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    I cracked the PCNYabcd algorithm! It uses a variation of BACD algorithm with unrestricted seeds. PIDH is xor'd against PIDL, TID, and SID. This algorithm makes antishiny detection easier (PIDH is less than 8 before alterations) and presumably if the pokemon becomes shiny, it could be easily modified. I don't have any specimens that require antishiny though. A few factors prevented this from being detected earlier. Mainly it was a bug in my check code from 2013. The check code didn't matter prior though cause it turns out almost all of the PCNY I received from people were hacks. The pokemon from Pokemon Secure are mostly hacks too. And of course the pokemon from GameFAQs on the box save are all completely legit. This is despite Pokemon Secure and others saying they werent.
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    For anyone on the fence with contributing I know Deoxyz has personally invested a lot of his own money (were talking $1000's) in both the 10ANNIV and Aurora Ticket Distribution then released them for free asking for nothing in return. In addition he was the one who got us a distributed set of the French, German, Italian and Spanish 10ANNIV Pokemon, along with the Aura Mew in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish for the GEN 3 event save myself and HaxAras has spent a lot of time on last year. Something we learned a lot later on that the research team here didn't even have these Pokemon. So needless to say if you value these old, rare Pokemon event's and want to see people enjoy them now and in the future it's well worth donating anything you can justify in my opinion. Sadly these old events are usually hoarded away in private collections never to be seen again, when a chance to obtain them comes up its often very costly unfortunately, Deoxyz has absorbed this up front on PayPal credit, however this and anything in the future is only going to be viable if the community comes together to make it happen. If this comes off their is also another event in the works, which has been for many months now. This is close to been finalised too, so this year could potentially be another good year for GEN 3 events.
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    If anyone is still unsure needs clarification, these Mystery Mews were distributed by direct trade from a special savefile that Nintendo injected on standard FireRed cartridges, for use at the Toys R Us event in 2006. The reason this particular cart differs from our other Mystery Mew savefiles, is that it still contains all the remaining Mystery Mews we haven't yet been able to obtain and archive. The legitimacy was verified with the seller by comparing a row of Natures with our partially reconstructed data. For this reason, and perhaps a one time opportunity, it was worth the massive expense, which the majority of the burden currently lies on me and @HaxAras Any donations are appreciated to help us cover the expense, as the end result is something that will benefit our community as a whole in regards to event preservation and legality. To clarify, donations are to be sent through PayPal, to "deoxys04@gmail.com". Any donations will go immediately towards paying off PayPal Credit.
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    With Poké Transporter, you can easily transfer any of your Pokémon using a single Nintendo 3DS system. An update for the popular app that transfers your Pokémon from Generation 5 games and Virtual Console: Generation 1 games has gone live! Preliminary reports indicate that for VC Gen 1 transfers, the erroneous shiny calculation has been rectified, and there are changes to gender determination. We will continue to update this page, as the story develops. Shiny Determination Source: https://twitter.com/wwwwwwzx/status/905344972819275776/ It appears that shininess uses the original Gen 2 formula Gender Source: https://twitter.com/wwwwwwzx/status/905350763689402368 It also appears that gender is using original Gen 2 determination and as a result, @SnorlaxMonster reported that with gender now being based on IVs, it's now impossible to get female Shiny 7:1 m:f Pokémon from VC. which affects ALL of the Pokémon with that ratio that are in Gen 1: Starters, Fossils, Eevee line, Snorlax. Gen 2 support not yet added https://twitter.com/wwwwwwzx/status/905370609877520384 https://twitter.com/wwwwwwzx/status/905355687537938432
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    Original Advertisement We recently obtained a Mystery Mew distribution cartridge. It is the original distribution cart containing the event MYSTRY Mew 06930! This Mew was distributed as a perk for attending Geoffrey the Giraffe's Birthday Party at Toys”R”Us stores across the USA on September 30, 2006, from 12 PM to 3 PM. This particular cartridge is important because it contains a MYSTRY Mew, which we did not have before. We are asking the community to help pay for this acquisition since the auction was very expensive. After fees, the cartridge cost us a whopping $900! Please help us by donating to Deoxyz, who got this cartridge on credit. Donations can be sent to: Deoxys04@gmail.com Special thanks to @HaxAras and @Deoxyz. Also, thank you to everyone that has donated so far; any future donations are appreciated. Reply to this thread or contact an administrator with any questions or comments. View full article
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    I actually ran one of these events and they had me take the cartridge and system home to test it by trading with my own game the night before! If I had any idea how rare these cartridges would be some day, it might have gone "missing" after the event, lol. It was amazing what some of those kids were willing to trade away to get their Mew. We kept telling them to catch an extra Rattata or Pidgey to trade, but some kids were trading fully evolved and legendary pokemon. I'm really not surprised if this was a legit event cart. Some TRU are not known for returning those event carts and systems in a timely manner, if at all. I remember having a DS with a Platinum/Diamond event cart sitting in a box in the managers office for months after one of those in-store download events.
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    Nice! I'm amazed that untouched carts even existed nowadays. Thanks for your efforts and also thanks to all the contributors!
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    You folks should be happy to know, that I did not make the following up: [also, USUM ] Species Celebi Nickname (default, save lang) OT Ilex TID 112199 Distribution Serial Code Location the Johto region Dates ______ PID Cannot Be Shiny Games SM USUM Lv. 30 Nature Random Ability Natural Cure (1) Item None Bundled Item None Souvenir Moves (ITALIC means Relearnable) Heal Bell Safeguard Ancient Power Future Sight WC: 「The Time Travel Pokémon Celebi」's receiving text 0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. The Time Travel Pokémon Celebi Thank you very much for downloading Pokémon Gold or Pokémon Silver. Celebi, usually enshrined in Ilex Forest, has come traveling across time to join you! 112199 -> Nov 21st 1999, launch day of Pokemon Gold and Silver in Japan. This Pokemon really traveled through time to get to us XD
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    Brock & Misty returns to “Pocket Monsters: Sun & Moon” once again in special episodes (to be aired on September 14th & 21th, 2017)! Ash will be battling against their Mega Steelix & Mega Gyarados!
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    I've been lurking on this site for many years, but never actually made an account. Today I thought I would finally change that because I have some news I wanted to share with you. You probably already know Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver will release on September 22 on the 3DS Virutal Console. Amazon Japan recently opened up pre-orders for the boxed edition of these games and it states that with it, you will get a special 3DS Theme which roughly translates to "Pocket Monsters Gold · Silver - People's Theme". Source: https://www.amazon.co.jp/s?field-keywords=B07599P5H2|B0758ZJ6Q4 There are currently no public images of this 3DS Theme available, but since I couldn't wait I went and found out myself. After some digging I found out that there currently are 3 Pokémon Gold & Silver themes uploaded to Nintendo's CDN, all are uploaded to the JP, US and EU regions: Pokemon - Pokémon Gold Version Pokémon - Pokémon Silver Version Pokémon Gold-Silver - Cast Top image type: Static Bottom image type: Scrolling Top image type: Static Bottom image type: Scrolling Top image type: Scrolling Bottom image type: Scrolling Background Music: Main Title Theme Background Music: Main Title Theme Background Music: Gym Theme Has artwork of Ho-oh at the top and artwork of various Pokémon at the bottom Has artwork of Lugia at the top and artwork of various Pokémon at the bottom Has artwork of the 8 gym leaders at the top and artwork of various main characters and trainer classes at the bottom It looks like the theme Amazon Japan is talking about is the third one and it is currently unknown on how to get this theme in the US and EU. It is also unknown on how to obtain the first two themes at all in any region. Normally you are able to buy themes thought the 3DS Theme Shop, but there are some themes which are pre-order/special edition of hard- or software exclusive. We will just have to wait and see on how to get them, but we at least know there will most likely be a way to get them in all regions. That's it, hope you like them as much as I do! Update (20 sept.): Since all of these now are publicly available I have removed the spoiler I posted the images in previously. We now also know how you will get some of these themes. The Gold and Silver themes were officially revealed after September 13th's Nintendo Direct and you will be able to get them by buying the games on the Nintendo eShop in JP and US. I do also think this is the case in the EU but I cannot find any information about this and I cannot confirm this myself. The download code will appear on the eShop reciet (together with a Celebi code for Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon). It seems like in order to get these themes, you have to buy the game directly from the eShop itself. There appears to be no code for these 2 themes (and Celebi) on the reciet if you buy a code from a retailer (ex. Amazon) and activate it yourself, which is rather weird. How this is done with the codes in the boxed copies of the game in JP and EU is currently not clear. If you happen to have a Japanese 3DS though, you will also be able to get these themes though MyNintendo Japan, both themes cost 20 gold coins each. The third "cast" theme is not officially revealed yet, but it turns out that if you are in the US and also buy a code though Amazon and pre-load in on your 3DS, you will find a code for this theme on your reciet instead, just as with Amazon Japan. It appears that this is the only code on the eShop reciet though, so no Gold or Silver theme (and no Celebi code). It is currently not known on how to get this theme in EU.
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    They kinda had more important problems to deal with. The reason why the South Koreans didn't get the first Gen Games localized was because the relationship between Japan and South Korea was very difficult. And there was a ban towards Japanese Imports in South Korea which was slightly lifted in 1998 and then in 2004 abolished completely. Before there was not even a Nintendo branch in South Korea. Even before 2004 it was extremely difficult to import Nintendo Consoles and Games in South Korea. Released consoles had to be licensed by other companies. Another reason is there were some translation issues... The Game Boy Games weren't capable of having the Korean language implemented because of memory limitations. The South Korean Gold and Silver Games are a bit different, similar to Crystal these were Game Boy Color Only Games. Reason for this is that the 2nd bank of VRAM of the Game Boy Color was needed for the text being processed and printed in the Korean GS Games. So you couldn't play them on a normal Game Boy. But the cool thing is they made sure that South Korean Games are compatible with all other language Versions including Gen 1 Games which was a nice bonus in the Korean Versions. The situation between Korean Gen 3 and Gen 4 was pretty similar which I learned just recently btw... from what I know at least the Japanese Ruby and Sapphire Games were released in South Korea... and the Nintendo DS Lite was the first real South Korean Nintendo Console with the release of South Korean DP following. And as you might know the South Korean Gen 4 Games were compatible with all different language Versions of Gen 3.
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    I decided to give it a try, just a rough sketch and feedback is welcomed
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    I thought to recolor the Mew on the artwork to become a shiny one, just leaving it here :3
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    To add to that: Read through @SciresM's excellent writeup on the topic of game encryption. That aside, a seed shouldn't go up even just a second earlier. The time it goes live seems to be some kind of automatic mechanism as far as I know. However, it seems that occasionally, it is unlocked for short periods of time; I presume that is part of testing (from the linked writeup: "The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes, for example, had its content lock seed published a month before its release date, despite being pre-purchasable. This meant that anyone who was paying attention could have been playing that game several weeks in advance, though I don't know that anyone publically exploited this."). However, I'd be surprised if Nintendo hadn't stepped up their security and stopped testing in production after those blunders.
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    I put that here. A good news for VC Crystal Source: @SciresM
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    A new event has been announced for players in Japan! Between 22nd Sep to 16th Oct 2017, bring your copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon to participating shops in Japan, and you'll get a Serial code to obtain the Shiny Golden Silvally (Lv. 100), holding a Gold Bottle Cap! While stocks last, limited to one code per person. Redemption period till 16th November. Note, that the big box on the top left hand corner says Game Demo. Source: https://twitter.com/iceposs2000/status/907151454233702400 ---- Writer's thoughts: This is not at all surprising, since Shiny Silvally promo cards were announced. It's like Shiny Tapu Koko all over again.
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    They sat untouched for 11 years before I found them. I met one other person who knew they existed. He claimed they were fakes. He was also from Pokemon Secure. Which is even more hilarious since theirs were more fake than anything. He claimed he got in contact with the original uploader: who apparently couldn't remember if they were fakes or not.
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    I want to collect information and media about Japanese about Gen 1 & Gen 2 Event Pokemon in this Thread. Gen 1 幻のポケモンプレゼント - "Legendary Pokémon Offer" ミュウ L: 5 Moves: Pound OT Name: コロコロ Trainer ID: Incremented (1st Distribution: 00001 - 00020?) (2nd Distribution: 00021 - 00120?) コロコロコミック May 1996 MISSING コロコロコミック August 1996 MISSING ミュウプレゼント -第4回次世代ワールドホビーフェア- - "Mew Present" ミュウ L: 5 Moves: Pound OT Name: Unknown Trainer ID: Unknown なみのりピカチュウプレゼント - "Surfing Pikachu Present" ピカチュウ L: 5 Moves: ThunderShock - Growl - Surf OT Name: ニンテン Trainer ID: 00001-10000? (Incremented) Flyer Source: https://matome.naver.jp/odai/2145534881551092301 From a Blog Entry of a participant 20周年ありがとうコロコロ ポケモン「ミュウ」プレゼント ミュウ L: 5 Moves: Pound OT Name: コロコロ Trainer ID: Incremented (128+?) コロコロコミック June 1997 ミュウプレゼント - 任天堂スペースワールド1997 ミュウ L: 5 Moves: Pound OT Name: マリオ - ルイージ - ピーチ - ヨッシー - クッパ Trainer ID: Random コロコロコミック October 1997 Pokemon Shock! - Special Report (1997) - YouTube Video GameCenter CX Episode about Mew (YouTube) コロコロコピカチュウ - "CoroCoro Pikachu" ピカチュウ L: 5 Moves: ThunderShock - Growl - Surf OT Name: コロコロ? Trainer ID: Unknown ピカチュウ L: 5 Moves: ThunderShock - Growl - Fly OT Name: コロコロ? Trainer ID: Unknown コロコロコミック April 1998 コロコロコミック May 1998 ミュウプレゼント - "Mew Present" 第7回次世代ワールドホビーフェア ミュウ L: 5? Moves: Pound? OT Name: Unknown Trainer ID: Unknown タマムシ大学博士試験 - "Tamamushi University Hyper Test" コイキング L:? Moves: Dragon Rage OT Name: Unknown Trainer ID: Unknown ポケモンバトルツアー'98夏 - "Summer 1998 Pokémon Battle Tour" ピカチュウ L: 5? Moves: ThunderShock - Growl - Surf ? OT Name: イマクニ Trainer ID: Unknown ポケモンスタンプコンプリート - "Pokemon Stamp Complete" オニドリル L: ? Moves: PayDay ? OT Name: Unknown Trainer ID: Unknown ギャロップ L: ? Moves: PayDay ? OT Name: Unknown Trainer ID: Unknown コロコロコミック September 1998 ミュウプレゼント - 任天堂スペースワールド1999 ミュウ L: 5 Moves: Pound OT Name: マクハリ Trainer ID: Random Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20000901092347/http://www.eagb.net/gameboy/special_space_world99_03.htm Gen 2 セレビィプレゼント - 任天堂スペースワールド2000 セレビィ L: 5 Moves: Leech Seed - Confusion - Heal Bell - Recover OT Name: スペース - ワールド Trainer ID: Random コロコロコミック July 2000 Source: http://www.ign.com/articles/2000/09/01/getting-serebii Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20010209003045/http://www.eagb.net:80/gameboy/space_world_2k03.htm 小学館の学年誌・コロコロコミックなど セレビィ L: 5? Moves: Leech Seed - Confusion - Heal Bell - Recover? OT Name: Unknown Trainer ID: Unknown 第13回次世代ワールドホビーフェア セレビィ L: 5 Moves: Leech Seed - Confusion - Heal Bell - Recover OT Name: トウキョー - フクオカ - オーサカ - ナゴヤ? Trainer ID: 00001-20010? (Incremented) コロコロコミック December 2000 タマゴけん - Mobile Event YouTube Video of Háčky emulating the Egg Ticket Event GSボール - Mobile Event コロコロコミック August 2001 YouTube Video of Háčky emulating Pokemon News (Part of the GS Ball Event) 「ポケモンのナゾのタマゴ」プレゼント - "Odd Pokemon Egg" Present コロコロコミック January 2001 Interesting Links: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/nom/0006/02/y1996.html To be continued...
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    This'll be the only public sample in the meantime, until this thing has been all paid off to PayPal Credit
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    Yeah, that's his other cart he mentioned to me. I think he reused the menu screen picture, because I doubt both are 39:29 on playtime, but the boxes are obviously different. Which is what he told me, his other cart had a completely different layout in the boxes. And yes, we have the cart. Legitimacy checked out fine.
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    2 independent sources own 10 anniv / aurora ticket carts and dumped their roms. I compared them and they were the same to each other (respectively). While It is possible someone got a fake copy, this was at a time before it was public. Both source thought they were the only ones with the physical cart. I asked @Bond697 about those 12 bytes and he pointed me to a site outlying rom section formats for the GBA dev kit. And iirc that field was described as an identifier. I can see the confusion in thinking it could be a hardware or serial identifier, but that is not what that means. If I am remembering correctly it was a code section identifier or something like that. You have to also think about the manufacturing process. If only a few are made, you can't just swap the roms out mid-production. But if you make let's say 1500 for best buy, and 2000 for toys r us, then maybe you will tag it for each company. MAYBE. Usually it is too expensive to do even that.
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    Don't worry! Gen 2 VC support isn't even supported yet. The update is Gen 1 VC related. I'm glad they finally they fixed the Shiny issue! And finally Genders are determined as it's supposed to be. Also... I think it's good that Nature is still based on Experience and hope that it stays this way. Because this way it's easier to get the nature you want. Can't wait to see what's coming with the next update. It's way too early to give up on Celebii. And I agree with @theSLAYER, I don't want it to be a "lucky draw" event. Because this again would limit the amounts of Event Pokemon that are distributed and we will have to pray that one of us is a lucky winner. So... I hope in case it's a local distribution, we will see an Event similar to how Mew was distributed in Japan. Also I have to say... if there are Celebii Events coming we will have to preserve them anyway. It's likely that there will be hidden informations like trash bytes once again. Edit: Possibly even location data... wether or not they plan to release Crystal.
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    I was using the dumping method to ease my Battle Tree scouting and I took the time to check for this thing that has been in my head since that time I dumped the Shell Smash Kommo-o. It's nothing important but it's the kind of thing that doesn't let me sleep at night. Back then, I dumped it from a recorded battle since the odds to enter the Battle Tree and encounter it again were just about zero. As a result, it had the "Sun." OT, something that I highlighted when talking to BlackShark, he replied: "It's interesting that it uses a generic OT! That's not the case for every NPC. For example Kukui's Rockruff doesn't have any OT at all", but thing is, when battling in the Battle Tree itself, the OT isn't actually there. The ID and SID are in there and are kept when the battle is recorded (alongside all the other data, including PID), but the OT doesn't appear until that happens. I take it the reason is the game needs to generate an OT in order to keep Pokémon individual data saved (otherwise, it'd be randomly generated when entering the vs. Recorder and that'd bring serious issues), so it enters the generic "Sun." OT (guess it depends on the language, "Sol.", "Soleil.", etc; but not on the version, Moon still uses "Sun."). Take this Golisopod as an example: So, the point is, Battle Tree Pokémon are actually no exception to the "NPC Pokémon have no OT at all" thing, they just have an OT generated in order to keep their random data (ability, gender, PID) when the battle is recorded. It's not that interesting but I wanted to post it anyway xD
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    ok that's me finally caught every under level pokemon from gen1 listed from the front page spoiler. hope this helps and when i get time ill start on another generation. GEN1 R/B/Y under level pokemon
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    Pokemon Gold/Silver offsets Speculated will be in italics. Offset Size Contents 0x2000 8 Options 0x2009 2 Player Trainer ID 0x200B 11 Player name 0x2016 11 Unused (Player's mom name) 0x2021 11 Rival name 0x202C 5 Unused (Red's name) 0x2031 5 Unused (Green's name) ? Daylight savings 0x204E 4 Time played (hh mm ss frame) 0x2065 1 Player palette 0x23D3 3 Money 0x23DC 1 Johto Badges 0x23DE 57 TM pocket 0x2417 42 Item pocket item list 0x2441 27 Key item pocket item list 0x245C 26 Ball pocket item list 0x2476 102 PC item list 0x26FC 1 Current PC Box number 0x26FF 238 PC Box names 0x28CC 428 Team Pokémon list 0x28AE 32 Pokédex owned 0x2AAE 32 Pokédex seen 0x2DAE 1102 Current Box Pokémon list NA Player gender 0x4000 1102 PC Box 1 Pokémon list 0x4450 1102 PC Box 2 Pokémon list 0x48A0 1102 PC Box 3 Pokémon list 0x4CF0 1102 PC Box 4 Pokémon list 0x5149 1102 PC Box 5 Pokémon list 0x5590 1102 PC Box 6 Pokémon list 0x59E0 1102 PC Box 7 Pokémon list 0x6000 1102 PC Box 8 Pokémon list 0x6450 1102 PC Box 9 Pokémon list 0x68A0 1102 PC Box 10 Pokémon list 0x6CF0 1102 PC Box 11 Pokémon list 0x7140 1102 PC Box 12 Pokémon list 0x7590 1102 PC Box 13 Pokémon list 0x79E0 1102 PC Box 14 Pokémon list 0x2DAB 2 Checksum 1 (sum 0x2009 to 0x2DAA) 0x7E6B 2 Checksum 2 details here Team List format 0x28CC 1 Team List Count 0x28CD 6 List of Species 0x28D3 1 Terminator 0x28D4 48 Party Member 1 Data 0x2904 48 Party Member 2 Data 0x2934 48 Party Member 3 Data 0x2964 48 Party Member 4 Data 0x2994 48 Party Member 5 Data 0x29C4 48 Party Member 6 Data 0x29F4 11 Party Member 1 OT Name 0x29FF 11 Party Member 2 OT Name 0x2A0A 11 Party Member 3 OT Name 0x2A15 11 Party Member 4 OT Name 0x2A20 11 Party Member 5 OT Name 0x2A2B 11 Party Member 6 OT Name 0x2A36 11 Party Member 1 Nickname 0x2A41 11 Party Member 2 Nickname 0x2A4C 11 Party Member 3 Nickname 0x2A57 11 Party Member 4 Nickname 0x2A62 11 Party Member 5 Nickname 0x2A6D 11 Party Member 6 Nickname Current Box Format (and likely all box formats mirror this 0x2DAE 1 Current Box Filled Count 0x2DAF 20 20 Species 0x2DC3 1 Terminator (to be, for species list) 0x2DC4 640 20 Pokemon Data 0x3044 220 20 OT Names 0x3120 220 20 Nicknames
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    Hey guys. Patches for Pokemon Crystal, with trading function, was actually bundled together with VC GS
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    Any chance you could upload a scan of that page of the magazine? I would be interested to see this letter response.
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    Original Cap Pikachu is up on the servers for EU/US. English French German Italian Spanish
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    4 31IV, shyniness retained, HA and exclusive moves. That's why I hype ^^
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    Hype is coming and not for USUM! Source: @Event_Fan
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    Perhaps I was too innocent as a child, or maybe I just didn't pay attention back then, but now I had a good laugh when I saw this Meganium:
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    Completely new UBs (Pokemon species) confirmed! That's all I need to know and am grateful for! Burst is US exclusive and assembly is UM exclusive. Also I'm getting the new Poke Ball N2DS on November 3!
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    I did this with a lua bot using VBA RR actually. SRing this would be like hell... And even with a bot and VBA RR at full speed it can still take hours to find them. My lua bots only supporting the Japanese versions for now. I will have to modify them to support the other versions. If there is interest in this I might release them. Then you can catch them yourself. Would this be something? Take a look at this:
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    We just got finished applying some back-end server updates. Nothing particularly interesting, but we have some other exciting announcements. Discord For years, we've used IRC as our primary instant messaging service. Now, we have a Discord guild where you can discuss anything. Advantages of Discord over IRC: See message history without having to be connected Cross platform - use it on desktop, mobile, or in a web browser More formatting options, including the same reactions as what we have in the forums Guild link: https://discord.gg/pmATjZw IRC isn't going anywhere, and we still plan to use it for more technical discussions. Patreon Project Pokémon gets its funding from two sources: advertisements and administrators. Nobody likes advertisements, and things can get expensive when only a few people bankroll a dedicated server. Thanks to Patreon, hopefully we can fix that. Patreon is a place where users can help support us, helping give Project Pokémon a more stable future. People who donate will receive the following rewards: No more advertisements Gold username on the forums and Discord Sneak-peeks of upcoming features Project Pokémon Patreon The Image Gallery Speaking of sneak-peeks of upcoming features, one new feature that's been in the works for quite a while is now ready. Today, we introduce our Image-dex. Here, you can find a collection of Pokémon images from various games and generations. Art Competition We need a new banner and icon for things like Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon, so we're holding an art competition. The winner will be awarded a special username color on the forums and Discord, a forum badge, and credit wherever the image is used. Details are in the art competition thread: View full article
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    I seriously hate april fools 'jokes'. I've never been able to get the hang of Pokeradar chaining. So getting a roaming Darkrai to be shiny is a lot better for me than soft resetting. Thanks for the correction. I'm gonna go bury my head in the ground or something.
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    I don't think the GB has to be reset to write to the cart. For all the GB figures, the cart was never removed! Or it's set up to soft reset each time and reinitialize the slave rom. Regarding randomization, that is not the issue. The question is about OTN and moves.
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    Given 3DS date can be easily changed, that wouldn't be a reliable way to determine which algorithm was used.
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    I have a Fire Red and Soul Silver US cart. The other languages will have to be flash cart. Let's start by prepping saves in both GBA and NDS format. We need them with nicknames of just "A" I feel like I am in 2009 again.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This tool allows you to reset your clock in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal! Requires .NET Framework 4 or newer. Supported games: - EU, US and KOR versions of Gold and Silver - EU and US versions of Crystal - JAP games do not have this menu! How to use? To be able to reset the clock you need to access a hidden menu from the title screen and enter a specific password. The required values to generate it can all be found on your Trainer Card. Just enter them in the tool, generate the password and follow the instructions that are provided in the tool to access the menu. Once you entered the correct password you will be able to reset the clock when you continue your game. Source Code
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    In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, there's a place in Lively Town called the Meowth Theater where you can record yourself playing through a dungeon. Films that are saved locally can be watched later or shared online. Since the games were released, the online service for sharing films has been discontinued. However, so has the entire theater service, if you install the latest update. If you try talking to Meowth in town, you'll be greeted with this dialog: Welcomeow to Meowth Theatrer, Meowever... You won't be able to watch any films anymore. I'm really sorry, meow. This Meowth Theater shutdown extends outside the game itself, however. It has been removed from the official character list. Meowth as previously shown on the official character list, courtesy of Archive.Org The same place on the same page shown today. Notice the "=-". Perhaps Meowth scratched the page as he was dragged away. Restoring the Meowth Theater to the game is as simple as uninstalling the update. It remains fully functional, except that films can no longer be shared. It is currently unknown if anything else has changed in the update, so there is no compelling reason to install this update. View full article
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    Excited to see Meowth is gone? I certainly hope that's not what you were going for. (Sorry, I couldn't resist :P)
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    We have a major issue with this NPower PIkachu. The one from the PokeSavDB/Emtu is a definite hack. 1) WCID 202 is outside of the known range, and considering its early date, it is doubtful they would have done that. 2) The decrypted PCD shows a pokemon template missing all of the hallmarks of a legit wondercard. The battle bytes are not filled out and the trash data is missing. There are videos here, here, here, and here where it was clear that nobody had their DS with them. There was also no sign indicating you can get a pokemon anywhere. Here is the article by @Poryhack about the NPower Pikachu: https://web.archive.org/web/20090130110629/http://db.pokesav.org/main/?q=01-23-09-NPower-Source-Confirms-Hack To address the question about distributing your own pokemon, yes it was definitely possible to do at that time. All you had to do was replace the template in the ROM and stick it on a flash cart. The first NDS ROM dump was in early or mid 2008, probably Alamo Darkrai. We knew by June or July 2008 how to make our own distribution ROMs. And in 2009 there was a program made to do it for you. It was so easy that if you knew the hex offset, you didn't even have to unpack/repack the ROM. You could just paste the PCD directly and rebuild the checksum.
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    Again, apologize for that. It really wasn't my intention to do that. I'll be sure to take more care next time.
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    While it is a very minor glitch, and can wait some years if it needs too, I like debugging and letting programmer knows about flaws in their coding. I consider it as constructive critics.
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    From TCRF: Version 1.0 of the American release does not show "PRESENTS" on the Game Freak logo screen, although the tile graphics are present in the ROM. This was likely due to a bug introduced during the localization process, as the original Japanese versions do display this. In v1.0, species names in the Pokédex only display the first word due to a bug. For example, Pidgey's species name is listed as "Tiny" rather than "Tiny Bird". So with their actual savefiles, there's no difference. I've crossed savefiles between both versions, there isn't any side effect.
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    (I don't know how to resize videos in posts, sorry...) I made this discovery about 20 minutes ago. I've attached a pk4 file for those who are interested. 491 - DARKRAI - BBA3E3989ABF.pk4
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