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  1. A couple of years ago, I found that most of my team in Pearl had disappeared, apparently due to a heinous glitch. However, all their data is still on my copy of Pokémon Battle Revolution. I wish to know how to extract or copy the data on that game and get my missing team members back.
  2. Here we go for a huge but simple project: contribute all Battle Pike and Pyramid Wild Pokemon (6+160) What do you need to help me? VisualBoyAdvance and an English or Japanese Rom of Pokemon Emerald. First open your game. In cheat/cheat list/gameshark enter the anti-DMA code For Japanese Versions 6ED6DA14 686DF10E 1C7B3231 B494738C For US/English versions B2809E31 3CEF5320 1C7B3231 B494738C ? Then be sure you're fighting the wanted wild Pokemon, go to tool, memory viewer. Enter 020243E8 (Jap) or 02024744 (US) then go. Click on the first character, then save, add 64 to size and give a name corresponding to the wild poke. The created file should be in .dmp Send me in PM or publish it here and I will decrypt the file thanks to @BlackShark tool and that's all!!! Note that the wild pokemon can be shiny. The complete list of Pokemon can be found here Battle Pyramid Obtainable Pokemon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Paralysing Pokemon Plusle Minum Pikachu Electabuzz Villeplume Electsprint Breloom Jolteon Poisonning Pokemon Gulpin Roselia Butterfree Seviper Skarmory Ludicolo Crobat Gengar Burning Pokemon Growlithe Vulpix Magcargo Ninetales Medicham Weezing Dusclops Houndoom PP waster Pokemon Dunsparce Banette Misdreavus Ninetales Absol Gengar Dusclops Shedinja Levitate Pokemon Haunter Chimecho Solrock Misdreavus Claydol Weezing Flygon Gengar Trapping Pokemon Diglett1 Trapinch1 Wynaut1 Diglett2 Trapinch2 Wynaut2 Wobbuffet Dugtrio Ice Pokemon Glalie Sneasel Dewgong Piloswine Jynx Cloyster Lapras Walrein Destructing Pokemon Weezing Electrode Gengar Golem Pineco Solrock Forretress Shiftry Psychic Pokemon Wobbuffet Metang Exeguttor Slowking Xatu Alakazam Starmie Espeon Rock Pokemon Golem Steelix Omastar Luantone Shuckle Armaldo Cradily Aerodactyl Fighting Pokemon Poliwrath Hariyama Breloom Medicham Hitmoncham Hitmonlee Heracross Machamp Weather Pokemon Quagsire Tropius Pupitar Lapras Cacturne Flareon Walrein Gyarados Bug Pokemon Pineco Shuckle Venomoth Scizor Heracross Forretress Armaldo Shedinja Dark Pokemon Sableye Sneasel Crawdaunt Shiftry Cacturne Absol Houndoom Umbreon Water Pokemon Octillery Dewgong Pelipper Quagsire Ludicolo Slowking Starmie Blastoise Ghost Pokemon Duskull Haunter Banette Misdreavus Sableye Dusclops Shedinja Gengar Steel Pokemon Mawile Magneton Steelix Scizor Forretress Skarmory Aggron Metagross Dragon Pokemon Dragonair Vibrava Altaria Flygon Aerodactyl Gyarados Kingdra Charizard Evolution Stone Pokemon Arcanine Poliwrath Raichu Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Ninetales Starmie Normal Pokemon Kangaskhan Swellow Ursaring Porygon2 Tauros Fearow Snorlax Slaking Battle Pike Rom 1-280 Dusclops Milotic Seviper Rom 281-560 Electrode Milotic Seviper Rom 561-840 Breloom Milotic Seviper Rom 841+ Wobbuffet Milotic Seviper Those that are highlighted are ones that are already obtained. *reserved space for jojo12100* EmeraldBattleTowerPkm.rar
  3. Hello, I've been looking into making a code to allow lvl 100 or lvl 50 6 vs 6 battles on wifi, and maybe even c-gear. so far, I've managed to dig up this info by looking at battle replays with different modes in Pokemon Black (US). here are my findings: 0x0226B032: 00-Battle Subway, Single 00000000 01-Battle Subway, Double 00000001 04-Battle Subway, Multi 00000100 18-Colosseum Single, No Restrictions 00011000 19-Colosseum Double, No Restrictions 00011001 1A-Colosseum Triple, No Restrictions 00011010 1B-Colosseum Rotation, No Restrictions 00011011 1C-Colosseum Multi, No Restrictions 00011100 28-Random Matchup, Free Single 00101000 29-Random Matchup, Free Double 00101001 2A-Random Matchup, Free Triple 00101010 2B-Random Matchup, Free Rotation 00101011 38-Competition, Single, Launcher Off 00111000 39-Competition, Double, Launcher Off 00111001 3A-Competition, Triple, Launcher Off 00111010 3B-Competition, Rotation, Launcher Off 00111011 68-Random Matchup, Rating Single 01101000 69-Random Matchup, Rating Double 01101001 6A-Random Matchup, Rating Triple 01101010 6B-Random Matchup, Rating Rotation 01101011 98-Colosseum Single, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011000 99-Colosseum Double, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011001 9A-Colosseum Triple, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011010 9B-Colosseum Rotation, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011011 9C-Colosseum Multi, No Restrictions, Launcher On 10011100 B8-Competition, Single, Launcher On 10111000 B9-Competition, Double, Launcher On 10111001 BA-Competition, Triple, Launcher On 10111010 BB-Competition, Rotation, Launcher On 10111011 0x0226B033 seems to be 02 if the battle is a flat battle, otherwise it is a zero? (bits are 1 for the left most, and 8 for the right most) first bit appears to be what determines if the launcher is on second bit appears to be for rating? third bit seems to be for random matchups and competitions only fourth bit appears for only colosseum and competition fith bit seems to determine if the battle is a battle subway one bits 6-8 seem to be the mode: 0=single 1=double 2=triple 3=rotation 4=multi I want to try and search these after selecting a battle mode, but I cannot get the game to connect to wifi through the emulator. if someone else could use this data to find a code, that'd be swell
  4. Greetings, I'm new here, and was drawn because I believe someone here can help me. I'm going to be getting a copy of PBR from a friend in a few weeks, and I'm trying to work out a way to transfer all my pokemon from Diamond, into a PBR save to use. There are saves online, but mostly the ones I've seen have beaten most of the game content. And there is just no fun in that. First my questions: A) In the Storage, how many Pokemon does it hold? Is it the same as the Diamond PC? If not, a numerical value would be helpful. B) Once my Pokemon are uploaded into Storage, I can freely use them without a Wi-Fi or NDS connection present? Now for the plea. I can manage to get my Diamond save file on the PC and sent to you. What I need is for a person that can take my save file, cross-load it onto their copy of Diamond (after backing up their own save of course). Then sending my Pokemon into a BLANK Pokemon Battle Revolution save. I do not want any starting items, free money, hacked items, any of the Colosseum's beaten. All I want is a fresh save file of PBR, using whichever rental ticket you want to take, with the Storage packed full of my Diamond Pokemon. After you load my Pokemon onto the PBR save, I have an SD card I can hook to my PC in order to put it into the Wii System Memory, so I can use it. This is a one-time request. After I get the Wii save, I will use codes to modify the Pokemon in Storage, to apply updates and the like when necessary. I don't want to bother anyone about repeatedly uploading saves for me. I'd really appreciate some help on this. From all I've heard, you only get 6 different Rental passes, with pre-selected Pokemon. And that is just TERRIBLE in my view. It makes the game nearly worthless without having the NDS games, which I suppose was the developer's plan to encourage people to buy them. Anyways, the Diamond save won't be ready for a few weeks. I just thought I would join this Pokemon community and see whether anyone here would be willing to help me.
  5. I am going to start working on trying to obtain the Battle Video stored on a Platinum save file, and need save files to look at. If anyone has Pokemon Platinum with a Battle Video playable in the VS Recorder, please post it here, along with a detailed description of what happens in the video - as detailed as possible. Todo: 1. Find Where the battle video is stored, possibly extract/import the data as a *.plbv file. - WIP 2. Attempt to Decode the video into a text script. 3. Allow for editing. 4. After first beta is published, attempt to make graphical playback.
  6. OK, well sometimes UnderXRay and I have random battles. So we both decided to post this one because it was it was pretty good.
  7. Does it exist? If not, can someone make one please? for Platinum AR?
  8. Hey guys, I'm just wondering, but will pokemon on Pokemon Battle Revolution become Bad Eggs if they have All 31 IV's?
  9. Hey, I was wonder if it would be possible to make a code, that gives all 5 of the Gold Plates, I have 4 of 5 gold, and I have the last one silver. Would this be possible? If so please try and make one, I will never ever be able to finish doing the random pokemon one. It's extremely stupid, and I can't get past number 34, I really want my Black Trainer Card!!! If you don't get what I'm saying see if this helps. You get a Silver Plate for beating the 1st verson of the Tower Brain. You get a Gold Plate for beating the 2nd verson of the Tower Brain. There is 5 arenas. So 5 Gold Plates. An AR code would be nice. I have blackle'd all over for a code for the Gold Plates, I can't seem to find it!
  10. So, I decided to play red, and after exploiting some the missingno. item glitch, I decided to go and battle the rival at route 22 (I think it was, its the route right next to Viridian) Anyway, I tried fighting, and then he takes out a charizard 'm, I killed it, after that he takes out a normal 'm, I killed it, then the game froze, anyone help me here? I don't want to lose my save file. P.S. I did catch a Pokémon with a level over 100 using the glitch...
  11. Rules: Evasion Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause, Sleep Clause Well, I wanted to test out my Sandstorm team, and this is the result. Aqueel: Anonymous:
  12. So I was bored earlier today~ o: And decided to play through the Tower, maybe get some BP. >:3 And I just found it funny how I went through 19 trainers in the tower just using a Skarmory with Spikes, Whirlwing, Brave Bird and Roost. I was actually having fun just laying spikes and whirlwinding the offending team until they all died. Anyone else ever played through the Tower and defeated the trainers in a pretty simplistic way? O:
  13. First of all, I apologize for my English. I am not a native speaker, kindly bear with me :creep: I am really new into this game. Currently, I am still playing Pearl, (I have a Platinum already but not playing yet..). Below is the current Team I am using at the BATTLE TOWER. Please, I need your professional opinion and advice. Metagross @ Occa Berry Nature: Adamant Ability: Clear Body EVs: 252 HP / 236 Atk / 12 Def / 8 Spe Role: Lead - Stealth Rock - Bullet Punch - Earthquake - Meteor Mash Comment: A Smogon-based metagross lead, with my own version of moveset, keeping Meteor Mash & Bullet Punch for STAB. Empoleon @ Leftovers Nature: Modest Ability: Torrent EVs: my original starter, decided not to EV-train him to see how far he will get Role: Special Sweeper - Hail - Blizzard - Surf - Earthquake Comment: Hail for Blizzard's accuracy, leftovers for the effect of Hail, Earthquake for coverage. Gyarados @ Wacan Berry Nature: Jolly Ability: Intimidate EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Role: Offensive (sweeper) - Waterfall - Thunderbolt - Fire Blast - Dragon Dance Comment: Wacan Berry to weaken electric attacks, Thunderbolt and Fire Blast for coverage. Note: Currently, my team is at a 35 winning game streak. I wonder how far will it go? Your feed back is truly appreciated.
  14. Warstory Battle (NeoDraven vs. Greencat) A great battle between NeoDraven and I. I hope you enjoy it. Rules: Evasion Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause, Sleep Clause, Species Clause Pokemon: (In order of appearance) Greencat NeoDraven
  15. My best was DPP champion battle, sick music , plus she's so cool
  16. This thread should be assumed to have spoilers. I've put my review (not summary) in spoilers, but responders probably won't/shouldn't put it in spoilers bracket. So everything past the summary = spoilers. Be warned Oh, these episodes have only aired in Japan. This contains spoilers since this episode has obviously not aired in the US as of yet. If there's enough interest in this, I might do this every week for new episodes, and maybe do episode discussions of older episodes. Of course, anyone is welcome to do episode discussion threads, but let's see how it goes. Japanese names tend to be used since I'm discussing the Japanese episode, but I tend to switch back and forth :\ Summary:Shinji and Satoshi have a full 6 on 6 battle, at the suggestion of Shinji's brother, Reiji. They end the first episode on even grounds, but the 2nd episode has one finishing far ahead of the other. It's a very game mechanic heavy battle, with abilities, physical/special split, and more being referenced.
  17. (Battler 1 v Battler 2) Shoddy Warstory Battle between two in-game teams Rules: Evasion Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause, Sleep Clause Pokemon: (In order of appearance) Chanticleer Pertelote
  18. Finally have the time to start up Battle Tower. Just designed a Hail team. Basically, the difference between the Battle Tower and competitive battling is that theres virtually no switching from the opponent and generally there are few choice items. This team is based on Abomasnow setting up hail and the rest using it to sweep. Overview Abomasnow @ Big Root Rash Snow Warning 252 HP 180 SpA 76 Spe Energy Ball Blizzard Leech Seed Hidden Power (Ground) Abomasnow is my lead (obviously). His EV spread is taken from smogon. I don't really know what its based on, but it looks good. Special build. Energy Ball is a simple special STAB move. Blizzard goes hand in hand with Hail. Leech Seed is excellent for keeping this guy alive. HP Ground goes a long way with Electric types and potentially slow fire types, although thats very risky. Big Root is there to increase Leech Seed's healing, although it seems totally useless at this point. Need suggestions on a different item that isn't already in use. Froslass @ Petaya Berry Timid Snow Cloak 4 Def 252 SpA 252 Spe Substitute Blizzard Shadow Ball Thunderbolt My main sweeper. Simple Sub Petaya set from Smogon. She is blazing fast already and the speed EVs make her a monster. Substitute is obvious for activating Petaya. Blizzard is the main STAB assisted by Abomasnow's hail. Shadow Ball is secondary stab. With Thunderbolt she has perfect coverage and gives her something with at least neutral against steel types. Vaporeon @ Leftovers Bold Water Absorb 188 HP 252 Def 68 Spe Wish Protect Surf Hidden Power [Dark] Wish Support. Wish is a given on this guy and is great for helping my Abomasnow switch in. Protect is good for getting Wish on Vaporeon himself. This guy also acts as my main Fire counter, so Surf is a given and with STAB it works well as a bread 'n butter move. HP Dark is the only dark move on this team, and I think its rather needed as a Psychic counter. There you go. Any suggestions? As a Hail team, Abomasnow is invaluable and can't be switched out. I'd like to keep Froslass as its my new favorite pokemon. Vaporeon is my replacement for Gardevoir and my fire counter. No legendaries (and I mean NONE) since they can't be used in Battle Frontier.
  19. [HGSSSPRITE]Come battle me, and see if u have what it takes, good luck[/HGSSSPRITE] Battle rules: -no hacks -all legends are useable, except darkrai arceus and groudon -it will be a lv 50 double battle(i would still train to lv 100, so u have the better stats, and the better moves.) -i expect a fair battle, no generated pkm either. again good luck if u want to battle, post here, and put your freind code, and game name here. once some one is interested, we will set a time to go on wifi :bidoof:
  20. Shoddy Battle OU Tournament 1 No Players: 8 Type: LMS Description: In order to enter this tournament you must have an OU (Over Used) team of six. Any Pokémon that strays from that category will result in a D.Q. Clauses for the match ups are: Species Clause Freeze Clause Sleep Clause Soul Dew Clause Timed Battle Be sure to check back to see whom you are battling once the tournament is full. When a winner has been decided notify me, Fallen, and I will advance that person to the next round. Good luck and have fun! View all Tournaments Here
  21. I looked through the forum and didn't see a thread for discussion of the Platinum Battle Frontier and progress in it, so yeah. I have all five Silver Medals. I got them in clockwise order, beginning with the Battle Factory and ending with the Tower. Right now I'm in the process of trying to breed a good Slaking to use in the Battle Hall.
  22. Hello all, this thread is just to announce Project Pokemon's Multitier Tournament. A competitor in this type of tournament creates three teams, one with Pokemon from UU and below, one from OU and below, and one with all Pokemon. As I type this, the latest tiering change was the movement of Salamence to Ubers. We will follow tiers from this time. Every match consists of three battles, where each player picks one of his teams. You are required to use each team once in the three matches, but you don't know what your opponent is using. Post here if you would be interested in joining. We'll decide if it will be a knockout or just point based depending on how much interest we get. Just so you know, there are prizes for being a competitor OR being a top three player. Big thanks to Narwhal for the prizes and other artwork. Support him in his endeavors! All interested should join the usergroup. You must register there: this is just to announce it. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/group.php?groupid=94 ^Link to the group Update: The last day to join is September 1, a week and a day away from today. After that, no more entries will be accepted. Match schedules are set up by he competetors, so don't worry about not having time to compete, because games are based on YOUR schedule. Congratulations to Sabeta on winning the tournament!
  23. Please i want to know Is there a code to use alternate forms (Skymin, Origin Giratina) in Battle Frontier and the like (battle hall etc.) (HeartGold) AR
  24. With the game's official release, you can now direct all of your small questions/game help related questions here. All Project Pokemon forum rules apply. Please do not ask for cheat or hacking assistance here. Take that to the appropriate Game Mechanics and Research forum.
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