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  2. Thank you! ^^ Now I just gotta figure out how to use it lmao
  3. Oh, sorry to report it again then. Thank you!
  4. the program that can help with this it is called ANDT you can download it here. You can use it to replace existing moves or add new moves to the moveset.
  5. If I change the difficulty mid playthrough, does it still ‘update’ my playthrough?
  6. I have a question, if you change the difficulty mid playthrough, does the change apply in the playthrough?
  7. Already reported and fixed, will be fine in the next release. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/7ee60d9e98ea6902733e40435c78de1f9e5da876#diff-5f2545732600db97b50b7bc2a2214cbc60c4689ce5a887f144930dae611e52d4
  8. Hello, I recently decided to transfer some Pokemon from an Emerald save file to my SoulSilver, using the latest version of PKHex. The problem is, none of the Pokemon I edited in show up in the Pokedex when I check it. I've tried putting them in my PC/the daycare and then taking them out and battling with them in wild encounters but they still don't show up. When I go to Pokedex tab in PKHex it says that the Pokemon are caught but not seen. I've used PKHex before and the Pokemon I've added to my saves have been added to my dex, it's only with the latest version that this has happened. Should I just edit the dex manually for now? (I've attached the file for reference, some Pokemon it's doing this with are Crobat, Espeon, Typhlosion, and Ampharos) POKEMON SS.sav
  9. When attempting to randomize pokemon markets in pokemon x it didnt work not sure whats the problem but i do know everything else randomized fine
  10. Yesterday
  11. Resetting them is alright, tysm! My problems with the Hall of Fame Extractor were solved, too. Thanks for making me try it again! I used NDS save converter to get .sav files from .dsv files (decided to play on openemu instead of cards from now on) but somehow the program read the diamond sav as gen7 game but when I changed the target format it worked.
  12. Thanks. Yeah it looks unclear what the differences correspond to, so I think I'll stick with modding raid rewards for item farming.
  13. from what I can see, I've made some edits to that post while you were replying, and you didn't see them. It's just further elaboration for the most part. But yeah, it feels pretty definite to me. I tried looking at both saves and they were the same. My program was able to recognize them as saves due to the right halves still existing, but without the left halves we can't really obtain useful data. Yeah in any case good luck with the new journey. And remember not to tempt fate and let the battery die. Cheers.
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    The Players Cup 4 was an online tournament where players around the world could take part to win prizes. During the stream, a Beast Ball was distributed to viewers and players around the world, via serial code PC4F1NALSBEAST. As of LGPE, wonder cards are no longer stored in saves. As such, players will not be able to inject this event into their save using PKHeX. Wonder Card ID #0517: Beast Ball Gift Here's what you got: Beast Ball x1 | SWSH | Only One Allowed | From July 30 to Aug 2, 2021 Format Ver.2.1.0-1b, Post Updated Date:20210731_2244
  15. OK I get it. Guess I have to start a new journey. Thanks for your explanation
  16. There's no usable data whatsoever. The identifiable sections in each block is missing. It's not as easy as a checksum fix; this line sounds like you were just trying to repeat what I've said previously back to me. And based on what else you've said, you clearly don't know what you're talking about. I don't enjoy being the bearer of bad news, but it doesn't look good Maybe this would visually explain to you what's happening: It looks like all of the left half (for pretty much the entirety of both files) has been wiped clean. (Note: in case you don't understand what you're looking at, first, draw a line right down the middle. Then, compare both halves. It's as though the right side persistently have varying values for multiple rows, and the left side has nothing but zeros. This is the abnormal part, for this section of the save) Each Pokemon takes up about 4 complete rows, from left to right. With half of it literally missing, no Pokemon can be reconstructed. (Do remember the entire data for Pokemon itself is encrypted, so we cannot decrypt the data if it's not fully there) I cannot conceive of how the data is written like this. Maybe the data is cleared column wise before it is copied from the RAM, hence losing power caused the clearing to only work halfway through? In any case, while some remnants of data remains, there is no realistic way to use them. I hope this is enough of an explanation, and provides some closure to why no Pokemon can be extracted from the save.
  17. No need to infect back, as long as it can be load normally on emulator is fine I also found there are 00 00 FF FF FF FF FF.... strings in the .gba ROM, is there any way about it? like fix the checksum something?... Im not an expert about this so maybe a stupid question. Just trying my best to rescue the data...
  18. As I've said before, this guide only works with 100%, and can't help with any other percentage. Is there any other problem you're having with the guide?
  19. I hope you're not asking about which ROM to download, cause that is against our rules. Which part of the tutorial are you having trouble with?
  20. @PKHex_User please read our rules and not upload a ROM again. Also, even if a save could be restored (from supposed corruption) in any way, there is no easy way to inject back into your fake game, so there isn't much of a point really. edit: For curiosity sake, I looked at the saves, and there's no usable data in them anyway..
  21. Im doing a hack rom for xy and I need a mega for Trevor and Tierno and if you can find one with these requirements (not necessary just need to fit them) trevor : smart and with a big head if possible (that’s it) tierno: learn at least one dance move (besides dragon dance)
  22. I bought from Amazon. I am doing some research here, too. So what if maybe they are the fake, is there any way to rescue my data still?
  23. I used an NDS with a R4 cart to extract sav by backup tool. Is there any other way to extract? Im not sure if its fake or repro
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