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  1. Hi, i saw your hack rom Pokemon mind crystal and found very cool. One feature that called my attention is that you made light ball work on raichu and pichu as well as pikachu. How did you do that? I'm still a begginer on hack rom so i don't know much, and i'm trying to make light ball useful to raichu in my pokemon fire red but i don't know how. i tryed to search every place but couldn't found any tutorial about items effects directly and how to change then. Could you explain to me how do i do this?  Thanks in advance.

  2. http://www.mediafire.com/file/0wwoa8sfgy8fbkj/Pokémon_MindCrystal(F)_v3.0.zip The source folder contains some of the ASM, so you can check for yourself some of the code behind the improvements. New: Both Latias and Latios roam through Kanto at Lv.50. Blue (the female FRLG deuteragonist) replaces Red in the female storyline (credits to NeonShadow2 for the sprites and NSora-96 for the overworld sprites). Pokémon palettes were updated to B2W2 standards and then improved even further if necessary. Some Pokémon were given a second type (Johto starters' final evolution
  3. When you can, write me. I have important things to tell you and I need a bit help.

  4. Coming soon: the Odd Egg, hatching into 1 Pokémon out of 17 possible species, and with 50% (actually 49.9904%) chance of being shiny. Tested on a NDS: xrpl_0220211E_ov_01:NOPLDR R0, =0x21D15A4LDR R0, [R0]LDR R0, [R0, #4]LDR R0, [R0, #0x18]LDR R1, =0x1264LDRH R1, [R0, R1]LDR R0, =LocationSTRH R1, [R0]LDR R0, =0x14BCMP R1, R0 @ Check if Day Care is the current locationMOVEQ R1, #0 @ If it is then Egg ID location will be Day Care CoupleMOVNE R1, #0xD @ Else it will be Mr. PokémonMOV R0, #1BX LRxrpl_0220212C_ov_01:NOPLDR R0, =LocationLDRH R1, [R0]LDR R0, =0x14BCMP R1, R0 @ Check if Day
  5. If a Pokémon uses Endure, is supposed to take damage equal or superior to its current HP, and happens to consume a held damage-reducing Berry the same turn Endure is used, then: _the Enduring Pokémon won't be left with Math.floor(Expected damage / 2) HP , nor 1 HP if Expected damage >= 2 * current HP; _but instead will be left with Math.floor(Current HP / 2) + 1 HP, or 1 HP if Current HP <= 2. In other words this tells us that Endure, if successful, is checked before damage-reducing Berries, which is obviously a bad design. A similar problem happens with Counter, Mirror Coat and Meta
  6. I see, some unforeseen consequences of this function located in ImprovedTrainers.s: @Incorporate Shininess:xrpl_0206DF1A:NOPLDR R2, [sP, #0x108]LDRB R2, [R2, #-0x14]LDR R3, =ShinyByteLDRB R2, [R3, R2]LDR R2, [sP, R2]LDRB R2, [R2, #3]TST R2, #0x80EOREQ R1, R1, #0x80000000STR R1, [sP, #0x3C]ADD LR, LR, #0x22BX LR which is actually hooked on the function where the shiny lock for Trainer's Pokémon is done. Instruction LDR R2, [sP, #0x108] is supposed to return an address in R2, problem is that the Rattata and the Marill from the catching tutorial also use this function, and in this case R
  7. beta 2.0 Fixed the quiet tune on map 108 (Route 45), a glitch that also occurs in the original versions. Fixed Strength graphical glitch that also occurs in the original versions. Fixed Facade graphical glitch that also occurs in the original versions. Fixed Kris' frames when riding a bicycle to the left. Fixed glitched Trainer names with 8 characters or more. Fixed 4 mistakes on overlay 18 that made the game hang upon sending some Pokémon according to their abilities (thanks Asia81). Routes 26, 27, 28, Tohjo Falls and Victory Road will always play the Johto versions of the Wi
  8. Video courtesy of Wooggle Smith, showcasing the Facade glitch : [video=youtube;frLwdt3bSW4] Every time Facade is used, the sprite of the Pokémon who used the move will go up (or down for some Pokémon) by 1 pixel. To fix that graphical oversight: _Go to narc wazaeffect/we.arc (DPPt) or a/0/1/0 (HGSS) _Go to file 263 (which is the index number of the move Facade) _Replace all 6 instances of 05 00 05 00 with 04 00 04 00 But that's not all, there's also a glitch with the move Strength which moves the sprite of the Pokémon who used it by 2 pixels to the right. Again to fix this: _Go to n
  9. This is the closest match I found that could describe the glitch you encountered: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_glitches_in_Generation_IV#GB_Sounds_muting _glitch [video=youtube;ObhQQYe8UI8] If it's not that, then: _Is it something you run into regularly, or was it a one-time thing? _Also in which route/city/cave/building does the glitch occur?
  10. You don't have to extract the text (narc a/0/2/7 btw), just download Spiky's DS Map Editor and you should be able to edit the text (and even add strings). And of course you can, all the mods I did in that ROM are free to use.
  11. I'm afraid not, or at least it won't come from me, sorry.
  12. No file attachment since the .zip is above 10 MB: http://www.mediafire.com/download/m3dnkqdpw9wr4vp Version 1.1 includes the gender-dependent storyline ASM Hack. Added Contrary in the list of abilities in the OP (Contrary is actually present in v1.0 but I forgot to put it in the list). The zip also includes a .sav where the female player is inside the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City. You can also browse through the Pokédex to see which Pokémon changed type. The Pokémon in the party all have moves they can learn in this hack, whether it is by level-up, move tutor, TM/HM or by breeding. I d
  13. Oh, that? Yes, a problem I never quite understood. What I know is that it happens only for trainers who have 8 characters or more in their name. Whenever I have the time I'll get a look on it and see if I can fix that.
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