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  1. Hereby I would like to inform you that Pokémon White Deluxe, version 1.0.0, has been released officially. Download link: Pokémon White Deluxe The game can be fully played until the Elite Four and shortly thereafter. However, note that several more changes were planned, which did not make it to this version. Since many other things take time in my life, I was unable to finish it completely. My wish was to do so and then do a full release. However, just now I have decided to release this version. Please enjoy!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is the version 1.0 release of Pokémon White Deluxe. The game can be fully played until the Elite Four and shortly after. However, not every after-E4 event has been fully updated. Please enjoy! - Oxnite Many more changes were planned, but may only be delivered later due to time constraints - or never at all.
  3. If everything works out, they will have different types, stats and movesets. But there's still no guarantee that I can/will add them.
  4. As I've mentioned before, Fairy types will not be added to the game as it's too difficult for me to implement. The Alolan formes, if added, will not be replacements but extra forms. Several new attacks have already been added to the game, so I'm wondering what kind of attacks you're thinking of.
  5. Just another update, the official release date has once again been postponed until November 2016. The reason is that I'd like to include changed game mechanics, movesets (and potentially) new moves from Sun & Moon and other game mechanics, as I rather not send out another update around that time. I'm also trying to add the Alolan forms. This hopefully also gives me time to release both White & Black Deluxe at the same time. The main story is complete, however. For those of you that are awaiting the hack, thanks a lot for the patience!
  6. Still going great. Turns out there's just more and more work to it each and every week. That being said, I can assure it will be released anytime soon. Perhaps, to speed up the releasing process, I'll first release Pokémon White Deluxe and release Black Deluxe later. Black Deluxe will contain the usual changes, as well as different wild Pokémon locations, different (order) of available Starter Pokémon, and several gimmicky changes.
  7. The title screen text has been edited. Currently I have no plans to edit the start menu.
  8. I have not yet found someone who has successfully implemented the Fairy type in Pokémon B(2)/W(2). Elite Four and Champion are single battles, and so are 7 of 8 Gym Leader battles. For one, the story does include more NPCs.
  9. No new custom maps. Fairy type is not implemented. If I (or someone else) ever find(s) a way to implement the Fairy type, I will add it to this hack. Difficulty level of this hack is comparable with Drayano's hacks - particularly, the Gym Leaders will be a real challenge.
  10. Beta testing application is now closed. Thank you very much everybody for your contributions. Everyone that has replied will receive a PM shortly. Although the game's world (Unova) and maps are the same, the game has an enhanced story line, as well as many new features - some of them can be derived from the screenshots in the first post.
  11. Pokémon Black & White Deluxe are almost ready for a full release! Currently, I am looking for beta testers. As a beta tester, you: thoroughly play the game and closely look for textual or graphical errors; update me on your progress and general opinion on the game's changes, where I'm particularly interested in your Pokémon team every time you battle a Gym Leader; are not allowed to post online any screenshots or video material of the beta version you'll play. If you would like to play the game before anyone else, please apply!
  12. I have a question regarding the Gen 6 Pokémon icons. Say I'm adding new forms to Pokémon Black & White. These new forms need new party icons. Can I just add them to the end of the file, or is something else required?
  13. As an extension to this post's data on triggers: Trigger (0x16 long) 0x00-0x01 - Script reference 0x02-0x03 - Constant Value 0x04-0x05 - Constant Reference - If Ref=Val, trigger. 0x06-0x07 - ???? 0x08-0x09 - ???? 0x0A-0x0B - X Coordinate (16bit) 0x0C-0x0D - Y Coordinate (16bit) 0x0E-0x0F - Horizontal length 0x10-0x11 - Vertical length 0x12-0x13 - Z Coordinate (16bit) 0x14-0x15 - ???? where the Z Coordinate is displayed as 2 bits, where 10 00 implies Z = 1, 70 00 implies Z = 7 and so forth. What is the official name for this again? Also, if I'd need the value for Z = FF FB, how would I code this? Edit: it should be B0 FF.
  14. Only found out about this just now. Is there any support on adjusting Trainer's natures for BW (not the sequels)?
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