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  2. Use PKHeXs Tools>Load Boxes to load mons from a folder.
  3. Also, this may help you with your search: https://pokedens.github.io/
  4. Yeah, I want a save from that game, preferably Time, and not Darkness. But specifically I want a save that is pretty well advanced in the story, but Before the ending credits!, I want to be at temporal tower mission, would love to replay that mission without starting over and I wanna do some testing with it. Thanks in advance!
  5. Here: In the last spoiler, I've have a table that converts Serebii den's to PKHeX den
  6. Hello everyone! I need help finding out where exactly pkhex gets the den numbers from as a reference, because when I try to cross check them to serebii the numbers don't match up. So can someone please help me figure out how to properly navigate the editor so that I can get the pokemon I want. Thank you.
  7. Would anyone be willing to inject some Pokemon and trade them to me? Jirachi: Nickname Spaca Shayman: Nickname Mielikki Darkrai: Nickname Kira Mew: Nickname MyuS ShinyCelebi: Nickname Mikuru Shiny Lugia: Nickname Galaxia Shiny female Zubat: nickname Tabitha moeletta: nickname melodyD Diance nickname Diora Magearna nickname Mal ZaeroraNickname Zynga Victini: Nickname Victoria
  8. Yesterday
  9. Can you provide me the correct download link for Checkpoint so I can install it to my 3DS running CFW? Checkpoint will export the battle videos to which folder on the SD card? I will then be able to view Pokemon data of all the trainers in the battle video using PKHeX? Thank you.
  10. Yuh I need one too, specifically for Sheild as I accidentally completely deleted my Sheild save file, Which I had fully completed and I really cant be bothered to do it all over again.
  11. Is there a way I can import this in one shot rather than pokemon by pokemon?
  12. Extdata, and they're encrypted. Export with Checkpoint. It'll let you view the pkm of all trainers in the battle video.
  13. Thank you for your quick response and info! I see, well I wasn't expecting it to be easy heh, but it would be awesome if you could do that. Maybe if you compare two similar save files and see what other values change besides your inventory and team. Interesting
  14. Thank you very much, I will send you my "game file or save file" by private message in case it is of any use (I have all the extra content and mysterious gift preorder.). I would be happy to help you with your project with paypal in a symbolic way, since it does a great job for the community.
  15. Which directory are the battle videos stored on my 3DS's SD card? I want to open battle videos for the game Pokemon Ultra Moon version. Are the battle videos on the SD card unencrypted? Will I be able to view the opponent's Pokemon team when I open a battle video in PKHeX? Thanks again.
  16. Editing story progress in the save file is currently undocumented as far as I know. The save file contains two identical copies of the regular save data, and if the first one is corrupt, the second is loaded. Note that quicksave data does not have a backup, and any corruption is treated as a defeat, as it would if you resume the quick save then power off.
  17. Hello there, I just found about this and I am amazed. I also just happened to finish explorers of time for first, and I can't help to wonder if there is a way to edit the save file of the game, in order to Return, yes go back to a certain point in the main story? Let me explain a bit more, lets say I just saved right after I finished the game, yes after the credits. I am guessing the game saves something somwhere to indicate your are now in idk 0110010 position, so if I edit that number or code to a previous number then it means I can go back to a previous checkpoint? Regardless of inventory, names, etc I just want to be able to watch the story ending again, or go back to a particular story point, like be in temporal tower before the credits. Not sure how complex is that but again I dont want to edit my items or any of that. I'd just like to watch a particular cutscene again with my characters like the ending. I am asking if this is possible before I even try extracting my save data from my cart. Also, another question does PMD games save a backup too like the mainline games do? For example, when your save data is corrupted, they can load a previous save file right? I dont know if PMD have a system like this or they only have one save data. Thanks!
  18. The Block Info/Dump tool in the next release should alleviate this. Just import a "complete" block from someone else.
  19. Open the decrypted battle video and see what happens.
  20. Hello, I was wondering how to use PKHeX to extract Pokemon data from battle videos stored on the 3DS's SD card? I want to use PKHeX for displaying Trainer's Pokemon data such as IVs, EVs, and original Trainer information, etc. Thank you for your help and support.
  21. I’m sorry, are you responding to someone? Saying something that looks like a reply, but to no one, and the last reply is over half a year old, looks odd.
  22. Erm, the guy isn’t supposed to magically show up in the game. You’re supposed to get the mystery gift code from the PGL website. Tho I imagine most codes have expired by now..
  23. thank you so much I would rather be safe than sorry im new to genning so im learning as I go thank you again
  24. How do we get Shiny Tapu Fini codes? The only other competition I was in, was Shiny Mimikyu and yellow shirt guy never showed up in my game even though I did 5 full matches.
  25. check its ID and make sure it matches the event and check to see if the wondercard is there. It's hard to determine legitimacy without pokecheck right now but as of now the best you could do is check the ID and wondercard
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