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  2. I know this came out 2 years ago but could you post the download on like gamebanana or something no link from here leading to it though, anyway just thought have a good day
  3. Thanks, I got it working now as legal. I guess my mouse was never reached the Latest handler for some reason. I got the "HT Language is missing", so I put English. Should I be putting English. I know it is a Japanese event pokemon, but I am an "English" name Trainer. I am new to PKHeX, so not sure if I am doing it correctly for this event pokemon. Thanks for your help!
  4. You need to click on the "Latest (not OT) Handler" box so it turns green. Since it is from gen 5 the current handler can't be the trainer that obtained the Pokemon; therefore, the Pokemon has to be in the possession of the new handler. The green highlight of the box notates who is the handler. Edit (Possible Error with PKHeX) Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think this event was available to any other language besides Japaneses games so if someone is wanting to say that it hatched in an English B2W2 they'd need to adjust the Met tab so that the "Egg met Conditions" to "Link Trade (Egg)". Currently PKHeX flags this Charmander legal if it's "Egg Met Conditions" is set to "Pokemon Event" and it's language is set to English.
  5. This is the event file that I am using. 095 Kanto Starter Egg Charmander JPN [PPorg].pgf
  6. Hi, I need help on getting a pk8 file from Gen 5 Block Kanto starters event. I have been using the file in the event page, but I can't get it to be legal for some reason. I get the Current handler error even when I add a name to the box. Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks in advance!
  7. On this topic, I see that in the video you posted with the codes for the battle backgrounds the opposing trainer sprite was Blue. I was wondering if there was an AR code that allows you to change the opponents sprite for a battle recorded on VS. Recorder like in the video: I know that KazoWar posted a code that changes the music and trainer sprite for WiFi and Random Matchup Battles, but those codes doesn't work for VS. Recorder battles: (I know that the generation 5 scene is generally considered dead, but I would really appreciate a response, thanks for your help)
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  9. I just now tried it, and it does! I actually didn't know Citra supported cheats until now. I like how much progress it's made.
    none of the gen 3 saves have any of the pokemon in the pics. kinda false advertising tbh
  10. So I am trying to edit ribbons/marks. Essentially want to remove them all on a box by box basis. What would be the commands I need to type in? =Ribbon=0 ? =box=1 (number for each box)?
  11. umm.. forgive me for asking this. I'm sure there is a place where this question is answered but I'm seriously not internet savy. How do I use these? could you link where I could find it if it is too lengthy?
  12. Derp. I figured I had to do that. Thank you for your help! Im new to pkhex so I dont really know much about it.
  13. This goes without saying, but you have to set the changes into the PC space. Left part of PKHeX is for viewing and editing, right part contains the PC slots that you view from and set into.
  14. Sorry for the late reply i got busy, but I wanted to know what you meant about changing the species. Do you mean in the Main tab? Because when I change the species and enter a name in the Not_OT handler and save the file it just reverts back to shelmet. Idk if I misunderstood or what.
  15. I've been looking for a while now, but have been unable to find any warp codes for Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire for warping to other locations (you enter a code, then step through a door etc.) I found them for LeafGreen/FireRed, Emerald but unfortunately not for Ruby/Sapphire. Do these codes even exist for those 2 games? Can anyone share those or point me in the right direction please?
  16. Version 1.0.0


    I made a living Gen 1 - Gen 7 Shiny Dex with all the Unown included
  17. hey, i'm having difficulties when randomizing pokemon x and y. i can load the game on my homebrewed 3ds, but the wild encounters aren't randomized, and neither are the starters, even though i randomized these with pk3ds. any fixes? thanks!
  18. event pokemon do not naturally come with the ribbons, unless you won contests with them. Even then: It's PROGRAMMED to add affection to OT affection, not Current Trainer affection. So contest mons will have the affection added to OT (incorrectly), as explained. Unless you meant something else with your question?
  19. Does it mean you can't tranfer some event pokemon with these ribbons since changing the affection value of the OT makes it illegal?
  20. https://github.com/FlagBrew/PKSM/releases There is this for the 3DS, until it get ported for the Switch you are going have to stick with Pkhex on the computer.
  21. Hey everybody. So there I was.. Sending my save file from my unhacked switch to my hacked one to extract it, send it to my PC, edit it, re-inject it and send it back from my hacked console to my clean one when I thought.. " you know, it would be amazing if Pkhex was an app for my switch!". So I came here to ask if there was one that might be in development? Or if it's even possible to translate the current pkhex we all know and love to a version runnable on the switch?
  22. Yeah there shouldn’t be any difference. It’s like giving 2 shiny charms won’t double the rates further.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    this save contains all evolve forms of all available pokemon with their shiny and competitive form i included all legendarys and some events from past gen ans some shiny eggs, i will keep updating more this save is ready for giveaways or pokemon for use in battle
  24. There is any code to get a wishing ribbon in one expecific pokemon on Pokémon Black (U) ds? Thanks in advance
  25. Why does pkhex think some of these aren't legal? For example both Charizards in box 1 show as "Ability does not match ability number".
  26. No Shadow Pokemon from XD can be shiny.
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