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    GO transfer IVs are locked to a specific pattern; hacking the IVs arbitrarily usually won't align with the requirements. Speed is random, defense ivs must be equal, attack ivs must be equal, and every iv except speed must be odd.
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    Okay then, so If I just add my SID from a traded pokemon of my original game I should be good. gonna do this tonight and see if it works ;D Thanks for the reply man, you're always active haha ;D
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    PKHeX doesn't do full deserialization of the pkm/sav files, it only gets/sets data on demand. PKM.cs is the base abstraction of the PK* format, with multiple different formats of storing the data across generations (ie PK1/PK2...PK7...). SaveFile.cs is the base abstraction of save files, with multiple different formats of storing the data across generations (ie SAV1/SAV2...SAV7...). PKHeX.Core.dll is the class library the GUI uses to power most of the pkm/sav data manipulation. If you add it as a reference to a (.NET language) project, you can use its api to automate your edits. PKHeX also offers plugin capability, where you can program your own toolkit and launch various operations.
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    Only “old” switches can be hacked (switch production past a point cannot be hacked, I think the hackables are known as pre-Mariko units). There's a page that can be used to check whether the serial number on your device is in the range. I think it’s in gbatemp edit: check this for serial codes: https://gbatemp.net/threads/switch-informations-by-serial-number-read-the-first-post-before-asking-questions.481215/ I used this (for the most part) for switch hacking: https://switchguide.xyz/
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    Starting a topic related to reverse engineering game code, specific for the switch pkm titles. Reverse engineering code of Nintendo Switch titles is most commonly done with the Interactive Disassembler (IDA) and the Hex-Rays extension, which converts the assembly code to easier to understand c code. Using SwitchIDAProLoader, you can load the game .nso file which generates the .i64 database used for 'disassembling' the game code. With the disassembly in hand and a blind understanding of how the code is laid out, finding your bearings within the millions of instructions is hard. It is recommended to search for a sequence of values, such as the list of TM Moves (ordered TM01, TM02, TM03), then branch out from there. Keep in mind that the games were programmed by humans, but the compiler may optimize things into relative gibberish. Useful hotkeys: F5 with cursor placed on/within a function = go to function definition x = cross reference list for selected variable/function / = add new comment n = rename variable/function escape = go back (e.g. if you go to definition then press escape, this will pop you back out to where you were before peeking). Here's some hints: byte sequence (68 96 40 39 94 06 00 11 9F 02 08 6B). This will put you in the method that creates the pkm's PID, which is called every time a new Pokémon is generated (sub_71007399B0). Search "Immediate value" for '632' (Shiny Charm item ID). Filter by MOV instruction. The third result=sub_71002F6760 (which is the first that actually uses 632 immediately in a function call) is the wild catch combo shiny rate/IV determination method. Search "Immediate value" for '874' (new Silph Scope item ID). Filter results by MOV instruction again. This will get you the 'has inventory item' function (first=sub_71002BF180 and second result=sub_71002fe3c8). The latter result from above is the main wild spawn function sub_7100300B84 (gets the Height group xs/s/normal/l/xl) which is called by the above method, is also used by sub_710082D89C. This method is the 'exp boost' factor which gives bonuses based on throw type/etc. Feel free to discuss your findings about the game code here!
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    @dji, PKHex recognizes some events, but not ALL events. If PKHex recognizes an event, it will not say SID 0 is fishy. If it does not recognize an event, then it will say this.
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    Sorry, I didn't make any backups per tutor. I just wanted to get it over with because it was a hassle tracking them all down one by one. I saved immediately after I got all 4 because I was so glad I found everything and didn't wanna risk losing my progress. Thinking back, the developers probably intended for the Heart Scales to ONLY spawn after using up all (or some) in-game move tutors as some form of RSE-related irony. At least the mystery of the hidden Heart Scales has been solved lol.
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    Because of what you said I checked everything again and found an error. Now everything works except for the the 3d model replacement but that's a minor issue. Thanks a bunch!
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    I have not had any error either, I have only added a couple of pokemon from other generations (that have appeared as eggs) and I have filled the pokedex, but it has not corrupted my save file. I do not touch the money part, so i dont know.
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    Pokémon UnovaHGSS Rom info: Hack of: Pokémon SoulSilver (USA) (HeartGold will be supported at a later date) Language: English Current Version: Alpha v1.1 (goes up to Ilex Forest) Last Updated: 10th April, 2012 Summary UnovaHGSS is a hack of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver that integrates the new fifth generation Pokémon from Black and White into the game. The new Pokémon are not meant to replace the original 251, rather, my intention is to have them alongside the original Pokémon. Not all Pokémon will be included in this hack – very few third and fourth generation Pokémon appear. To include the Unovian Pokémon, I had to replace existing Pokémon, so most third and fourth gen Pokémon are gone. This is my first actual hack, so I’m still new at this. The battle sprites for the new Pokémon are placeholders, simply taken from Black/White and put into the game until I create original sprites for them. All but a few overworld sprites for the new Pokémon were created through a community endeavor over at DeviantArt; I made a few myself, notably the larger Golurk sprite. Shiny Pokémon are also fully supported, in-battle and overworld. Features: -Every Pokémon from Unova will be obtainable in this game, alongside every first and second generation Pokémon! Some third and fourth generation Pokémon also available! -All Unovian Pokémon will follow you around for the first time! -Slightly increased difficulty – stronger trainers, wild Pokémon, etc. -More features will be added in future versions FAQ: Screenshots: Videos: (Might be loud - complete silence for a few seconds, then music starts) [YOUTUBE]dkB8NwL0xQ4[/YOUTUBE] Credits: Tools used: DeviantArt community – for making all the Unova overworld sprites. Link Chaos Rush – for his wonderful endeavor in creating resized sprites. I’m using the Reshiram and Zekrom in the game for now - Link Poryhack – for pointing me in the right direction for hex editing Pokémon icon palettes (whenever I learn how, I will make a program that will make editing the icons and palettes easier than hex editing them). Also thanks to Poryhack and the Project Pokémon community for creating a list of the HGSS File system - Link Stratocaster - for creating a guide on how to change every aspect of a Pokémon. This hack would not have happened without it - Link PokeCommunity – for giving me the desire to hack Pokémon games back in 2007 when I knew even less than I do now MediaFire – for continuing its services through this stupid anti-piracy craze… Bugs: Changelog: Downloads and Documentation: Link to patch and xdelta (used to patch the original rom) List of Changed Pokémon
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