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  1. Hi Guys I've been racking my brain for a couple of weeks now trying to find out the command that sets the weather within a Route's Script file in B2W2 (and BW) I am basically trying to make Tornadus / Thundurus appear at a certain time in B2W2 at Route 7, just outside the House that you get their Therian Pokedex entries in B2W2 (Ihave the Flags set on the conversation to trigger the two Genies overworld appearences upon leaving the house) However I am trying to set it so their respective weather appears at the same time as the Genies spawn.... I have been looking through BW's script which is conviently the same number for Script and Overworld, however I cannot for the life of me work out what the weather setting is from it.... I've attached the file for the BW Script on Route 7 just incase anyone is able to help me. Many Thanks M BW 1 Script 674.txt
  2. Hi Guys Has anyone had any luck with being able to add in the following: 1. Weather conditions on a certain route after a Flag has been set My scenario is to make Thundurus and Tornadus appear at certain times infront of the house on Route 7, after speaking to the elders inside. Speaking to the elder woman will SetFlag for the two Genies to appear on that route following their Pokedex entries being revealed I can make both Genies appear where I want them too no problem in this scenario, however I would like to set the respective weather on that Route to occur when they are spwaning, like in the original BW (Where the weather changes on the route they are roaming) 2. Making an NPC appear at a certain time Linking back to the above, I would like to set it so Tornadus would appear only in the morning and Thundurus only in the evening Is there a way to set this in the script file for 674? I am just a bit unsure on the commands required despite doing a bit of researching and some trail & error Hope someone can help:)
  3. Hi both Im tackling the exact same scenario in my personal hack in changing some ground items. I have been trying to work out where the Script links too from the overworld item. My example I am using the Dragon Orbs in the Dragonspiral Tower (Overworld: 260 and Script: 420) Iv identifed the Griseous Orb in HxD having: Flag (0x08 -> 0x09) of C8 05 (05C8) Script Called (0x0A -> 0x0B) of D4 1C (1CD4) However I am a bit stumped in working out the exact script within Script File 1241 that it pointing too.... When I convert the numbers into decimal, I am looking for the Item IDs listed on the Bulbapedia list here https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_items_by_index_number_(Generation_V) This is mainly as I am trying to add in the Red Orb and Blue Orb for Kyogre and Groudon respectively in the Abyssal Ruins These Pokemon will then appear in a certain location when the item has been collected by the player - in a similar way to how Heatran is spawned from the Magma Stone (I will need to look into the script for Heatran to replicate this and change the values once iv got the item worked out) Any help on this would be very much appreciated, I am just a bit confused where I am meant to be looking:) EDIT------ I found the Orbs Specifically in the Sc:1240 Script - I think that file is seperate for Key Items judging by the list in there and they use a different command : SetVarEqVal 0x800C XXX compared to SetVar2A 0x8000 XXX for something like the Carbos on the outside of DragonSpiral Tower. I have managed to pick out the Griseous Orb from Sc: 1240 - which was SubScript 380 using NPRE and identifying the number from Bulbapedia's list. However I still cannot work out from the Hex numbers in the Overworld 260 file how it points to that particular script file, as the numbers dont seem to match up.... When I convert the Griseous Orb Hex to Decimal: I get 7380 from 0x1CD4 So the end three numbers seems to by chance match the SubScript, but it has the 7 at the start obviously, so I am a bit wary this isn't correct... (This is the same scenario with the Lustrous Orb - so I don't know if I am onto something or not)
  4. Feel free to close this, worked it all out.
  5. Hi Everyone I have recently got into ROM Hacking and had a lot of fun playing with Wild Pokemon Levels, Trainer Pokemon Levels and tweaking difficulties etc. in Platinum. However the two main things I want to try and learn how to do are: 1). Change the levels of Legendary Pokemon - I cannot for the life of me find out how to change these, I have only managed to do Wild Pokemon so far. Basically I want to change a few levels in Platinum and slightly change their movepools: (eg. Regigigas to Lvl 70, The Regis to Lvl 40 atleast, Arceus to Lvl 100, Giratina to Lvl 50, Heatran to Lvl 70) This is to go with the increased level challenges I am giving myself (along with changing the Pkmn Evolutions to not require trading which I have already done successfully) 2). I have just finished playing through Black & White, and I was wondering if it is possible to make the version alternate Dragon (Zekrom in Black, Reshiram in White) appear in Dragon Spiral Tower in the Post-Game? I would set it to be captured at Lvl 70 so there is the option of catching both of the Yin & Yang Dragons. (I would do this in B2W2 as well at a later date when I finally play through that) This I imagine will be quite advanced, as I havent got that far into Map Editting etc. Would anyone be able to give me any tips in approaching these two ideas if possible please? Number 1 I have a funny feeling im missing something incredibly obvious, but number 2 should be a longer term project I will do over the coming weekends - Just looking for some guidance to see if it is possible and the best tools / tutorials to look at to achieve this Many thanks in advance! Monty
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