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  2. Literally what it says in the title. I have a png edited to the exact dimension required, but when I try to do so, PKHeX crashes with no error. Would appreciate if this could be fixed.
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  4. Here the Funfiesta exclusives thanks to @theSLAYER We learn that the event set their level at 15 minimum. Didn't change their dates as we don't know how legitimate they can be compared to the real ones. 148 - ハクリュー - 32AA357BB475.pk5 372 - コモルー - 171491BAF3B4.pk5 462 - ジバコイル - 8C22D96B5BBF.pk5 082 - レアコイル - 47AF7904EECE.pk5
  5. PKHeX would have shown you the same thing. In the previous example I was using Pokemon Showdown's Damage Calculator
  6. wait a minute what kind of pkhex are u using? I don't have this feature
  7. Gardevoir's max attack is 251 Without ROM hacking, there's no way to increase it further I reckon.
  8. This may be a basic question but how do I increase the attack of a pokemon. I set the ivs and evs to the highest for the attack section, yet still, the attack is maybe 200, I want maybe 300 atk. Plz help
  9. You're right this is an effect of the Noisy/Quiet Mission and if I compare to the event hidden grotto pokemon I have it matches. So I have to correct the underleved listing and catch all at level 15!
  10. my code doesn't control level, only species. If you View Memory, you'll see that the code only changes the species offsets, as per shown in the images I uploaded earlier. (tho offsets for W2 varies slightly, which is why the original code I gave didn't work.) I imagine it uses the same levels as the Stunky/Glameow Funfest mission. Try encountering that without the code on, and confirm what level encounter you obtained. From my experience, the special funfest mission levels differ from standard Grotto levels.
  11. @theSLAYER I found a weird issue with your code, it seems if for example I modify the Pokemon in hidden grotto in order to be a Magneton it'll be always set at its maximum wild level (15 for example in the first hidden grotto). Any idea?
  12. I'll try on white 2 later. They're both generated by in-game mechanics, so there shouldn't be. The only difference would have been where the game refers to for species ID, then uses the same generation subroutine. edit: added W2 codes.
  13. @theSLAYER the code for the japanese version doesn't work on my white2 version. Is there really no difference in trash bytes with real ones?
  14. Restore backups and only randomize/bump levels once. If you keep repeating the action, it'll compound their levels.
  15. I am trying to increase the level of Trainers Pokemon by 1.5 but it isn't working. My rivals Pokemon isn't level 9 like it should be. Instead it is 45.
  16. how can i make a c gear file ? i know it is a .cgb file but i can't convert a png to it
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  18. theSLAYER

    Mystic Ticket

    Use this tool to inject. Keep a safe backup of the save in a different folder before any modifications.
  19. Lemme know if this works. It users your party, your trainer ID and your Box (from the save you provided), uses the flags from a save I have that is before Hapu becomes Kahuna, and uses a base save (I linked previously) as base. main edit: also uploaded pre dragon trial, in case the weird bridge issues happen again. pre dragon trial
  20. Hello, I am experiencing a similar issue in my Ultra sun save where the game crashes right before lilly crosses the bridge in the poni canyon. The game completely crashes in my 2ds right as she gets pecked off by the mukrow on the bridge. I was wondering if you had a save that was before or after this event so that i could go through it without a problem? Thank you so much for your help and attached is my main file main
  21. Here is a gbatemp thread for ohana: https://gbatemp.net/threads/wip-ohana3ds-tool.392576/
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