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  2. I'll probably do that, the only reason I was looking at hacking the stats is (1) Vulpix is my favorite and I'd like her to be the best she can (her special attack is 6 and her speed is 4) and (2) hyper training isn't going to be around till sun/moon which means I'll be going through platinum and sapphire at least first.
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  4. I was trying to follow this tutorial, but once I take my .bin file and I take it to bootleg pokemon gba extractor and injector it says that he doesn't detect any save...? I got my starter, checked my boxes and saved twice, so I don't know what's the problem... I even tried both version 2.0.2 and 2.0.0 of the extractor/injector
  5. yeah that should be okay since you aren't touching the mon's directly. You could also just hyper train the mon in later games (actual mechanic in the game). The stats would function as 31 IVs but the actual stat remains, so won't cause it to become illegal.
  6. Thanks for the warning, I've already edited item data (got sick of the grind and gave myself rare candies) but I'll leave the pokemon alone.
  7. I caught a Vulpix in soulsilver (physical card on DS) and since its my favorite pokemon I was debating changing all its IV's to max values when migrating them through pokehex to the platinum game I'll be doing next (plan to migrate pokemon through all the regions in a ongoing playthrough). I was however concerned doing so might only change values going forward and not adjust existing stats e.g. raise IV from 5 to 31 and the HP don't change even though future level ups would give new HP increases based on the 31 IV. So I was doing some browsing to try and find if that would be an issue. Which is when I found the tutorials about pokemon ID's and illegal mismatches. So since the main reason I have pokehex is just to allow transfers between games and I have no skill at all in editing files curerntly. I'm playing it safe and asking her first if I raise a pokemon's IV's to max specifically a Vulpix from soul silver could that get the Vulpix flagged as illegal? Please bear in mind I have no real editing skill nor interest in acquiring so if the answer is yes I just wont do this, any advice on how to appreciated but will not be used. I want my Vulpix to be legal all the way through to importing into Violet/Scarlet.
  8. Do what the message box says. You need to install the runtime for the program to work.
  9. If it says that, there’s likely no Pokémon data in the file.
  10. I've been looking for sinnohan trapinch and i tried looking through the forums and asked around all over reddit. I just cant seem to find it anywhere. would you mind me asking for a link to the documents with pokemon locations at the very least? im very sorry i just really wanna use that amazing looking flygon.
  11. También tengo el mismo error, lograste solucionarlo?
  12. It’s missing the “windows” looking icon at the top left on the back of the cart. Yeah it’s fake. Read:
  13. You need Switch online for this, and you also need the auto-legality mod since just viewing the Pokemon in PKheX won't make it legal
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  15. Here are the photos. Please don't tell me it's a bootleg EDIT: Damn I just saw the white inside the "Pokèmon" writing... def a fake?
  16. Here you have 0481 ★ - MESPRIT - C6D7F9426F72.pk4 0481 ★ - MESPRIT - C6D77942EF72.pk4 0488 ★ - CRESSELIA - 4F5B5845FC7E.pk4
  17. If your Pokemon Ruby cartridge is original you should not have any problems restoring your .sav. Upload photos of your cartridge If it is a Copy/Bootleg, the .sav is saved in ROM
  18. For some of the Gen 3 bootleg carts, the save data is actually stored in the ROM. So using the bootleg ROM dump with that program just may extract the save for you. Godspeed!
  19. Hey man, Thank you for your quick response. Sorry I haven't read everything about bootleg cartridges and thus not knowing the save doesn't contain any useful data. A friend suggested "hex editing" so I figured I'd just try and read into that Love that there is also a tool specifically for my case and that I can use the same GBA backup software for it! Many many thanks
  20. If you've read what I've shared before, then you'll know, there's no save data in that file. And just to be sure, I checked. Nothing of use there. What you should be doing is dumping the ROM, and not the save, of the bootleg cart. (and don't share that ROM here) Only then, would you be able to extract the save.
  21. Hey all, A while ago I tried the GBA - DSLite backup software (which works awesome on all my legit games) on my bootleg Emerald cartridge. I know, on the page it stated explicitly that it won't work on bootleg cartridges, but I figured since it just backs up the data might as well give it a try. Well, as you would've guessed: the .sav doesn't flash back on the cart, won't load in PKHeX, and doesn't work on emulators (yep, I did change the name, as the bootleg one stores saves with a different name) The thing is: I really want to buy an authentic Emerald cart, but I am quite far on my bootleg one now and I'd love to transfer this savefile. I was just wondering if someone who knows a lot about the way pokemon data is stored, could take a quick gaze at my (now quite old) bootleg-backup to see if any transferring of sections from bootleg - legit is possible. I tried to take a look myself but even with the wiki and some awesome screenshots/explaination from theSLAYER I can't get the hang on hexed.it I also added a screenshot, in case an expert looks at it and knows from this very glance the whole file is useless. Many thanks in (Gameboy) advance! POKEMON_EMER_BPEE00.sav
  22. "Method 1, 2 and 4" PIDs aren't the be all end all. Encounters and all that have limited encounter slots etc, so it's always better to gen the full thing properly, as opposed to 100% relying on PID to IVs.
  23. Ask them for certificate and photos of the event.
  24. If you have CFW on the Switch and SWSH, there’s a loophole where you can move Gen 3-7 captured mons into HOME, provided those species exist in SWSH. Otherwise you’ll need someone to move them in for you.. which isn’t really a good idea for involved parties.
  25. Hi, i have the same problem with my beloved charizard from FR. same problem, static encounter with PID+ correlation error. The answer is very simple fix the IVs: take the PID from ur mon with pkhex, then open pokefinder or RNGReporter and use the tool PID to IV and pick the IVs from method 1 or 2. dont know why happens this, but some mons have method 1 ( or 2 or none for in-game trade with NPC) and the bugged ones are method 4, after fixing the IVs all mons are ok to transfer now. Hope this helps.
  26. Sorry about the late reply, apparently I'm not getting alerts to posts on threads I make... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BLJmv5fejIkUIa1zXa7o6wGpEeGL1IdqR9SUyjIF6JY/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XHiLVIf2OD69NLxdrxmYojvbdNv5hTxyHup_rryoitc/edit USUMCommandReference.json USUM animation file list.txt
  27. Sorry to bump, but do you or anyone else here know how to extract save data from the dsiram file? I tried PKX Exctration but it just kept saying 0 pokemon found
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