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  1. Encounter objects are templates, not actual PKM files. When you view an encounter object, PKHeX creates a new PKM from the template and puts it in the editor tabs. Recent commits since the last release allow for letting PKHeX use the current tabs values as a criteria when creating a PKM from an encounter object. If using the latest release, you can just repeatedly view an encounter until it meets your satisfaction, or use other tools to create a sufficiently valid PIDIV for manual editing.
  2. There aren't any fixed nature (Careful) encounters from Generation 3.
  3. Validate it manually, yourself, by inspecting each detail in the window and comparing it to what it should be.
  4. 1. This won't be legal if you're using a virtual console savefile (sav.dat) or Generation 7+ save file, as this is a Gen1/2-GameBoy Era only gift. 2. PKHeX doesn't recognize many gen1-3 events, because they aren't serialized into the program. Until the community serializes that data for PKHeX to add, it is up to the individual user to validate the unrecognized mystery gifts.
  5. > They are LEGIT, do you know the difference between Legit, legal and illegal? , cordially. > I invite you to read this link, which explains what is LEGIT: do you even know who you are replying to? lol Your junk is ILLEGAL because it does not have a valid Raid RNG seed relationship, among other faults I won't bother mentioning. Due to the requirements needed to calculate such a relationship, it is not distributed within PKHeX. I suggest you educate yourself on the legality of Raid RNG prior to claiming your hacked junk is "Legit". Also, educate yourself on the difference
  6. These are hacked, and not "legit".
  7. Changed the "Some" to be 1-127 in latest commit
  8. 1. Use the advanced filters to !EVTotal=0 2. There's a new setting in the latest commits (since the last release) to bypass the "is present in current save" check. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/5636e1ef4aa433122894b074d00cdf17b46c466a#diff-08cc001c6c0d5099a6160e2fd220324221b119ec147e29281352a64152874c61
  9. Marks are tacked on separately from the RNG that generates the overworld Pokémon.
  10. 1. Research requests aren't usually carried out by me, especially if they're for cosmetic / inconsequential stuff. It's up to the community to research how mechanics work, and I / others can implement them later. 2. Very few people elected to use the smaller sprites, and having to maintain two separate sprite banks is unnecessary bloat / handling.
  11. Please try running the development build, hopefully there's a better error message: If not, might have to try debugging it yourself (installing Visual Studio Community 2019, and building the .sln yourself), unless someone else can replicate the error. I can also try recompiling a build that has some manual dumping for that call site...
  12. Try putting this pdb file next to the exe and see if the error message is any different. PKHeX.pdb
  13. Read the stickies.
  14. It's right next to the executable.
  15. Almost as if there's restrictions on certain encounters that always come with hidden abilities...
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