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  2. thanks for the detailed response what do you mean with: "Also, another way to get banned is to Game Sync with different region settings. Originally, my save and 3DS was JP region, but I accidentally Game Sync'd when my device region was set to EU. That led the save being banned on PGL." you mean game syncing twice with different region settings or using your savegame and saving on 2 different region settings ? cause my citra (i just checked) is set to united states while my 3ds is in europe. Would i get banned for that ? or just if i synced my 3ds then synced again after changing my region via cfw ?
  3. So is it something where I can dump my copy, merge it with their's, make the changes I want, and it should run or do you think it is a bit more involved than that?
  4. Hi y'all! I've been trying to use PK3DS to modify Kobazco's already modified Setting Sun romfs, but whenever I try to open the romfs folder from their GARC download, it just chimes and greys out all of the buttons. Any advice or suggestions?
  5. Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal 2.0 finally get a public release! Now the hack is totally finished! FEATURES: ALL HG/SS KANTO RESTORED LOCATIONS! ALL HG/SS KANTO RESTORED WILD AND LEGENDARIES POKéMONS! ALL HG/SS KANTO ADDED TRAINERS! PWETER MUSEUM FOSSILS PICS FROM R/G/B/Y! A WORKING SAFARI ZONE WITH ROCK AND BAIT! HG/SS GB CLASSIC MUSICS FOR CERLUEAN, FUCHSIA, CANNIBAR AND ROUTE 24-25! KANTO STARTERS FROM OAK AFTER RED DEFEAT! RESTORED POKé FLUTE FROM BETA LEFTOVERS! POKéMON MANSION RUINS! GS BALL AVAILABLE AFTER KANTO ADVENTURES IN CRYSTAL! DRAGON MASTER EVENT COPIED FROM CRYSTAL IN G/S! FIXED MINOR GLITCH LIKE PARALYZED CATCH RATE, KURT'S BALLS AND DRAGON FANG EFFECT I want to thank Mateo, Miksy91 and Rangi for the great help with script, game structure etc, FroggerSpirit for the GB CLASSIC musics, Koolboyman and Sanqui for the ????? re-use and maybe someone else that now I miss, for this work hard, very hard, but who cares, I'm very satisfied! I did this work exclusively in binary mode using the disassembly only like an explanation for the routines and the offset which I needed. Why? 'Cause I did this work for the 3 roms in both languages, english for international players and italian 'cause I'm italian and I wanted to give this hack also to my italian "brothers". XD XD XD And for me obviously, I love english, but I love also my words. In the archive link you will find the patches for Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal and Oro, Argento and Cristallo, that are the italian roms. You can use only the english patches obviously. I made this work in 6 different roms, I don't know if there are bug or glitches, if I mistaken something tell me and I'll fix it. DOWNLOADS: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7ngbns1kuxxb038/G-S-C_2.0_MULTI2_PATCHES.zip/file
  6. Thanks! I was reloading into the game and it suddenly worked
  7. @zakh the save loads just fine. note: I did load it up once in PKHeX to try to fix any checksums, if there were checksums broken. In any case, try using this one: POKEMON HG.sav
  8. The save is really old, however I was gonna start a new game so if you could help me I'd appreciate it. I just wanna start from the beginning. POKEMON HG.sav
  9. sounds like you messed up big time with the save. Attach the save to this thread, let us take a look.
  10. Could someone help me because my hg save file is corrupted, when I try to go in to the game it's a blue screen and it says "The save data could not be accessed".
  11. Uncertain how that works. Given there's an All Legal option, I would assume it's fine. If you're worried, you could probably find a save with the clothes legally obtained and we could work out some way to stitch it into your save. Supposedly no. As far as we can tell they don't really check the saves beyond illegal items, illegal species etc. But in the future, who knows, maybe yes? Technically, your save tracks Trades and Captures. If you think about that with those 2 stats in mind, it'll be weird for a random Pokémon to appear without any trades or captures. (I'm not sure if Pokébank deposits/withdraws are recorded) Also, another way to get banned is to Game Sync with different region settings. Originally, my save and 3DS was JP region, but I accidentally Game Sync'd when my device region was set to EU. That led the save being banned on PGL. You probably should use Caught All instead of Complete Pokédex, since Complete Pokédex also adds shiny-locked species, if I'm not mistaken. IF Game Sync checks for Illegal species, that'll be an easy catch. To note, even back in Gen 4, users with impossible Pokédex entries could use GTS, but their deposits wouldn't show up for other players. Hence, the idea for such a check being done isn't that far-fetched.. Not a problem; you could have received that Pokémon via local trade. As I said earlier, as far as we know Game Sync presently doesn't try to account for the amount of Pokémon a save contains and how the number increases, but that could change in the future. (which in that case.. just increase the trade counter by 1) --------- As usual, use at your own risk. If you can't accept the risk, don't use it XD
  12. thanks a million, thought i messed up pkhex. didn't realize you could switch the settings like that.
  13. @DyingLyberty if you goal wasn't to edit Pokemon for Let's Go, but rather for SMUSUM, you may: 1. Load a SMUSUM save first OR 2. Change PKHeX's default loading mode via Options>Settings:
  14. I have no idea I just wanted to edit the shiny tapu bulu moveset.. I went to load the file I downloaded from this site and it gave me that conversion error. im clueless as to why it needs to convert anything at all. I haven't done anything but get the newest version of pkhex. tried to load my other pkhex files that I downloaded from this site and custom shinies of my own and they gave the same message @theSLAYER
  15. AFAIK it says that since the update that added Let's Go support to PKHeX. Also, you're not supposed to do such conversions. Why are you attempting to do such illegal transfers?
  16. So im not very pkhex savy or anything, recently downloaded the newest version, and now when I try to load a saved pokemon sprite or whatever it gives me a conversion error. which has never happened. it says cannot convert pk7 to pb7. is there a fix? ive modded quite a few pokemon already and would hate to lose that data..
  17. I have a LOT of questions: -Is The Under accessible? if not, could it be implemented? Will you do it? -Can you rebattle Miror B anytime you want? -Will you add gen IV-VII pokemons? -Its possible to add them or you need to redo the 3d models? -There are wild random encounters? if not, could they be implemented? Will you do it? -Its possible to add some character customization like Battle revolution? -Its possible to add the Battle revolution stadiums maps to the multiplayer mode? Will you do it? Thanks for your time
    The original PPRE (beta 0.14 is still the latest release, unfortunately) had the ability to edit level-up moves, wild Pokemon data and Trainers, whereas this sadly does not. As a result, while this is compatible with Gen V whereas PPRE beta 0.14 isn't, this is an inferior tool, in my opinion. PPRC (Rom Changer) has the exact same options as PPRE2, but also has a better UI - use that instead. ANDT does have a level-up editor and a Hidden Grotto editor, so that's nice; too bad Drayano wrecked compatibility with standard tools by removing unused data in BlazeBlack 2/VoltWhite 2, the one main flaw in them...
  18. theSLAYER

    Magikarp Jump

    Standard Skelly Calico Orange/White Calico Orange/White/Black Calico White/Orange Calico Orange/Gold Orange Two-Tone Orange Orca Orange Dapples Pink Two-Tone Pink Orca Pink Dapples Gray Bubbles Gray Diamonds Gray Patches Purple Bubbles Purple Diamonds Purple Patches Apricot Tiger Apricot Zebra Apricot Stripes Brown Tiger Brown Zebra Brown Stripes Orange Forehead Orange Mask Black Forehead Black Mask Saucy Blue Blue Raindrops Saucy Violet Violet Raindrops Gold Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon:_Magikarp_Jump and https://pokemon.fandom.com/es/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon:_Magikarp_Jump
    So after a couple days of toiling with things I am finally playing my first run of randomized Colosseum. Something of note is that version 1.0.1 of the Colosseum tool crashes when you try to extract or rebuild the ISO. So what I did was used the 0.9.0 version for extraction and rebuilding and edited with the newest version. The XD tool works just fine. As for the randomizer itself (For both tools) I don't know if it is bugged, if my virtual machine has some incompatibilities with the program, or if it is just a super long process but randomizing anything other than the Pokemon Species causes the tool to just sit there and hang, and I have waited for 2 hours to see if it would complete and nothing would happen. However having all of the Pokemon randomized is good enough for me so I'm not losing any enjoyment out of it. One last thing is I love the ability to go in and alter things after the randomization to make sure my experience goes smoothly. I mainly used it to alter my starters move pool and upped the catch rate on the tougher to catch Shadow Pokemon. So overall, it is currently a mixed bag. I look forward to future updates and seeing how the tool improves.
  19. Hmm, thanks man. I don’t mind trading it and having it’s stats modded. The HP Ice + best possible stats sounds good. I edited my original post. i hope someone can find the time to help
  20. @James.Chris.1710 just throwing it out there, perhaps it’ll be easier if you trade your existing Tapu Koko to the person who is helping you, then said person modifies the stats to your liking. This way, the Tapu Koko will have your trainer details (hence belongs to you). Additionally, I’m not sure how the IV-Hidden Power system presently works, but I think it’s impossible for Flawless IVs to give Ice Hidden Power. (Of course, it could be arranged for you to get the Ice HP with the best possible stats, then Hyper Training the imperfect stats, just a thought.) I hope someone is willing to help you. As there’s a risk of getting people’s 3DS banned for going online with hacked software, not sure how many will take the risk...
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