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  2. to be honest im all for more games. im all for gen 9 as long as the next games have a national dex. ill take hd ports of gen 7 with melmetal and meltan added in just cuz, but im more into a new addition to the stadium series or XD/Colo. or a new battle revolution. for what sents gen 4 we never got a continuation for the console battle simulators. if they can top what the console spin offs did, then there can be replay ability with gen 8.
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  4. There's no difference between console and retail in this case either.
  5. So far I have all the boxes full of wild pokemon in my emerald cartridge played on console, and only 2 wild pokemon are method 1 (shiny spheal and a skitty), all the others are method 2 and like 10 of them are method 4. This seems to be a result comparable to the vba v24 that I used to rng as emulator, since I only rng and don't randomly capture, so the fact I haven't found any method 1 isn't far from the console reality, as the method 2 and 4 encounters seem to be comparable to console ones. Also background music influenced pokemon box kyogre/groudon rngs, because I always had the same result without a background music triggering the dialogue with the legend, while I had different results with the background music because, even using the same states, triggering the dialogue at a different frame but still starting the fight at the same seed to rng the same spread, caused to or not to trigger the method 4. Also, only with the background music, some spreads are sometimes entirely skipped and the difference where you must trigger the encounter varied randomly a lot. Like, sometimes, a singular frame advance made multiple seed advancements. This way, with the background music, you don't have to manually refresh the screen with the pokedex to make it possible to change the method.
  6. If PkHex marks the mons as Legal, you can safely transfer them to Bank, Home and SwSh. Pokémon you caught in the game are legit, while mons you edited or generated in PkHex are Legal (if generetaed with legal criteria). They are only definition though, indistinguishable in the actual game.
  7. Hey there guys, a little update. I just got a 2DS XL! I successfully modded it, and I've been able to transfer my citra save file to the console Now one last doubt: in my Citra save, i had some pokemons made with PKHeX, but all "legal". (image attached) Now in my 2DS save are still signed as "legal" by PKHeX, but can I transfer my Mons to the Pokemon Bank without risking any ban? They will be legit also when I will take them to Sword/Shield on a Switch? The pokemons created with PKHeX are Dusk Lycanroc and an Ash Greninja. Thanks for any answer to this!
  8. i see crown of thundra as part of DPPt remake, because the winter regional site, the regi lore and the calyrex looks like god, similar to arceus, somehow reminds me of platinum
  9. Yeah according to @Admiral_Fish that is most likely due to the background music. It is well known that emulators (box included) cause method 4 because of the timings. Method 1 for grass encounters on a retail cart on a GBA should still be the most common.
  10. Hacking 3DS is easier than you think. I recommand you to follow new Seedminer + unSAFE_MODE method on 3DS Hack Guide, it works on last system version (11.13.0) and it use a new exploit recently discovered. Read the guide twice before starting and then follow correctly all the steps. I advise you to avoid videoguide on YouTube, because they are often outdated or some important parts are missing. At last, if you are in trouble, you can ask for help at Nintendo Homebrew Discord Server. ... I see you mentioned Homebrew Channel, so I think you have installed it on Wii in the past. The main concept behind hacking 3DS is slightly different. Following the guide you will install Luma3DS CFW in order to remove lot of Nintendo limitations, like region-lock and signature checks to run Homebrew contents. At the end you'll have on your console menu the Homebrew Launcher that is the way to run *.3ds or *.3dsx files on your console. But, like in Wii, you can install "stand alone" software in *.cia format from your SD card using FBI, also included in your system menu. In order to use PkHeX, you can backup and restore your save files using Checkpoint, avaiable both in .cia and .3dsx format (cia version is included in 3DS Hack Guide). You'll also have access to GodMode9 a very powerful tool that has the capability to modify essentially anything on your console, read here to learn what it can do.
  11. Hi. Its been a while, but yes I am still looking. Thanks
  12. I have begun starting a project of fire red that is based off a sequel of the Pokémon colosseum. And I need a team of hackers, spriters, scripters, texters, big testers everyone. I am somewhat experienced In Some of the programs. If you’d like to know about the plot just shoot me a message. Here is my progress so far, I’ve only begun with the sprites editing.
  13. Given that it follows the DS date, and the date can be set to be virtually anything, it does not matter.
  14. The met date can be set to virtually anything, as it uses the date on the device doing the transfer. In theory, you could change your 3DS/DS date to any date, and the transfer would pick it up. For that reason, I would think it's very unlikely to be taken into consideration when doing legality checks, but I don't know for certain.
  15. Do you have the .NET desktop development workload installed in VS 2019? Check in Visual Studio Installer if you have the following:
  16. I noticed that when I do the Pokemon transfer lab feature in Black to trade over Pokemon from Pearl, the met date changes to the trade over date. If I mirror the same in PKHeX, the met date too changes. is there any detriment to changing this date back to the original met date? I’ve got some event Pokémon in Pearl and Soul Silver that is like to keep the original dates I got them. This can be replicated on physical devices by changing the console date. what is the legality of the dates being changed as I think some of the dates will predate the realest date of Black. My goal is to get my Gen 4 pokes in to Home via Bank. My Soul Silver cart has all my FireRed and Ruby transfers in it too. thanks for reading.
  17. No, I always get method 2 and 4 on retail too as well as method 1 (method 1 is rare on console tho). Sure, regis and rayquaza will almost always method 4 when you're playing from box. I've done all the legends method 4 , although I did it on emulator after seeing it working on retail. You don't *need* a box link as method 4 can be random from retail, but the box link will most likely make it happen.
  18. Hi, I am trying the follow the guide on compiling PkHex and I am stuck on the build step. Any recommendations or advice is welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  19. Use a Crystal save, then use Hex editor to copy the last file lines over to your save. The last few lines are for RTC, and emulators and VC deals with it differently. Read:
  20. it wont work it fleshes a window then does nothing edit nm I figured it out
  21. I added it to GitHub.
  22. All the saves will work for VC Crystal. You just gotta convert them.
  23. After season 1 of the DLC (Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra), some would think that a second season of DLC will begin. Others think it's a DPPt remake, and some will think it's DPPt in the form of Let's Go (since the legends were already in Crown Tundra, no need for a serious remake, but instead go the lighthearted route.)
  24. I highly doubt that the franchise is going to end any time soon. For gen 9 I like to joke that the region should be based on Germany since 9 sound like how no is said in German haha (bad pun is bad).
  25. Sorry, One pikachu is missing, the wonder card id 0044. According to Bulbapedia, there were eight pikachus distributed in this event, but here there are only 7. This いえるかな is missing.
  26. You're getting method 2 and 4 because you're on a emulator.
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  28. I have never seen method 4 from Pokemon box. Do you have self obtained box pokemon this way? Edit: I was thinking about bonus eggs.
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