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  1. E: Faraway Island Shiny Mew

    Someone going by the name FrostyKitsune on eBay has been and still is hacking and selling clones of the Shiny 6IV Mew for $2.49 a pop. I know it is mine due to the attached image. The listing is here:
  2. SM USUM - VC GS Purchase Celebi

    Maybe the lack of a Japanese card has to do with them restoring crystal in a year for JPN, and adding the mobile over wifi??? I mean, my crystal hack adds in the Pcc and celebi event, so why not?
  3. E: Faraway Island Shiny Mew

    No replacement was intended. All that was intended happened to be quasi-dual-compliance, and in that regard, I failed for the present file. Please fix the mistake using the provided save straight from @sulokuand make the pk3 100 bytes.
  4. E: Faraway Island Shiny Mew

    Well, after this mess, I'll admit that I screwed up. First with the Lum Berry, next with 80 vs 100 byte 3gpkms, and then PokePark Mew's OTG. To remedy this year-old mistake I will attach in its original untouched zip file the Original untouched Japanese Emerald Mew Save @suloku sent me over after the RNG process, so we can clean this mess up. Please don't think too badly of me. I was misinformed as to Pokepark Mew's OTG, and the Lum Berry chance, plus the PKM extraction losses. @suloku may have been confused about the berry, and I am sorry for doubting PokePark Mew's OTG, and adding the berry back. Same apology applies to the staff involved. Same goes for NPOWER goruchan and manaphy. "Please understand.", as Satoru Iwata-San once said.
  5. E: Faraway Island Shiny Mew

    More instances of Female trainers of pokepark Mew are documented and more instances of Lum berry old sea map mews are documented. While nobody has a known-legit male pokepark Mew in Pam or 3gpkm, they have been thought to exist, unlike the less elusive female one. This implies distribution Rom carts exist in collections, based on what @Sabresite said. Also, mew's dma garbage byte hiragana nickname implies feminism due to hirgana being used in female names. The katakana is only used for the OT due to being loaned from English. Lum berry is able to spawn as a rarely held helditem on Mew according to many sources, which is 5 percent, but it is only on the 5 percent chance it will hold it. The 100 and middle percent chance slots do not make Mew hold it or anything else, and rng reporter does not have a gen3 item detector. If you are right, the berry could very well only apply to non-fateful wild mew though I doubt that though. Anyhow, Mew was RNG'd to the proper specs for Both events according to the most sources as possible. This was done to ensure optimal conditions for a pokemon, one worth a box of kurt's phione breedjects from the pk4 of the shiny flawless ut manaphy by kaphotics bred with his NCG ditto of uber power. Basically, a kings ransom of pokemon, for one Mew of royal status. And I had the idea to theoretically RNG it... what have I done to the economy? I co-RNG'd mewtwos equal, just for fun, in the most perfect way, and people liked it. I just helped make sure it followed ALL details perfectly. It was all done in game, so it is still legit/legal (depending on if you use the save or not), and i get tired of correcting those thinking it is hacked. As you can see, no trashbytes are damaged, it is fresh off the initial encounter as if it were ramdumped out. Plus, all party data would be erased if I hacked it conventionally, and I was a noobier guy then. If you see any differences, those would be there for accuracy only, according to numerous accredited sources. In conclusion, I did NOT hack the Mew, nor did I ever want to, and if I ever had the idea to do so it would be either for whimsical theoretical tests, or for restoring lost data. I never would want to have anything to do with hacking for impossibly advantageous, malicious, or deceptive reasons. I am TIRED of being called out for supposedly editing or hacking it, when I DID NOT and WILL NOT do so AT ALL! Sorry for the drama.
  6. E: Faraway Island Shiny Mew

    The pokepark mews on the reign of computer collection all have female OT flags, and suloku said that Mew had used the Lum berry.
  7. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon is the link to the save with dj Mew. I found it here:
  8. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Okay then.
  9. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    Thats sad, just googled it. Apparently a nazi probopass also happened, along with haxxed eevee. Also, @HaxAras I don't have the offensive fakemons and nor do I want to be involved with them or be forced to watch someone do the same... Please note they are extinct anyways, and for good reason😏 If you want a racist gengar go hack it yourself. The move set is public.
  10. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    First I've heard of such deeds, but wouldn't surprise me. Can someone hexdump the WC full to check trashbytes to be sure? Hacking tools don't leave tbytes.
  11. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    The odds someone knew how to make custom distribution devices in 2008 are laughable imho. I think it was poorly documented, but then again the shiny-unlocked Spanish d-j Mew was legitimately distributed at the official tcg despite being poorly documented. I view both as legit, same with goruchans.
  12. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    I had obtained the knowledge of npower's existence from extremely old forum posts from google which I lost the bookmark for. Firstly some trade threads had traded it successfully and on bulbapedia I found this: I found it here:émon_in_2008 It appears to be a photo album from the event, and in it there is pics of the wondercard being received. It was not announced, but was distributed. Some unsubstantiated rumors claim it was unofficial, but IMHO at the time WC hacks were uncommon. Not to mention districts carts were unavailable at the time. Can we add the images and WC of the npower to the gallery? There is also a YouTube link at: This should validate it.
  13. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    In the emtu/pokesav database I archived, a pct and pgt exist of the manaphy egg. Same goes for the NPOWER anniversary pikachu which was distributed but barely announced, even during the event at Nintendo world store. Google may help.
  14. E: Faraway Island Shiny Mew

    There is a 5 percent chance, one that happened when suloku RNG'd the Flawless Shiny Mew, that said Mew will be holding a Lum Berry as a held item. This is programmed for ALL wild Mew. This is in all later games as well, along with a time to hatch placeholder number of a range with 31337 in it. Since suloku used status moves on it so he could faithfully catch it in a pokeball as in the PokePark 2006 event it mimics, the berry was used, so I gave Mew its Lum Berry back from the bag, since the clock was dead. The Pokepark 2006 Mew which is very similar, holds no item, and was widely reported to have a variable OT gender, but in actuality being Female-only or mostly female for the distributions I looked at in my collection. The Mew that @suloku and I rng'd has another secret. In the Nickname field, which normally contains Mew's Japanese name, has another name past the FF terminator. First, an ellipsis is strangely there, which appears to suggest more to the name grammatically, followed by the hirigana (feminine native Japanese writing) for Chi Ugite when romanized in Hepburn Romaji. (The space is included, making the raw bytes an actual valid name in Japanese, but still a rare one.) So basically, the Shiny Flawless Mew does not not need a nickname as it already has a secret one that is hidden in trash bytes from DMA, therefore it is technically unnamed, as it also has the flag unset, and the default Japanese name untouched. Therefore, the Flawless Shiny Mew is secretly named Chi Ugite in hiragana, which is usually used in female Japanese names, making said Mew Female IMHO, especially when considering anime factors and the Gen V backsprite set. This Mew was RNG'd on an emulator over a week, but if emulator turbo mode is not factored it should have taken 5 weeks. The wonder card was cloned from a Female Japanese save with the card unclaimed and saved from the event. The other LEGIT frames I could have used with different ID numbers were: Code: Frame Time PID Nature 1. 176,562,489 34d 01h 25m 08s 150ms PID 7942EF72 Timid 2. 816,994,416 157d 14h 22m 53s 600ms PID E85091A9 Docile 3. 1,821,972,669 351d 11h 03m 31s 150ms PID E9375A48 Calm 4. 2,324,046,137 448d 07h 28m 22s 283ms PID F9426F72 Modest 5. 2,964,478,064 571d 20h 26m 07s 733ms PID 685011A9 Modest 6. 3,969,456,317 765d 17h 06m 45s 283ms PID 6937DA48 Modest Résultats obtenus avec le logiciel RNG Reporter 9.96.5 BETA I got got them from: Bye for now.
  15. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    In that case if we cannot extract them we can reconstruct them based on some of the other debugger pokemon in my save of JPN debuggers pokemon. To reconstruct the Venasaur I took Satoru Iwata's Meganium and changed the ID and OT to Nishino's, while I changed the other dumped DEBUG Charizard to the ID and OT of Matsumiya. Do note that these are reconstructions so you know what bytes to look for in the dump file. They may also replace the others if we can't dump them under new policy, therefore making this a troll Charizard/Venasaur. These edits still belonged to debuggers, and the edit was in their power to do via another debug menu in the patch that GG codes can give you. No caught data for you :{ No moves were edited, so Venasaur is legal, and debug charizard keeps it's debug moves. RECONSTRUCTED_JPN_DEBUGGERS_PKMN.sav 006 - リザードン - 5F4A.pk2 003 - フシギバナ - D8E9.pk2