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  2. Okay, the above problem seems to be more of an issue of PKHeX functioning properly than anything else. If someone could test this, I think event constant 62 is the counter for Players Met that goes towards activating Spiritomb and 73 is what actually counts Players Met and contributes towards the Mr.Goods reward. Going back to the original problem of the Daily Marsh Pokémon, I tried to compare a save file I had from yesterday to one I made today to try to compare them with PKHeX, but unfortunately it either doesn't seem to be a known value to the program or its current wonky Gen 4 data reading is getting in the way. If anyone who can really dig into a save file can try to find out the data, maybe it'll be a start to trying to figure out how to make use of it (the file with the date on it is the old file, the other is the current file as of my typing this). What I can say for sure about what Pokémon are in the Marsh between the two files is that I can confirm Skorupi, Croagunk, and Carnivine are all available in today's file. I only saw Croagunk and Carnivine in the old file (and they might have been in different locations, not 100% sure). Pokemon Diamond 121119.dsv Pokemon Diamond.dsv
  3. Hi! Weird it didn't work... I uploaded essentially Save 8, but with Brendan/Yuki as Save 9. Hopefully it works! Have a good day!
  4. Just compile the masters file it's the most updated version anyway.
  5. Depend. You need something specific back? At the moment unfortunaly i dont have much in the game. I have something but nothing "perfect" on terms of iv.
  6. Get it while it's hot https://web.archive.org/web/20161206132133/https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12206225/pporg/prc_bw2(src) (U).zip
  7. Is it a full rebuild of the original machine? Will it give all the Pokemon given at the time or just the ones people were able to recover?
  8. The owner specifically reached out to Tony to document/preserve/create a video about the contents so... not sure what to tell you.
  9. The link in the OP for the English-translated source code is dead - does anyone have it who could reupload it? (The currently existing Fairy-type patch for B2W2 changes the offsets, so it does not work with them, I'd like to fork a version that has the appropriate offsets).
  10. Hello, thank you for your response. Actually I had to shorten the OT name, but never mind. Do you know where I can find dracovish with hidden abilitie sand rush because pkhex tells me: invalid hidden abilitie missmatch for encounter type Thank you for your help I just saw that the hidden abilitie sand rush is not available at the moment
  11. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/issues/2581 Already been reported and fixed
  12. tbh i dont know how i feel about them actually monitizing this
  13. Hi, I´m new here, not sure if this has been discussed, but I searched and found nothing regarding the issue I´m facing in Pokemon Sun. I recently decided to load my different cartridge saves into PKHeX to check out the legality of my various trades I´ve had, and I am baffled how the pokemon I have caught myself in X/Y are marked illegal, the main culprit being memory. The error message reads Invalid: OT Memory: Should be index 0, same for Intensity, TextVar and Feeling. This seems to affect only the 6 gen pokemon transferred via Bank, and most of these are definitely legal and caught by me with no edits whatsoever. I´m using most recent PKHeX (191209) That was updated monday. This is easily fixed via setting original OT memory to the first option, but I do not feel good doing that so as these should be perfectly legal pokemon. Just thought that maybe this is a bug and I should report this.
  14. Tony just put up a quick teaser trailer for the PCNY machine, a full in-depth video will be out in January. Thank you to everyone here at ProjectPokemon that has helped us so far, it's greatly appreciated. https://t.co/NNUjwDfQov
  15. Yeap! It is very easy, but it is a somewhat expensive method of having two consoles.
  16. For Invalid Console Region, read this thread in its entirety. As for Contest Stats, I can't imagine it not being 0, since the stats don't exist in SWSH. @richmFTW where did said mon come from. Mind uploading the file?
  17. I too have this problem of one of my pokemon having the invalid console region. Any help on what may be causing this would be great thank you!
  18. Hello all. I appreciate any help on this. I updated to the new version today (20191209) and now when I load my save almost all of my pokemon show the same errors as follows: Invalid: Invalid Console Region. Invalid: Contest Stats should be 0. Can someone help me understand how to fix these? Even better, how to batch edit them out? TIA!
  19. PKHeX is presently unable to change the language for save files.
  20. Hi StarsMmd. Just made an account and wanted to say what a great job you've done on the gamecube pokemon games. I used your Pokemon Colosseum randomizer tool and had a blast doing a nuzlocke on that game. I love this ROM hack and was just wondering what your thoughts were on porting over Galarian or other Alolan mons into the game. Obviously you already have Alolan Marowak but it might be nice to include other variants such as Alolan Raichu or Galarian Ponyta. Also hope everything is going well elsewhere and this isnt taking over your life!
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