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  3. Yooooo can some goat make me an action replay code on platinum for a legit shiny mew uno from emerald at level 30 it will have a Japan ot and its name mew will be in Japan too any I'd number timid nature and like 31 sp attack n speed EV's only the rest random I want it look super legit and can u make sure the date n stuff matches an old sea map mew I obviously don't have access to anything to make the code myself THANKS !
  4. When I redeem this pgt in game it all works fine. But when I save and check the file on PkHex the Lucario isn't there and there is red box where it would have been. I've tried on Pearl and Platinum, all other mystery gifts work fine. Any advice?
  5. Reinstalling Checkpoint worked and resolved all of my issues, thank you so much!
  6. Yesterday
  7. I know in older generations certain IV combinations were impossible, so they either had to breed for a pokemon or settle for IVs (one example being Colosseum/Gale of Darkness). I received an event Coalossal, the Wolfe one, and it had 31/0/31/31/31/31 for IVs. I was just wondering if this was physically possible. I'm not too worried if it's a hack as long as it's theoretically something someone could do in a Gen VIII Mystery Gift. I know we can't RNG Gen VIII Mystery Gifts yet, which had me initially curious. Thank you in advance for your time!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    All badges and pokemon
  9. Slowpoke has 3 base egg moves, with Tackle last. Moves must be pushed out before they can be re-added. To push out 3 base moves to reapply Yawn, parents must have 3 shared level up moves, and Yawn last. The parents only have 4 move slots each, and all 4 have been used. We cannot have ANY egg moves, as there are no more parent move slots (need 3 between them). Working as intended.
  10. The mobile app is a proof-of-concept program; it does not have feature parity with the main application. There is no HaX mode.
  11. My issue is that I have some Pokemon in White that I am unable to transfer to the newer games (PokeTransfer won't accept them). I believe that the only reason for this is that there is an issue with their EVs. A decade ago, I may have used some cheat that increased the EVs above the maximum, and now I can't reset them. I have at least a couple hundred of each of the EV-lowering berries. However, no matter how many of them I use on the Pokemon, it keeps saying that the base stat was lowered, and never gets to the point where it says that the stat is as low as it will go. I would like to make these Pokemon legal again and be able to transfer them to the newer games. So, I think that to do this I need to reset the EVs. Clearly, the berries aren't going to work, so I figure I need to edit the save somehow. My question is, what would be the easiest and cheapest way to do this? I have a DS Lite, but I don't have a 3DS I can hack (I use a friend's for PokeTransfer). So, I imagine that I will need to either buy a 2DS to hack or get an Action Replay and use that to edit the EVs (if that is even still possible). Does anyone have any advice on the easiest way for me to do this?
  12. Hey guys, Just as the title says, I'm currently having a problem with my trainer card. It was at stage 5 which is the last stage to achieve but somehow managed to downgrade it to stage 4. The last thing I did was edit the HoF (Hall of Fame) time and it had reverted back to stage 4. I decided to "redo" the steps in order to get a stage 5 trainer card but nothing seems to have made it work. Any ideas on what I could possibly do? Please and thank you EDIT: I managed to resolve the issue. The problem was coming from Battle Subway where I had to edit the "SuperScore" via Block Data and not through "Miscs Edit". Feel free to delete post
  13. Okay, I've tweaked the egg moves of a bunch of US bred Pokemon, and 3 years after the fact I'm getting illegality flags (which, as I cannot edit Gen 8, means I have to redo them in gen / and transfer all over again). Still, this particular flag bugs me, as, AFAIK, if you bred 2 Slowpoke with the movesets displayed as the egg moves, the offspring would inherit them, as technically starting moves are level up moves: https://i.imgur.com/ZFOtU0R.png Thanks for your time!
  14. There are no Evolve Stones for Staryu and Vulpix... how to get thm? They dont wear it as a held item.
  15. You're probably messing up something, somewhere in the RNG manipulation process. We are not you and we cannot check exactly what you're doing wrong. I can only give you some suggestions in order for you to better understand the problem. First, use Pokéfinder instead of RNG reporter, RNG reporter is affected by some bugs and may not work properly in some instances. Check the TID and SID you input in the program are the correct ones. Check the encounter method you selected in the program is the proper one for the encounter you want to shinyze. If you hit another frame, in which the Pokémon isn't shiny, take the encountered pokemon details and search on Pokefinder its frame. You can search with filters by Pokémon's IVs, or you can export the pokefinder table as TXT and search the PID. This way you'll find the frame you hit.
  16. Only the 3 normal encounts in Index 86. Dai encount is at 85. The 2 reward files are Index 80. Details for Index 86 of normal_encount and normal_encount_rigel1 and normal_encount_rigel2 (no differences) Rewards for Index 86 of normal_encount and normal_encount_rigel1 and normal_encount_rigel2 (no differences) Details for Index 85 of dai_encount Rewards for Index 85 of dai_encount
  17. I currently have a working pkhex mobile build, and honestly the only thing holding it back for me is that I can’t use illegal mode. How can I activate illegal mode on pkhex mobile?? Pls help
  18. Will be coming back to look into this at a later point, because several of the addresses listed in the reply above do not seem to be correct just from a cursory glance, especially because medals SHOULD be triggered by these edits, but obviously there are a lot of them to go over. I also know some of these are stored at multiple locations but the medals will only check for the changed number at one of them (generally in Trainer Records), so we'll have to see.
  19. Reinstall Checkpoint. You need to be able to see the titles in the squares at the top screen for non-extdata. If Checkpoint continues to be stubborn, use JKSV instead.
  20. Hi! So i’ve used Gameshark multiple times to find my sid and pkhex, just to make sure i get the same number - which they are. So with that said and done i have my SID. I put it into rng reporter to find my shiny frame. i use another vba program, one which i can load an lua file so i can find the exact frame! i speed up my vba to that frame, well almost and pause the game, going one by one, each frame individually until i get to it. however, it’s never shiny? It’d be awesome if anything knew anything about this. Thanks!
  21. That's the awkward bit....Checkpoint on the console, doesn't see Y or Alpha appart from in extdata, which is also where I have to restore saves from off the sd card. As you can see, after booting Checkpoint, I have to go to extdata:
  22. Version 1.0.0


    PKHeX plugin to import Wonder Cards as Wonder Record (entries that show up in the Gift Album). This edit is merely affects what show up in the Gift Album (cannot be redeemed in-game), but some people want it, so here it is. Reminder: Due to changes made starting from LGPE, injecting Wonder Cards (or Wonder Records, for that matter) won't allow the gift to be redeemed in-game. How to use Put the plugin into the plugins folder in your PKHeX directory, then access it from the Tools menu. Note: Win 10 might block DLL files downloaded from the internet. In that case right click the plugin file, go to properties and check "unblock" (as seen here). [You may have to unblock, reblock, then unblock again to get it to work] Usages Used to view the Wonder Records in the KMysteryGift block in the save. Can be used to inject and extract WR8. Can be used to convert WC8 to WR8. Both injections can be used via the button or dragging the file into the form. Do note the conversion is based on best approximation from the data observed. Use at your own risk! Can be used to manipulate the timestamp on entries. Presently, only Sword and Shield are supported. Always back up your saves before you perform any edits. Credits Kaphotics for PKHeX.
  23. Wait what. So it's about your 3DS not booting the save, not Citra. My bad. Okay, show me a screenshot of the folder (that Checkpoint restores from) that contains main, for Y, and for Alpha. Also, for the record, a screenshot from your first post shows Y's main in extdata folder. That is not correct.
  24. Last week
  25. I'm on about on my 3DS, save file works fine in Citra, not on 3DS.
  26. It launches fine with or without extdata manipulation? In any case, it seems like the issue is resolved ><
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