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    Wow! I would love to get a copy! This is super important! We had a lot of hypotheses about how it worked based on testimony from people who have gotten the event. I have determined part of the algorithm based on actual Pokemon from the event. But there are lots of unknowns that we would love to figure out by reading the code. I've been looking for this disc for 12 years!
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    Even though the wondercards have been available for almost a month, here are some (100) codes for anyone who wants them! And these are different from the ones on Twitter too And Yes I am aware the event technically hasn't even started yet.
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    Alright so I beat the game with that save, and managed to make the two missions fresh again: https://i.postimg.cc/QCHmd6Hd/Pokemon-Ranger-Japan-12756.png
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    Try renaming the file extension from .wc8full to .wc8.
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    Oh look, someone decided to ask for a PKHeX SWSH update again, after I specifically said: Seriously, just be patient and wait. The games are not officially out. Do not ask again. If anyone asks even before the game is out, based on what is being said, it could mean that you pirated the games, and that assertion can lead to bans. For your own good, stop asking.
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    Hello everyone, I'm theSLAYER, your events moderator and forum manager here! First of all, I'll like to thank everyone for their past contributions and co-operation thus far! Foreword My hopes aside, I expect SWSH's events to be similar to LGPE, namely being non-injectable. As there are distributions for items and clothings/outfits, our contribution system would slightly differ from previous generations. Please please please read the entire section below, especially before you redeem your gift. How to contribute We need both of these: 1. Data that contains the event Provide a before redemption save and after redemption save (you could upload it here or PM it to me) [You're gonna need a modified/hacked Switch in order to extract the saves] or Alternatively, you may PM me and donate to us the serial code, if it's a items or clothings/outfits event. [Do note that with this, I will not be able to return you the code] 2. Details relating to the event If possible provide as much of below as possible: Pictures of the event location, the distribution device etc (if it's a local distribution) Photo/screengrab of receiving screen Serial code card (you can blank out the last 12 digits of the code; we only need the prefix, and a nice look at the card)
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    I'm fairly certain that you can't trade things that aren't in the Hoenn dex until you get the National Pokédex, regardless of whether you are trading to or from Emerald.
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    Make sure OneDrive is running and signed in. Also try moving the entire PKHeX executable elsewhere on the PC. You can also put all the files into one folder, right-click that and select "Always keep on this device" so the files are always available.
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    There's extra data that is set to the save file in order to specify which pokemon (and their encounter details) are supposed to spawn. Just hacking in the items won't do anything, since that data is missing. You'll have to wait for future updates to have this documented, as they'll kinda behave like mystery gifts.
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    The game is not even out officially. Stop asking for Sword and Shield content, as it could mean you're pirating the game. Wait until it is officially out.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just got my 3DS CFW working and got the saves for the Solgaleo and Lunala shiny popped over to upload. The PID says they are not legit, but I have done nothing to them and they are directly from my save (I moved Lunala from my Ultra Sun via Pokémon Bank). I am guessing that it is going to be illegitimate like a few others I brought over from the events, but here they are. Mewtari
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    LGPE codes were region free. Can't be sure about SWSH codes until SWSH is out. But then again. the Switch can change regions pretty easily anyway
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    So i took a chinese hack rom that is awsome as base and import most of the files to a clean copy of SS. After some weeks of work i made it to add some more content of my own and make the old scripts and sprites to work. All the hard work is done but it still have some bugs to fix that i have no idea how to fix so it need some more work but i have a solid base to start showing you guys. Most of the bugs are in scripts and in some trainers in the way (like some of them freezing the game before the battle) Since is my first time doing this im open to help or suggestions from more experienced people to fix the bugs so we can share a competed rom and a whole new experience to the people who loved the features in HGSS like i did. I will show you some screenshots and a short video. Let me know your opinions. I still need to add the text to the game but before that i wanna fix the bugs so dont pay much attention to it. Like i said this is my first time so please dont be mad at me lol. Here are the screenshots https://imgur.com/gallery/j0Pouty loloposta__16916.mp4
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    Okay I'll try that out. Basically the project is a simple grinder that'll automatically train Pokemon for me. All it'll do is run in the grass and fight Pokemon (use a set move I provide beforehand) until PP runs low or it needs to be healed, where it'll use Fly to get back to the closest city, heal, and run back to continue fighting. I have a couple more features I might want to build on but that's the general idea. I was thinking Lua to give input to the emulator but either a) reading through the memory or b) analyzing the frame for text to figure out what the player needs to do. Is Lua a good option for the second part or would it be better to use another language to figure this out? I've combed through the memory files here: https://projectpokemon.org/docs/gen-4/list-of-items-by-index-number-r23/ but I'm not sure what to be looking for. Thanks
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    I have found the location of my sprites in HG/SS. a/0/0/4. I extract the narc, which I have to add the extension to. This may be the first problem, I am unsure. However, when I open it in PokePic DS, the only images I get are garbled messes. I am trying to make custom shinies for some of my favorite pokemon. Any advice to fix this? What am I doing wrong? Also, for whatever reason, I can't find a version of PokePic that is not in Italian.
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    Hello, I tried to reset some legendary to rebattle them (I tried on Zapdos and Articuno), but it doesn't work, they don't appear again.
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    all i did was you the batch editor .Egg_Day=1 .Egg_Month=1 .Egg_Year=2013 all pokes have the error occur Unhandled Exception.txt
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    1. Are you able to edit totem pokemon battles? (eg. I change Gumshoos to a Pikachu) 2. If so, will the models used in cut scenes be replaced or nah 3. How can I change a battle from a single battle to a double battle? 4. What does "AI Val" mean 5. Can you change the z crystal rewards using Pk3DS? Hope somebody can help. Many thanks, Ben
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    Has anybody made a hack where its possible to use Meltan and Melmetal in USUM? I think that would be a cool addition and would love to try one out
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    Took: A8994P6XRCZU5WD7 A8994P79Y74E7TMN Thanks a lot @theSLAYER, Sabre!!
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    Ah, my bad. Tho, why not just change the details of the trainer of the save, as opposed to batch editing. It's all your prerogative tho, just listing another option. Well, can't exactly fault other people for not giving you a response, since it's something you could have easily checked tho, either through running simple tests, or checking online resources. In any case, you've gotten what you've asked for, so I'll proceed to lock this thread before I have to deal with any more snark XD (friendly prod)
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    I redeemed this one: A8994PHC9NNF336R This one too: A8994N2QXACT5PSU
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    I agree, but there's always gonna be people who don't care. I imagine that people without accounts also just grab a code and go. It's kinda why I'm not posting huge amounts at a go. In any case, here's another 50.
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    It would be decent if people redeeming codes, could post which codes they redeemed. That way, others don't have to waste time going through each code, 1 by 1. From the 1st 100 codes distributed by @Sabresite, I have tried the following but I was unable to redeem. This way, others don't have to go through this lengthy process.
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    They are, yes. It's just the result of a quirk in the game's programming that the devs overlooked.
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    when booting the ranger 1 game, it checks the cartridge inserted into slot-2 of the ds handheld and if it contained valid distribution mission data, it would download this data from there and store it in the savegame.
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    Japanese ranger 1 was rather interesting. if i recall right, it had two ways of mission downloading, slot 2 (this is where decchi.bin's title screen came from) and ds local wireless. oh and the downloaded data was really the mission data, it was not just a flag as the data was not inside the game ROM. might be possible to create own missions for the game and distribute them to japanese games
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    Pokemon Ranger (USA) Pokemon Ranger (Europe) The Japanese versions handled the missions differently and I would have to do more extensive work to see if I can make the missions work for Ranger 1.
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    Canadian pride
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    Codes can be redeemed by January 15, 2020.
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    Thanks for reporting, should be fixed in the next release As the program grows bigger, lazy direct manipulations become harder to maintain. I've reworked things in the past few months to more closely match how they're manipulating data in the games (block objects doing the logic), so small hiccups aren't impossible!
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    Much appreciated, I've been waiting for this one.
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    When you fuse Necrozma it will use the data from Necrozma. So if your case your Dusk Mane will use the nature, IVs, and EVs from Necrozma. It works exactly the same with Kyrem.
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    Hey PP community! I am asking the people who love to research and love collecting event pokemon to make a Event Pokemon Research/Collection Discord Themed Server. if anyone’s down message me on discord: iTNZPlusPlus#1498 or message me on ProjectPokemon.
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    Version .


    This gift is distributed to players who registered with the Secret Club, to commemorate the registration of 55,555 members with the Pokémon Secret Club! In order for players to join the Secret Club, players must pre-order Sword & Shield from a participating Japanese retailer. Players would then receive a code that is required to register with the Secret Club. The Trainer ID 000132 appears to be a pun based on Secret Club: 1 (hi from hitotsu - first) 3 (mi from mitsu - third) 2 (tsu; Japanese' roman pronunciation of 2) -> Himitsu (means secret) Species Necrozma Nickname (default, save lang) OT ひみつ TID 000132 Distribution Serial Code Location a lovely place Dates Sep 06, 2019 to Feb 03, 2020 PID Shiny PID Games JP: SM USUM Lv. 75 Nature Random Ability Prism Armor (1) Item None Bundled Item None Card Per Save Only One Allowed Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Light Screen Substitute Moonlight (None) WC ID 305: 「ひみつの ネクロズマ プレゼント」's receiving text 0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. Classic ひみつの ネクロズマ プレゼント ポケモンひみつクラブの かいいんが 55,555にんを こえた きねんに いろちがいの ネクロズマを プレゼント! Format Ver.1.0.8-2, Post Updated Date:20190906_1856 Original post: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/54475-sm-usum-pokémon-secret-club-shiny-necrozma/
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    BIG UPDATE All of the 426 Mews are finally together and even the mysteries about their placements are solved thanks to @Sabresite's newest findings. A completely new Set of 5 Mews was discovered with the initial seed 0x5E2B. In fact it appears Mew #1, #2, #4 and #5 of the Seed 0x6065 (which I reconstructed earlier and we believed them to be in the Party) were deleted in order to generate the new Set. This leaves number #3 of Seed 0x6065 (to be found in Box 1, Slot 1) the only Mew of its Set that was actually traded/distributed, so from now on the rest of the Set will be moved to the category of "Unreleased Events". This was confirmed by Sabresite based on some old collected data and while all 5 Mews of the new 0x5E2B set were traded, 4 of the 5 0x6065 Mews weren't, so they were not on the save file when it was ready for the Distribution. The most confusing part to me is "WHY?" but then I came to the conclusion that it must have been because of how the software works. It was edited with minimal effort and otherwise works much the same as the newer Multi Boot software we know. Before the generation it checks how many Pokémon are in hand and if it's greater than 5 it returns false without generating anything with the respective error code. For Mystery Mew they changed it to greater than 1 and in addition they returned from the modified GenerateMew Subroutine (Mystery Mew is basically Hadou Mew btw...) with the loop inside and after the return they add 5 instead of 1 to the Team Slot. When I reconstructed Mystery Mew for the research I was thinking too complicated first and wanted to do it in a way that is smart, convenient and works smooth and dynamically, but from what I see now having analyzed different revisions and code from NOA they like keep it simple. Where the loop starts and where it ends was a big question to me as it could have been in or outside of the main function, but it is definitely within the function. The srand function is in it and this would result in a reseed everytime you call it, so it is very clear that the loop starts after the srand() call and it ends with a recalculation for the Team Slot and i+1 which is checked against the number 5 to end the loop. The most important thing however is the static number 5 being added to the Pokémon Team Count after the return and this can only mean that the check before the generation was changed too, they just swapped the numbers. Obviously the software was planned to generate no less than 5 Mews and this means that they were forced to sacrifice 4 Mews to finally fill all of the 6 Party Slots. Huge thanks to Sabresite for resolving this. The case was already closed to me, so I'm really happy that he gave it another shot.
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    Hey, so I suppose that this thread will also be used for Let's Go stuff if anyone wants down the road. lol Anyways, figured I'd share some ways to give and aid anyone who'd want to edit their save file(s) with completely legal and obtainable data on their PokeDex and inventories: !Make a backup of your save if you attempt to do any of this! Let's Go legally complete PokeDex The following will give you a complete PokeDex with all the 153 obtainable Pokemon except Shiny forms of Starter Pikachu (Starter Eevee doesn't have its own page) and Mew. Instructions (for Windows): Download and install HxD if you don't have it. Open your savedata.bin into the program. Click on Edit-->Select Block... (or Ctrl+E). Input 2A88 for Start-offset and 4AEF for End-offset. Click OK. Highlight and copy the entire values in the spoiler below, and then right-click the highlighted part in the program and select Paste write (or Ctrl+B): 7. Select File-->Save (or Ctrl+S). 8. Open the hex edited savedata.bin into PKHeX, and feel free to change the PokeDex displayed forms along with Min and Max Height/Weight values to your desire if needed, then export the save file and import it back into your game. Let's Go legal Inventory guide The following will help you with injecting legal and non-Key Item inventory assets. Medicine Pouch: Set the count to whatever you want and press Give All-->All TM Pouch: Set Count to 1 and press Give All-->All (If you happen to obtain a TM you didn't get in-game after doing so, just set it to 1 again) Ball Pouch: Set the count to whatever you want and press Give All-->All Item Pouch: Give yourself the following if you don't have them, and then modify their individual count if you'd like: Repel Super Repel Max Repel Tiny Mushroom Big Mushroom Pearl Big Pearl Stardust Star Piece Nugget Heart Scale Helix Fossil Dome Fossil Old Amber Bottle Cap Gold Bottle Cap Lure Super Lure Max Lure Battle Item Pouch: Give yourself the following if you don't have them, and then modify their individual count if you'd like (Mega Stones are Key Items in this game as well as the Key Stone itself and must have a quantity of 1): Guard Spec. Dire Hit X Attack X Defense X Speed X Accuracy X Sp. Atk X Sp. Def Power-Up Pouch: Set the count to whatever you want and press Give All->All Candy Pouch: Set the count to whatever you want and press Give All->All Finally on a side-note if anyone cares, I've added the recent games' NPC trades in all languages! So feel free to use and modify them however you'd like using the .txt included. I know and apologize it wasn't really anything, though, I should hopefully be back for proper researching with Gen 8 in I suppose late 2019 or whenever then and I get the time, so this is adieu with Gen 7 for me.
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    Starting a topic related to reverse engineering game code, specific for the switch pkm titles. Reverse engineering code of Nintendo Switch titles is most commonly done with the Interactive Disassembler (IDA) and the Hex-Rays extension, which converts the assembly code to easier to understand c code. Using SwitchIDAProLoader, you can load the game .nso file which generates the .i64 database used for 'disassembling' the game code. With the disassembly in hand and a blind understanding of how the code is laid out, finding your bearings within the millions of instructions is hard. It is recommended to search for a sequence of values, such as the list of TM Moves (ordered TM01, TM02, TM03), then branch out from there. Keep in mind that the games were programmed by humans, but the compiler may optimize things into relative gibberish. Useful hotkeys: F5 with cursor placed on/within a function = go to function definition x = cross reference list for selected variable/function / = add new comment n = rename variable/function escape = go back (e.g. if you go to definition then press escape, this will pop you back out to where you were before peeking). Here's some hints: byte sequence (68 96 40 39 94 06 00 11 9F 02 08 6B). This will put you in the method that creates the pkm's PID, which is called every time a new Pokémon is generated (sub_71007399B0). Search "Immediate value" for '632' (Shiny Charm item ID). Filter by MOV instruction. The third result=sub_71002F6760 (which is the first that actually uses 632 immediately in a function call) is the wild catch combo shiny rate/IV determination method. Search "Immediate value" for '874' (new Silph Scope item ID). Filter results by MOV instruction again. This will get you the 'has inventory item' function (first=sub_71002BF180 and second result=sub_71002fe3c8). The latter result from above is the main wild spawn function sub_7100300B84 (gets the Height group xs/s/normal/l/xl) which is called by the above method, is also used by sub_710082D89C. This method is the 'exp boost' factor which gives bonuses based on throw type/etc. Feel free to discuss your findings about the game code here!
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    Hi, I had the same problem and i solved it by changing the number at OT/Misc - Extra Bytes to 0. Para los que tienen el error de " No se puede obtener la Especie en los juegos de la Consola Virtual " cambien este número a 0, a mi me funcionó :)
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    I found the flag months ago, so if you can hex edit, try looking here:
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    Cool, nice find. Forgot that PKHeX can check for Crystal Event Flags. As for your problem, I don't think there were separate logs per game from what I've seen. (tho I haven't touched upon Mystery Gift stuff for some months now as you can see, so I'm not really sure.) And these may be the flags for each decoration item(s) for Crystal if they're consistent with each other, but I'm not 100% certain: 676 = Feathery Bed 677 = Pink Bed 678 = Polka Dot Bed 679 = Pikachu Bed 680 = Red Carpet 681 = Blue Carpet 682 = Yellow Carpet 683 = Green Carpet 684 = MagnaPlant 685 = TropicPlant 686 = JumboPlant 687 = Town Map 688 = Pikachu Poster 689 = Clefairy Poster 690 = Jigglypuff Poster 691 = NES 692 = Super NES 693 = Nintendo64 694 = Virtual Boy 695 = Pikachu Doll 696 = Surf Pikachu Doll 697 = Clefairy Doll 698 = Jigglypuff Doll 699 = Bulbasaur Doll 700 = Charmander Doll 701 = Squirtle Doll 702 = Poliwag Doll 703 = Diglett Doll 704 = Staryu Doll 705 = Magikarp Doll 706 = Oddish Doll 707 = Gengar Doll 708 = Shellder Doll 709 = Grimer Doll 710 = Voltorb Doll 711 = Weedle Doll 712 = Unown Doll 713 = Geodue Doll 714 = Machop Doll 715 = Tentacool Doll 716 = Gold Trophy 717 = Silver Trophy 718 = Big Snorlax Doll 719 = Big Onix Doll 720 = Big Lapras Doll
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    Ok, these'll be my last findings for the week. I really wanna start prepping to play Ultra Sun tomorrow. Necrozma 2692 6E: Not Caught 6F: Caught Solgaleo/Lunala 269B 32: Present 3E: Not present Solgaleo fused with N-Solarizer 4104-4207 Lunala fused with N-Lunarizer 4208-430B Stats: 074 - Battle Agency Battle Wins 191 - Battle Agency Battles Happy hacking!
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    Alright, after literal hours of going though a tedious process to find offsets, I finally managed to uncover the data for the Japanese and Korean versions; Glad there's no Crystal in Korean, that lessened my boat! XD But do note that I can't completely confirm some things such as Mystery Gift as I don't have access to the games of those languages for 3DS VC, so that's where you researchers with those copies can come in to clarify if they're on point, as well as any other data that you think is invalid/incorrect. Also still need Mom's savings in Japanese and Korean. As a bonus since I'm feeling nice today, here's the hex data line for one of Carrie's teams from Stadium 2: 32 9D AC 81 2B 6C 32 63 98 0B 0C 6A 32 65 57 81 CD 71 32 D4 E8 A3 61 74 32 E9 A1 3C B0 9F 32 A6 81 08 5B DB @theSLAYER I found the offsets a while ago for the GS INT (and speculated the Japanese and Korean offsets). I tried modifying the bytes of the ones staring at offset 1XXX, but they didn't seem to do anything (also couldn't find any hint of the Japanese ones stored twice), modifying the ones at 2XXX worked: I changed Raikou at offset 2B82 to TTar's byte and it was on its dex entry as a roamer! But anyways, here's my docs: GS INT: Raikou: 13E0 and 2B82 Entei: 13E7 and 2B89 Suicune: 13EE and 2B90 GS Japanese: Raikou: 2AE6 Entei: 2AED Suicune: 2AF4 GS Korean: Raikou: 182C and 2BC4 Entei: 1833 and 2BCB Suicune: 193A and 2BD2 Didn't look at Crystal since it's different with Suicune not being a roamer, but I assume you're looking at it?
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    Hey guys, I decided to research the barren Gen I saves and found out some hex values on how it works. What I documented so far: Rival's name: 25F6 INT / 25F1 JPN Pikachu's Beach Hi-Score (Yellow): 2741 INT / 2737 JPN Rival's starter (29C1 INT) / (29B7 JPN): 99: Bulbasaur (RGB) B0: Charmander (RGB) B1: Squirtle (RGB) 01: Jolteon (Yellow) 02: Flareon (Yellow) 03: Vaporeon (Yellow) Player's starter (29C3 INT) / (28B9 JPN): 99: Bulbasaur (RGB) B0: Charmander (RGB) B1: Squirtle (RGB) 54: Pikachu (Yellow) Starter not picked in Oak's Lab (2857 INT) / (284D JPN): 9E: Bulbasaur (Charmander chosen, RGB) B5: Charmander (Squirtle chosen, RGB) AE: Squirtle (Bulbasaur chosen, RGB) DD: None (Yellow) Static-encounter Pokemon Snorlax on Route 12 (2855 INT / 284B JPN): 02: is present 42: not present -> 2A84 (INT) / 2A7A (JPN): 00: battleable / 80: battled Snorlax on Route 16 (2856 INT / 284C JPN): 18: is present 1C: not present -> 2A8C (INT) / 2A82 (JPN): 00: battleable / 02: battled Articuno (286F INT / 2865 JPN): 00: is present / 2F: not present -> 2B2E (INT) / 2B24 (JPN): 00: battleable / battled: 04 Zapdos (285C INT / 2852 JPN): 00: is present / 20: not present -> 2A80 (INT) / 2A76 (JPN): 00: battleable / battled: 02 Moltres (285D INT / 2853 JPN): 00: is present / 08: not present -> 2A9A (INT) / 2A90 (JPN): 00: battleable / battled: 40 Mewtwo (286C INT / 2862 JPN): 00: is present / 80: not present -> 2B0B (INT) / 2B01 (JPN): 00: battleable / battled: 02 Gift Pokemon Mt. Moon Fossil (285F INT / 2855 JPN): 60: unclaimed / E0: claimed Bulbasaur (Yellow) (2858 INT / 284E JPN): 01: is present / 11: not present -> 2A08 (INT) / 29FE (JPN): 00: unclaimed / 01: claimed Charmander (Yellow) (2A9C INT / 2A92 JPN): 00: unclaimed / 80: claimed Squirtle (Yellow) (2A1B INT / 2A11 JPN): 00: unclaimed / 80: claimed -> 29D6 (INT) / 29CC (JPN): 00: unclaimable / 04: claimable Eevee (285A INT / 2850 JPN): 16: unclaimed / 36: claimed Lapras (29DA INT / 29D0): 0A: unclaimed / 0F: claimed Pokemon chosen from Fighting Dojo (285B INT / 2851 JPN): 10: None / 14: Hitmonlee / 08: Hitmonchan -> 2A5D (INT) / 2A53 (JPN): 00: not chosen / 41 (JPN): Chosen / 81 (INT): Chosen If you need any help on how any of this works or found anything new to contribute feel free to post them here!
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    Thank you so much for creating this pokemon emerald .sav file. I can clearly see how much effort you put in it and i respect that. but I just have a little problem, I can not find the .sav file, could you please tell me where I could get it?
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