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  2. PKHeX advanced search

    I'm very sorry, I overread that. Thank you very much!
  3. Amnesia Psyduck from Stadium flagged as illegal

    D'oh, now I remember. I'm an idiot! Unfortunately, I can't get the Batch Editor to save my edit. I've tried many options and nothing seems to work.
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  5. Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

    Which patcher, I only know of NUPS and Tsukuyomi, the latter of which didn't work and was early on in this thread found to not work.
  6. Help with Colosseum/XD PKMs in RNGReporter

    Method: Colosseum/XD (RNG Reporter 10.3.2)
  7. Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

    Use UPS, as NUPS doesn't work.
  8. Amnesia Psyduck from Stadium flagged as illegal

    There's special catch rate data that needs to be set if you don't allow tradebacks (which can remove the item/catchrate value).
  9. Rarest Pokemon to catch

    They are hard to catch but no very rare considered for example you can get them in many versions later.
  10. Rarest Pokemon to catch

    I would add pokemon safari zone and pokemon dream radar game.
  11. Gen 1 Team

    Is anyone else running just Gyarados and Kadabra for their team. I find they are OP, and easily beat everything, with a little grinding to evolve them. Discuss
  12. In-Game Gift: Zygarde 10%

    Yeah, looks like I missed out Mesprit. I'll catch it and upload it within the next few days
  13. Ash's Pikachu (Original Cap) (HKTW - JP and EU)

    Okay, you've been telling me this whole time Bulbapedia made a mistake with the location details. Now, look at the image below, and see the colored boxes and match them by following the colored lines. Where's the mistake you speak of? Now tell me, did they make a mistake, or did you make a mistake? To me, it appears as though you confused the Singapore's distribution with America's main distribution.
  14. So its been a good 6 months since I really posted anything related to Pokemon Go here. How are people doing if you are still playing? I'm still playing, although the game had got a bit stale before Gen 3 finally dropped. It got to the point where I had obtained every Pokemon possible in Gen 2 apart from some raid only Pokemon I had missed. So it started walking Pokemon for candy which evolved again in Gen 4. Gen 3 over Christmas was pretty interesting, especially with the Gen 3 starters spawning quite frequently. I had to play strategically and get 1000/1000 items in my bag, those been as many Pokeballs as possible and make them last over the Christmas holidays. Having only one Pokestop makes playing locally without many items a no go. Thankfully these lasted me quite well and I was able to re stock when visiting some family over Christmas as they had a lot of local Pokestops. So I just want out for 30 mins and stocked up on items which lasted me until the new year. Normally I have no issues as I worked near many Pokestops so I just stock up before work if i'm early or after work if i feel like playing some Pokemon before I go home. Dratini Community Day: I went to the largest park in my town yesterday for the Dratini Pokemon Community Day event. It was a really good turnout with easily 100+ people there, which was surprising as it was so cold (1-2 degrees celsius), especially when the wind picked up. Most people were there with there own groups of friends, myself included. Younger children were also there with their parents, who were playing the game with them which I thought was nice. However people would randomly see you were playing Pokemon and stop and chat for a few minutes. Everyone seemed to come together for the Rayquaza raid which spawned. So far it seems everyone who did that raid got an Ex raid pass for the same time in two weeks. So i'm hoping I can get back and get my first Mewtwo then. I think in total I managed to catch around 120 Dratini over the space of the 3 hour event. In addition to a Shiny Swablu, 2x Bagons, a Beldum and the Rayquaza from the raid. 2x of my Dratini were also shiny, my cousin who was there managed to catch 11x Shiny Dratini! which was just crazy. He got 3x of them in a row too! All in all I think the special community events are a good idea, it seems to re-create the effect of when the game first launched and everyone was out playing the game.
  15. Help with Colosseum/XD PKMs in RNGReporter

    So which encounter Method should I use if I use RNGReporter to help with find the right PID and stats for pokemon from Colosseum and XD
  16. In-Game Gift: Zygarde 10%

    Thanks for all the Ultras in-game captures champ the only one left is the ingame mesprite
  17. Do you have those Wonder cards? I mean "Altering Cave" and "Wish Eggs" because I just found the pk3 files for Eggs but never the wonder card for the Altering Cave.
  18. Rarest Pokemon to catch

    Don't know if it's the correct place to write it but here my top 10 rarest Pokemon to catch during normal gameplay (I'll add special gameplay later): -N°10 Stakataka in UM and Blacephalon in US (only 2 of both in one version each, quite rare but there's so much rarer) -N°8 Skuntank in Diamond (whereas Purugly can be found in ORAS and Pearl Skuntank remains exclusive to Diamond) -N°7 Hitmontop in Colosseum Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan in XD (only in one example, very hard to catch, it's the only way to shinyhunt Hitmontop) -N°4 Togetic in Colosseum (only one at the end of the game, only way to shinyhunt it) or in B2W2 during event Funfiesta mission in Japan -N°3 Celebi in Crystal (VC or Japanese Cartridge during an online event, only one, only way to shinyhunt it legally) -N°2 Mew in Emerald (legally only in Japan during an event, only way to shinyhunt it legally) -N°1 Scizor in Colosseum (only one, in Japan with e-reader cards, only way to shinyhunt it legally, honnestly which one of you really caught it?) Special gameplay: -Old Man glitch in Gen1 Venusaur, Charizard, Aerodactyl, Alakazam (cannot be shinyhunted) -Emerald Battle Pyramid : Villeplume, Jolteon, Ludicolo, Shedinja, Flygon, Shiftry, Exeggutor, Alakazam, Omastar, Armaldo, Cradily, Aerodactyl, Machamp, Flareon, Blastoise, Charizard, Arcanine, Vaporeon, Porygon2 (can be shinyhunting by glitching) -XY demo: Exeggutor
  19. Shiny Pokemon

    Share Shiny Pokemon you have obtained so far.
  20. Under Level Collection

    Found 3 New Underleved: Gothithelle lv34 Route 9 Black Reuniculus lv34 Route 9 White Electabuzz lv25 SM 576 - ゴチルゼル - 1AE959E67292.pk5 579 - Symbios - F887661443D2.pk5 125 - Élektek - 41639610D71A.pk7
  21. Questions about TID/SID and save editing

    I hear ya and I don't really like to edit too much myself anyway. That's another reason I made the effort to ask around before I did so. I do plan on only using TID/SIDs for a game that were created by the same game. I really find this to be awesome, I never knew there was a chance for this to happen. I've certainly seen a shiny become not shiny by changing it's TID/SID but I've never seen the opposite happen.
  22. Amnesia Psyduck from Stadium flagged as illegal

    In an earlier version of PKHeX, the Amnesia Psyduck from Stadium was considered legal, but on the most recent stable release it's flagged as illegal. Unsure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong, considering I generated it using information from Bulbapedia. 054 - PSYDUCK - 6541.pk1
  23. To correct myself, this applies more to GEN 6, X and Y. Previous generations work in a similar fashion only I don't believe they have memories or residences you have to mess with but don't quote me on it. Apparently GEN VII doesn't set memories or residences at all for GEN VII caught or traded pokemon. Pokémon transferred to GEN VII via poke bank is a different story. This person provides some good information on some of the finer details of traded pokemon statistics that might be helpful:
  24. Ash's Pikachu (Original Cap) (HKTW - JP and EU)

    Sabresite that’s weird because when I change the game of origin of all my mons pkhex they change the region when I look at them in my game... So it looks like you can change it now with the latest pkhex version
  25. Ash's Pikachu (Original Cap) (HKTW - JP and EU)

    theslayer im talking about the OT Ash US original cap pikachu event the link you shared... I shared the wrong one is the US that says Pokemon Movie 17 when its supposed to say lovely place...
  26. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    Hey project team! I recently downloaded Pokemon battle revolution and pokemon XD gales of darkness again on my computer, and i've had no trouble in the past using Pkhex to edit my saved pokemon on those games, however, now for some reason, the saved pokemon are there for battle revolution, yet i have no access to my storage pokemon as i did last time when using it? its unable to read my XD save file after extracting it and loading it pkhex if i could have some help with this madder would be much appreciated. thank you, UPDATE: XD Does read and everything, and is now like the same problem as revolution, pkhex reads that the pokemon are there on the save, but game says otherwise when i load it and play it
  27. Thank you for the detailed post.
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