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  2. I can make it look like the pokemon is Japanese (because it detects it in my language and console region (USA), and that it has been exchanged from another player, removing the method of receiving it from the card?
  3. Region blocking was done server side, not by the wondercards, they can be injected into games from any region no matter which one they originally were distributed for. The serial code for this Ho-Oh however only worked on Japanese games. So it will not be legal if injected into a game from another region.
  4. Hi! Sorry if it’s been answered but I couldn’t find it. The god egg that I got from a hacked raid some time ago has turned into a regieleki ;( I know there’s a version of god egg that is still working for cloning pokemons, and and I’d want to have it on my main save. Since it’s no longer possible to create or join hacked raids, the only way to achieve this would be to use a modified switch and pkhex to create the god egg, and then trade it locally to my good switch. Is that doable? And if so, can anyone provide me with the .pkm missigno (god egg) file for sword and shield so i c
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  6. Version 2.0.0


    Pokémon were captured by me and modified to get him shiny 6IV. I'll update the file as soon as I capture them. I believe SID, PID and TID are linked to get them legal shiny, as PKHEX shiny generated says that are not legal.
  7. I'm looking for a save file that is up to the 4th gym
  8. Version FINAL


    All 898 pokemon available in the game in .pk8 format. The vast majority are from Smogon sets, but you can modify as you like with the wonderful PKHeX
  9. Not sure if their encounter data needs to be edited, but I'm using the database to search them, then ticking the shiny box when I get the error. Is there a specific method to get them to pass in PKHex, or is this a bug? And yes, it is possible in-game to encounter them through Max Lairs as shiny. Thanks in advance!
  10. I downloaded the new version of pkhex but I need a pkmdb with the new pokemon. Where I find?
  11. where can I get a pkmdb with Crown Tundra Pokemon?
  12. I was checking on the blocked region when receiving wonder cards, my console is American. Why could I host the event, if it is only for Japan? Inject the .wc7 to my gift cards and I went to the pokemon center to receive it.
  13. PKHeX 20201024 Dragapult Location: in the Giant’s Bed (in the Crown Tundra) Level: 65 Changes: No 887 - Dragapult - 23811AD9DAEB.pk8 Galarian Moltres Location: in the Stepping-Stone Sea (on the Isle of Armor) Level: 70 Changes: No 146-01 - Moltres - 943FA5D2CF81.pk8
  14. Three projects I have in my mind: -contribute all Sword prototype version Pokemon (I don't have the material however) - dig over Pokemon RS/FRLG/Colosseum/XD History (via Internet Archive researches or magazines) -find a way to get XY Ally Switch Tyrogue by glitch or any other way -get in Crown of Thundra the unused Naganadel DA and static Victini
  15. I can try that later today... but I just want to mention that I brought this save file over from my REAL cartridge game, and not from a ROM online. Whats also weird is that when I load the .nds file from my cartridge into DeSmuME, it prompts me to start a new game... I looked into this and I tried to fix it, but no solutions/tutorials work, and I could never get DeSmuME to load what is REALLY in my save file. I may end up uploading the .ds file altogether if nothing else works, and maybe someone can find a solution.
  16. okay at me...same problem but if i cant see the value change option below the second nature...
  17. Is there any way to edit the Raid levels? The 1-star raids range from level 15-20 when your starter is at like, 9, 10. I just want to bump them down to something that isn't ahead of the rest of the party like 6-11 or 7-12. Thanks.
  18. Why dont you just open the save file, extract the pk8 files, and inject them on your save
  19. Im trying to randomise Pokemon OR and i want type-themed trainer and gyms and i enabled these options, but all of the trainers are completely random. Also when I want to randomise the trainers a second time, the program gives a message that it needs to be closed and it just works, if i delete the program, unpack it again and use the freshly unpacked program.
  20. Can anyone pass me a save file in the crown tundra dlc?
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