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  1. http://pkmnclassic.net/ chick this and u can play online trade & battle
  2. Np i want this file , i tried so hard yesterday to make LC with Download Tournament Editor v1.4 & PWTEditor v0.2.1 and i just change pokemon No to 6 pokemon and level 5 + banded pokemon . change pokemon trainer after 5 H file corrupted
  3. Guys any one have this PWT file this is video link he play LC PWT B.T.W I using WiFi desmume on IP still working battle , Trade >>Etc>>>
  4. Version 1.0.0


    rename save file as game file name
  5. ok i need pokemon x or y save file < Main > have AZ's Floette
  6. I searching for " LEGAL" ( Eternal Floette ) shiny and normal Main file have thi's form OR .pk6 ~ .pk7 I just need thi's
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