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  1. Hey guys, I'm working on my own black 2 rom hack and currently I'm wondering how I would be able to make hidden abilities appear on pokemon that spawn in grass and other terrain, given that dream world is down nowadays. Any help goes a long way.
  2. Oddly specific request, but I was wondering how could I ride my bike on places you usually can't using PKHex? I'd appreciate a solution (Spanish Emerald btw)
  3. I wanted to use Pokehex to edit my Prismatic Moon save file so that I could get a mega ring before the post game, but whenever I try and give myself a mega ring in key items I don't have it. I thought it might have been a Issue with Pokehex entirely so to test I gave myself a level 1 zangoose and it actually gave me one in my party. Also, I already got the bag in Prismatic Moon so that couldn't be the answer.
  4. Where are the sprites of the trainers used in the Xtransceiver cutscenes located in the files of BW? I cannot find them for the life of me.
  5. So I am in the process of editing the player's mom from BW1 into BW2, and I've replaced the right sprite sheets, yet the BW2 mom still appears in the first cutscene, as shown in the video attached. I assume this is because the opening camera pan is some kind of separate cutscene or movie file, with all the sprites pre-inserted. Is there any way to edit these cutscenes? 2022-05-23 20-37-08_Trim_Trim.mp4
  6. Heyo! I'm sorry if this question was asked before but I can't seem to find the answer after searching high and low. I tried to create a shiny alpha Riolu for PLA, fixed all the errors it was throwing at me, and then ran into this. What does this mean and how do I fix it? The encounter level and moves are all within legal limits as per what's on Serebii and Bulbapedia. I know there's a way to search encounters using Tools > Data > Encounter Database. but I don't know what to do once the search comes up and I see a version I want. Tried right-clicking but that just brings up "view" and that's it. Again I profusely apologize for the newbiness here. I just wanna make a few mon for myself that the game simply won't give me after over 333 hours of play time. **EDIT** Also, why whenever I use any PLA genning bot with a PKHex file does it have max grits? I like doing those myself in-game.
  7. I just want to ask everyone here whether I should get a hackable switch and replace it for my current patched switch
  8. just got everything working for pknx until i got to route 1 and the ability to see wild pokemon in the overworld. they’re randomized but they seem to just keep popping in and out, even if its the same species. did i screw something up? i did max slots for randomization. also side note the randomizer gave my pokemon unusable moves for swsh which is weird or is that supposed to happen
  9. I know it's a pretty recent game but I just wanted to know if I can get the Mystery Gift clothes using the PKHex or if I need to wait a little longer.
  10. When I edited my save file in PKHex, I exported the file to both bin files in my save file in the root of my SD card. After restoring the save file using JKSV, nothing changed in my Brilliant Diamond game. I've seen other people on Reddit have the same issues. I'm not too sure if I need to have the latest version of the game or not. I just assumed you didn't.
  11. Does anyone know which event flag I need to enable to activate gift events? Like the platinum outfit or darkrai or shaymin event?
  12. Hello, what flags should I reset to reset all the legendaries so I can battle them again?
  13. I ask this because I'm not sure if the "roamer PID/IV correlation" meant anything. Is it the same PID system as older games?
  14. There are/were a lot of exclusive event Pokemon available in Japan. Normally I use the wonder card for the intended region to avoid legality issues. I rad the WC7 guide to understand the correlation between Language and Region. But I have not found any resources how this affect wc4 and wc5 files. So to simplify my question here is an example. In Japan there was an Victini event that was different to the US/EU event. The Japanese Victini had the moves "Blue Flare" and "Fusion Bolt" instead of "Fusion Flare" and "Fusion Bolt". source: https://www.serebii.net/events/dex/494.shtml Could I inject these Japanese Victini wonder card into an Europe Game and receive this Victini? Would it be legal? Would the name of Victini be English or Japanese? Difference between In-Life and Wifi on Gen4 and 5? Same question for V-Create Rayquaza https://www.serebii.net/events/dex/384.shtml. I asked because I want to have all my Pokemon in the same language. The OT doesn't matter to me but the name of the Pokemon. EDIT: Does this grafik apply to wc4, wc5, wc6 and wc7?
  15. If it helps, I play my Pokemon White and White 2 through TwiLight Menu On the 3ds so if that provides any clarity, I could put down a few more specifics if necessary.
  16. I have a TRU Shaymin, TRU Regigigas, and TRU Arceus, as well as ALAMOS Darkrai and Gamestp Deoxys. I want to learn their SIDs so I can make my own legit event Pokemon (and give them max IVs and such), but what I want to know is this--does each event Pokemon has it's own ID? I know each Pokemon has its own OT and trainer ID, what I want to know is if they have their own SID too. Failing that, is there an AR code I can use to see what a Pokemon's SID is? Of course, I'm willing to trade with someone who can tell me what my Pokemon's SIDS are, too. I'm just curious and wanting to save a bit of time. =P
  17. Official Help/Small Questions Thread for DPP! In effort to help reduce clutter and the many threads asking small questions, this thread has been created. Forgot where to go next on Route 212? Lost on Mt. Coronet? Wondering why Shaymin won't change forms? Any of your small questions can be answered here. Well, almost. Threads that may answer your questions: EV Training Questions/Hep Here Team Building Questions/Help Here Smogon Rule Discussion Common Rules of Battling Basically, do you have a question that can inspire discussion? If so, post a thread (if one hasn't already been made). If it's game help or general questions about the 4th gen, then post here. Hopefully this will reduce clutter in the forum.
  18. I don't have my switch yet and I wanted to see if there was anyway to just transfer pokemon caught in emulators straight to my pokemon home, of course I am 100% against making illegal pokemon and I just wanna get pokemon I've raised be able to transfer so once I get my switch and pokemon shield I can see them in game. Would Pkhex do anything to allow this?
  19. Hello everyone, I wanted to catch all pokemon in there receptive region so I could all transfer them in home and have the special Magearna, so far I caught all of them up to the 5 generation expect for the totemic forms from RADAR (Tornadus,Thundurus and Landorus), zekrom and black kyurem and that's when I decided too generate them with pkhex so it'll be easier and that I wouldn't have to re do the same game again, but apparently doing this isn't legit even if pkhex says that they are legal so I wanted to know if this is the same thing for pokemon caught on emulator (if you are wondering why I did this on emulator it's because it'll be way easier for me since I can't buy all games and their console but also for the transfer of pokemon)
  20. Last week I bought Pokemon Diamond, because I wanted to transfer over my old save file onto it. But my save file of Pokemon Diamond is 8 mb. I do not know how this happend, but now I can't use checkpoint to transfer over my save file. Is it possible to fix my save file in some way, because i dont know how to fix it. This is my save file of the first pokemon game I've ever played. Pokemon Diamond.sav
  21. Hi everyone, i cannot find the palette corresponding for the gym leaders sprites on the trainer card.. the sprite i'm talking about is on a/0/4/9/9_43.RGCN. someone know where the corresponding palette is? ty in advance (and sorry for the bad english :c)
  22. Hello! I would just like to ask, do we have a list of all Pokemon with special Pokemon moves that otherwise wouldn't be learned aside from the event itself? (Excluding Celebrate, Happy Hour, Hold Hands, etc) I recently just found out about Draco Meteor Jirachi, and I really would like to try gathering all these exclusive move Pokemon in my Sword and Shield game, and probably even make them battle ready just for fun. I believe Sludge Wave Gengar is also one of them, but do we have an actual list that we could go through so searching from Database would take less time, just in case? Thank you very much!
  23. Hi, im stuck with a problem. I need to edit the honey trees for a rom hack im making but when I look up a guide I get directed to link below. I'm having trouble understanding what to do to even edit the honey trees in the first place. thanks in advance for whomever helps : ) edit: fixed grammer mistake
  24. i.e route 205 which is separated by eterna forest, it only lets me edit the part after the forest. I can edit the wild pokemon with a wild pokemon editor but i cant edit any script.
  25. Hi. I have lost a very important Alpha Sapphire save file 2 years ago with a very VERY special pokemon in it. Since then i've tried everything to recover the SD card but no sucess. Recently i homebrewed a 2ds i had laying at home and installed save backup software to get access to my saves. A friend of mine has my Pokemon on a secret base from my save on his game, and im hoping to make a perfect exact copy of that pokemon by open the save file. Scrolling on PkHex i've found this ENC value on the secret base pokemon. What is this value? Its like the PID? Get i get my pokemon through this? Pic for example, not the actual pokemon or save im trying to rescue
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