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    I made my first plugin for PKHex. It sorts boxes based on different regional dexes and is located at https://github.com/foohyfooh/PKHexSortingPlugin
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    Haha after slacking for months I finally decided to implement this on PKHeX, so you can expect it on the next release, whenever that happens. (sorry for the double post after soo long)
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    Thanks, resolved in latest commit. Should generate fine now; other refactorings made the first part show up as legal. https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/39e5c9000d3992a2d52bd333d73771644cfb09d7
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    You can use this plugin for PKHeX to inject the trainer data into your own save file. Get the trainer files from here: English Trainers https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery/tree/master/Released/Gen 3/ENG/e-Card Trainers Japanese Trainers https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery/tree/master/Released/Gen 3/JPN/e-Card Trainers
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    https://3ds.hacks.guide/ universal 3ds hacks guide. The guide that Slayer provided you cover all steps to recover the save, except where to find the tool needed. I think it's leaked official Nintendo content so not sure if it can be shared into this and other sites
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    @MajinDJX so you have a 00000001.sav from your 3DS, but you can't load it back, is that the main gist of it? if so: 0) DO NOT FORMAT YOUR 3DS 1) Install CFW on your 3DS 2) Install savedatafiler (can't tell you where) 3) Run savedatefiler, remove the secure value of the game 4) Off the console, place 00000001.sav into where it's supposed to be 5) Now on the console, load the game. Effectively:
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    https://3ds.hacks.guide/troubleshooting Found it, the first guide here fixed my issue. Thanks!
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    Hello i can help. Please trade me a low level pokemon you caught
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    That Alolan Raichu has been caught by me during the Event Raid, then modified in PKHeX to edit TID, SID and IVs. You can edit it to match your IDs. You can also edit the IV, but to to mantain it fully legal, IVs-Nature-Pid-EC should match the RNG calls. You can use a calculator such as Raid Finder for that. 026-01 ★ - Raichu - 0E4E1D4EF79B.pk8
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    It was hardcoded for Diamond & English; latest commit now uses the trainer version & language if they're gen4 games (not KOR) https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/187ed9775a5827770e2c429662a6b9573b22c74c
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    I used 1 YOSHIRA Mew shared on this site for my Pokémon Blue run. I also traded Charmander and Zapdos from the Twitch Plays Pokémon savestates. Someday I will upload it to my Blue Cartridge. It was a fun experience. Also in Gen 2 I've been doing some shiny hunting, I use PkHex to preserve my shiny Pokémons for future Gen 2 runs.
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    Mine does not work, but i know there are some models that works for GBA too. You need to read the description of the dumper you're going to buy. Anyway, for GBA save file you don't need a dumper if you have a DS Fat/Lite with a Flash Card like an R4:
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    IsNicknamed isn't a stored property; it's derived to help the user edit things (and for legality checks). I've revised the logic so that it uses the Language value; shows up as legal now: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/1ee459a46c4d1cc8c61a7691dc277dbcf8fbbdad Back 3+ years ago the PK3.Language field wasn't documented, hence the use of the vague "any language" check like was done for Gen1/2.
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    Go in SAV tab, then Mystery Gift.
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    During the live stream of the Pokémon Japan Tournament 2020, a Gastrodon based on PJCS2019 Champion's Gastrodon will be given away. It appears this giveaway only applies during the duration of the livestream. Broadcast Info: Saturday, August 22 Junior category around 10AM JST Senior category around 1PM JST Master category around 16PM JST (Broadcast links in the source) Source: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/sp/tournament_2020/
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    This is a legit Norway Mew for GEN 1 Pokemon games, distributed by Club Nintendo. TID: 10595 OT: NORWAY The Club Nintendo Mew distribution ran in Norway from October 15th 2000, to November 20th 2000 and required you to be a Club Nintendo member to receive a Mew. Club Nintendo members could post their game cartridge to Club Nintendo, Nedre Rommen 5, 0988 OSLO. Once the cartridge was received by Nintendo a Mew would be distributed to it, before the game cartridge was posted back. This Mew was obtained by Digiex Member Golden Toilette back when he was 9 years old. So do send a big thanks his way for preserving this Mew 19 years later. Magazine Scans and Translation: Download: Club Nintendo Norway Mew.zip Included is the original save, the extracted Level 100 Norway Mew and also the Mew reverted to Level 5. All credit to Golden Toilette for this release, he sent everything my way on Digiex so I could write up and share it for everyone to enjoy.
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    Yeap, the problem is this, I can't load it back my Pokemon X sav file. So, to install the CFW, is there any tutorial or any recommended one? (I found some site on on google, but not sure if it's the only option or so). And this guide that you put, is covering all the steps that you said to me after installing the cfw, right? Sorry for this noob questions, but I really didn't do this things many times hehe Edit: also, thank you
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    Ah I see, so the earlier block does not have to be the "primary" save, I will just edit both primary and back-up saves for good measure then. Thank you!
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    A repository for random distribution devices used across the years. Quick rundown of the images that we have presently Gen 1 (VC) UK VC Mew Redemption (and Save Restore screen on the distribution device!) JP VC Mew Redemption Gen 1 & 2 (Retail) Toys R Us security sealed Mew Cartridge and Gameboy Mew and Celebi Machine (and article) Spaceworld Mew screen (has different sprite than standard Mew) Gen 3 Pokémon Day 2004, Germany - Multilingual selection screen (Eon Ticket?) Aura Mew Distribution Device 10ANNIV/10 ANIV Distribution Device (Groudon GBA SP and Yellow GBA SP) Pokémon Festa 2005, Japan - Festa Metang Device and Redemption Mystic Ticket Distribution, Japan European Shiny Zigzagoon Old Sea Chart Redemption (device can't be seen) Gen 4 Crown Entei (Slot 2) Regigigas Redemption Video (Slot 2) Battle Festa, Diamond - Magmar (Slot 2) 10TH Deoxys (Slot 2) Misc. Distribution carts (User YoshiMoshi's collection photograph) Gen 5 Misc. Distribution carts (User YoshiMoshi's collection photograph) Gen 6 & 7 Various distribution 3DSes: Movie 18, Korea PC Birthday 2017, Japan Pop-up Store Charizard, Korea WCS Mew, Korea Eevee Friends, Korea Melemele Shiny Tapu Koko, Korea Worlds18 Meloetta distribution relay
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    Never tried, may be possible, provided the file isn't signed. Also, even if you edit the rule on your end, it may not work for battles with others in general. Using event raids as an example, when an event raid is edited on one console, only another console with the same edits can see it locally. (I know I mentioned locally, and here's online event raids for comparison: when you try to bring the edited raid online, the server forces the console to use the current event raid file. It's the same as going online with an out-of-date event raid). As such, even if you edit the rules on your end, it is plausible that the other party would need to have the same edits on their console. Additionally, when you mentioned "timer", it also makes one wonder if that's a game mechanic (hence cannot be changed) or an editable feature. There's a lot of unknowns really. And who's to say bringing edited rules online is not a magnet for plausible bans.. I'm interested to see how this goes either way, if you do stuff locally (to prevent bans, see if it works).
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    I know how to use Batch editor to apply to *one* box, but not *some boxes* (and ignore others). If you want batch editor to work for some boxes (so more than one), open another same generation save, and import the boxes (that you wanted modified) into that save, then run batch editor there. Alternatively, run the edits box by box. Example, to remove mons in Box 1: =Box=1 .Species=0
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    Hi everyone! I just uploaded some Pokemon DS rom hacking tutorial vids and wanted to post them here in case they help anyone out. They are definitely not high level stuff, mostly a showcase of how to use tools like Tinke, Kiwi, PokeDS/Pis, DS Text Editor, and PPRE for trainer editing. So more of a "rom hacking for dummies" kind of guide. Topics Discussed: Pt 1: Overworld Sprites (including the elusive HM summon sprite) Pt 2: Trainer Front/Back sprites and VS faces before a gym battle Pt 3: Pokemon Sprites Pt 3.5: Advance Pokemon Edits Pt 3.75: Gen IV Sprite Editor Pt 4: Text Editing (OLD WAY) Pt 4.5: Text Editing 2 (BETTER WAY) Pt 5: Opening, Intro, Ending locations Pt 6: Enemy Trainer Pokemon Teams Pt 7: Pokemon Icons Pt 7.5: Pokemon Icon Pallets Pt 8: How to use Photoshop and Graphic Gale Pt 9: Diamond/Pearl Battle Sprites Pt 10: Trainer Cards (Both Gen 4 and 5) Pt 11: HG SS Pokemon Follow Overworld Sprites Pt 12: 3D BMD0 Overworld Cutscene Trainer Sprites Pt 13: Pokemon Cries to Pretty Much Anything Also now have a Map Editing series! Pt 1: Pokemon DS Mapping Tutorials Pt1: Make Your First Map with PDSMS Pt 2: Pokemon DS Mapping Tutorials Pt2: How to Import Custom Maps Pt 2.5: Reshaping a World (Matrix Editing) Pt 3: Adding Buildings to Maps with PDSMS Pt 4: How to Make Warps Pt 3.25: Find HG SS Building Tilesets/Packages in SDSME If you have any questions, leaving a youtube comment would be a much faster way to reach me.
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    Added parts 2.5, 3, and 4 for mapping!
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    Was just offering an alternative, since one hasn't showed up since the release of SWSH. Happy waiting :3
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    no no, not that. This is an old image, for when Shiny Necrozma released but PKHeX isn't updated yet. (So Shiny Necrozma appeared illegal, despite being legal. Because PKHeX has yet to update at that time, to include it). That's the context. Create a folder named mgdb at the same location where your PKHeX (not the shortcut, the main file) is located. (My PKHeX.exe is inside the pkhex folder) Inside the mgdb folder, place the wonder card. Then boot up PKHeX. The event is now appears legal.
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    I believe that the Multi-Gen Saves project should have them, if I am not mistaken.
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    I suggest you tu use a Discord server with a sysbot. use /dump or /clone command to get a pk8 file of your Pokémon. Sysbots are free to use. When you have your pk8 file, just drop it into PKHeX. If you want you can also use the Leanny's Raid Plugin for PKHeX to use the Raid Seed Finder. With it you can calculate the RNG Seed and check if it's a possibile mon or not. https://github.com/Leanny/PKHeX_Raid_Plugin EDIT: Also if it pass every checks, it could be a raid with an injekted RNG Seed. No one could know but the host.
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    Renaming a zip file to "exe" doesn't unzip the file. This isn't hard.
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    Thanks for the mod btw! I'v been enjoying it, it's very refreshing seeing new Pokemon for a game I'v played to death as a kid.
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    It is known that both games need to have the exact same KNormalEncount to be able to see each other's event raids on Y comm. Both Switches will need to have the same versions and same files for the event raids. This can be observed naturally with wild area event raids; If the first unit has wild area news updated, and the second unit has wild area news outdated, neither will be able to see each other's event raids, not even locally. (if you bring the outdated event raid Online, the server will force it into the updated event raid) (and funny, that's my excel sheet) erm, PKHeX > SAV > Raids a) No need to edit the Raid block b) You can only change to things that exist in the den. Read my previous reply on how changing things to stuff that don't exist in the den cannot be done via save editing. The manipulation via PKHeX can be seen here: https://projectpokemon.org/tutorials/save-editing/gen-8_157/encounter-wanted-max-raid-pokémon-r104/
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    oki, thanks for all the response ^^
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    Yes, as @theSLAYER said, we have just to wait the next release. I noticed I've the same problem with two other mons in my Pokémon Yellow VC. But I'm sure everything will fixed soon. 056 - MANKEY - FC0C.pk1051 - DUGTRIO - 3185.pk1
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    Pokewalker encounters are Shiny Locked, so no way you can get a legal Shiny Surf Pikachu until gen 7. Here there is a legal 6IV (31) Timid Pikachu with Surf: 025 - PIKACHU - 5B87E9000007.pk4 It's genned, not obtained in game.
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    I personally restore them into my actual carts. The goal is to have two (Jap and non-jap) carts per gen with all the possibile events.
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    Was looking for a legit real one of these
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    Hi guys, Hi, I revive this because I promised to give you the sprites without a watermark. I just updated the post with a mega link to all the work I did those days, it is not much but if it works for someone I will be satisfied, bye ^^
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    It is impossible to get a level 10 Magearna in any scenario, therefore it can't be legal let alone legit.
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    I wasn't just referring to that thread, I was referring to this post too. I removed the other post, cause this one already exists. No need to have the same post everywhere. Anyhow, let me breed up some mons in game first. @Kaphotics not sure if it's the oddity of the game, but Pichu maintains nickname flag, but Cleffa doesn't. For clarification, I bred these and nicknamed them in-game. The only modification was what I did prior to them hatching, to change the hatch counter to 1.
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    Hello, I've been looking into a project where I import certain mechanics in generation 6 into the gen 7 games. Specifically, I am interested in the following (in order of importance): Returning the ability Parental Bond to its glory and making it deal 1.5x the amount of damage instead of 1.25x Returning the ability Gale Wings to its glory and making it give priority to a flying-type move regardless of whether a pokemon is at max HP Allowing Prankster to be used against Dark-types Returning Soul Dew to boosting Latios and Latias's Special Attack and Special Defense by 50% instead of... whatever it does now Allow Sheer Cold to be used against ice-types, and to not have its accuracy lowered by non-ice users Returning Pixilate, Aerilate and Refrigerate to 130% instead of 120% (not that big a deal of this or Sheer Cold can't be done) Again, not that big a deal, but removing all the little nerfs to status conditions (confusion back to 50% from its now 33%, paralysis's speed back to 25% from 50%, burn back to 12.5% from its now 6.25%) I've been reading up on editing abilities (not just changing which Pokemon gets what ability to literally modifying abilities and what they do) and it seems like it hasn't really been done yet publicly. I've also been told that the abilities are not in any GARC but can be found in the exefs. Does anyone have any experience with any of this, or can point me in the right direction? Your help is greatly appreciated.
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    My guess is that it’s a server based game. I have no proof for it, besides the game not being able to function offline. In reality, some parts may not require server connection, but a common practise for these kind of games is to make everything calculated/determined by the server. As a result, I reckon what you’re asking for being unlikely to exist.
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    Hi, my team is trying to revive the Global Link/Game Sync for the 3DS pokemon games. We currently need save files that used the Game Sync feature once and connected to the Pokemon Global Link. The save file can be ANY save file as long as the save was used to connect to the Global Link website before the respective shutdowns for each generation of the games. We just need one save file from each of the 8 Pokemon games for the 3DS which are Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun, and Pokemon Ultra Moon. If you have one, PLEASE let us know by contacting here at ProjectPokemon or through Discord to Cybora#8389. Thank you so much in advance for contributing to our research.
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    Version 20.08.07


    Pokémon core series save editor, programmed in C#. Supports the following files: Save files ("main", *.sav, *.dsv, *.dat, *.gci) GameCube Memory Card files (.raw, .bin) containing GC Pokémon savegames. Individual Pokémon entity files (.pk*) Mystery Gift files (.pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc*) including conversion to .pk* Importing teams from Decrypted 3DS Battle Videos Transferring from one generation to another, converting formats along the way. Data is displayed in a view which can be edited and saved. The interface can be translated with resource/external text files so that different languages can be supported. Pokémon Showdown sets and QR codes can be imported/exported to assist in sharing. Nintendo 3DS savedata containers use an AES MAC that cannot be emulated without the 3DS's keys, thus a resigning service is required (svdt, save_manager, JKSM, or SaveDataFiler). We do not support or condone cheating at the expense of others. Do not use significantly hacked Pokémon in battle or in trades with those who are unaware hacked Pokémon are in use. FAQ Support Forum <-- Post here if you have questions or found bugs
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    Credits:Knox,Serkan WARNING:I won't continue this project anymore.I actally found some new codes like:Icon codes,custom keyboard,gts pokemon codes. Here is the new better Plugin: But thanks for over 70 downloads and your support! Hey,I decided to make a PSS Online working Cheat Plugin for Pokemon ORAS because i diddnt found a PSS cheats based Plugin.If you have any feedback,make sure to comment it down bellow. -------------------------------- How to install (Full Guide) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ works with O3ds,N3ds,O2ds,N2ds/XL You will need Cfw! 1.Open your FBI 2.Select TitleDb 3.Scroll to Ntr Cfw Selector and install it. (Click on Install and delete cia) Now a app should be added to your home menu.Open it and select 3.6 or 3.3 Done?Okay now you are ready to install the plugin. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to Use? 1.Put your sdcard out of your device,and put it into your PC. 2.If you already started and installed ntr (What u should have do),then there will be a folder called "Plugin"In the root of your sdcard. 3.Now,when you downloaded the Plugins.zip select the game you have (OR/AS) In the AS folder will be another folder called:000400000011C500 Copy the WHOLE folder into the Plugin folder of the sdcard. In OR there will be a folder called:000400000011C400 Just do the same like in AS. 4.Now put in your sdcard back to your 3ds/2ds and start ntr selector.It will load up the plugin.Enjoy! Now youre done. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots -------------------------------------------------- Quick Infos: 1.Remember that you can only have 1 plugin in the folder.So if you have another ORAS plugin in the "plugin" folder of your sd card,then they can make a bit trouble. 2.When your 3ds turns off then you have to start Ntr again.It will automaticly load the plugin. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here you have a list of the Cheats that are aviable right now. Cheats: Unlimeted Nices \working / Unlimeted Cangratulations \working / Unlimeted battle wins,link trades \working / Unlimeted passerbys met \working / Unlimeted money \working / Unlimeted PokeAmi Headball Score .might crash. Unlimeted Combos (PokeAmi) .might crash. Unlimeted Pokemiles \working / Unlimeted GP \working / Set favourites to 1 Set favourites to 100 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe upcomming cheats: Custom Keyboard with hacked symbols PSS Icons (Troy,May,Pkcentre,Gift etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: -1.0: -Release -1.1: -Added Pokeami Headball Cheat codes -Added 50.000 Nices/Birthday wishes -Added Unlimeted Pm -Added Unlimeted GP -Added Unlimeted favourites --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: Better Plugin: K&S PSS Oras Plugin v1.0.zip K&S PSS Oras Plugin v1.1.7z Plugins v1.1.7z
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    Animated gifs are from pkparaiso, PLEASE credit them if use use them! Purpose of this listing is for species and forms introduced in Sword & Shield. Presently have no plans to add any pre-Gen 8 mons and forms Alcremie forms
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    Here's 111 Ageto Celebis from the Japanese Colosseum Bonus Disc, Version 1. All transferred to an Emerald Save if anyone wanted to Pal Park this Event. This should also work with English Emerald, as the saves are compatible with each Region. This many were transferred strictly for variety of stats, different Natures, and helping out with the legality checker. Update #1: Pal Park files added from Heart Gold. Update #2: PokeShifter files added from Black.
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    Shiny² Developed by: Shiny Jirachi/formlesstree4 Shiny² is a brand new GTS system, recreated from the ground up in C# that is designed to be as efficient and reliable as possible. I'm not sure who all has used ShinyGTS or ShinyDTS, but those have their own fair share of problems that cannot really be avoided. However, Shiny² has been designed to remove their flaws, and introduce so many more features: Distribute/Receive to both Generations [simultaneously or not] Custom Filtering System to prevent GTS overload! Write Logs to File Save and Loading of Settings Custom Browser Messages - More on this later Verbose GTS output [Assist in debugging] And more! You'll have to use the program to discover the rest. Now, the biggest upgrade from ShinyGTS/DTS is the Browser Message feature. With it, you can create fully functioning and dynamic web pages. Shiny² has a built-in macros that allow it to inject data straight into your Browser Output. This feature is still in beta testing, but so far, has proven to be reliable. For now, here is the download link. I am short on time. When I have more free time, I shall post a more detailed How-To, as well as pictures of the program. The source code has been updated, and the latest version can be downloaded here or as an attachment at this post Download the Source Code Changelog: Final change for probably a long time (or ever), unless something crops up. 1.4 - Fixed DNS filter Download from the attachment below or from here. Source code also updated. v1.3 - Added "syachi2ds.available.gs.nintendowifi.net" to the allowed DNS list - Added more information to bad DNS requests - Fixed an issue where GTS actions failed to register - Changed the way Pokemon are saved so that the date/time they were saved is in the file name, no more accidental overwrites (for db33) - Changed the application's Icon to a higher resolution - Fixed an issue where certain 5th Gen connections failed to get a result - Added more information to the log when a user initially enters the GTS - Added more information to the log when a user receives a Pokemon, namely the user's game generation and Pokemon received - Changed the "Sent x bytes of data" message to only appear in Verbose mode - Fixed an issue where the app would crash on launch when loading data from a previous instance - Fixed an issue where the app would crash on exit when saving some data - Added the ability to minimize to system tray 1.2 - Fixed DNS bug that would filter out ALL URLs instead of specific ones. The filtering system is currently disabled and will be activated in the next release (hopefully). Download Now! 1.1 - Fixed a bug where when doing ordered distribution, the program would throw an IndexOutOfRangeException after the last Pokemon was sent. 1.0 - Initial Release Shiny2 v1.4..zip
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