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  2. How far into working on this are you? super excited for all the changes you want to make. good luck!
  3. HT_Name is reset to whatever the current savefile's OT is, assuming it's the current handler. Individual move suggestion is not a thing, hence the error. You have to .Moves=$suggest
  4. Today
  5. Solved in the following topics! It seems that the backspace was the cause. However, it still does not solve MOVE. Do you know the cause?
  6. I will look into it, been busy with work and such and have not been playing pokemon
  7. I ran ".HT_Name =" to change the Latest Handler, but it doesn't change. Is this an invalid command? No error is displayed, but it is not updated.
  8. Alguien sabe como poner los save de pokemon battle revolution en mi wii Es que es muy aburrido jugar con los que te da el juego Ayuda porfavor
  9. Alguien tiene un tutorial de como poner ese archivo en la wii? No se como se hace ayuda porfavor
  10. Hi! Thank you for yesterday! I have a question again. When running BatchEditor, the error shown in the image occurs. Analyzing the problem, it seems that the "MOVE" variable is causing the error. The "MOVE" variable is taken from the discussion page and used in the following format. .Move1=$suggest .Move2=$suggest .Move3=$suggest .Move4=$suggest .Move1_PP=$suggest .Move2_PP=$suggest .Move3_PP=$suggest .Move4_PP=$suggest .Move1_PPUps=0 .Move2_PPUps=0 .Move3_PPUps=0 .Move4_PPUps=0 If you remove these, Batch Editor will work fine.
  11. does anyone just have a pokemon soul silver cute charm save with a matching cute charm pokemon at/near the start of the game they can send me?
  12. Hello, I need help, when installing the pkhex I get this error, some idea to solve it, I appreciate your attention (need help plz :c)
  13. As far as I can tell, the formatting and attachment changed and went missing after our forums got hacked and we had to shift to a different provider. At the point, this user hasn't been online since Sep 2020. Anyhow, if the user does come online, this ping (@ArtemiSerebii) should be enough to notify them. No need to drop a message on their profile or PM them.
  14. why is the fateful encounter not checked?
  15. I really, REALLY appreciate your help, Kaphotics. I hate bothering you because I know how important and valuable your time must be. You're practically a mythical/legendary figure to a lot of people, myself included. I took your advice and I've looked through the source code (even though I barely understand it lol) and found the section regarding Battle Versions on line 428, listed right here: public int BattleVersion { get => Data[0xDF]; set => Data[0xDF] = (byte)value; } and from my extremely limited understanding of this, I think this means that it's going to look fo
  16. A Fearow catched as a Spearow (headbutt tree) is flagged as illegal on Crystal VC. Didn't edit anything on it, just leveled up. 022 - FEAROW - 617E.pk2
  17. Oh boy¡ look at the stickies please
  18. Ok guys, PKHeX doesn't work on my patato pc System.TypeInitializationException: Se produjo una excepción en el inicializador de tipo de 'PKHeX.WinForms.Main'. ---> System.TypeInitializationException: Se produjo una excepción en el inicializador de tipo de 'PKHeX.Core.GameInfo'. ---> System.MissingMethodException: Método no encontrado: '!! 0 [] System.Array.Empty ()'. es PKHeX.Core.Util.GetStringList (String f) es PKHeX.Core.GameLanguage.GetStrings (String ident, String lang, String type) es PKHeX.Core.GameStrings..ctor (String l) en PKHeX.Core.GameInfo. GetStrings (I
  19. Yesterday
  20. Help please, I wanna add my Greninja as an Ash_Greninja but the game won't let me
  21. Gente alguem ai pode me ajudar a colocar o gengar,alakazam, machamp,golem... todos os pokemons que so da pra evoluir por trade e tambem os pokemons do lets go eevee?? , nao sei como completar a pokedex e ter todos os pokemons me da um help pf???
  22. It looks like These numbers are hexadecimal conversions of the pokedex number so mewtwo dex #150 is 096 hedadecimal, use a decimal(dex #) to hexadecimal (code#) converter to find other Pokémon you want
  23. no worries. If you cannot find a way to dump the save from the fake cart, your next best step is probably trading the mons to a real cart, then extracting the save of the real cart.
  24. @theSLAYER you were right it is fake I just compared it with my heart gold the seal is different the cart is a diff color and its a lot lighter, so thank you for your help and sorry to bug (totally didn't know you could make fake carts)
  25. Maybe your cart is a fake cart. Checkpoint doesn't handle fake carts properly. Try other extraction methods.
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