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Found 10 results

  1. I've played a few Soul Link's so far and every time I start my play session for the day it's always kind of an annoying process. Loading up 2 separate emulators, 2 roms, having to rekeybind the controllers every time. I was wondering if someone would be able to make a program that could make it easier. If your unfimiliar with a Soul Link Nuzlocke, heres the rules. 1- Any Pokémon that faints is considered "dead," and must be released or stored in a specified PC box for "dead" Pokémon. 2- You can only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. 3- You must also nickname all of your Pokémon, for the sake of forming "stronger emotional bonds." 4- In a new area, the first encounters for both players will be, "linked," together until death. 5- If one Pokémon in a linked pair is placed in the PC, it's Soul Link partner must be placed in the PC as well. 6- If one Pokémon in a linked pair dies, it's Soul Link partner is considered dead as well. 7- If one player fails to capture their first encounter in an area, the second player must forfeit their encounter in their corresponding area. 8- Across both players parties, primary typings may not be repeated. Basically what I'm looking for is a program that emulates 2 roms side by side and be able to control them individually. I've thought of a few features to make it better. Features -Emulators from all consoles built in - Ex. VBA, Desmume, and Citra -Saves both roms under 1 "project" and loads them on the same side every time -Type Chart ready -Online Remote Play - Be able to join your friends session online to see and control one of the games. -Games connected locally so you can trade and battle -Database where you can input your linked pokemon pairs and where you caught them -Built in Pokedex Database (Not necessary but would be helpful) -Program reads both your teams and displays them between the game (I'm aware that's not an easy ask but if it's possible, why not) I feel like except for a couple of them this is a completely possible thing to create. I know it probably wont happen but I just thought I'd get the idea out there. I love doing Soul Links and I'm so happy people found a way to make Pokemon Co-op. Thanks for your time.
  2. Version 2.3.0


    This program takes screenshots of your computer screen, checks if a pokemon is shiny, and either reloads the ROM from a savestate or pauses it. To check out testing and if you want to support, check this project out on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/gaminglegion01 or on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6bPU1SmnZZXlETv1DlW91Q. This is where I am, almost, constantly live-streaming the project for testing and personal shiny hunting. This is the best place to see the most up-to-date version in action and see for yourself whether you think it's worth it or not. Currently, this program is limited and in progress. These variables will be fixed in the future but these are the current limitations: - Only works on 1920x1080 and 1280x720 size screen (not resolution) - Only works for Generation 2 and 3 games - Only tested in VBA-M so far - Game text speed set to Fast - Only works for the starters I have made HUGE strides, in terms of this project, in making this program better. I appreciate everyone who downloaded and supported this as I have been excited to get back into it. If you find any bugs let me know. Below is how you should set yourself up for each game before starting, as well as how the program works with the new changes. --- How it works --- Upon hitting the Start button, any instance of VMA-M will force close and reopen with some new user configuration, modified by this program. The program will then load the savestate in the first slot, save over it, and start detecting the inputted Pokemon. Once detected, the program will pause VBA-M and stop giving inputs. It should be noted that upon the program stopping by detection, stopping on button press, or stopping on close, the original user configurations will be re-added so that nothing will happen to your normal gameplay. --- Gold/Silver/Crystal Setup --- You want to align your player on the bottom side of the table facing the Pokeball of your choice. Drop a save in-game, then a savestate. From there you are golden. --- Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Setup --- You want to align your player on the bottom or right side of the satchel facing into it. Drop a save in-game, then a savestate. From there you are golden. --- FireRed/LeafGreen Setup --- You want to align your player on the bottom side of the table facing the Pokeball of your choice. Drop a save in-game, then a savestate. From there you are golden.
  3. What Is Your Primary Image Manipulation Program? Note: If you use an extended edition of Photoshop, just pick the CS #. If you have found I have missed something--let me know. - GIMP 2.5 or Below - GIMP 2.6 - PS CS2 or Below - PS CS3 - PS CS4 - PS Elements 6 or Below - PS Elements 7 - PS Elements 8 - Paint.NET - Other (Please list) ------ I use to use GIMP 2.6, but now I use Photoshop CS4. I really like it a lot. I have even checked out tutorials online (Not those signature tutorials...). <3
  4. Version 2.1 is live. Download link below! CatchCalc is a simple in Java written program that can calculate the chance of capture a pokémon given the pokémon Max HP and current HP. While a couple of steps are still required to actually know these values (one method explained below), it is wishful thinking to hope that in a future game we'll actually be able to see values rather than green bars. How to find the wild pokémon's HP: First and foremost I have to say this this will never be accurate due to IVs, so I greatly advice you to set the HP IV to 31 so in any case the chance of capture ends up being higher than calculated! That said, for finding out how much HP the pokemon has that you are encountering you can use any battle simulator (i.e. Pokemon Showdown) or save editor (i.e. PKHeX). Simply pick your pokemon, set the level and make sure the HP IV is 31. For the "current HP" you can go for a single HP, implying the use of False Swipe or Hold Back or you could make it max HP. Download link: The .jar file is on the bitbucket. Click here to download it directly. The sourcecode is publicly available on Bitbucket, click here to go there. Requirements: Like I said, the program has been written in Java. Most modern machines come with Java pre-installed, but otherwise you can download the Java Runtime Environment FAQ: Q: It doesn't start! A: Make sure you have associated the .jar extension with Java. To do so right click the program then "open with" and then select the Java platform. Q: I can't find the Java platform in the list! A: If you are certain that you did install the above linked JRE, also go ahead and download the Java Development Kit for your OS. Once you have that installed On Windows: Open a command prompt by holding the windows key then pressing R. This will make the Run popup show, in here type `cmd.exe` In the command prompt type `cd [path-to-where-you-saved-the-program]` and hit enter Then type `Java -jar "CatchCalc.jar"` including quotation marks! On Mac (At least this worked for me on my OSX Maverics, I don't use my Mac a lot. at all) Open Terminal Type `Java -jar "CatchCalc.jar"` including quotation marks! On Linux (going by Ubuntu here, not sure if it's the same across all distributions) Open Terminal navigate to the folder where the program is, if this is the Downloads folder it will most likely be by typing `cd ~/Downloads` Type `Java -jar "CatchCalc.jar"` including quotation marks! Changelog: (- for removed, + for added, @ for changed) Version 2.1: @ Corrected some spelling mistakes @ Did some code refactoring + Updated catch rate calculation so it also allows for selecting either XY or ORAS Version 2.0: - The old code + Completely rewritten from ground up - Switched from the GUI editor in NetBeans to standard classes. + A repo on bitbucket @ An actually working distributable file. I was not aware that the previous download was accidentally missing files, but this time around it's all packed in 1 .jar file. Version 1.0: + Initial release If you have any other questions, concerns, or you if you notice a mistake that I made please let me know in the comments below!
  5. I would like to put my idea out there for anyone that has some experience in programming. I thought it would be useful to create a program that will "simulate" breeding, such as codemonkey's pokemon generator. I'm sure this won't be easy but if anyone wants to help me, please do.
  6. This program makes pokemon shiny! Download Here! BEWARE THIS CHANGES YOUR POKEMON'S IVS Simply start the program and type in the file that you want to make shiny and presto! instant shiny! Non IV changing version coming soon.
  7. k, so as you can probably tell im trying to create legal pokemon. But i hit a typical wall...I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING! So the purpose of this thread is to create a "dummies" guide to the three programs above, so that everyone (including myself) can create and edit better pokemon. Depending on the usefulness of the guide, this thread may even be stickied! Note: The guide you are posting must try and: -be simple enough for someone with basic computer knowledge to understand -have a step by step format on how to use it properly -acronym meanings in brackets -include examples -troubleshooting( based on the most common and easily fixable issues) (moderators**you may add and edit this first post if i forgot something) Thanks
  8. Just as an FYI to all those out there, this project is long dead. You can see my new stuff here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?20984-PKMDS-Code-Library-Gen-V Hello once again! I have written a small application to fix the checksums in the save files for Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. Platinum support is on the way. This program is for Windows only. Please note that you need the latest .Net framework (3.5 SP1) for this application to run. The primary purpose of this application is to allow people to futz around with the hex in a save file, fix the checksums with this program, and then be able to load the altered data without the game interfering due to corrupted data. If there are any problems or questions, let me know! CHANGES: 5-27-09: Added a viewer and copier for the Trainer Card signature in the loaded save file. Huzzah! And thanks to Jiggy-Ninja for deciphering the data structure. PKMDS_Checksum_Fixer.zip
  9. I recently reformatted my computer and I want to mess around with AR codes again. There was a program that hooked on to an emulator and displayed the ds's ram. I dont remember the name and I am having a hard time finding it.
  10. ok, I've noticed that there is a lot of programs on this message board, that is all scattered around. so it got me to thinking, "maybe I should make a thread, to put all of the programs together in one, so that people can find the programs easier?" that's what made me make this thread. these are all the programs that are listed, that has been posted onto this message board so far. I did not list Pokesav, because you can download on the website. but now I did anyway. ;P I did not post PokesavDS, neither PokeMod, because that the link to the programs wasn't on their threads. that's why they're left off of the list for the time being. just remember: some of the information of the programs can be outdated, so check the original threads before posting on here and saying that this thread is outdated. Save editing The Save editing tool list is now maintained at the Pokémon Editing Tool Directory RAM editing ROM editing The list of ROM editing tools will be maintained in the ROM forum. if I had missed any programs, please let me know, or post the links to the threads of the programs on this thread; so I can add them onto the list, or unless a moderator can add programs to the list. one last thing, I hope a moderator of this section can sticky this. >.> - Soldjermon [edit by evandixon] Removed programs that are obsolete or contain nothing but dead links Removed save editing lists in favor of my more recent thread Removed listed ROM program in favor of a bigger list of ROM editing tools Renamed thread from 'programs list' I'll try to add more stuff for RAM later
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