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  2. Aye, you're right. I don't know if you found this in the Ruby/Sapphire disassembly, but I didn't think to look there until after your post... I tested with this code in PKHeX (well, a worse version of the code at first): public bool WishmakerJirachiGiven { get => GetFlag(BlockOfs[4] + 0x2B1, 0); set => SetFlag(BlockOfs[4] + 0x2B1, 0, value); } @Kaphotics would you be interested in adding the flag into PKHeX somewhere?
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  4. If no one comes along, I recommend you read this and see if you can get it to work: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/40026-pkhex-for-mac/
  5. Did anyone ever check the name of this flag in the debug version?
  6. Save block 4 offset 0x2B1 is set to 1 when Wishmaker Jirachi was received. That's at 0x82B1 in your Post Jirachi save file.
  7. Yeaj i know this. Ive made a randomize on a Alpha Sapphire.CIA, then, i did all over again on a AlphaSapphire.3DS. But i did a lot of changes in UltraSun.3DS (about a week of work) and dont want to do everythig again on a UltraSun.CIA. I mentioned "UPR" just to sample that UPR export a FILE that contains everything you changed, so you can load again and automatically apply; I want a .3DS and a .CIA files of the same. Just Rebuild the files to a CIA dont work. (Because i extracted from a .3DS) (The inverse don't work too) Is there somenthing a can do? (Hope it was clear this time, again, sorry my bad english)
  8. I was curious how the US Colosseum Bonus disc knows whether the Wishmaker Jirachi has been received on a save, but it doesn't appear to be through any flags that PKHeX can diff (along with much of the save's data moved around). Here are the save files if anyone else wants to look at what changes Sapphire Before Jirachi.sav Sapphire Post Jirachi.sav
  9. Hello! I have a mac so I am no able to use Pkhex sadly, so can I ask for you to make me a save, I would greatly apreciated if you have time to do it with the dat: Name: Aisha Female first choice (blond one) Fennekin Also can you put more money? Thank you very much
  10. I suppose you downloaded the source code only. For precompiled builds, look into the Releases section.
  11. Their hack checks are horrible, so stuff gets through. Honestly if PKHeX says it's okay, then it'll be fine. Remember: Only Gen 5 carts can do the transfer. There's a list of NDS flashcarts on the 3DS hacks guide site itself: Sadly DSTWO wasn't on the list.. You probably have to buy a cheap one (I don't recall which one I bought the other time)
  12. I have DSTWO for my DSLite and it does have a file manager. It works perfectly. But unfortunately i have no physical copy of the games. The risk is, if those hacked pokemon - once transferred onto a PHYSICAL copy - if PokeBank notices the pokemon being edited and thus preventing me from transferring it to the 6th Gen. I would do it, but the cartrides are still a bit expensive.. I used ntrboot, but like it sais, that a flashcard is required. I honestly dont know anything about compatible and usable flashcards. Dont even know which ones are recommended. Is there a list of cards? I remember the popular R4 flashcards, but there were lots of fake copies that were just awful.
  13. I downloaded the last update of PKHEX, and it seems to work fine... But when i started the game my mons were shiny, and other stats were fine too, but IVs and EVs did not changed. Someone could help me?
  14. NDS -> 3DS Poketransporter on the 3DS requires physical carts for NDS games, in order to perform the transfer. If you have a flashcart for your NDS Lite, with save file manager, and you have physical carts for NDS games, you could use the NDS flashcart and a save manager to inject saves with modded Pokemon onto your NDS physical carts. 3DS Hacking I'm assuming you're referring to your 3DS being patched. For the record, all 3DS, regardless for firmware, can be hacked, because they have a hardware flaw that can be exploited. look for ntrboot on the 3DS hacks guide.
  15. Or they had 400 Rare candies... IIRC GF/Niantic announced the 400 candy requirement a while back I think, giving people time to save Rare Candies. Especially when we are talking about youtubers: they probably spend money for a lot of raids and bag space, so they could hoard the 400 candies within that time-frame before Let's Go release. Additionally, ignoring the logistics on how they did it, there was a 2x candy event in the game a few weeks back (one of the few days in the Christmas event), which sped up the "5 weeks" timing and made it easier for everyone to get Melmetal, especially if they Pinap'd every Meltan encounter. They also made Meltan appear more frequently compared to at launch, so people probably needed only 1-2 weeks to get it then. (what I'm saying is.. did you not use that opportunity to get it? XD) Probably not from PKHeX. If the Let's Go requires an actual server authentication (from Pokemon Go; Pokemon Go get's a thumbs up before being allowed to transmit the information, for example) before it allows Pokemon to be sent, I would imagine it'll be difficult to fake the protocols. (gonna need research done into it first, and I haven't seen any public info about it) Don't get me wrong: I'm hoping this exists, but until anyone documents any proper information about it, I doubt it'll appear.. If it took years for people to fake NDS servers connection, way past the NDS's lifespan (the servers already shut down by then), I'll imagine this might take that much time too..
  16. Hey guys, since i failed at editing files due to literally all hacks patched (i use 11.8 on my DS) i got the idea of sending pkm files into the game or at least to Pokemon Bank or smth. I am aware that PokeBank locks cheated Pokemon but got some legalitly checkers. Is it possible to get your Pokemon throgh In-Game trading options in X/Y or ORAS? On my old DSlite i got the games on roms, and on my 3DS i got a digital copy of Y and OR. Is there any possible method?
  17. Hello. First of all sorry if this is not the correct subforum but there used to be a feature request forum years ago and now it seems to be gone, and searching for other threads that request features the users were redirected here. So I was playing in LGPE fairly since I don't want to hack my switch, but I'm seeing a lot of people (specially youtubers) having melmetals from the get go, when it kinda takes like 5 weeks to get one... and when sending pokes from Pokémon Go to Let's Go, I noticed that, while the phone is obviously connected to internet and checks are done in Niantic servers, the console was completely offline and connected only via Bluetooth. Would it be possible to implement a feature to go with Bluetooth to fake a pokémon go account sending pokémons to the Go Park from pkhex? Or would the communication protocols and stuff be too costly to be implemented?
  18. pk3DS works on unpacked ROM data, which can be dumped from a cart or installed data. You can rebuild the ROM however you want (with other tools) when you are done editing the files. UPR does not work on 3DS games, thus it does not have anything to do with CIA files.
  19. So did all i wanted, then i get a ROM .3DS, but i want a .CIA too. I tried a converter from 3DS to CIA, but it didnt work. Is there any way to save all of your changes to aplly again on a cia? Universal Pokemon Randomizer have som thing like this. Anyway, great tool. (Sorry my bad english)
  20. On Pk3ds i can get everything to work but when i randomize TMs and save and boot up my game the TMs are not randomized, Idk what to do now
  21. Hi I don't really know how it works but everytime I open my jar files and java icons, it immediately closes so I can't open the editor. Do any of you know how to fix or make it work? Sorry for the noob question
  22. Will Eevee have the same stats as the one from Let's Go Eevee?
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    Has been fixed since the last release, please wait for the next update
  25. PKHeX detects RB vs Y by checking the event var for "Starter Received", since there isn't really much else different between versions. If you received nothing, it's RBY, if you received Pikachu, Y, and otherwise RB. I can probably change the logic a bit to force Yellow/etc
  26. Ah, after a bit of experimenting I see what you mean. At first, I was confused by your response, but after loading a Red/Blue blank save file instead of a Yellow one, I see that catch rate editing works there. All the same, any reason why it doesn't work in a Yellow blank save file? I know Pikachu, Kadabra, Dragonair, and Dragonite have different catch rates in Yellow (163, 96, 27 and 9, respectively) and catch rates should be reset to those respective numbers for them in a Yellow file, but catch rate editing working for Red/Blue and having problems in Yellow feels inconsistent and confusing. EDIT: I have since discovered that apparently Yellow catch rate editing works if you say "No" to "Allow tradebacks from Generation 2 for legality purposes?" instead of "Yes". I take it this "issue" can be dropped now.
  27. The only thing PKHex doesn't handle is trash data. It doesn't matter though cause as soon as you move to gen 6+/bank, the Pokemon trash data is then determined by the app that retrieves the Pokemon from bank. So for practical purposes PKHex is exact.
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