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  1. Need help. Playing in Citra Nightly Managed to open PKHeX with the correct save, but im unable to edit anything. The correct pokemons show up, but everything is wrong, my zoarak show pund as a tm... Hwo to fix this?
  2. I've recently got a Shiny Celebi thorugh glitching on the virtual console release of Gold, and, wanting to transfer it, exported the save and extracted the Celebi as a PK2 file. Though when trying to transfer it to my exported HeartGold save, this comes up: I load the save, then load my Celebi the same way by hitting "Open" and that's what comes up. Same with Gen 3: Is there any steps to transferring I'm forgetting? I'm sure there might be some detail I'm missing but I don't know exactly what it is. It might have something to do with my "Secure Data Value" but I searched it and couldn't get a clear answer on how exactly it might affect transferring. Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated, here's the Celebi in question:
  3. I wanted to randomize my Pokémon game with PK3DS and edit the models,but then realized there’s no Mac port for Ohana3DS or PK3DS. Is there a way to create a Mac port for Ohana3DS or PK3DS,there was one on this website for PK3DS but my browser couldn’t reach the download page. Sorry if I sound like a noob,I’m new to this PK3DS and Ohana3DS stuff.
  4. What are some things that you are most excited for in these new games? I'm really looking forward to the Ultra Wormholes and Team Rainbow Rocket.
  5. Hello, I apologize if i missed an existing thread asking this question. I have a save file with event only pokemon, but i like to sort them in the order of the national pokedex.. Ingame its getting a bit tedious dragging rows and rows and rows forward to add a few new events. Is there a way to sort pokemon in boxes automatically by dexno? Or is there atleast an easier way to shift pokemon to different spots in multiple boxes in pkhex? any tips are appreciated! Thank you for reading.
  6. Found this while looking for an Electabuzz in a friend safari. Caught in a Pokeball. I have no idea what this evolves into or what I should nickname it.
  7. Please note, this is only of your own opinion, so the Pokémon you trained may actually not be the best Pokémon to train. Although it's OK to discuss why you think otherwise here (as that's one of the main points of this topic). So, what was your best Pokémon you have ever trained in your career as a Trainer?
  8. Hello I hope you are well. I put them in context; I am playing Pokemon Blue (JP) and Pokemon Crystal (JP), I was wondering if there is a save file editor for Gen 1 and 2 in Japanese, because I used OmniEdit, Rhydon Editor and Pikasav and they do not read these games and I want to have a backup of my two games. What do you recommend me to do? . Thank you very much for your attention.
  9. Alright so recently I received a .sav for a Pokemon Ranger GS, and Pokemon Ranger SOA with all the Wifi missions. How would I put that on my save? Also when I used those savs on Desmume the option New Game appeared.
  10. I've begun playing around with pgt and pcd files and I have a few questions I hope some of you can answer. 1. I know what the files are for, but what does PGT and PCD stand for? (ie.: PGT = Pokemon Green Terabyte?) 2. I've read that when activating a Wonder Card I should set my NDS date to match the date that the Wonder Card is being "distributed" for. Is that true? 2.1. Are there any other legit precautions such as the one mentioned in question 2. that you know about? I so, please list them. 3 I activated a Wonder Card and was able to look at it. Apparently it was a card I've already received and I believe I actually removed it through non-cheating methods. However, when I checked again, the card wasn't there anymore. Could it be because the NDS places a note or removed Wonder Cards so that they don't show up on the screen? 4. Is there an AR code that can show me all the Wonder Cards I've received? 5. I have three different Pokesav programs - Diamond/Pearl, Platinum and HG/SS. If I want to load pgt and pcd files for an event that was only available for D/P versions, is it okay for me to use the Platinum or HG/SS Pokesav? Or do I have to use the D/P one for it? I think that's all. Thank you for your time.
  11. Hi.I would like to know whats best and makes pokemon more legal.I got this 2 options: 1- Load the events on Pokemon pearl and transfer them to Pokemon Platinum 2- Load the events on platinum and get the pokemons there. Any problem using this second option? Regards and thx for the great site. New to the forums but u will see more a lot. Love the pokemon wondercards hehe.
  12. hoh do i make pal parked pokemon?????:confused::confused:
  13. Well I just got pokesav I want to make legit jirachi, suicune, celebie and latias. I guess I need to pal park them but I don't have a lg fr sap ruby game for ot and id. I've also never used pokesav I've watched youtube videos and read forms I'm still just confused. I can make hatched no prob I get that. I don't get pal parked. Please help
  14. I'm new to this whole thing and I have some questions about Pokesav and a few other things. I read in that 'Pokémon Legality Guide' but it didn't say if it worked for Pokémon Platinum. Also how using Pokesav works. Mainly I just want to make a legit Gallade and I only have two of four things that thread says to have to make a legal pokémon. Where would I be able to find SCV's PID/IV Program & Trash Byte Normalizer and if I'm able to generate a code for AR to put into my Pokémon Platinum DS game.
  15. okay im tying to make some legendary pokes look like i cought them in game ie. Uxie, mesprit, and heatran. ive edited everything perfectly, included my ID/S-ID but why is it that where it should say "Met at Lv.XX" it says "Apparently met at Lv.XX" instead? is there anyway to make it say "met at....." 100% of the time or is it gunna be one of those trial and error kind of things? thanks in advance
  16. Wiki Question Center (Links) If you have any questions how to code, add, etc. anything to the wiki, ask here. If it is a general statement and/or problem with the wiki itself, then start a new thread. Links: General Format Guide Table Format Guide Automatic Table Generator
  17. Hello, I'm considering getting a DSi flashcart, but the descriptions are [mostly] the same. What is the BEST DSi flashcart available? [edit]: Because I have had an R4 for the DS, please do not post that. It isn't that good, and I almost regret getting it.
  18. Hey guys, I'm just wondering, but will pokemon on Pokemon Battle Revolution become Bad Eggs if they have All 31 IV's?
  19. In this vv: Using POKESAV 1. Choose the desired IVs and click on PID/IV in POKESAV. 2. Click Generate, look at the algorithms and find the one that matches the Pokémon being created. 1. eg. A wild Starly will be Normal or Wild NDS. 3. The corresponding natures are displayed to the right of the algorithms. What type would a hatched pokemon be. Also, i'm getting very confused on getting legal PID stuffs. If I change it the shiny and change the IVs and do that ^^ would it make it legal? -- ALSO, for this * Normal NDS or GBA Would this be type 1? This type is the most common and will be seen on wild/legend encountered Pokémon in :NDS/GBA games. * Wild NDS or GBA Would this be type 2? This type is less common and will be seen on wild encountered Pokémon in NDS/ GBA :games. It is unclear whether GBA legends will be seen with this type. * Uncommon GBA Would this be type 3? This type is seen uncommonly by wild encountered Pokémon in GBA games. * Rare GBAWould this be type 4? This type is seen rarely by wild encountered Pokémon in GBA games. * Very Rare GBA Would this be type 5? This type is seen in less than 1% of wild encountered Pokémon in GBA games. * Ultra Rare GBA Would this be type 6? This type is seen in less than 0.01% of wild encountered Pokémon in GBA games. * Common GBA Event (Restricted) 7? This type is seen with particular promotional GBA Pokémon. * Common GBA Event (Unrestricted) 8? This type is seen with particular promotional GBA Pokémon. ___ So... Is the attachment legit? isitlegit.pkm
  20. Not sure if this goes here but will do it anyways. On the Pkm Download pages is the pokemon's name is black that means there is no file for it, right.
  21. I have been trying for a while now to make these pokemon legal for pokemon white nintendo wi-fi connection. However, every time I send them to my ds and attempt to use them in random matchup, they do not pass the hack test and i get the "There was a problem with your pokemon, and they could not participate" message. I followed every guide I could find and made sure they followed the guidelines. The problem probably has something to do with the info in the "Met" tab of pokegen. That or the fact that a few of them have dream world abilities. **Note maybe the custom moveset smeargle I made can just never be legit... None of them have any wierd glitches that wouldn't be legit (like the Zigzagoon one), although the Reuniclus is shiny. I know it is probably something really simple, but it has reached a point where I could never figure it out myself... The files are under attachments, and thanks in advance!
  22. I've been looking over the guides and talking with some people. I'm concerned about how they can tell which formula the Pokemon was generated with. From what I know, certain formulae (Wild NDS, Common GBA etc), toss out results from the PRNG. If it tosses out two or three, how do you know? The value isn't stored anywhere, it's just a garbage value. Could someone help explain this to me? I understand the coding behind it, just not how I'm supposed to apply the PRNG to get results. Like how Pokemon X is from formula Z.
  23. If you go to 0:16, tat Riolu seems to be using Aura Sphere. If so, how is that possible (without hacking)? If not, what move is that?
  24. First, let me apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum. (I'm kinda new here) I'm gonna take a guess that this site used to be known as Pokesav.org? (Since I typed www.pokesav.org and was directed to this site). I remember browsing through the forums back then and came across a thread that posted information and a link to download this application called the Wonder Card Injector, which allows you to create your own mystery gift to distribute (with the help of a flash cart). I remember that I had the hardest time finding the actual ROMs for the Shaymin and Regigigas Pokemon Event from TRU. I did however, have the Shaymin and Regigigas Wonder Card files. When I used the Wonder Card Injector to put those files into a distribution ROM (the Deoxys distribution ROM), it worked like a charm and it was just as if I could recreate those Pokemon Events. I thought it would be fun to try and make my own "Pokemon Event" and create my own Mystery Gift to distribute. The pokemon in question was Arceus, the only pokemon that hadn't been officially distributed (at the time I attempted this). I used Pokesav to create Arceus and tried to make it as "legitimate" as possible. Then I went to the Mystery Gift Edit to create a Wonder Card file to insert into the Wonder Card Injector. Everything worked just as though it was received through an authentic Pokemon Event. The Wonder Card received in my friend's game had all the information I typed for it, but when I went to receive the pokemon from the green man at the pokemart, there was one thing wrong about it. Rather than saying it was a "Pokemon Event" (under the tab that tells you the pokemon's nature) it said it was from "A Faraway Place" or "A Distant Land" (I'm not entirely sure which of the two it was, it's been a few months since I tried this). I thought I accidently selected the wrong location, so I tried again. I was certain I was selecting the right location "Pokemon Event", but after a dozen times of creating and sending over the pokemon to my friend's game (He also has a flash cart so I was able to erase the file from his game so he could receive the gift again) I still received the same outcome, the location being "A Faraway Place/A Distant Land". So here is where my question comes in, as I had the hardest time trying to figure out the reason for this. What the heck am I doing wrong? lol. Does this have something to do with the hex code? (I'm not familiar with that if so) When I look at the Arceus file in Pokesav, I see the "Pokemon Event" selected, but once it goes into the distribution ROM and gets sent out, it changes to "A Faraway Place/A Distant Land". I would appreciate any help on how to correct this problem that keeps occuring. I even tried editing the Shaymin Wonder Card file and replaced it with Arceus' information instead, but I believe the result was the same, the location from where the pokemon came from says "A Faraway Place/A Distant Land" rather than "Pokemon Event". I know this was a rather long post lol, but I feel it's necessary info to whoever can help me :grog:
  25. Hey I'm trying to Pokesav an UXIE that I can use for the E-4, and it always ends up saying that it's a hacked pokemon in the legality checker. How do i get around this, to make it appear legit? is it the hex values that im messing up on? help would be most appreciated. thanks.
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