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  1. iirc its a different file in a different format.
  2. When I view a Pokemon then set it to another slot, if the Pokemon has never been traded(no not OT information), byte 0x92(not OT gender) is set to 0x02. If the Pokemon has been traded, then it is not affected. I also have Modify PKM Info disabled.
  3. KazoWAR

    SOS Encounter

    I caught one legit myself and it is saying the same thing.
  4. Good to see the sight back up and running.
  5. the new collection for September is the same link for the changes.
  6. Lower tier Pokemon can have sets meant for higher tiers. On the smogon pokedex, when looking a Pokemon you can toggle sets for various tiers.
  7. my system is 4.2.0-9U so i can use the palatine CFW. i used it to install a CIA of the browser v4096 with the version number spoofed to v65535 then i updated my emunand the browser is not updated.
  8. ramsav.bin was created on a 9.2 emunand. the 9.7 emunand is a different emunand i was using for 4.5 CFW that I updated aftering installing the version spoofed browser.
  9. Anyone have experience using RAM2Sav on 9.7 with the downgraded browser? It seems to work, I can see the edits, but my game always freezes after a few seconds. I am not having any issues using PCEdit, but I would like to restore my sav file.
  10. can you check if the Data folder contains PSavFix? I am not getting any errors on saving on my end.
  11. In Trainer editor, if a Pokemon has an alt form, but the base form is selected, the wrong abilities are shown.
  12. I meant older gen Pokemon like Celebi, there was a pokebank one i have, but there are some other ones that can only be blue penta from the 6th gen events because it not available in XY/ORAS. also powersave events from the same region might work, but i think cross region might mess with some region flags.
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