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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I want to know if I make a lot of eggs and put all in the box, then opem my save file with pkhex, can I see if there is a shiny or I need to hatch it? Because I can see what pokémon that will hatch using this method, but the question is if i can see if its shiny or not. Thank you.
  2. So i been trying to figure out how to create legit eggs in pokemon silver on the 3ds but i keep getting Location Met legitimately error no matter what i put as the location. (trying to start with a lavitar egg cuz i dont wanna wait till mid game) so basically how do you make a legit gen 2 egg on VC Silver/gold
  3. I'm starting a Pokemon Black Egglocke and need Pokegen Eggs to start off with. Please help me. Legality isn't a problem as long as the Pokemon is able to hatch out of an egg or able to have those moves.Please nickname the Eggs, I'm not creative with names unfortunately... No Legendaries or Phione please, since I don't want the play-through to be too easy. Send files over Email please, since it's easier. Send as many as you want, holding any item. Thank you! Ps: Set the happiness to 0 please, since the egg will not hatch quickly, and I'm not patient enough to wait.. Thank you! Send to this Email: mightyenatrickster262@gmail.com
  4. Warning: Please do not get scammed on Wi-fi trades. Anyone who offers you an "egg" of Volcanion, Hoopa, or any hacked Pokemon claiming they can be traded is lying to you. Deeply apologize if this is the wrong place for this, so mods feel free to do what is appropriate. I thought I'd post this in R&D because I have done a bit of research into these two topics and it appears to be of particular interest to many people who have questions about getting a Japanese 3DS and whether a Volcanion, Hoopa, or other hacked pokemon can be obtained by hacking the Pokemon as an egg (as a way to bypass the legality checkers on Wi-fi services). I also feel this has been asked MANY times in other threads and will continue to be asked by newcomers. Here are some clarifications regarding what you can or can't do with a Japanese 3DS and/or using Pokebank if you have the Cyber Save Editor 3DS by Cyber Gadget, and some myth-busting regarding trading hacked eggs: You will need a Japanese 3DS if you: 1. Bought a new Japanese X/Y game so you can initiate gameplay of the game and advance until you get the pokedex (or whatever the checkpoint is to enable use with Cyber Save Editor 2. Would like to trade eggs (for some reason) from your Japanese game to your non-Japanese game (Pokebank will not store eggs) 3. Want to have Latiosite, Latiasite, Soul Dew, Sacred Ash, or any of the other unreleased items (Pokebank does not allow storage of items, held items will be sent to your bag if you try to store them in Pokebank). These items can be traded to your non-Japanese game via local trade. That's about everything I can think of right now. 4. Don't care for trading permanent Mega Pokemon to your non-Japanese game, as this cannot be done via local trade. You can use Pokebank on your non-Japanese 3DS if you: 1. Have a used copy of a Japanese Pokemon X or Y cartridge that has been sufficiently advanced to enable Cyber injecting. 2. Want to transfer permanent Mega Pokemon to your non-Japanese game, as this is cannot be done via local trade. 3. Don't care about obtaining unreleased items on your non-Japanese 3DS. OR you don't care about having hacked eggs (which cannot be traded via wi-fi, more on this next). Now to bust the hacked egg trading myth: <- For anyone that really doesn't believe me when I say it doesn't work, here is proof of it, because a lot of people that come up to me about it want to know for sure (not sure if any of them read this forum).Furthermore, I think hacked eggs can in fact be sent to Wondertrade. However, I have heard that the receiving end of any hacked eggs will get a bad egg that will never hatch. I'm not sure whether this can be confirmed, but my suspicion is that wonder trading hacked pokemon was the cause of all those bad eggs floating around wonder trade last year. I really hope this helps. Thanks for readying.
  5. Hey guys, anyone used filb's generator to look at how egg's are generated? I don't have one to test for legality, but it would still be interesting to see how its generated.
  6. If I obtain an egg on a Japanese game, then trade the egg to an English game and hatch it, will the language be "JPN" or "ENG"? Would it still say hatched at "Daycare Couple" or would it say "Link trade", etc.? Basically, is it any different from obtaining and hatching an egg on the same game?
  7. I'm not sure what is going on, I've remade them 2 times and they both are still bad eggs in PBR. This only happened with Kingdra and Salamence, all the other 40 or so Pokemon I made work fine. I've made sure to get the 85h right (They both are set to hatch from eggs so its 00, and yes, they are in Poke Balls), date met and date received are the same day, no nickname... the EVs on both are 252/232/24... What's wrong? EDIT: They also both have legal movesets. Standard Smogon movesets and item choice. EDIT 2: Kingdra suddenly worked... no idea what to do about Salamence, though. EDIT 3: Salamence finally worked. Not sure what happened.
  8. Hi. I downloaded some .PKMN files and used Pokesav Platinum to make AR codes, for use in Pokemon Platinum. The codes added in a few event Pokes to the first slots in my Box 1. When I start the game I press L+R and look in my box, and they're all there, but there's also a bunch "ghost eggs" that can't be clicked on and disappear when I switch boxes. When I try to save the game, it says "save error" Any help is MUCHO appreciated.
  9. so basically, all i want is a squirtle, abra and a riolu egg. :] easy, right? i don't care about any other stats and i'd prefer to have pokemon i could use that wouldn't start disobeying orders without x badge. and i'll need it to be traded over wi-fi, pl0x.
  10. I mean, I check them with the legality checker and everything, make sure to normalize their trash bytes, everything turns up fine until I throw the codes to my AR and fire it up. What's going wrong?
  11. First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum or is against the rules. :smile: Now on to business... Due to my trying to breed particular Horsea, Happiny and Duskulls, I have oodles of eggs I have no idea what to do with. I know which one is which, because I used that AR code to see what is in each egg, BUT that is the only hack I used on/around these eggs. I figured in this forum it would be okay to give these away, cause I wanted to be totally up front about the egg-check thing. I'm giving these eggs away for free; nothing in trade is required. I'll even take a random bidoof. :wink: Anyways... again I apologize if this thread is not allowed. Sorry if that's the case!
  12. when ever i make a pokemon egg code the date on the egg are wrong and where is says the egg came from help?
  13. i absolutely need the pokemon, ot and id/sid, game version. beyond that give what you want to give. being run by one person this forum should be less crowded.
  14. This doesn't work for me, I think it makes all my eggs go bad =/ I did however made the eggs using PokeSav (I set teh steps at 0 or 1 x 256, iono if that's the problem). Also I noticed when I hatch the eggs normally, not all the eggs get the steps, only the first egg slot. I got like over 100 eggs to hatch and I don't really wanna waste a couple of hrs to hatch them. Is there any way to fix this?
  15. Hello, First off i'm new to the pokesav thing and been reading up a bit. Now I want to get a pokemon as a egg in my storage box (3), I set the pokemon, set where I got the egg from (daycarecouple), set my Trainer ID , set date egg recieved. And last but not least that it is in a egg and the number of moves added before it hatches. Now when I start my game up everything loads fine, even items can be added etc. But the moment I go to the box with the egg the game freezes. The game sounds keep going but the screen freezes and the box itself shows that there is a egg there. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance, and sorry if it is a stupid question.
  16. Alright instead of just an intro in one post and then the rest in several others I'm going to try and get it all into this one post. Pokemon Eggs: Hatching Well hatching eggs is simple really however depending on the pokemon inside the egg it could take some time. Each pokemon while in the egg takes a different amount of steps to hatch. I feel so lame saying this but I actually didn't know that hatching an egg took steps so flying around doesn't count! Now if you have a lot of eggs you can only hold 5 in your party because you have to have a pokemon to battle just in case. So now that you have 5 eggs or less in your party you can go begin the hatching. Wait, no you can speed it up you just have to have the right pokemon. You see if the pokemon in your party has the ability flame body or magma armor the number of steps it takes to hatch an egg is cut in half. Pretty useful. Now, find a long stretch of uninterupted road, or cycling path, and then run or bike up and down the road to gain the steps. Riding on the bike in cycling road is the fastest way I know and you should have a bike by the time you get an egg. So that is the most efficient way I know to hatch eggs. If you want to know around the exact number of steps your particular egg will take to hatch then go to this link... http://pokemon.marriland.com/diamond_pearl/pokedex/list And search on the pokemon you know is inside the egg. The pokemon in the egg is always the female's or non ditto's species. If you receive it from a friend or in game then you might not know. FYI that link is for a diamond and pearl pokedex here is one for platinum: http://pokemon.marriland.com/platinum/pokedex I hope this has been helpful! Please post feed back and use the poll! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pokemon Eggs: Bad eggs Bad eggs are terrible things and one should not ever try to obtain them. Bad eggs are the result of a code gone wrong or to many codes used. At least that is what I have read. So maybe if you were trying to get a pokemon from your AR and you misentered the code well then the pokemon would probably result in a bad egg. Can they hatch? Yes I do believe they will but they will turn up as a question mark and everything will be question marks either that or they never hatch. I do believe that they take 30,000 steps to hatch which is good because you never want to hatch them. They could crash your game. These eggs should be put in a pc immediately and never messed with if you cherish your game data. Why do they exist exactly? I have read through my internet research that it is somewhat of a vengeance. The vengeance of Missingno. or something like. This (identity) created something that to many codes resulted in a bad egg. (atleast with 3rd generation games for sure) Or maybe a code gone wrong or incorrectly inputted. They can crash your game which is part of the vengeance. Plus when they hatch they turn into question marks and that is all the pokemon you will ever see if it doesn't crash your game. Question marks. Codes gone wrong? These are incorrectly put in codes this could result in a bad egg. Plus I do believe that bad eggs can appear in double battles if you are using the one hit KO cheat. This, after the foe is defeated, could result in a bad egg appearing, although it is invisible it will use the moves of the previous pokemon and if wild it can be caught but don't catch it! BAD EGGS ARE JUST LIKE THEIR NAME BAD! DON'T EVER HATCH ONE OR ACCEPT ONE IN A TRADE, REALLY JUST STICK IT IN THE PC AND LEAVE IT ALONE! THEY ARE A CREATION OF PURE DEVIOUSNESS. BE CAREFUL WHEN DEALING WITH THESE EGGS THEY ARE NOT NORMAL AND CAN BE LETHAL TO YOUR GAME! I CANT STRESS THE FACT ENOUGH THAT THOSE THINGS ARE BAD AND DANGEROUS TO YOUR GAME! DON'T HATCH THEM OR IT COULD BE THE LAST EGG YOU EVER HATCHED!
  17. Does anyone know what exactly makes a code for a Pokemon come out as a Bad Egg? I recently made a Garchomp that had normal stats, IVs, EVs, Hex Values, etc and it turned out as a Bad Egg. I enter these codes by hand, so it's not exactly worth 15 minutes of typing to get a Bad Egg... So does anyone know? Any help would be appreciated.
  18. I want to create traded hatched Pokemon from scratch. However, I'm utterly clueless about what data remains the same and what data changes upon trade, especially regarding hatched data. CAN EGGS BE TRADED? (lol) ********************* I am almost certain it is a positive. If it isn't, then all the other questions pertaining to traded eggs can be ignored. HOMETOWN ********************* If eggs can be traded, does the soon-to-be-hatched Pokemon take the hometown of where the egg was created or where the egg was hatched? EGG RECEIVED AT ********************* I'd like to know what happens to the Egg Received At data upon trade between (or among) certain versions. Does it get changed? Does it get deleted? Those are what I primarily want to know. Here are the specific ways the Pokemon/Egg may change hands that I'm interested to know how Egg Received At may or may not change. If anyone has had first-hand experience in doing this especially concerning DPPt-HGSS trading and can verify/correct my suspicions/predictions, please do so. 1) RSEFRLG to DPPtHGSS a.k.a. Pal Parked Pokemon -Suspecting either values 2003 (Kanto Region) or 2005 (Hoenn Region) or data gets deleted. 2) DPPt to DPPt - Hatched Pokemon -I'm thinking that nothing changes except for that whole Faraway Place issue. 3) DPPt to DPPt - Traded Egg -Same as 2). About Date Egg Received... possibly the date where the egg was received from the Daycare? 4) HGSS to DPPt - Hatched Pokemon -Suspecting either values 2004 (Johto Region) or 3002 (Faraway Place). 5) HGSS to DPPt - Traded Egg -Same as 4) and 3). 6) DPPt to HGSS - Hatched Pokemon 7) DPPt to HGSS - Traded Egg Or maybe, nothing gets changed, just like with the hex values. Any sort of information pertaining to this will be greatly appreciated.
  19. What are the PC Japan Center Eggs suppose to show up as? Hatched? Common GBA Un/Restricted? By PC Japan Center Eggs I mean Sweet Kiss Poliwag Petal Leaf Meowth Iron Defence Bagon Spite Absol Wish Absol (Jap) etc.
  20. Everytime I try to send an egg to Black (with the use of the GTS), the Egg's info shows as if it was found January 0, 2000. Its location is always "----------". The steps required are also set to defult (the original step count of the pokémon), which is annoying if I want to release the Pokémon (I can't release eggs and I'm testing). However, everything is okay for the hatched Pokémon: the moves wanted, Abilty, Level, hatched location and time shows normally, ect. If there is any guide telling how to avoid this problem, tell me. Any help would be very appreciated.
  21. Ok, so I've been looking at how to edit the number of eggs received and hatched in Pokestock. I know that you can changed the number of received in there, but there is also an option for number of eggs hatched, but that actually doesn't tell you the number you hatched. Is there anyway to edit the number of eggs hatched not using Pokestock? This is for B/W.
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