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  2. I have to agree with this. Even assuming the rng enemy placement doesn't magically screw you over on occasion, the enemy pokemon have way, way too much health in early game when you don't have much in the way of offensive options with super-effective move coverage or have enough items to reliably deal with them. I kept having to restart drenched bluff and that dungeon where you fight drowzee at the end because I kept running out of pp from needing to use more than 3-4 uses of a special move on average to kill a normal enemy. Having them do a lot of damage is fine, but the health really could be lowered to make enemies less of an unfair damage sponge.
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  4. Version 1.0.0

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    Start your Shiny Costume Hunt with my save file! This is after defeating each Colosseum once and the credits first rolled putting you into post game! Box 1 are teams that are used for Doubles while Box 2 is for the Singles format. Fresh Post Game is under File 1 labeled "DAWN" Save is synced with HeartGold This means Mysterial will use the Pearl Version Team when facing him on Sets 4 and 8 Accessories were not purchased All Level 50 Colosseum Ranks starts fresh at 1 No Rental Pass swaps
  5. YUP, ROM files are not allowed here, offending part of the post removed. Without an appropriate tool that can overwrite ROMs on your repro carts, there’s no way you can inject a save into your repro cart. What ROM dumper are you using?
  6. I’m not a mod here, but uploading ROMs is illegal and against forum rules. I suggest you remove the file.
  7. easy way is install Parallels Desktop and using PKHex latest window version
  8. I was wondering if i could restore my reproduction Pokemon Sapphire and Fire Red Save File, although sadly i dont know how since the game saves on the SRAM of the ROM, or maybe if i could perhaps flash the cartridge with a normal rom and then restore the save file using godmode9 (although i dont know how or if it can even be done), or if there is any way to "inject" or put the save file onto the SRAM.
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  10. Version 1.0.0

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    Save file of my pokemon pokemon pinball game that Ive had since I was a kid. Alot of the pokedex on here has been compledete cause Ive played this game alot lol Enjoy!
  11. I tried other wine port things posted elsewere, and they all have issues preventing full functionality, Does anyone has a fully working winep ackaged copy of pkhex on latest update? sorry for my phrasing, am sstill learning!
  12. I got it thank you very much.
  13. It has to be BW, and has to be Japanese. This event was not given to any other region nor language.
  14. no, but I didn't see it as necessary, other pokemon in Japan didn't have the same problem (I'll try to transfer it to a Japanese game first.
  15. Was it redeemed on Japanese copies of BW?
  16. When I try to pass this pokemon through the poketransfer it says that it has a problem so it will stay in the cartridge
  17. It's playable on any nds emulator. You'll have to patch a clean US rom in order to run it on an emulator. The .xdelta file is the patch file, you can use multipatch to patch roms on macOS. http://projects.sappharad.com/multipatch/
  18. Hey does anyone know the font used in the Pokémon Black and White logo (Not including fan-made fonts)? I need it for a personal graphic desgin project of mine. THX
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  20. Good afternoon, could someone help me with these errors that appear in pkhex
  21. Thanks for the response. I wish the discord servers that run these sysbots would tell us this information. I see pokemon like this in HOME all the time from people who didn't gen them correctly. Guess I'll have to trade with other people if I want to complete the BDSP dex. Not paying $45 for that game lol. It's interesting because Pokemon HOME actually does recognize that the pokemon is from BDSP and updates the pokedex correctly, even if the mon didn't technically originate from the game. It just doesn't have that specifc pokemon's data stored in the database.
  22. So I am trying to see if there is an option for choosing vulpix as a starter in Gates to Infinity and there are some pokemon names in the list, but then there are pokemon that come up as Extra (#) and I don't know how to find out what pokemon they are. If I could get some assistance finding out which pokemon these are that'd be fantastic and I would appreciate it very much.
  23. In Gen III/IV, certain Pokemon can have different sizes based on calculations made using their Personality Value and IVs. The equations are on the Personality value article of Bulbapedia, in the section on Size. But PKHeX doesn't seem to do these calculations/provide the results of the calculations. I did try to make a calculator for this myself yesterday, but the last time I coded before that was half a decade ago and I was never any good to begin with, so the resulting program...I wouldn't trust my program. Anyway, I'd like to request a way to know the s value, as seen in the Bulbapedia article I mentioned. for the currently displayed PKM. Taking the s value and doing the rest of the calculations isn't hard, but getting the s value is very hard. If you can provide further info than that then that'd be cool too, but the s value might still be important too in case it could influence the size of pokemon imported from Gen III/IV to Gen IX's new size system. (Having to reverse the final calculation to find s to figure out if the pokemon is large/small enough to get a Jumbo/Mini Mark is not something I would want to have to do repeatedly, assuming it even works like that.)
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