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    Offset for FRLG should be Block1+0xEE0, not Block2+0x000 PKHeX's current setup for gen3 saves doesn't work for split-chunk operations, so don't expect it to work for flags >1280 (read the recent commit message). I need to figure out how to rework some logic... Edit: fixed with some workaround, should be all good now
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    My original theory was their could be a "nut" item in Gen 8 Ditto could hold, if it did and tried to breed with a Mew / Mewtwo you would get an egg which hatched Meltan. Given we now know Meltan is a mythical Pokemon i doubt that will be the case, it's certainly going to be an interesting one however. Screen capture of the first Meltan I captured on community day:
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    Ironically I wanted to post something about this Pokémon but I was busy with other stuff. Things are getting interesting. I don't know if you already know about this but for years there are many rumors about the connection between Ditto and Mew. That Ditto actually isn't a natural Pokémon and a result of failed attempts of cloning Mew. Which is why both have the ability to transform. Also they both have equal base stats, they share the same weight of 8,8 lbs. They have similar colors and the same shiny colors. Then we had this Space Center Demo leak with an unreleased Ditto evolution "Animon". A steel type. Now this Pokémon appears... having a similar look as Ditto and apparently a Steel type? Coincidence? For some reasons Dittos were transforming to it. What's also interesting is that it exactly weights twice the same as Ditto, 17,8 lbs. Not to mention that Meltan sounds a little bit similar like Metamon. There is a remake of the first Pokémon Movie coming out next year and you can bet that the Pokémon is in it. One of the most interesting theories in Pokémon history might come true?
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    I hope you don't need Go and Let's Go to get it in Gen 8. A lot of Pokemon players either don't care about Go or lack a smartphone.
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    Yeah that makes sense, it's about time the idea gets recycled I'm pretty excited about it too Maybe special breeding mechanic or something? :3
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    Version 1.1.3


    This program can build custom Gen 5 Pokémon Distribution ROMs from a .pgf event file and a clean copy of the Liberty Ticket distribution ROM (both not included). The source code can be found on GitHub. I may forget to update the file here, so be sure to check the GitHub Releases. With this program you can: - Change the .pgf event file - Create your own .pgf file - Change the date limit - Change which games can receive the event - Change which games region can receive the event (partially tested | only tested with English and French copies) - Change the event text that appears upon receiving
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    Nice cuties Meltan ever! Also, nice dancing!
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    I think this part is fine ahaha You're doing a really amazing job! I'm almost ashamed of my research... I found the flags for trainer card stickers
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    Looks like the flag 1569 isn't required. I've identified that something in save section 00 to 01 or save section 09 to 0E (half the save's data) is responsible for toggling Zapdos on and off. (playing with the flag on a before save keeps Zapdos appearing, even after refreshing the map) I'm trying to narrow the save sections down, to make it easier to notice differences. (It doesn't help that the save sections change)
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    I'm guessing that this will be like Manaphy in that you catch it in Let's Go, and then send it to the Gen 8 games when those come out? Also I was reminded of how the Gen 1 glitch pokemon like Missingno and others turned in to Ditto in Stadium 2, and others left behind a Ditto even after you catch them. Maybe for MAXIMUM NOSTALGIA you have to look for this little guy on the Cinnabar coast
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