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  1. Hi! I am new here in this sort of forum section. I need those 15 Pokemon in my non-hacked Switch Lite's Pokémon Shield to complete the Dex as well as having some G-Max Pokémon that I can't have due to the lack of the Nintendo Online Membership. HOWEVER I could activate my 7-day trial to get these Pokémons into my game along with their items. Otherwise we could do a HOME Transfer with only 10 Mons out of 15 due to the daily limit. Please PM me or reply here if you can fulfill my request. I'll make 15 Alolan Pokémons for you in exchange ( I can transfer Pokemon from USUM, so if you need some Mons in HOME, please tell me! I'll be glad to help :) Then we could arrange the trade. NOTE : I usually don't go online and I DO NOT battle online. Also, these Pokémons are for MYSELF ONLY. I don't intend to trade them at all to other people. Pokemon Shield Dex Request.zip
  2. I recently lost my ORAS save files, so I got one on YouTube. The thing is, I can't seem to edit the original Trainer's name for my Secret Base, which is "@$$h0l3" (way to go for bypassing Nintendo's bad language filter, youtuber) My OT, ID and Secret ID were successfully changed with PKHex but not my Secret Base's Trainer name. How can I do this?
  3. Ok. Long time no see. I had both a Pokemon Black and Pokemon White game saves on LEGITIMATE cartdriges that were 100% done (exept Legendaries), but I lost those save files when some sort of glitch occured. So my request is a Pokemon Black save file that has been saved at the Elite 4 (before Reshiram, so no HoF), the main character can be of any gender, name etc... since it can be changed via PkHex. However, Tornadus musn't be roaming yet, Zorua and Zoroark not triggered and no Legendaries caught. I found the perfect one for White on some file-sharing place, but there was none for Black... Just in case, is it possible to convert a White save to a Black save? I am asking this due to the Black City/White Forest glitches that occurs when you swap version save files... And the save file MUST be from an English version. Thanks!
  4. I recently bought Pokemon X D - Gale of Darkness at a pawn shop and extracted my save file with my Wii. However, when I try to save my file in any way (Just want to edit my money and PokéCoupons as well as filling the Memo) the software crashes, closes on its own and corrupts the save file by making it totally empty. I tried different versions, but no success... What am I doing wrong? Colosseum works fine, but X D is not working AT ALL. EDIT : I downloaded a random save file, and much to my surprise, it WORKS. But I wanted a save file from the beginning of the game BEFORE snagging Teddiursa... Is it because of this that it is not working? Here is my file and the random dude's file that works. POKEMON_XD_My_File.gci POKEMON_XD_Random_Dudes_File.gci
  5. Hi! I'm somehow back because I have a question. I found this somehow very useful My Pokemon Ranch editor on 4shared that wasn't on PP.org (I believe the creator name is Artemis?) I no longer have Pokemon DP so I can't have my own ranch at 100% so one of my friends lend me a save file... but there's one catch ; even after following all the steps in the ReadMe.txt when I open my savedata.bin with the editor, nothing occurs, so I can't edit the Pokemon inside the save file. Can anyone check it out? I included the software, my data.bin and the decompressed files in the uploaded files below. Hopefully someone will shine some light on that problem of mine :) MyPokemonRanchHand-v.0.1.2.zip data.bin 0001000157424d45.zip
  6. Is there any QR codes for Alolan Sandshrew? Just wondering...
  7. I might not know on how some people managed to get the games before the release date, but I was wondering on how the four Deities can be caught or obtained. Are they gifts? Or roaming Pokemon? Something else? Just curious because I am exiced to get Tapu Koko when the games will be out.
  8. Just curious about the catch rates of the new Pokemon. A pal of mine got the demo, and couldn't catch a Rockruff even with its HP being at 1 with ANY of the balls he was given by the dude at the beginning of the challenge... this worries me for some Gen 7 Pokemon like Wimpod; you attack it ONCE, it flees! So you have no choice but to catch it at full HP... which would be annoying if its catch rate is low. Rumours also say that the random flee rate that was once exclusive to Gen 2 (such with Magnemite, Slugma or Dratini) is returning in Sun & Moon, but besides Wimpod, there's no proof for other Pokemon... Just wondering if the demo revealed hidden stuff such as catch rates and fleeing rates (if any).
  9. Recently I bought the oldest version of the GBA GameShark/Action replay and I started creating my own codes with VBA-H. But the catch is that the codes VBA outputs sounds like this - 00000000:00... obviously GS/AR input aren't like this. Here is my raw VBA code to edit a wild Pokemon level (replace XX with the level digit in hex) for Emerald on GBA - 02024798:XX How do I convert that for GBA GameShark/Action replay? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I have two codes suggestions. 1 - I know there's a 100% Recruit Code in the RED version, but none for the BLUE, even though both games are out since almost 9 years. I was wondering if it could be possible to make a 100% Recruit Code for the BLUE version on the DS. 2 - I remember I also saw these for RED. These codes allowed to change the the 1st Pokemon in Team into the Pokemon of your choice. For example, the Magikarp in Slot 1 of the team became a Kecleon thanks to these codes in a video I saw eons ago. Could somebody make these for BLUE?
  11. I have been wondering something that makes me nervous. Is the Safari Zone from the GBA games returning, or has it been replaced by the Friend Safari or something like that? I HATE the Safari Zones, so this is why I am asking this.
  12. How... creepy. Since I NEVER entered online battles and NEVER traded hacked Mons (I DO NOT have any, 'cause I DO NOT support cheating, especially online), I have no idea of what happened. Maybe someone played your pal's game and released all hacked Mons, tossed the items away and used all of his PokeMiles/BP points to buy items? EDIT - And I don't think extracting Wonder Cards can be done due to the 3DS' extreme encryption method.
  13. I do not think so, my friends have been using it a lot with the 8.0 update, especially to get FEMALE GALLADES, and nothing bad happened, though I would NOT recommand the FAKE DIANCIE code.
  14. Nope. They also cannot be female, as Nintendo wanted to prevent the breeding back then.
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