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Found 27 results

  1. I am requesting a pokemon to be WiFi traded to me in Pokemon Shield: [noparse] Pokemon Species: #132 Ditto Held Item: Destiny Knot Level: 100 Ability: Imposter Trainer ID: ANY Secret ID: ANY Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Egg (Yes or No): No Nature: Any Pokérus Status: Yes Pokéball Captured In: Premier Ball EV Stats: None IV Stats: 31IVs in all states Ribbons (If any): None Location/Date Met: Any Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): None Friend Code (If Trading): 1868-7898-4659
  2. Pokemon Species: Altaria (Female) Held Item: Big Nugget Level: 75 Ability: Natural Cure Nickname (If wanted): [None] Trainer ID (If specific): 348624 Secret ID (If specific): Any Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Egg (Yes or No): No Nature: Jolly Pokérus Status: None Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball EV Stats: 0/252/04/0/0/252 IV Stats: 31/31/31/31/31/31 Ribbons (If any): [None] Location/Date Met: Paniola Ranch, lv1 Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Paniola ranch, lv1 Friend Code (If Trading): 0018-1111-4196
  3. I'm starting a Pokemon Black Egglocke and need Pokegen Eggs to start off with. Please help me. Legality isn't a problem as long as the Pokemon is able to hatch out of an egg or able to have those moves.Please nickname the Eggs, I'm not creative with names unfortunately... No Legendaries or Phione please, since I don't want the play-through to be too easy. Send files over Email please, since it's easier. Send as many as you want, holding any item. Thank you! Ps: Set the happiness to 0 please, since the egg will not hatch quickly, and I'm not patient enough to wait.. Thank you! Send to this Email: mightyenatrickster262@gmail.com
  4. If this does not fits here, please put it where it should be. I suggest to change the Storage System. I find it very complicated that it is not possible to save one Box completely in one file. If every Pokémon is saved alone, the Name and Background of the box arent saved. I need one whole Hour to save my complete PC Boxes! Second, if it is possible to follow my first request, its logical that also at the ARDS output, it will be possible to put the whole PC Boxes in one file, an not only one Box per cheat. Then, I have got a question: I want to transfer all my pokémon from Diamond to Platinum, is this possible? I always failed, and I don't know why. Could so please explain how to do this? ( if its possible) Thanks and Sorry for my bad english, Reygok Edit: OMG, isn't there anybody who can answer? A good admin should have read this post, really!
  5. Since Vista is the devil and my XP computer died, I need help getting the new events. If anyone could get me the NZ Jirachi that was released earlier today, and possibly the Pichu that should be released today that would be fantastic. I need it as legit as possible, so using the WC to get a random one will make things easier. Just make sure the met date is the 19th since I want it to be from Jap. Thanks a ton!
  6. hey, I've got a few pokemon that I need for a team. I would appreciate it greatly if someone could make them up and send them over to me. There's two, very different Latios with the same name.
  7. If anyone has an extra kyogre they can trade me, that would be greatly appreciated and thanks! Ign: Naruto 3ds friend code: 0318 8055 1239
  8. ive decided that i should probably help out here some. for requests, i will accept anything with semi normal IVs, just post what pokemon, minimum IVs, nature, Ability you want, etc. I can do shiny pokemon too, just ask. These pokemon have the correct PID, ability class, and everything else, i will make them look exactly like legit pokemon unless requested otherwise. Note that i cannot actually trade these over WIFI as i do not have a ds with a working L Button. I can however PM the code to anyone who has an action replay. if this is the case, i will post it as a mystery gift Pokemon
  9. need some legit looking pokemon I need an Action Replay code This is for Pokemon Platinum SORRY ABOUT ALL THE BLANK FIELDS All the blank fields can be filled with anything as long as it's legit looking and legal. thank you
  10. Hey, I am pro at making any Pokemon for Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Just post it here and I will get it back to you in no time! :grog: Put your requests like this: Pokemon: Held Item: Moves: 1. 2. 3. 4. Stats: Ribbons: Met In: Trainer Name: Pokemon Nickname: Country: Special Abbility: Form (if a Pokemon that can change form): Just ask and I will serve!:grog: Fetts!:bidoof:
  11. Submit any Pokemon request below. I will give it to u in AR code. Happy Hacking, Omerick200
  12. I take pokesav requests so if you need a pokemon ill make it but no more than 3 requests per person my FC is 4769-3305-4019
  13. Hi Everyone, I see that a lot of people are offering up their services to create pokemon for others, and I thought I'd try my hand too. I'm only taking AR requests at the moment though if anyone is interested.
  14. Here can you put all your battle requests or IV check requests (IV Battle). @ Moderators, I hope it's ok ps: Sorry my English is not the best =/
  15. Please make the following pokemon look LEGIT plzzzz.. Pokemon Species: Scizor Level: 50 Ability: Technician Nickname (If wanted): SCIZOR (regular name) my Trainer ID (If specific): (does it matter if i want it to be legit?) my secret ID: Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Egg (Yes or No): no Nature: Adamant Pokérus Status: Yes Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball EV Stats: 248 hp 252 atk 8 speed IV Stats: perfect max all Ribbons (If any): None Location/Date Met: nov. 26, 2009 Gender: Male Pokemon Species: Heracross Level: 50 Ability: Guts Trainer ID (If specific): (does it matter if i want it to be legit?) Secret ID (If specific): "" Shiny (Yes or No): yes Egg (Yes or No): no Nature: Adamant Pokérus Status: yes Pokéball Captured In: pokeball EV Stats: 252 atk 4 def 252 speed IV Stats: perfect all max Ribbons (If any): none Location/Date Met: nov. 26
  16. I need the following codes I would like the codes seperate and i believe they are all mystery gift events. (you pick them up at a pokemart) Thanks!
  17. This is my first time doing this so I may need a little help when it comes to getting it right. This is for my rain dance team Toxicroak (male) (completed) Thanks UnderXRay! Rotom(info will be up soon) Friend Code (Trading): 1591-0964-5742 OT:Michael Platinum I want to make these legit so if there are any problems please tell me. I also don't have the equipment to use Pokesav myself so I'll need to trade. I can make 1-3 gen pokemon but I can't do the 4 gen or pokemon with egg moves and get 31 IVs so I decided to put in requests. Thanks for the help! Edit: Please?
  18. Hi, everyone. I want to try my hand at taking pokemon requests like everyone else has started to do. Right now I'm only doing AR codes for the requests I get, and if you want I can PM or e-mail the codes to you when they are ready. Friend Code: Name: Trainer Name & Gender: Trainer ID: Secret ID: Pokémon Species: Nickname (if any): Held Item: Ball Caught in: Met At Level: Level: Met at Location: Date Met: Gender: Nature: Ability: Shiny (yes/no): IVs: EVs: Contest Stats: Ribbons (yes/no and which ones): Moveset: 1) 2) 3) 4) PP Maxed: Is Egg (yes/no): Egg Hatched at (yes/no): Egg Received (yes/no): Game Region/Hometown: Language: Fateful Encounter (yes/no): Empty Storage Box # You want them to Appear in:
  19. Shiny Genesect http://i.imgur.com/zw1uIms.png Shiny Genesect http://i.imgur.com/zw1uIms.png Arceus http://i.imgur.com/y0vM6Ig.png Manaphy I dont have a code for this one Thanks
  20. Darkrai http://i.imgur.com/W3OXSsI.png Shaymin http://i.imgur.com/cElqude.png Arceus http://i.imgur.com/y0vM6Ig.png Victini http://i.imgur.com/0kHZTzm.png Genesect Jirachi http://i.imgur.com/q8mG2y4.png
  21. We are now taking Username Change requests. For more information see: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=5787
  22. palpark country only korea plz... plz; free.pkm
  23. Gengar's Pokésav Request Section. My Information:- Diamond FC - 5284 7580 0009 (This is the FC that you will need to add) Welcome to Gengar's Pokésav request, this section will be used to allow user's of this forum to request for Pokémon on P/D/Pt. I will be doing this in the Pokésav way in which I did previosuly back at the Pokésav forum. This will include you the user filling out the information that is below:- Once I've completed you're requests I will do my best to contact you ASAP to let you know that I've finished your requests. I will more likely send you a PM stating that I have. If you are able to leave your MSN or any other form of contact then this would certainly help because then the requests can be done faster and you recieve your Pokémon(s) a lot faster too. Previously I didn't accept AR code requests, but I think it's only fair that I actually do this now because users were before asking for AR codes. So this time around I will be accepting AR code requests. Rules 1. Please only ask up to SIX different Pokémon at a time. 2. Please don't double post asking the same request. 3. Please don't complain to me if I am not able to complete your Pokésav requests straight away. I will work as fast as I can. 4. If I not active and you are concerned about your requests, either PM over this forum, or contact me MSN - jordan-ross06@hotmail.com More rules will be added at a later date. Team This time I am willing to allow people to help in my section, this will only happen if I agree to this person to help out. At this current stage I am wanting maybe one or two other people to help out this section because then this will be a very sucessful topic. If I would like to help out here, please PM me and I will consider you been a helper. Thanks. Gengar Edit:- More information will be updated when it needs to be.
  24. Dungeon Event (Platinum Wonder Card) Dungeon Event Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Sora no Tankentai Gift (Permanent Shaymin Sky Form) MYSTRY MEW (Replaces 1st Pokemon in party): Baron Alberto Wonder Card Event: Will accept requests for fake TRU, Gamestp, Wonder Cards and more.
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