UM.
  14. Attempted to load an unsupported file type/size

    Refer to the FAQ: > This forum section is NOT for help with obtaining your save file. Please use the Save Editing Help subforum. You're best off following a youtube tutorial. Get homebrew access since it's apparent you don't have it (again, obtaining your save file is not relevant to PKHeX).
  15. Attempted to load an unsupported file type/size

    read the stickies. you have to export your save file as it is currently encrypted.