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  2. Hi, I'm trying to get my Japanese Emerald to get the Old Sea Map, but whenever I try to drag the save file into the program it says it's an invalid file. I grabbed the save file from my Retron 5 if that makes a difference. Do I need to convert the .sav file into something else?
  3. @rufioh I tried to decrypt your save but it is very different to the decrypted data I'm used to, something seems to definitly have gone wrong!
  4. I believe there are general purpose tools for the gen 5 games but i can't remember the name, maybe someone else does, I've never used them myself but I remember they were the goto for certain uses. As for ppre, it only supports gen 4 (it has a gui, so no python knowledge needed) you would have to add support yourself.
  5. There is some sort of bug when trying to put Marks on Pokemon
  6. @Meny_Marquez we already have the file uploaded. :3
  7. Yeah man ofc! If you ever need anything be sure to reply here or message us on discord for faster response! (Mine is Reshiquori#8124)
  8. Yeah that’s what I’ll most likely do, appreciate all the help
  9. Last time we tried to do anything with the raid dens it ended up crashing the game when we tried to do anything lol, best thing I can recommend is reverting your save! I'm currently working on adding Peonia and Notes editing for the max lair but I might look into the dens afterwards! Best of luck!
  10. This is unrelated, but maybe you guys know how to fix it, I thought i was being funny, so I decided to activate all raids in pkhex for all three areas, the Wild Area, the IOA and the CT. I later decided that I wanted to deactivate them, but I can’t figure out how to deactivate them in the raids menu Any suggestions on what to do? Best, RH
  11. Issue has now been patched with thank you for reporting this! The latest should be live on our github in about ~10ish minutes (you can fix the issue in the meantime by forcing legality corrects)
  12. @SkyLink98 Uncheck the Keldeo caught flag, and that should change the status indicator. If it's checked the game will think you already caught him and won't give you the chance. If he was default checked when you loaded the plugin, I will have to look into that. The plugin should get the default values it has directly from your save.
  13. Hem, as stated before I have not caught Keldeo nor searched for him yet. As you can see I'm still missing Virizion, as i'm actually hunting for it as shiny. My point is, the Keldeo flag should not be checked P.S: Maybe I haven't explained well myself. The flag in the plugin was already set, I have not clicked/checked it myself.
  14. @SkyLink98 It's marking it as potentially illegal because you have Virizion unchecked. In the game you have to have caught all 3 swords of justice before you can get Kekdeo to appear. So you have him checked as caught even though you haven't caught all 3 swords of justice. In this instance that is an invalid way for those flags to be set.
  15. I'm no code monkey, nor do I understand hex, so when I had the idea to play around with crossing over game assets, I decided to use the intuitive format of SDSME over most other hacking tools at the time. Seemingly compatible with gen 5 (specifically BW2) it seemed perfect for what I was trying to do -- I wanted to see if I could import a few full maps from HGSS (like the squares that make up New Bark) and put them into BW2, and then attach warps to them, along with editing the matrices to allow them to function almost exactly like they did in HGSS. Except, uh, the only issue is, there's n
  16. Thank you for contributing with a more user-friendly way to edit the flags. I want to report a potential bug tho. I have not caught Keldeo yet, but the plugin says it detected a potentially illegal status, and it check Keldeo as caught. The rest seems to work just fine. If it can be useful, I had Keldeo transfered from Home, idk if the bug is due to that.
  17. Version .


    Starting from December 4 2020, by spending at least 1000 yen at Mister Donut, you can receive a serial code to redeem Chansey in Sword and Shield as well as some goodies. Wonder Card ID #0124: ミスド's Chansey Species Chansey TID 201204 Distribution Serial Code Location a lovely place
  18. Hi I am having issues. When I am changing the file name to main, it is still in sav format. Any helps?? Thanks in advance
  19. Version 1.0.0


    New event gift pokemon.
  20. Masuda method works on language, not region.
  21. This begs one last question. Does this mean generating PK8 files with the language set to JPN does not make the Pokemon a Pokemon from that region since the language label has nothing to do with region and instead just the language set? Example being: A PK8 Ditto with the JPN language enabled. If this does not count it as a Japan region Ditto that makes it viable for the masuda method, how would I go about that if PK8 doesn't seem to have a regional option the same way PK7 (Ultra Moon/Sun) does with 3DS?
  22. and unblock the plugin. Right click on the file, click properties. @Darkfiggy just a suggestion, you may wanna include the installation part on the github. Not everyone uses plugins (and despite the info being everywhere, this may be their first time coming across one)
  23. Create a folder named plugins in the same directory as pkhex. copy the DynamaxAdventureReset.dll file from the zip file into the plugins folder. launch pkhex Under Tools in pkhex choose DynamaxAdventureReset
  24. We don't work for GF/TPCi, so ultimately only they would know. I guess they won't, simply because it'll require more computing power to run constant checks for every user that deposits a mon into their servers and whatnot, which in a roundabout way translates to more $$ to maintain servers. But I'm just a nobody in their world. It's not like I really know. In terms of future proofing, just have no illegal mons, and you'll probably be fine. In terms of them taking Pokemon generating more seriously so that their GTS isn't a cesspool of hacks, GTS has been around since Gen 4. It's n
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