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  1. Check this interesting article here. What do you think?
  2. Hello, I'm considering getting a DSi flashcart, but the descriptions are [mostly] the same. What is the BEST DSi flashcart available? [edit]: Because I have had an R4 for the DS, please do not post that. It isn't that good, and I almost regret getting it.
  3. Remember back when Yellow Version came out and they had the Special Edition Yellow/Blue Gameboy Color? And then when G/S came out they had a Special Edition Gold/Silver Gameboy Color? How about a few years later when they had the Gold GameBoy Advance that they sold at Pokemon NY? How about all those Pokemon themed SP's? We even had a run of special Pokemon DSlites! Now that I have spammed you with all those images, this is my question to you. Do you think there will be a Special Heart Gold; Soul Silver Edition Nintendo DSi or DSlite. Will it just be one like the Gameboy Color one? Will there be two? One Silver and one Gold? Will it be a Japan only thing? Will they make none at all. What will they look like if they do make them? Personally, I think there will be a DSi one. Why? The DSi is still rather new and if I know Nintendo they will be looking for every and any reason to promote it. And what better way then a Special Limited Edition color? Now, will we see it here in America or anywhere else? I doubt it. Why? Because Japan is the source so they will get most of the exclusives. Kinda like the Charizard and Torchic SP's I showed you. Personally, I think they will either make one of each color or one similar to the P/D Nintendo DSlite. I am working on making my own edits but I will wait to post them after I see if this thread is approved or not. EDIT: Here be my Hear Gold Version :3 *small note: If any of the images are broken let me know and I will replace them. I didn't put them in my own photobucket yet since I was unsure if they would approve this topic or not*
  4. whats the best flashcards for japanese dsi's like how good it works how good is it with pokesavds and japanese roms?
  5. Well, I got my DSi a few days ago and the hinge was mad squeaky whenever I closed and opened the system. In addition, the hinge was not tight and I could slide the top screen from right to left a few millimeters. So I decided to exchange the system for another one. This new one has been fine, but it is slowly developing the "squeaky hinge". It's not like this hinge problem will cause an outbreak of broken hinges, but it is really annoying. Every time I press the "A" button on the system, it causes a squeak. After a while, it gets really frustrating to hear those damn squeaks and essentially makes me want to stop playing. Now, my question to the other DSi users out there: Are you guys experiencing this squeakiness as well? Let me know if you are or aren't. If you have had this problem, are there any solutions? Thanks. - fenzo666
  6. I did not see this coming. I got an Action Replay DSi in the store, and loved the improvments. EVERYTHING about it was improved. I play with the Save backup/Restore feature, and they made the touch screen usable, and also removed the comment feature. For those of you who wish to convert save files from / to this, just know this: all the tools for the Action Replay Media Edition will work on this device. (Just make sure the save size is the proper size, for you people with flashcarts with 512KB saves for every game) The point of this thread is to state that tools are not required for the ARDSi DUC file.
  7. how do i put one pokemon in a box? i can use a 2nd cart flash device to put the code in cuz my ds has no advance port, how do i make it load the cod into my game?
  8. Well. I had a question that kept coming back to me. They recently did Red and Blue (FireRed and LeafGreen) for GBA... However I think they should re-do it ONCE more in the Gen IV graphics with Wi-Fi capability. This would make almost all of the games in the same graphic and technological generation. Is there any way we can convince these guys to do that? And would it be worth it?
  9. Do you have a Nintendo DSi, or plan to get one soon?
  10. Hello i am starting this thread to dicuss if and anything about pokemon Naranja or Pokemon Orange So ask questions about the game and i will too my question is Will some one Start to translate it again? OR is there a fully Completed English Version with proper spelling and no Bad Language? And finally please do not Post any links on this thread it just wont help the Forum if it is against the rules the forum agreed to Than you for checking this Thread Out please post if possible Last thread got no post's AND does any one know why it was discontinued? I want to know!!!!!!
  11. I have been forced to update my DSi, because of the DSi Shop channel. The question I was wondering is the Firmware writer says it will update the firmware and make it compatible with the DSi again. This is my video showing that it still won't work on V1.4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9sfc5Y3FnI Firmware Writer: About how long do you think it would take till the AceKard2 team, Cyclo DS team, SC team, and M3 Team will take to get it working on the DSi again? And no, I'm not pissed at all, I'm just wondering.
  12. Is Action Replay compatible with DSi? If so, how do we make it so? thanks!
  13. Hey I'm newer to this website and I was wondering if the Pokemon from the National Dex will be available without the GBA slot that the DSi doesn't have. I'm just confused on how it works, can anyone lend some insight on it?
  14. Hey guys, I no longer have my DS Lite, and I just got a DSi. My problem is I was used to using Pokesav with my action replay on Diamond, and now the AR is no longer compatible with the DSi. They still haven't made a AR for the DSi, so is there any other way to use Pokesav with Platinum on the DSi? I know you can use R4's and stuff but they dont have any legit ones made for the DSi either. Im not sure if this is the right place to post this, but if it is help please?
  15. I'm just wonderign if anyone has made a word processor / text edit type program for the dsi? Something that I could load onto my SD card and just run to write stuff on?
  16. Alright. I bought the Action Replay DSi and backed up my Pokemon Platinum save. It has the extension ".duc". This apparently isn't usable in the Platinum Pokesav. So I went to the Shuny site (Save Converter site) and tried converting it to a few save files... they were opened up, but everything was completely wrong on the PokeSav application. No Pokemon, random play times, no inventory, no pokemon in my PC box, etc. It was just random mixed up stuff. Could someone please help me figure out what I should do so I can use Pokesav? Thank you.
  17. Ok im here to write a quick Tutorial for those of you that have the new Action Replay DSI can now edit Pokemon events items etc from pokesav by loading your games sav file! Does not require.NET Framework 3.5 has been tested Under 3.5 .NET FrameWorks i apologize for any confusion Step 1: backup your sav file using action replay dsi and copy it to your computer Step 2: download this sav file converter http://projectpokemon.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=3917&d=1269701955 Step 3: Drag your .duc sav file onto ARDStoSAV.exe Step 4:Load your .sav file that was created from the converter into Pokesav. Note: the created sav file will be located in C: \ the main hard drive that your computer uses! Step 5: after saving changes in Pokesav drag the edited .sav onto ARDStoSAV.exe and then just put the .duc file back onto your action replay and restore the save file and enjoy [Edit by evandixon] To clear a bit of confusion, this will NOT back up saves for HeartGold/SoulSilver/Black/White. If you want to do that with an Action Replay, you must look here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?16601-How-to-Backup-Restore-your-retail-cartridge-save-file-(D-P-Pt-HG-SS-B-W-Nearly-any-other-DS-game) [Edit again by evandixon] With Megaupload shut down for piracy, legitimate files are gone as well. After a bit of digging in the forum, I found the original link for this program. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=3917&d=1269701955
  18. Following a Nikkei leak earlier in the week, Nintendo formally announced its upcoming DSi hardware revision today. The system will carry the name Nintendo DSi LL. It will see release on November 21 in three colors, Dark Brown, Wine Red, and Natural White. Pricing is set at ¥20,000, a bit up from the current DSi's ¥18,900 asking price. DSi LL will feature two 4.2 inch screens, offering 93% additional area over the current DSi's 3.25 inch screen size. Nintendo will be including two different touch pens with LL. One can be stored in the system similar to the current touch pen, although it's about four millimeters longer than the current pen. The other touch pen is fatter and about 30 mm longer. The spec page lists the LL's dimensions as 161x91.4x21.2mm, up from DSi's 137x74.9x18.9mm. The LL also weighs more, at 314g compared to 214g. Not surprisingly, there are some changes to the system's battery life. LL owners can look forward to more play time. Under mid-level brightness, LL will last 9 to 11 hours, up from DSi's 6 to 9 hour range. At the highest brightness setting, players can look forward to 4 to 5 hours of play time, up from the current 3 to 4 hours. Charge time takes a bit longer on the LL: three hours, or about 30 minutes more than DSi's two hours and thirty minutes. IMO I want my DSi to be more portable instead of a mini laptop. Also I think this DSi is aimed more towards old people because of the colors, screen size, and pen. Another thing that would annoy me would be if this DSi had a better processor, ram, camera, and memory, but I doubt it will since Nintendo isn't that evil. Whats your thoughts on this new DSi? Source: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/dsiLL/index.html#
  19. Since DSi does not accept ARDS, I would be very appreciative if someone would trade me this Pokemon. It's Darkrai, I missed the original Toy's R Us, one, so I hacked my own. It will replace the first Pokemon in your party, sorry. I apologize. If there is a specific pokemon you would like in return, I will try to look for it. My FC: 3738-6642-1452 Just post here or PM me if you accept. Thank you very much to whoever does this. I also apologize if this is the wrong place. I'm new here
  20. I know that the Nintendo DSi can download demos and exclusive titles online using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. All ya gotta do is redeem your Nintendo Points Card and get your Nintendo Points on your Nintendo DSi. There are only certain games found online, and that's what we call, Nintendo DSi Ware. You can download those DSi Ware games using your Nintendo Points. Some DSi Ware games use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and some use Pay and Play for additional downloadable content. So enjoy what DSi Ware is all about.
  21. Ok so I Bought the new Action Replay DSI and It has the feature of backing up a save file in a .duc format I try to convert it to a .sav file using all the methods listed on the main site but no matter what I do I cant seem to get it to load on Pokesav can anyone help me? Please?
  22. Hi, I'm wondering if I got an emulator and pkmn plat. Used pokesav on that can I then transfer/trade from my PC/Emulator to my DSi via the wireless/wi-fi? And if so what is the best way going about it. Failing that can someone trade me a basic charmander?
  23. Bought my Nintendo R4DSI and use to edit my data with pokesav platinum. Everything was right until the moment but when I loaded my game, my data does not, I have to commence the game again, I have try several times and always passes the same. We would appreciate your help.
  24. Solo


    I recently got a DSi and found out the hard way that the ARDS will not work at this time. I was wondering if there was any other way to use PokeSAV besides having someone else make it for me? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Also, love the program, great for getting event Pokemon and skipping EV training.
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