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  1. Here you go. You will need to migrate it from Gen3 to Gen7. It's the one that was RNG'd to mimic a PokePark Mew. Emejap_stgigamew.zip
  2. Thanks. Date of tourney would be either 2005-2006 summer, but that's not important.
  3. Maybe game freak would release this attached fan event to a lucky winner of a tourney if it wasn't already extant. It's a shiny guaranteed iv pokepark mew, the only difference to mine is that it is maxed by game freak and awarded a debug ribbon. Due to pid overlap, only one could be given out. Species Mew Nickname チ うぎて OT ポケパ-ク TID 60510 Distribution Serial Code Location a Link Trade Dates ? PID Shiny PID Games SM USUM Lv. 30 Nature Timid Ability Synchronize Item Lum Berry Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Psychic Aura Sphere Flamethrower Nasty Plot (no ribbons) Format Ver.1.0.7-0, Post Updated Date:20190107_0707 チ%E3%80%80うぎて-33205466c24fcf9c74748a64b07b45e4.pk7
  4. For one, I myself think these changes will legitimize me as a pokemon fan about as much as adding myself into a romhack would... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. The Johto guard glitch might work with the normal method, but don't count on it...
  6. From a gen2 hacking discord: Only new sprites are colorized, gen1 plus older gen2 are from crystal
  7. @SwagKey got JP Blue to trade with 1997 Gold, so maybe the time capsule could make gen2 treat beta as gen1, and using the guard glitch to trade any demomon with gen1 moves in, normalizing it as a gen2 pokemon... @theSLAYER
  8. Try using the time capsule and Johto Guard Glitch between Spaceworld and JP Gold/Crystal to get gen2 mons dumped...
  9. Noticed that Pikachu's model has a half-heart, half-square tail, the male character has a female look to him, while Sugimori's art for the female character shows her as having a boyish face... This sounds to me like they are being gender-tolerant! Yay Nintendo for undoing the Trans Azumarill verdict!
  10. I think we will need to re-analyze Negaiboshi and it's derivatives. This is due to the fact that the distro roms use R/S's RTC, and do not rely on a master RTC. This involves rewriting legality checking code, and rechecking pokemon files.
  11. Don't even get me started on Zeraora. It is meant JUST to appease Digimon and Furry fanbases. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, but again Nintendo, it is an E rated game. Yes, gen one players are adults now, and want fan service, but as SM proved, you ARE a KID's company. Yes, the pokedex had issues, but you yourselves fixed that... Then again, most furries ARE kids... Who like pokemon a bit TOO much...) Still, Nintendo, if you are reading this, please continue your distribution plans, but do it at a Crystal launch party??? Literally one hour after hearing of the USUM leak, googling just the word zeraora with nothing else in the bar in bing under MY settings scarred me for life... In conclusion, fan service is never needed because fans can make their own fan service versions of fan works before official works surface. Eeek! Fans are crazy. PokemonBrainCrystalClockFixStoneMart.ips
  12. I dumped my NTSC-U VC Gold, and I checked the patch in Notepad++, and it does NOT appear to patch that Compare value from 0b to 00, so it does NOT appear to patch the event. It was Travingel who used @Ammako's value over on skeentendo in his fork of Nintendo's Leaked crystal patches. I think Nintendo may be borrowing the code using their legal rights. They may also be patching in the news/servers for JPN versions.
  13. Here is a patch for v1.0 crystal which I made that improves it. It works on vc. PokemonBrainCrystalClockFixStoneMart.ips The patch is an mbc5-based romhack that makes the clock changeable and static until reset, adds in 400 songs from newer and older titles, adds items into the department stores, adds a port of voltorb flip, restores a partial pcc, adds in a lighter safari zone to symbolize closure, with SOME version exclusives present, restores a gameplay hint found in the unused olivine city house, and more. I have made it out of multiple patches, and it is functional enough to play. It uses Armada's Pokemon Crystal Restored Hack, Froggestspirit's Crystal Complete hack, a comprehensive capture mechanics fix, two different patches to allow time change, and a patch which allows purchase of evolutionary stones in department stores. I also restored the beta sgb border from Japanese gold for use in KiGB and VBA-rr-SVN-480. It is fully save-compatible with English crystal saves and stadium 2, (minus gb tower) and it is mapper-compatible with pokemon pinball and TCG gbc games, as well as all European language releases of Yellow (including English) and All European, Non-English releases of Red and Blue. (AKA MBC5, but 32KiB of SRAM/compatible FRAM, along with 4MiB of EPRom is needed to make the game physical without vc to be able to use pokemon mini support.) The only thing you cannot do is set GB Printer darkness which is set at maximum due to aging paper.
  14. I would like to propose a whitelist of the only 6 possible gen 3 and gen4 6x31iv pid numbers and their info. Hopefully these can be used to improve legality for the next release.
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