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Spanish Vocabulary # 17

Hola a todos today   Instruments (instrumentos)   Violin -> Violin Triangle -> Triangulo Drum -> Tambor Organ -> órgano flute -> flauta Battery Drum -> Bateria harmonica -> harmonica piano -> piano whistle -> silbato clarinet -> clarinete bassoon ->fagót trumpet -> trompeta cello -> violocello tronbone -> tronbon tuba -> tuba saxophone -> saxofón viola -> viola double bass -> contrabajo bongo drum -> bongos tambourine -> pandereta xylofone -> xilofono marimba -> marinba harp -> harpa gong -> gong tsar bell ->tsar kelokol Stalactite cave organ ->gran organo abisal de estalactitas




Spanish Vocabulary # 15

Hola a todos today in spanish vocabulary: components   Component -> Componente Screen -> Pantalla System Unit -> Torre Speaker -> Altavoz Headphone -> Cascos mouse -> Ratón cd -> disco compacto HD -> Disco duro Microphone -> Microfono Laptop -> Ordenador portatil Desktop Computer -> Ordenador de sobremesa north bridge -> puente norte South bridge -> puente sur motherboard -> placa base/placa madre webcam -> camara web printer -> impresora server -> servidor client -> cliente Procresor -> Procesador Floppy disk -> Discos flopy System fan -> ventilador optical drive -> disquetera Network card -> tarjeta de red Driver -> Controlador Power supply -> Fuente de poder Video card -> tarjeta de video Exists many parts in world of computing but i believe its enought today maybe only maybe the next lesson its translate rest of words (existen muchas partes en el mundo de la iformatica pero creo que por hoy es bastante y creo que la siguiente lección puede ser traduciendo las  restantes)




Spanish Vocabulary # 14

Hola a todos Today Car parts (partes de un coche) Vehicles Coche -> Car Van -> Furgoneta Motorbike -> Moto Quadbike -> Quad Bus -> Autobus Car Parts las luces delanteras -> head lights las luces traseras -> tail lights acelerador -> gaspedal frenos -> brakes motor -> engine caja -> trunk ventana -> window eje -> axel claxon -> born conductor -> driver gas -> gasolina gear -> marcha wipers -> limpiaparabrisas transición manual automatica -> transmission manual/automatic rearpew mirror -> espejo retrovisor cinturon del asiento -> seatbelt bumper -> parachoques señal de recambio -> turn signal parabrisas -> windshield    




Spanish Vocabulary # 13

Hola a todos Today Sports (deportes) tennis -> tenis basketball -> baloncesto Fotball -> Fútbol Voleyball -> Voleybol Hockey -> Hockey Ping pong -> Tenis de mesa criquet -> Cricket Horseback riding -> Equitación the game -> el partido the team -> el equipo  




Spanish Vocabulary # 11

Hola a todos Today house rooms (hoy las habitaciones de una casa)   Casa -> House Door -> Puerta Window -> Ventana Wall -> Muro Floor -> Suelo Kitchen -> Cocina Toilet -> Aseo /Cuarto de baño (polite) Living room -> Comedor Bedroom -> Dormitorio Aparment Building -> Solar comunitario Aparment -> Apartamento Cabaña -> Cottage Balcony -> Balcón Ceiling -> Techo Cornisa -> Cornice Fountain -> Fuente Escaleras -> Stars or upstars its valid elevator -> Ascensor Column -> Columna Atrio -> Atrium patio -> patio desvan -> Attic Factory -> Fabrica or Factoria hacienda -> Ranch Garden -> Jardin garage -> cochera buzón mailbox entrada -> Driveway guarderia -> nursery Sillon -> Armchair Rug/Carpet -> Alfombra bookscase -> Biblioteca mesa de cafe -> Coffe table cortinas -> Drapes Loveseat -> Sofa de dos plazas Sofa -> Sofa Reclinable -> Silla recinable Pinturas -> Paintings Retrato -> Portrait Cama -> Bed Lamp Lampara Closet -> Armario Mesa de noche -> Night Stand Alarm Clock -> Reloj Colchon -> Matress Sabanas -> Sheets Colcha -> Bedstreat dishwasher -> Fregaplato Sink -> Fregadero Faucet -> Grifo lavamanos -> Tap Towel Train -> Toallero Loundry basket -> Cesta de ropa sucia Changing table ->cambiador cuarto del bebe -> vocabulario del bebe Walker -> andadera Stroller -> carro de bebe Napking -> Servilleta cuberteria ->cutlery centro de mesa ->centerpiece Thanks for you attention




Spanish Vocabulary # 10

Hola a todos   lesson today its emotional status or emotions its general (la lección de hoy son emociones or estados emocionales en general)   Happy -> Feliz Sad -> Triste Angry -> Enfadado Surprise or use ed -> Sorprendido/Sorpresa Worried -> Procupado Hesitant -> Indeciso Anxiety -> Ansiedad Pain -> Dolor Mad -> Descontrolado/a Scared -> Asustado    




Spanish Vocabulary # 9

Hola a todos today another sentences   Que hora es -> what time is it/what is time? donde esta el (word) -> where is toilet or where is train station que es lo que quieres ser de mayor? -> what do you want to be when you grow up   trivia: in spanish using 2 types of question mark difference of english format  using for close sentence 2 question marks example: ¿what?  




Spanish Vocabulary # 8

Hola buenos dias (good morning) hoy sobre los tipos en el mundo pokemon (today about types in world of pokemon) primero empezamos con el triangulo basico planta fuego agua (first begin with type triangle grass fire water) Lets begin normal -> normal Fire -> Fuego Water -> Agua Grass Planta/hierba dragon -> dragón ground -> tierra fly -> volador psy -> psiquico dark -> siniestro fairy -> hada steel -> Acero Bug -> Bicho/Insecto poison -> Veneno Electric -> Eléctrico Fight -> Lucha/peleador Ice -> Hielo Rock -> Roca ghost -> fantasma   the double translation its because my spanish its different i am spanish spain and exists spanish latin america  

Processes, Events, and Debugging

The Background I'm a professional developer using mainly C#. On the side, I write a ROM editor using VB.Net. They're very similar thanks to them mostly wrapping the .Net Framework, and because of how complex this application is, I'm in no hurry to rewrite it. This application knows the ins and outs of a few dozen file types and can, well, edit them. One such file type is a compiled LUA script. In order to edit these, they must first be decompiled. Rather than try to figure out that myself, I use a 3rd party tool that can do that for me (sometimes the best code is the code you didn't have to write). To use it, I point it to the compiled script on disk, and it spits out the decompiled text into its standard output. Integrating with it is simple thanks to .Net: I can use a Process object to start it, redirect its standard output, and read the decompiled text as it's written. This is all part of a larger process, where transparent to the user, I decompile a bunch of these scripts, automatically make some changes, and recompile them, all in one go, so people can play a game using different characters. A few days ago, I did some refactoring to it so I can more easily get notified of unsuccessful exit codes when recompiling (previously the program would just continue fine, and any files with syntax errors would simply remain unmodified). Unfortunately for me, I was in a hurry and didn't test anything except that program before I pushed the change to the master branch and let my CI server publish a development build, currently the only way for people to get precompiled versions of my application. (The CI server is Team City, since they've generously given me unlimited everything with my open source license.) Also I don't have any tests covering this part of the code. The Problem One of my application's users encountered some (well, dozens) of exceptions when my program tried to recompile the decompiled scripts. I try reproducing the issue, and I indeed find a syntax error in the same spot the newly-created error message said it was. After looking closer, I found the issue was there before the decompiled scripts were automatically modified. The script looked something like this: function addTheNumbers(numberA, numberB) function addTheNumbers(numberA, numberB) return numberA + numberB return numberA + numberB end end print(addTheNumbers(10, 20)) print(addTheNumbers(10, 20)) It should be fairly obvious what the problem here is. The lines are doubled. I facepalm on the inside and start investigating. The Adventure Because the code I changed is being called about a dozen times on different threads, I did the responsible thing and wrote a test for it. After getting my test to fail for the right reason, I look at my code, and here's what I see: That looks like pretty standard stuff. The variables "captureConsoleOutput" and "captureConsoleError" are both true, telling the Process to redirect standard output and standard error, and the code will proceed to register event handlers. When I place breakpoints on the event handlers, I find that they're being hit twice per line the LUA decompiler writes. I scour the code and make sure that I only call Start once, and the event handlers are only added once as shown. I tried a bunch of other things too. What you see above is actually after another thing I tried. Previously, I was dumping standard output and error into the same StringBuilder , in case the program was outputting to both for some reason. I finally went to GitHub to check what actually changed when I did the thing mentioned in The Background above, and while it was a substantial change to the class shown above, it all seems pretty sane. But then I spot it. One crucial thing that didn't change. Oh. The event handler was registered twice. I added lines 39 and 40 (the two AddHandler lines) and forgot completely about the Handles clause. How Events Work And Why It Took Me So Long To Spot This Events are magical things that can be called, and event handlers that have been registered to the event are run, being given the data that was provided when the event was called. This isn't so much like method calls as it is interrupts. The syntax for adding an event handler in C# looks like this: myEvent += myEventHandlerMethod; And the syntax for adding an event handler in VB.Net looks like this: AddHandler myEvent, AddressOf myEventHandlerMethod Usually C# and VB.Net are very similar thanks to the .Net Framework, but sometimes there are some differences, where one language can do a thing that the other cannot. There are some gotchas when it comes to events, so they need to be used with care. .Net is a framework that tries its best to clean up after you and prevent memory leaks. Simply remove all references to an object, and .Net makes it go away. But when you register an event handler to an event in another class, that event handler has a reference to the event, and by extension the class. If you get rid of the references to that class, the reference to the event is still there, and .Net can't clean it up. But you also can no longer remove the event handler since the reference to the class is gone. That's why it's important to remove event handlers as you would pointers in C/C++. The syntax for removing an event in C# looks like this: myEvent -= myEventHandlerMethod; And the syntax for removing an event in VB.Net looks like this: RemoveHandler myEvent, AddressOf myEventHandlerMethod To help make managing this easier, VB.Net has some extra syntax. Instead of manually adding event handlers, you can declare a variable as WithEvents, then use the Handles clause on a method, like so: Private WithEvents _myMemberVariable As SomeRandomClassWithEvents Private Sub _myMemberVariable_OnPropertyChanged(sender as Object, e as PropertyChangedEventArgs) Handles _myMemberVariable.PropertyChanged 'Do the thing End Sub With no additional setup, when I assign something to _myMemberVariable, _myMemberVariable_OnPropertyChanged will automatically be run whenever _myMemberVariable.PropertyChanged is raised. If I change _myMemberVariable to some other SomeRandomClassWithEvents, it'll take care of removing the old handlers and adding the new ones for me. And setting _myMemberVariable to Nothing (aka null) will clean it up for me. I've been using C# a lot more lately, I've had to start doing events the old fashioned, no hand-holding way. I've been doing it for long enough now that I forgot to even check for the Handles clause when all evidence pointed to an event handler being registered twice. VB.Net is a fine language, and IMO it's easier to read and easier to type (not having to constantly type '{' and ':' when simply pressing enter works instead). However, it no longer has language parity with C#, meaning C# will continue to evolve, and VB.Net won't grow with it. The future is C#, and it's sad to see VB.Net be left behind. Guess I'll have to get around to rewriting this thing for it to be part of the future.




Spanish Vocabulary # 7

Hello everyone (because tell another word sounds phobic for some reason for certain people) (hola a todos voy decir esta palabra porque la otra suena fobica para cierta gente) in this lesson going to teach you (en esta lección voy a instruirte) about elements (sobre elementos) every element its former part of our life and nature (cada elemento forma parte de la naturaleza y la vida)   Fire -> Fuego Water -> Agua Wind -> Aire Earth -> Tierra Dark -> Oscuridad Iron -> Hierro Stone -> Piedra Sand -> Tierra Ice -> Hielo Grass -> Planta Thats it for this lesson hope be useful for you  

Spanish Vocabulary # 6

Hola a todos en la lección de hoy genderwords (palabras con genero) genderwords are former part of spanish grammar most of this words its used in masculine and femenine its important rule in case of english words are the same male and female but in spanish its different thats why before begin for make more vocalubary take this lesson as disclaimer difficulty of the next lesson can be confusing and repetitivo (hope so no) but hope this lesson are helpful

Spanish Vocabulary # 5

Hello everyone (hola todos) hoy (today) more vocabulary (más vocabulario) Animals (Animales) mammals -> mamíferos birds -> pájaros reptiles -> reptiles amphibians -> anfibios fish -> peces (pl. fish) insects -> insectos crustaceans = crustáceos Horse -> Caballo Elephant -> Elefante Dog -> Perro Cat -> Gato Mosquito -> Mosquito Ox -> Buey Bull -> Toro Cow -> Vaca Fox -> Zorro Wolf -> Lobo Centipede -> Cienpies Bug -> Bicho Ant -> Hormiga Perakeet -> Perico parrot -> Loro (always confuse with carrot lolz >.<) Chicken -> Pollo Cock -> Gallo Pig -> Cerdo Rabbit -> Conejo Prawn -> langostino Srimp -> Gamba Dolphin -> Delfin Shark -> Tiburon Whale -> Ballena Jellyfish -> Medusa Octopus -> Pulpo Seal -> Foca Oyster -> Ostra Turtle -> Tortuga Sea Turtle -> Tortuga acuatica Tuna -> Atun cod -> bacalao bass -> lubina trout ->trucha salmon -> salmón boar -> jabali Falcon -> Halcon Skunk -> Mofeta Squirrel -> Ardilla armadillo -> armadillo beaver -> Castor weasel -> comadreja moose -> Alce Aeagle -> Agila Vulture -> Vuitre Sparrow -> Gorrion cow -> cuervo owl -> Buho pigeon -> paloma fly -> mosca butterfly -> mariposa praying mantis -> mantis religiosa ape -> mono monkey -> simio moth -> polilla beetle escarabajo cobra -> cobra beetle -> gusano cockroach -> cucaracha baboon -> babuino tiger -> tigre lion -> león python -> pitón boa constrictor -> boa guinea pig -> coballa Hamster -> Hamster canary -> canario cheetah -> gepardo leopard -> leopardo giraffe -> girafa hyena -> hiena kangaroo -> canguro koala -> koala Sloth -> Perezoso Rhinoceros -> rinoceronte zebra -> cabra antipole -> antilope toad -> sapo Frog -> rana duck -> pato hippopotamus -> hippópotamo camel -> camello Dromedary -> dromedario snake -> serpiente lizard -> lagarto tortoise -> tortuga de tierra walrus -> morsa bear -> oso polar bear -> oso polar penguin -> pinguino rattlesnake -> serpiente de cascabel iguana -> iguana charmileon -> camaleon komodo -> komodo koi -> koi komodo dragon -> dragon de comodo   what about your? (que hay de ti?) leave in comments below what its your fauvorite animal (deja debajo en los comenarios cual es tu animal favorito)  

Spanish Vocabulary # 4

Hello Everyone (Hola a todos) Buenos dias (Good morning) Hoy (today) Vegetables (Verduras) vegetables are healthy are its something specially debeatable (las verduras son saludables pero es algo especialmente debatible) Brocoli -> Brecol Lettuce -> Lechuga Tomato -> Tomate Potato -> Patata Eggplant -> Berenjena Onion -> Cebolla Pupkin -> Calabaza Spinach -> Espinaca Pepper -> Pimiento carrot -> Zanahoria esparagus -> Esparragos couliflower -> colifor corn -> maiz mushroom -> Champiñon/Seta Brussel sprout -> Col de bruselas peas -> guisantes zucchini -> Calabazin radish -> Rabano sweet potato -> boniato celery -> Apio rosemary -> romero oregano -> oregano chickpea -> lenteja lentil -> lenteja (lentil reminds lentilles that word its in valencian of lentil) saffron -> Azafran (Saffron city remenber) dill -> Eneldo Chili -> Chile leek -> Puerro Artichoke -> Alcachofa Thats its for this lesson

Spanish Vocabulary # 3

Hello Everyone (Hola a todos) Im back (he vuelto) today (hoy) something minus intense (algo menos intenso) thats why i decided (es por eso que he decidido) fruits (frutas) fruits are something basic and relaxing (las frutas son algo basicas y relajan) enjoy (disfruten) Apple -> Manzana Pear -> Pera (remenber this word put letters in different order) Orange -> Naranja Watermelon -> Sandia Banana -> Platano Stawberry -> Fresa Cherry -> Cereza Coconut -> Coco Persimon -> Caqui Uva -> Grape raspberry -> frambuesa blueberry -> Arandano blackberry -> mora piña -> pineapple maracuyá -> passion fruit avocado -> Aguacate Apricot -> Albaricoque cantalupe -> Cantalupo lime -> limón/lima cucumber -> pepino pomegranate -> granada (also this word its used for granade or location in santa lusia) papaya -> papaya thats it for this lesson (esto es todo por la lección de hoy)  

Spanish Vocabulary # 2

Hello everyone (Hola todos) Today (Hoy) Os quiero enseñar (I want to show you) Numberos (Numbers) Es algo simple y básico de aprender (Its something simple and basic for learn) Uno -> One Dos -> Two Three -> Tres Four -> cuatro Five -> Cinco Six -> Seis Seven -> Siete Eight -> Ocho Nine -> Nueve Ten -> Diez Eleven -> Once Twelve -> Doce Thirteen -> Trece Fourteen -> Catorce Fiveteen -> Quince Sixteen -> Diezciseis Seventeen -> Diezciocho Nineteen -> Diecinueve Twenty -> Veinte Remenber Used Dieci okay i want show you trick for make more simple learn the rest of numbers (Recordad usad dieci de acuerdo os quiero mostrar un truco para enseñaros a aprender el resto de los numeros) Use Veinti and the rest of numbers (usa veinti en los numeros) Example -> Twenty one -> Veinti uno you can see twenty number in spanish its veinti (podeis ver twenty + el numero es veinti en español) Thirty -> Treinta Okay the trick has begun Thirty  one -> treinta y uno remenber treinta y and use the rest numbers 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 the treinta y (recordad el treinta y en el resto de los numeros treinta uno y el resto es igual) Forty ->Cuarenta Same thing with Treinta okay Forty One -> Cuarenta y uno Same method with rest numbers until 50 Fifty -> Cincuenta Same thing with treinta y cuarenta Fifty one -> Cincuenta y uno the rest until 60 its use cincuenta y Sixty -> Sesenta Same case okay Sixty one -> Sesenta y uno in this point you find a coincidence and are so relate and thats why its easy to learn and hope this trick are helpful for you Seventy ->  Setenta Seventy one -> Setenta y uno the same thing until 80 okay use the initial numbers and add ochenta y or sesenta y or setenta y Eighty -> Ochenta Eighty  one -> Ochenta y uno Use the same thing okay Ninety -> Noventa Ninety one -> Noventa y uno use the same thing the tonic its the same all the time using the rest numbers noventa y uno noventa y dos until 100 One hundred -> Cien One hundred one -> Ciento uno in this time remove y because its only ciento uno until 110 one hundred ten -> ciento diez the trick of this its all numbers all mentioned until 200 are the same one hundred twelve -> ciento once you can see once are used previously like 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 okay thats it for this lesson (Esto es todo por esta lección)    

Spanish Vocabulary

Hola todos (Hello everyone) hoy (today) os enseñare los colores en español (i want to show you the colors in spanish lenguage) Empecemos (lets begin) Red -> Rojo Blue -> Azul Green -> Verde Orange -> Naranja (this word its used for fruit too like in english) Brown -> Marron Black -> Negro Pink -> Rosa (Rosa its too for a flower and female name) White -> Blanco Amarillo -> Yellow Purple -> Morado Navy Blue -> Azul marino Grey -> Gris Esto es todo amigos (Thats all guys) Gracias por ver (Thanks for watching)  

List Games i want beat #1


Today its a great day

This day its everything and the same time its nothing finally i approved everything and almost i have title of vocational studies that means i can work in every place related with my studies i cant believe the previous day of this day everything its negative but today recieve good new i approved the last one and i can enjoy this summer properly without problem finally its like finally i beat this game its amazing how time passed and since 2012 everyday everytime i tried do the best but this is the day for tell dude you are awarded because you work so hard i dont want forget this moment because its like when naruto its a hokage i dont know how explain its something realizes as person this year i make heroic things than average person are impossible but i m capable for make possible impossible things good summer everyone

Why People do?...

Lets get started   Bullying i suffered bullying along in my life but actually its not the case the fact its people hate another people its different its a fact the problem its from house educaton if you have a poor education of values because you parents hates different people than your parents believes its more likely possible you behave the same way exists because people are frustrated and the fact its dont send psicologist person are bullied its the bully the person needs go to psicologist but in the school and all that places its literally a jungle its impossible be feel confort  the teaching staff its not specially prepared for solve problems because sometimes that people are interested exists bully in school its crazy and mad right? sadly the reality of all of things and interests of people makes greedy or be get  bullied and the staff enjoys with that violence NOTE TO ALL IDIOTS WHO RATIONALIZE BULLYING: You will be blocked instantly if you rationalize or justify what caveman did. Bullying is not tolerated here. Smoking its incredible dozens of people of everyday  smoke cigars or weed simply i dont get it as i said previously bullying and smoking have something what is the thing? simple people are frustrated and that addiction its something control his emotion when the problem its false its a fact this thing its a social element for be accepted but stay tuned because that thing have similarities my most near case its my father he non-stop smoking literally its impossible see without cigar in his mouth its incredible but it is people think if you dont smoke you are dumb its a lie you are the dumb you try challenge me something me something? anyways typical dumb people watch stupity and trashtv   Drink People do drink the same way with smoke its a social element for be accepted and its absurd believes that elements makes you better than each other and challenge other people if you dont drink this or there you are not nothing prefer a healthy life than drink vine or beer or sake simply i respect your interest of drinking but its not my case sadly in this society if you dont be bully or dont smoke or you dont drink its more likely possible you be ignored for be a weirdo   Overeating the most thing i hate in this top i dont understand why people ate so much until the point are obese its imposible dont be feel unconfortable with someone cant move because his body its too heavy people dont know how eat its a fact prefer eat something in burgerking or mc donals because its quick because in this world everyone wants fast and quick with any waiting simply disgusting... in my opinion i believe exists bead habits of eating i dont want be vegan becuase its useless okay so the best way its take measure for how calories you eat thats it but no people prefer eat so much with greased pizzas hambugers and that things