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  2. Is this save file only for ultra sun and moon? I'm using cyber save editor, and try to replace this file to the editor, it doesn't work. the game I'm using is Japanese version Y. I don't know if it's because of my game version is lower. You have any thought?
  3. @arti Sorry I didnt know if it was a server side thing or pkhex thing
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  5. dude the pkhex devs can't do anything to fix this
    Hi, can I save this main in my 3ds and transfer them to pokemon home? I don't have much experience with this, thanks
  6. Any news on the event shiny solgaleo and Lunala and Necro? I just want to know if any progress has been made towards trading them
  7. Memories with: OT tab, the tab to the left
  8. Everyone CAN have the same tracker provided its ONE pokemon I've tested a Tracked Mewtwo on 5 Accounts and no issues.
  9. I think i will do the save twice then make a new file and have it on that
  10. Change this value from 70 to 100, will fix in next update lol
  11. so it should be illegal but just isn't checked? Lol yea
  12. You need a way to obtain an decrypted file from your save, then re-encrypt it to load back into sky3DS. I advice you to get CFW for your 3DS, since decrypting and re-encrypting saves typically require CFW and homebrew apps, which isn't supported by sky3DS, if I'm not mistaken.
  13. Hi guys, i would like to check if there is any way to edit a (ultra moon) sav file using pokehex? Understood that the sav file for sky3ds is too big for pokehex to load. My plan is to create my own Pokémon and save them in Pokémon home. Hope you guys can help. Thanks!
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  15. There aren't any entered-character sanity checks, so cross-language incompatibility isn't checked.
  16. @Kaphotics this shouldn't be legal, right? Also funny how the nickname is Gameshark.
  17. I have a question about the shiny celebi. There is a exclamation mark with the celebi and saying "event OT Friendship does not match base frienship". Why is that? So it seems like making this celebi not legal? what should do to make it legal?
  18. PkHeX shows that this pokemon is legal, but is it? On Japanese carts, you can't have a name with more than 5 characters, but you can on an English one. But as far as I know, you cannot use Japanese characters on an English game, at least in Gen 4 445 ★ - ゲームシャーク - BF90EE882205.pk4
  19. I advice you to create another file, as opposed to overwriting the prev one. Who knows if your present save is corrupt, or you'll need to grab something from an older file, you need to keep safe backups etc.
  20. So from looking at the tutorial you’re basically creating another file correct?
  21. Your steps don't involve dumping it. You need to open up JKSM and dump the save. The game doesn't magically update the dumped save every time you make changes. tutorial here: https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/save-editing/managing-3ds-saves/using-jksm-r62/
  22. Is there a tutorial to dump it, am using JKSave 12/20/2018 or is it basically save twice, close the game then open the save on the pc? am new to all this so am sorry if am being difficult
  23. Not possible at all. It's a cloud service, and the save isn't stored on the Switch. Either make the edits before sending Bank -> HOME (so make the edits on 3DS), make the edits on SWSH or LGPE prior to sending to home (so make the edits on the Switch for SWSH/LGPE) or make the edits after importing the mons from HOME into SWSH (so make the edits on the Switch for SWSH) Nothing more can be said about this, locking thread.
  24. first, uncheck modify PKM in PKHeX settings. Try =IsShiny=False .TrainerID7=6 digit TID .TrainerSID7=4 digit SID .HT_Name= You may wanna include modifiers for mons in Cherish balls, Have Fateful Encounter flag or have Classic Ribbons. Those are to cover events, and are typically OT/TID/SID locked. If so. add these above the shiny line: =FatefulEncounter=False =RibbonClassic=False !Ball=16 These should cover most causes. Make sure the last item isn't a line break. (example above where the typing cursor can go down, is invalid. Make sure to backspace.)
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