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Found 39 results

  1. All I really want is Diamond, pearl and Platinum save files (.sav) that have entered at least once in hall of fame. I have overplayed this gen and I don't really feel like dedicating myself to playing it another 3 times. My only wish aside from that is leaving Darkrai and Shaymin untouched as this is going to be used as shiny hunting saves. If you want to throw in the key items for it cool! If not I would probably have used the void glitch anyway. If the other legendaries are there too that's great, otherwise, eh I don't care since I will hunt them in USUM anyway.
  2. Plz I need those two saves, they don't have to be 100% completed or anything, just having completed the Elite4 with your team.
  3. Greetings, all. I am new here, so I apologize if this is in the wrong subforum. Now, what I am needing to do: My girlfriend and I are planning on playing all of the Pokemon games from gen 4 right up to gen 7. We both have homebrewed 3DSs with CFW and have the NDS Pokemon games as ROMS on R4i cards. The idea is to play HeartGold and SoulSilver> Platinum and Diamond> Black and White> Black 2 and White 2> X and Y> Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire> Sun and Moon, in that order. What we want to do is transfer Pokemon over each time we move over to the next pair of games. Each time we play a pair, we plan to catch all Pokemon available in that respective game, then move them all forwards to the next game. HeartGold/SoulSilver can trade to Platinum and Diamond, and Platinum and Diamond can trade to Black and White, and Black and White can trade to Black 2 and White 2, but each of these processes will take ages to accomplish, and there seems to be no way to trade Pokemon from Black 2/White 2 to X/Y when using an R4i card and a legitimate card is impossible to get in my country. So: Is there a way that I can batch export all Pokemon from a save (All .pkm/whatever files from the .sav) and the inject it into the next save? PkHex and PokeGen only allow for exporting and importing 1 Pokemon at a time, whereas I would like to do so as a batch to save a lot of time. I have .sav files on R4i and can make .sav backups for 3DS Pokemon games, I just need a way to transfer the Pokemon between them as a batch rather than individually. As a nitpick: Is there also a way that I can have Pokemon moved via this method be registered in the Pokedex for the game I inject them into? Thanks in advance and sorry for repeating myself in some parts
  4. Can someone explain me how i put the sav file and make it work? i have pokemon platinum and Acekard2i. i have the game and i put the sav file [520KB] in the game floder and it still doesnt load,the game works but not the save!
  5. Hello I am looking for a sav file, where many events are. But it will not single him several special events to be a box. Desired events: Michina Arceuus, Tru Arceus, Shokotan pichu, ... And a Sav file where you saved in front of the green with the event Michina Arceus. Sorry my English is bad i come from Germanny.
  6. PokeStock 11.6 Hello guys I found this tool searching in Google and it´s awesome!. I mean, it has everything you need to edit 3rd and 4th gen save files The only problem is that it´s in japanese :frown: (since it´s a brand new uptade). I remembered having the v6.4 in English... so I think that if someone that has acknowledgement of Japanese and soft hacking made a translation it will be great!! This is the project website: This is the download link: PASSWORD: amu It took me a hell of time to found this password... I spend a whole day searching in the PokeStock ugly Japanese forum in order to found it. I didn´t upload this tool because I don´t want to break any rules, (I´m in Emuforums and the guys are very strict about this things... fools). If it´s ok uploading this tool... let me know it. I managed to translate some txt files of this tool, but I couldn’t make them to fit in the GUI interface that the program have. I attached the txt that are translated by me or don´t need translation, and the others txt files that need translation. This txt files goes into the "POKEMAIN" folder. Sorry for my bad english. (I open these thread in these two sections: Save Editing and Save Research & Development, because I don´t know which is the proper one... sorry) DONT NEED Translation.zip NEED Translation.zip
  7. Hi all, I'm attaching my UK platinum .sav file which I've tweaked using Mushen's stickied guide so it's the correct 512kb file size. I was wondering if someone could try to put it into their game and actually load it; ive only changed a couple of bits (just added some event pokemon to my team for the sake of testing and fiddled with Jolteon's EVs), but when I use rudolph's tool to try to put it on my cart, I always get an corruption error. Also, seem to have a few pokemon in my boxes (in pokesav) which are taking up space (they have no name, but they seem to have stats and and editable sheet) but aren't visible in-game; seems a bit glitched to me, just wanted to see if anyone else can at least see this in Pokesav? Thanks in advance to anyone who can take a look. *edit* As you can see from below, we've figured out that it's NOT just me who's seeing the glitches- can anyone explain how this happened?
  8. There's something I've been meaning to look at, but I need some help since I'm not playing through SoulSilver. If anyone has .sav files from SS saved just before battling Lugia, Ho-oh, and Groudon, I'd appreciate it if you'd be so kind to share those with me. :wink:
  9. Hi, I'm new to these forums. Can someone please help me convert my save file from 1024kb to 512kb? I have a Pokemon Platinum .sav file that that is 1024kb. I am trying to bring it down to 512kb so I can edit it with pokesav. I tried to convert it through http://shunyweb.info/convert.php but I get an error that the upload has failed.
  10. I started Platinum on R4 and wanted to change my Piplup (it was adamant) I opened the .SAV file in Pokesav PT and changed it to modest. When I put it back in my R4 it still says I have an adamant Piplup but when I open the exact same .SAV file in pokesav again it says it is Modest. What the hell? Is this a major bug? If so, where should I report it?
  11. Title says it all. I imported my AS save file into OR and saved my game...it crashed and turned the 3DS off. What happened.
  12. UNRESOLVED! Back when this site was pokesav.org, I played around with pokesav. A lot. Now, I've forgotten a bunch of information. So, my question: What should I name my sav files? I mean, for ALL of the games pokesav supports. Why I ask: I, for some reason, cannot start the game from the beginning. Screenshot
  13. I'm using Pokesav HGSS and when I try to open my HG save I get an error. I noticed my file is only 152KB. Is there a way to decompress it or something? Thanks.
  14. I want to try to edit sav of the new game. I want to know if I can use progress made for older games, after I check that they work also in this version. I hope I'm not going to do it without other's help (especially by evandixon that has worked to PMD 2).
  15. Hello. I've edited some pokemon in pokesav for Diamond and Pearl and saved them as .pkm files. When I try to load them in the storage of a .sav file in pokesav for Platinum it works fine. Then I use the backup loader to restore the save on my Platinum with the .sav file containing the pokemon, but they do not turn up in the storage boxes in-game, just empty space where they're supposed to be. What do I do? I do not have a pair of DS:es so I cannot just trade them over.
  16. Kissey Blissey@Leftovers [FEMALE] N A T U R A L C U R E EVs: 252def / 40SpA / 396SpD q u i e t ~Ice Beam ~Toxic ~Aromatherapy ~Softboiled IVs: 31hp / 18atk / 31def / 28spe / 23spa / 31spd HATCHED AT ROUTE 9 / PEARL / JULY 23rd, 2009 -------------------- Grumps Grumpig@Leftovers [MALE] T H I C K F A T EVs: 252hp / 126def / 126SpD / 6SpA c a l m ~Psychic ~Energy Ball ~Signal Beam ~Dream Eater IVs: 30hp / 21atk / 26def / 29spe / 31spa / 31spd HATCHED AT SOLACEON RUINS / PEARL / JULY 25th, 2009 Please make Enzo the OT on both. ---------- Post added at 10:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:38 PM ---------- Changed Focus Blast to Signal Beam.
  17. I want a sav file with a complete national pokedex. I tried doing it myself, but failed. WHen I ticked both sinnoh and sinnoh+national it didn't work, then I tried just sinnoh, then just sinnoh+national but didn't work. So, I just want to start fairly in the beginning, like in twinleaf town or sandgem or something, but not a finished game... THANKS.
  18. My Pokemon Platinum save is 161kb only.. and it is unable to be open with the pokesav does anyone know how to resolve this? And/Or is it possible for me to start a new completely new .sav file and be able to run it?
  19. Hi! This program allows you to convert between *.DUC and *.SAV files, using a custom Game Name, Save Name and Save Description. Please make sure you have the .NET framework (3.5) installed!! Changes List: ARDStoSAV's Official Page Download Links: ARDStoSAV.zip
  20. could someone pokesav these pokemon for me and then trade them to me on wifi ? Shiny Salamence Life Orb Naughty Evs: 232 Atk / 24 SpA / 252 Spe Ability: Intimidate Dragondance Outrage FireBlast Earthquake Shiny Nidoking Life Orb poison point Naughty EVs 252 Atk / 168 SpA / 88 Spe ~ Earthquake ~ Megahorn ~ Ice Beam ~ Thunderbolt
  21. Correct me if I'm wrong, During Diamond and Pearl, The sav file is compatible with the counterpart (Means you can save it in Diamond and play the same save on Pearl and Vice Versa) EDIT: I tested out, my Diamond sav was playable by Pearl But when I tried to do this (I saved in HeartGold, attempted to open in SoulSilver) It didn't work D: (The continue screen loaded, and even showed me my play status, But when continued, it just hangs at a black screen, And it isn't caused by the nintendo anti piracy thing, because no matter how I tried, it failed) Does this issue only happens to me, And what is the reason that it most likely happens? (basically this will conclude whether is it the problem with sav compatibilities or is it my problem alone)
  22. I put my sav file into pokesav and it wont load my details properly, it just comes up with all blanks, and once i make changed and save it, it wont load in my game the file im using is 521kb, saved directly from my game, how do i get it to work with pokesav? i heard you had to "convert" your game save file somehow but i dont know where/what to convert it into
  23. This program is dead, with no public download link. There's a slight change I'll release a re-written version in the future, however. Original post, for archival purposes: ---------- SAV Hacker Toolkit is a Trainer Toolkit clone - for binary files. It helps with hacking save files. It helps map out the locations of which location go to which value. See it's official page here (dead link)! -------------------------------------------------- Current Version: Download - Via .Net ClickOnce (Recommended) Download - Via MSI Installer ------------------------------------------------- Changelog: Added ability to change what number base you are viewing in the Location List. I also added another fix that isn't important enough to state here... Added ability to save notes and Location List. To be sure that notes are saved, close the window first, THEN save. Added more control of the Location List, allowing you to clear locations individually, add locations, and import in bulk from the clipboard, if the locations are in string format, ready to be turned into integers, and one per line. I do not have any error handeling, so it's YOUR FAULT if importing dosen't work!!! Cahnged HEX Dialog to Number Base Converter, suports HEX, Decimal, OCT, and BIN. I also added BIN support for the HEX Dialog, now the HEX Converter/Number Base Converter. Added wimpy HEX/BIN Editor that cannot save yet, and includes a font control (the reason for this is that when you have a large file, and display it in BIN with no spaces, it does things to your eyes, so now you can make it larger). I have also added a more detailed about box. Added HEX/BIN converter, and added some code to run when About is pressed. Forgot to enable new features in 0.2. Sorry! Added ability to find Bytes that are or are not equal to something specified. - Initial Release of BETA (.0.2 was because of a few bugs in the first publish via Click Once) -------------------------------------- Planned Features: -HEX/BIN Editor (Currently, it is to be used alongside a HEX Editor, and a BIN editor will allow you to load a file - in raw binary, with or without spaces!) -Fix bug in HEX/BIN converter -Help Section ------------------------------------------ RSS (Dead)
  24. I want to do this mainly to create a TRU Arceus distribution cart, but I first need the Wonder Card. I went to TRU to get the event, and have a SAV file of Platinum with the Wonder Card on it. Is there a way I can extract it? Also, I was just wondering about the status of the whole db.pokesav.org site. I used to use it to get event Wonder Cards, but it appears that it is no longer being maintained. Is there an alternate site that is hosting events? Sorry for n00bish questions, but I'm not very experienced or knowledgeable about the SAV editing scene. All I've done so far is backup SAVs and create distro carts from Wonder Card files, and I haven't done that since the TRU Regigigas event.
  25. Hello, I have been using PokeSav for sometime to make my life more convinient like in breeding and such to check IV stats and so on. However, now as I live in Japan I wanted to be a part of the Shaymin event since I missed the one we had here. But for some reason, no matter what changes I do to my Platina file, the DS keeps saying the save file is corrupt. I know to use the Platina version for Platina save files but still this happen? What can I be doing wrong.. or "better" ? Thank you in advance!
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