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  2. Hi, I am using the latest pkhex but I cannot seem to load my SV saves. I got this error message. Can someone help me?
  3. Might possibly be checking against something else as well. Keep your eyes peeled.
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  5. Is there a way to determine the EC of the pokemon with given PID and other values? Let's say I have all the values possible and from a legal mon just pid was changed - is there a way to determine legal EC?
  6. Nothing changes for me either, I haven't seen any eevee raids yet so im guessing its not working. I deleted some mons from my box to check and they stayed deleted so pkhex is working fine just not the block importing. I am using the tutorial the numbers do not change when I import a block.
  7. did this work for you? When I import the files to the right blocks, nothing visually changes but I dont get an error.
  8. Wait then how come the guy up top this thread "CraftyMod" has his pkNX save dump loaded?
  9. Serebii and Bulbapedia's gen 3 learnset: https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/300.shtml https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Skitty_(Pokémon)/Generation_III_learnset#By_leveling_up
  10. Where are you seeing this? I see Tackle->Growl: https://www.serebii.net/pokemon_box/egg.shtml I've updated PKHeX to swap the two move orders for both games. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/f10c914eace8682165915ca902f0a20640a3c478
  11. Use any calculator that can do programmatic operations like modulo. Take PKHeX PID, convert to decimal, use % 100. Rare forms need the result to be 0. If you want the rare form, then just subtract the result from the decimal PID, convert to hex, done. Pick a new EC that has the result you want.
  12. PKHeX has an encounter database. Encounters require specific values to be set in order to be valid. Use the encounter database instead of trying to make things from scratch.
  13. The application isn’t updated for scarlet/violet yet just got to play the waiting game hopefully not much longer haha
  14. The application isn’t updated for scarlet/violet yet just got to play the waiting game hopefully not much longer haha
  15. Basically, I used cheats in-game to be able to spawn in the last few Pokemon I was missing for the Pokedex, which were Sprigatito, Quaxly, Armarouge, Kiraidon, Scizor and Palafin - main reasons being that I cannot trade (no online sub) and I couldn't be bothered to wait for raids to show up for the last 2. - Despite setting the 2 starters to "Cabo Poco", "Met Level: 5", "Obedience Level: 5", they still show as "invalid encounter" in PkHex. I then tried setting them as traded Pokemon from Scarlet (although not sure what the met location should be here) and they still show as invalid. - Kiraidon is kind of the same issue. "Scarlet", "Met Level: 72", "Obedience Level: 72", "Area Zero (5)" and it too shows as "invalid encounter". Also the same as the previous 2, I set Kiraidon as traded (put a different trainer in OT/Misc) and it's still invalid. - For Scizor and Palafin, I set the required amount of IVs to 31, put them as "Level 75", "Met Level: 75" and "Obedience Level: 75", with "a crystal cavern", which should mimic them coming from a 5-star raid - and they too appear as invalid. - The weird part is that I set my Armarouge to "Scarlet", "Met Level: 14", "Obedience Level: 14", "South Province (Area Three)", also put it as traded, with a new ID in OT/Misc and for some reason, this one seems to be recognized as legitimate. Is there anyway to fix these, or is it an issue on PKHex' side?
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  17. Hey guys, For Scarlet/Violet I made some shiny Eggs and tried trading them to my friends online. However, only the Eggs contained in Premier and Dusk ball got sent over. The other eggs (in beast, dream ball etc.) had an error "something is wrong with your Pokemon" on Link Trade. There are no legality issues on pkhex though, does anyone know what is wrong? Warm regards,
  18. Thanks , entered those and it shows the correct number of Pokemon were edited. But when I try and make them Three Segment I still get an error. Have not tried Maushold yet. Slightly off topic, but will the Charizard raid be breedable?
  19. I think I'm having the same issue as you, did you figure out how to load your save on pkNX?
  20. Hey, did you ever figure out how to load S/V into pkNX? I think I'm having a similar same issue as you; I can't get my dump to load. Is there a different process from gen 8?
  21. Wild Yungoos from Inlet Grotto in Scarlet: "Unable to match an encounter from origin game" I think the problem is met level, I see in the database lv3-5 but this one was encountered with lv 2 734 - Yungoos - 1CA4A78DC25E.pk9
  22. I understand it's a 1/100 chance, but is there a way to how how to modify them so they will be their rarer form upon evolution? Like is there a way to calculate what EC's work?
  23. I can replicate it. This is a self-obtained egg. Are you loading into a Box save file? Edit: I found the error. The Encounter Database is loading the wrong moveset order. It's currently loading Tackle and then Growl, but all of my eggs say Growl and then Tackle. Serebii's moveset order says the same thing.
  24. Not able to replicate. They're in the encounter database with fixed OT names and PID types.
  25. N O only in ha**ed and R** customized game possible
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