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  1. @drwaxwings This one (second in the list) is the right one: ポケパーク The hex value of the dash in gen5+ should be 0x30fc. For spaces it should be 0x3000. Wikipedia has more. The fullwidth English forms that have Asian-specific equivalent characters in Unicode, are not used by pokemon to save space. If you pal park the mew from gen3 into a Korean HGSS using DesMuMe, and into Korean BW(2) using melonDS, it can be extracted and migrated legitimately into English Gen5 or gen6 games.
  2. Here is the build of Nintendon't I use. It makes Pokemon Box RS work along with Meteor and maybe Negaiboshi. I got it from Github. It is from 2015. No ExFat support. @InsaneNutter It plays legit discs too, so yeah... I also replied to you on your site with the location for the working disc.
  3. @InsaneNutter Dang! I HAVE managed to get Meteor's Disc to work on Nintendon't 3.23 under Native Control. It actually distributes to my GBA, but I already had Wishmaker set. Please do your file magic with the Meteor disc. It works on dolphin and HW.
  4. I posted the Distro Disk mod I made over on @InsaneNutter's Forum. Check my post history to find it...
  5. I only have NTSC Ruby so I cannot test the Negaiboshi distro. The secret is to only boot the PokeDownload.tgc file, and avoid re packing it.
  6. I injected Meteor into the converted GCM of Wishmaker, and fixed it, before running it in Nintendon't. I used GCRebuilder, GCIsoTool, and TGCtoGCM
  7. @InsaneNutter can you build these discs? @theSLAYER Can we get a Shiny METEOR Jirachi based on this info?
  8. There are 2 versions of the sdk code for Multiboot, the ones with the _sync suffix, and the ones without. There is also the SIO code to factor in. Maybe the other version will work?