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  2. The picture of the Charmander isn't only in the European FireRed manual and is also in the North American manual. My scanner is really bad so this is the information of the Charmander is as followed: Nature: Serious Met Location: Viridian City Met Level: 5 OT: RED ID: 40060 Current Level: 13 In the LeafGreen manual the picture is replaced with a legal looking Bulbasaur. I've also took the liberty to check all of the instruction manuals for gens 3, 4, and 5 and this is the only potential debug Pokemon that I could find.
  3. Read: second-top line of first post of PK3DS. I've split off your post, since it's explicitly warned against in PK3DS thread first post. You will need to search the net on how to extract files from the games. Best I can point you to is here, here and here. (Don't ask me about how to use them, tho, as I won't be of much help in those categories. You gotta find that out yourself. Two of those links above are guides anyway..)
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  5. I don't have the exe file or the RomFS file. How do i get these from my .cia file?
  6. If this is true, then it would be a rare case of them "unlocking" something ahead of the distributed event. (Traumatic flashbacks of all the people posting is this event legal? why can't I trade it?)
  7. Sorry to revive an older thread, but this is the only conversation I could find and it didn't look like a conclusion had been found. Has the mystery of the slightly off coloured pcb boards been solved? I have a damaged dragonite which I use as a benchmark. My whole collection matches it except US keldeo, meloetta, y90E along with EUR y90p, y90z. I recently contacted a seller about their personal collection and their meloetta and y90e match mine, but their keldeo is a different shade while all 3 of mine match. This just raises more questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. some people on facebook are posting pictures of shiny necrozma and claiming that they got it from GTS so its likely that they have removed the shiny lock from necrozma , meaning that you can hack one in your game and it will work online ( not that i suggest anyone to do it lol )
  9. Not at my knoweldge, Nintendo seems to be more concerned with the demo recently but not retroactively. I visited 2 months ago the french national video game conservatory and unfortunately they don't have any of them too. I should however ask them again for FireRed manuel guide if nobody have it now. Whereas I think we'll get one day RS/FRLG/BW demos because they were in cardriges and collectors will get them one day I'm not very confident for XY demo as it was a downloaded programm. But if you want to investigate you're welcome, I really miss time to do more sorry.
  10. We have the wonder card here. If you drag the wonder card into the left side of PKHeX when a Gen 6 save is loaded, it'll generate a pk6 for you.
  11. A request to send me the pk6 file of an Arceus with those moves.
  12. Is this a trade request, or asking if we have the events uploaded?
  13. Does someone here has an Event Arceus with those Dialga,Palkia and Giratina special attacks? For XY/ORAS Idc if it's illegal, just needs to be tradable. Ty
  14. Are we able to change the background music that is played while you use PKSM? If so, what file type is allowed and can we put actual tracks from artists?
  15. Any news about this or the XY Demo?
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  17. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Tool for mapping. Converts your imd file to an nsbmd file.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    for mapping.
  19. Version 1.1.0


    Thois map Maker was created by: Mikelan98. Supported games: Diamond Pearl Platinum.
  20. Note: Please read the full topic, to understand how all this stuff works. Thanks! NDSMM -by Mikelan98 So before the NDSMM (Nintendo Ds Map maker) was released, it was pretty hard to create a map for Pokemon DPPT. You needed illegal nitro plugins and some 3d software. Now, with this Map Maker, you only need: MatLab (for the mapping programs) NDSMM Excel SDSME G3DCVTR Download Links, at the end of this Guide. Quick guide: To use the Map Maker you need to get MatLab first. When you open the map in excel you will get an error, it will say something, like: "The macros are deactivated", to fix that simply click on Options and activate all macros Now when you want to insert new objects, you need to click on the "Insert new Object to Map" Button and choose a tile, from the "pokemonplatinumtileset" folder. To avoid glitches on the map, don't put the tallgrass or flowers or path etc over the grass. If you do so, it will glitch out. Place it like that, and not over the grass. Use the "Snap to Grid" button, it helps alot for better mapping. When you finished your map, click on the generate txt list button, and copy the text into the (/Map maker/temp.txt) file Now click on Imd Builder and build your imd file. (needs 5-20 seconds) After you did that, move your imd file to the G3DCVTR Folder and open (imd_and_ita_converter.exe) select your imd file, check (nsbmd) and click on "go" Open SDSME and Load your DPPT Rom, go to Map Editor, and click on import 3d model After that, your map will be white. Choose tileset 6 to view the textures. Now you can save the rom and enjoy your map! Ty for reading this. Link to the Tools: MatLab G3DCVTR NDSMM by Mikelan98 SDSME
  21. I figured it out. Had nothing to do with the update data (I had never updated UM when I played it in the first place hahaha). I went and followed a different tutorial that had me decrypt the .3ds file instead of just extracting it. I went through and randomized it the decrypted file in pk3DS and replaced that with the old files. Got the game to load up and everything is randomized like it should be.
  22. Hey there, really enjoying the hack so far. I wanted to ask: where exactly is Light Screen located? I already got Reflect from battling a sailor in Gateon Port but I can't seem to find its special counterpart. I defeated Miror B. for the first time if that info helps.
  23. Before we go into editing saves, probably should get your site to display various features of whatever save is uploaded onto it. If your site can't recognize stuff, then editing saves is impossible. And the only way to test and know for sure if your site is recognizing the correct data.. is to get your site to display the data ><
  24. So, do you think i must start with the translator first??
  25. Great, at least you know how to get a very basic site up. Before we jump too far into the rabbit hole, I think you should make your site is able to "recognize" which sections each part of any given save is, before we continue any further. After all, the save blocks shuffle. So that probably is the most basic functionality you'll need to program in. I recommend you get that done, before worrying about other steps. As for why Trainers values doesn't exist, did you save twice in-game? Is your save one that is recently started (has 0 progress in it)? It should be there, since the save B is meant to be backup in case save A corrupts. No reason why it wouldn't be there.
  26. As i sad in my final words, this project i have in mind is ALSO to my final school Project, and yes, in my couse i lern C#, database conn(will lern this year), PHP/HTML/AJAX/JAVASCRIPT, and yes, in my last intership i build a actual funcional site to them, sutch as in school,(im working in a little webapp too!!! For Helping on PK Rom translate ). In actual fase you can allready put data in it, and will be translated, but is FAR FAR way of being completed XD Section 0, related to Trainers info, this sector dosnt exist in GameSave A, and is in last place on B
  27. Erm, do you know how to build a website? Have you got a functioning website up yet? Also, regarding how to "transform the value into hex", most programming languages (including whatever language your site uses) should have simple to hex and to dec operations, though if you're modifying a value, it isn't necessary to transform a value to hex, because hex and decimal is basically just different ways to represent the same value. All you gotta do is to write the value as byte (or however it is expressed in the programming language you're using) Congratulations, I see you understood what the documented data on bulbapedia mean. What is this "SEC00" you speak of? As in you don't understand how they're stored, or don't understand how to find it in the save? If it's how they're stored (if I'm not mistaken): Think of the hex 0xFF, in binary it's: 11111111 Now look at 0xFE: 11111110 and 0xFD: 11111101 Each 1 or 0 represents whether a Pokémon is seen/caught (depending you're at seen or caught offset). For each byte->binary, the furthest right is the smallest value, starting from 0, and ascends up for everything Pokémon seen/caught.
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