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  2. Thanks again for the speedy response! Yeah, I'm fine with repeatedly viewing an encounter to get what I'm looking for; that's actually what I've been doing. I was just curious if there was another way, and I couldn't find anything online about it. Thanks for clarifying! ^^
  3. Encounter objects are templates, not actual PKM files. When you view an encounter object, PKHeX creates a new PKM from the template and puts it in the editor tabs. Recent commits since the last release allow for letting PKHeX use the current tabs values as a criteria when creating a PKM from an encounter object. If using the latest release, you can just repeatedly view an encounter until it meets your satisfaction, or use other tools to create a sufficiently valid PIDIV for manual editing.
  4. I am always astonished at how frequently and quickly you reach out to help people. Thanks for your time and for creating such a wonderful tool. I though Generation III had their natures tied to the PID? I'm not sure if that's what you were referring to or not. I'm essentially trying to get a Careful Cubone from FireRed with the Lightning Rod ability. (I already achieved this by simply searching for Cubone from FireRed and viewing each entry until I found what I wanted.) However, for future endeavors, I'd appreciate knowing how to better search in the Encounter Database to find spec
  5. I followed the tutorial and Dumped my pokemon shield v1.3.0, and the folder called "Pok__mon Shield v327680 (01008DB008C2C800) (UPD), when I tried to open with PKnx have this error "invalid folder loaded" , Dumped 3 Times and always have the error!! Have the lastest version of PKnx! Plz help!!
  6. There aren't any fixed nature (Careful) encounters from Generation 3.
  7. I'm trying to used the advanced tab in the Encounter Database in PKHex to search for Pokemon from FireRed with the Careful nature. I've read the batch editor tutorial, but for some reason, I still can't get the specified Pokemon to show up. I've tried =nature=careful, =nature=23, and the "!" and "." variations of the search. Still, it just shows the normal search results with random natures. Is there an up-to-date guide or tutorial on how to use the Encounter Database advanced tab?
  8. Yesterday
  9. I'm sorry, before we move on, what is it you want to do with the saves?
  10. Hello, Followed guide and dumped the following directory called "Pok__mon Sword v458752 (0100ABF008968800) (UPD)" which seems to be a newer version than those listed in the guide. When I try to open with PKNX I'm given an error saying "invalid folder loaded" I've tried dumping twice and both folders were identical at 12.1GB. Any guidance would be appreciated! Thanks
  11. I have the same issue only for sword... Pok__mon Sword v458752 (0100ABF008968800) (UPD). I get the same error pop-up and am also 12.1GB. Hope someone can help us soon. I noticed we're using versions of the game that seem to be newer than the ones listed in the guide on extracting the files
  12. bro, i use your program in the option full search. Now, What do have I do?
  13. I tryed again and its dosen't work and i found some old versions and they are work but i need ultra sun what can i do for error Exception Details: System.TypeInitializationException: 'PKHeX.WinForms.Main' tür başlatıcısı özel durum döndürdü. ---> System.TypeInitializationException: 'PKHeX.Core.GameInfo' tür başlatıcısı özel durum döndürdü. ---> System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Dizin, dizi sınırlarının dışındaydı. konum: PKHeX.Core.GameStrings..ctor(String l) konum: PKHeX.Core.GameInfo.GetStrings(Int32 index) konum: PKHeX.Core.GameInfo..cctor() ---
  14. Images for Legendaries, Ultra Beasts and Mythicals that can be transferred to Sword & Shield, as of now:
  15. .nds file only works on NDS emulators, check if you typed wrong, please. I have a question needed to answer:how can I change the font of pk3ds?
  16. List of Legendary and Singular Pokemon Programmed in Pokemon Sword & Shield:
  17. Last week
  18. https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/rdxEbTm4/ EDIT: Ninja'd with the download links, sorry
  19. You’re trying to make a gen 3 Pokémon and not follow the rules for how Gen 3 Pokémon are generated and on top of that you’re trying to make a Pokémon that has a quirk to its generation. You should just take one from the event database I linked you to earlier. Anyway here is the link for all possible shiny bonus disc Jirachi. Just use one of them and don’t edit it in anyway.
  20. I'd hazard a guess that WISHMKR Jirachi is probably in PKHeX's event database, it's probably easier if you just use that one. If you want to make it shiny, you'll need to look up PID/IV tables
  21. PS: I'm going to TRY to transfer it all the way to sword/shield when I get it.
  22. Whenever I try make Jirachi shiny I get this error
  23. To put it nicely and in a plain fashion: If you couldn't understand what I said in that reply, I can only assume you aren't technically skilled when it comes to the likes of GBA games and fake carts. As such:
  24. I've edited that reply to you. I'm guessing you didn't see it. ><
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