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  2. You haven't explained how you're importing it. Checkpoint? JKSV? Gateway SD card? Into Citra? Chances are, the problem is with your methods, and not the file. I can always check my files again, but if there's nothing wrong with them, the only thing I can do is wait on your reply. I will check my files later, but in the mean time, it's easier if you tell me how you import the save file.
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  4. Not sure if this is entirely the randomizer's fault or not, but I Just thought that I'd bring this to attention. Whenever a trainer only has a single pokemon and that pokemon is mega, when it's killed it will revive again in the red if one of your own pokemon try to learn a new move afterwards. This results in a soft-lock where the revived mega pokemon will be invisible and won't be able to be hit. However, if the trainer had more than one pokemon and one of them is mega, the same thing will happen except the game won't soft-lock if the mega isn't killed last, it's still revived, but if it isn't killed last you'll get the chance to kill it again except for whatever reason it's not in its mega form. This is in Ultra moon by the way.
  5. AuSLove.TV Exact Clone Pokémons! (Gen 7)

    I must have been one unlucky person to have gotten these then as I was Wonder Trading. 297 ★ - Hariyama - 9791DEFC84D5.pk7 053-01 ★ - Persian - C04B68997955.pk7 The Hariyama originally had a Toxic Orb attached and the Persian had a Gold Bottle Cap. I had to remove them to put them in Pokebank. I also have a few more of these fake mons that I unluckily managed to get over Wonder Trade. They weren't from the AusLove.TV guy, but I'll upload them if anyone is interested.
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  7. AuSLove.TV Exact Clone Pokémons! (Gen 7)

    Here is my collection of them.
  8. xd Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

    I'm an idiot and I can't get this rom to work on Dolphin. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. @drwaxwings This one (second in the list) is the right one: ポケパーク The hex value of the dash in gen5+ should be 0x30fc. For spaces it should be 0x3000. Wikipedia has more. The fullwidth English forms that have Asian-specific equivalent characters in Unicode, are not used by pokemon to save space. If you pal park the mew from gen3 into a Korean HGSS using DesMuMe, and into Korean BW(2) using melonDS, it can be extracted and migrated legitimately into English Gen5 or gen6 games.
  10. Hey everyone I tried to add a simple NPC in the players house inside the living room. However if i enter the room, the mother doesnt walk up to me and everything just is frozen but music still plays and all. How can i prevent that?
  11. xd Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

    Hey, is there a way in the future to just delete Protect from the opponents? Or at the very least, disable it in the Colosseums/Mount Battle? I an sick and tired of the AI choosing to use Protect with all there pokemon for 5 turns. Hell, they use Protect so much that THEY RAN OUT of protect in battle before I could kill one of them.
  12. My Shiny Flawless Old Sea Map Mew from RoC's Collection

    Hi. First of all thanks for this share! I have a question. When I drag and drop every Mew pk* file from the 7z archive to my moon savegame, this Mew has three slightly different Original Trainers. ポケパ-ク ポケパーク (yeah, it is slightly different than the first one) ポケパ-ク I want to know which is the correct one. Because probably Park Pal/Poké Transfer changed that japanese hyphen character in the OT to match a new char table.
  13. USUM - Movie 10 Darkrai (Korea)

    Move: Dark Void, Feint Attack, Nightmare, Ominous Wind.
  14. When I changed the language, a bug about gender occurred

    Thanks for reporting, can be mitigated by reloading the pkm data (save, change lang, load pk) after changing the language. Will be fixed in the next release.
  15. (USUM) Punishment Murkrow

    Never mind, I realized I could create it in Gen VI nd bump it up, it proved a fine time to scrape some of the rust off my old skills lol!
  16. Excuse me , When I changed the language, a bug about gender occurred in 20180417, I have a legal male Incineroar in chinese , when I change the pkhex language into japanese , the Incineroar changed into no gender . and I also get a male Nihilego
  17. (SM)USUM - Korean Movie 10 Dialga & Palkia

    So much Korean events in few days, hope we'll not miss any of them ^^ A dialga/palkia distrib for movie 10 is not really interesting however, I wait for a giratina for movie 11, heatran for movie 12 or zoroark for movie 13 ^^
  18. Not the first time the answer was right under my nose. I dumped correctly and disabled my antivirus for during PK3DS editing and my WE changes are now in full effect! However, the same crash still occurs when I open the WE a second time in the same instance of PK3DS. Although, if I close PK3DS and then re-open it I can edit the WE again with no problem at all. (unless I open it again in the same instance) It's a minor workaround, but atlast I get my desired results. Mistakes are part of the learning process. I appreciate the help! My thanks!
  19. How hacked stats function work?

    After you edit the Pokémon's stats [using PKHaX] you should click the "Hacked" box. When you're done editing that Pokémon, pick a square, right-click and choose "set". For example:
  20. How hacked stats function work?

    Are you editing the Pokemon while it's in your party? Don't heal or go to something that might refresh its stats either.
  21. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer

    I recommend buying it via the eShop or on cart if that's moreso your go to.
  22. How hacked stats function work?

    I know when hacked stats is activated, I can change EVs without limitations. But when I trying to change stats of pokemon, they always backs to old stats. Is this normal?
  23. Main file

    Where is your main file from? Played on 3DS or..?
  24. 2018 Legends: Raikou

    thanks =D
  25. Main file

    When i open pkhex and select the main file it dont show me my pokemons
  26. A new Pre-release Page for Dialga and Palkia distribution Details will be later announced and this page edited too
  27. USUM - Movie 10 Darkrai (Korea)

    More Details of Darkrai confirmed: (SM distribution too) Lv. 50 Berry? and moveset who i can't translate EDIT: I've found this picture of Darkrai distribution back in 2008 in my Imgae collection
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