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  1. Hey guys, I wonder if someone could help me! I was doing a Shiny Ribbon Quest with a Heracross - I traded her from my Emerald cartridge to my Sapphire cartridge - The trade was fine in Emerald so Heracross left the Emerald, but, the save didn't save right in Sapphire, so the save file was corrupted, and it's restored it to a previous save. Since it still says the save was corrupted, I was hoping she still existed somewhere in that data, so, maybe it could be restored, or, failing that, able to be pulled from the party to the box, or something! Thank you very much for any help, guys! POKEMON_SAPP_AXPE01.sav
  2. Hey guys, I'm working on my own black 2 rom hack and currently I'm wondering how I would be able to make hidden abilities appear on pokemon that spawn in grass and other terrain, given that dream world is down nowadays. Any help goes a long way.
  3. Hi! I'm Lesaath, I'm new to creating hack roms (except for a really bad sapphire one I did like 8 years ago) but I played a lot both GBA/NDS and RPG Maker fan games. What I want to do is creating a game/rom based on the Sinnoh of ~20 years before the D/P games and you play as a young Cynthia that starts her adventure. I have a more clear idea in my mind (so if needed I will post more) but basically is that, you start in Celestic Town and then it will be basically a normal pokemon game of the main series. Now, the reason I am making this topic is that I don't know how to proceed to make things well. First of all I'm divided into trying to work with RPG Maker or NDS Roms (even because Idk how much you can edit with NDS tools). A little advice on what should I use and what is the best way to proceed for the project would be really appreciated ^^ Thanks to everyone that will answer and sorry if this is not the right section ^^"
  4. Hey guys, I'll try to explain everything to the detail. I was playing Pokemon Red VC (spanish version) in my 2ds (with CFW). I had Haunter at lvl 35 and wanted to evolve it to Gengar, so I turned off my console, and apparently my brain too, because I wanted to make a backup for the save before editing it with PkHex but instead deleted it permanently. I managed to recover it, but when I open the game it says "The save data is corrupted and will be reset" or something like that, So yeah, that's where I'm at. When I try to open it with PkHex i get the following error (image). I'm ready to start a new game, lost all hope, but I really want to learn from this, so any tips, easier ways to edit a save, methods to prevent this, etc, will be welcome. Thanks in advance guys.
  5. okay so I have been trying to find the offset for shiny rates so I can attempt an all shiny nuzlocke. However, when I extract the arm9.bin file and load it into a Hex editor, it says that the offset doesn't even exist. How do I find the offeset if this is the case? Better yet, are there videos showing a step by step to show me what I'm doing wrong? I would like to add that I can find the offset easily in other pokemon games, but not black or white.
  6. I can’t figure out how to use the trainer editor on PK3DS on ultra moon. Can somebody help me? I can’t change the Pokémon people have. In the picture it shows a mime junior but I can’t change it.
  7. Hi all, not sure if this is the best place to post something like this but im not quite sure where else to turn. The story is as follows: I boot up pokemon silver after a long hiatus and go to defeat Jasmine in the Olivine City gym. I white out because its been a while and leave to get my pokemon healed up. later I return to the gym after remembering how pokemon works lol but am greeted by someone at the door saying "Object Event" and am not let into the gym. As far as I understand this happens when the game doesnt quite know what to do, its just a placeholder. Being stuck, I continue to try and get through as much of Johto as I can, defeating all the other gyms and kicking team rocket out of mahogony town imagining maybe that will move the game to a state where I can get in to fight Jasmine again. But no dice, still Object Event, still shut out. Im not quite sure what to do at this point and so am very open to any suggestions. This is all that I think is keeping me from progressing the story and It would be a bummer to have to start from scratch :/
  8. Hey! So I am trying to learn how to make a ROM hack and would love to edit what Pokemon I can encounter when and what they evolve into. So far, I managed to change evolutions (using PPRE), encounter tabled (PPRE), starters (UPR) and gifted Pokemon (PPRE script editor). I now want to complete the rom hack but can't really find where to edit things like: What fossils I get in-game trades tree encounters I found some of the files that might contain the information that I need (.narc files), but can't find a way to open/edit them. I have a programming background in C# so I do understand coding, but am missing some pointers as to where to start. Thanks for everyone that can help me out here! I will credit you in my work!
  9. Oddly specific request, but I was wondering how could I ride my bike on places you usually can't using PKHex? I'd appreciate a solution (Spanish Emerald btw)
  10. Hello, I am new to the PkHex world and I am trying to generate living dex with the OT name Ash (what I have always named my character) to then transfer up to the switch and build out the rest of the living dex there. I've tried a couple of different things but everytime I fail the legality check. I know for event pokemon the OT and all that can't be changed but for the rest is there any guides or tips that can be reccomended to help? I'm already familar with the process of backing up/transferign saves and even editing pokemon I've already caught or inventory so I know the basics just having some trouble finding the most efficient way possible to do this. Thanks so much!
  11. Hi!!! I am doing translations on genVII games to brazilian portuguese. I have some troubles when importing the translated texture files in game. I don't know if its a pk3DS problem or no. Here is the steps that I am doing to extract/import: 1) The file location is on ExtractedRomFS\a\0\6\7 (I want to translate the battle graphics) 2) I extract the 7 file in pk3DS and got the 7_g folder. 3) Inside the folder, 7_g/004/02.bin (the 02 is where are the english files) 4) I extract again with pk3ds and got a sarc extracted folder. 5) a\0\6\7_g\004\02_sarc\timg -> Grpfont_Battle_MainButton_All.bflim this is the file I want to translate. 6) So, I use Kukki to export the bflim to png, edit and import back to a .bflim file. Now I have the problem, because I have to pack the files back to "7" and I extracted the files two times (the 7 and the 02.bin file). The problem is when I need to repack the 02.bin. When I repack the 02_sarc folder in pk3DS, is generated a 02.sarc file. This file can't be read to extract again by pk3ds, generating a error message, so, I don't know if the program don't support the sarc file, it can extract the original files, but I have problems on repacks because it don't extract the modified ones. (the 2 error messages when I am extracting the modified file are attached) When I rename the 02.sarc to 02.bin and repack the 7_g, in game the game freeze when the battle starts. (the last attach) Someone knows how can I import this graphic to the 02.bin file? Thank you! Oh, here are the "7" file if someone can test it: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Qvln92XBRxINZbpKFwUesX8YTKH5-xAd?usp=sharing Thanks for all help
  12. I need help I used the app on my old phone I recently moved to my new phone and I'm trying to use the app and this is what I get when I try to load up my saved game for Pokemon ultra moon. Can someone please help me out with this
  13. Where are the sprites of the trainers used in the Xtransceiver cutscenes located in the files of BW? I cannot find them for the life of me.
  14. So I am in the process of editing the player's mom from BW1 into BW2, and I've replaced the right sprite sheets, yet the BW2 mom still appears in the first cutscene, as shown in the video attached. I assume this is because the opening camera pan is some kind of separate cutscene or movie file, with all the sprites pre-inserted. Is there any way to edit these cutscenes? 2022-05-23 20-37-08_Trim_Trim.mp4
  15. iRelapse

    Sysbot help

    Hi, i wanna make my own sysbot on my hacked switch is there any tutorial i can follow to make 1? I'm kinda new with this stuff and dont know where to start and there is not much info i can find.
  16. This is my first time here I was editing my diamond save file using pkhex, it was working just fine until today it decided to corrupt I have linked the save file as follows: all i edited was my kadabra to alakazam and now i have linked the bak file, just removing .bak isn't helping too Edit: using 1015 - Pokemon Diamond (v05) (U)(Legacy).dsv.bakfixed it
  17. PLEASE HELP ME i was using pkhex idk what i was doing but i fished up, my character is invisible i cant move and im stuck please respond asap i dont wanna restart im playing on ultra sun please help me
  18. Heyo! I'm sorry if this question was asked before but I can't seem to find the answer after searching high and low. I tried to create a shiny alpha Riolu for PLA, fixed all the errors it was throwing at me, and then ran into this. What does this mean and how do I fix it? The encounter level and moves are all within legal limits as per what's on Serebii and Bulbapedia. I know there's a way to search encounters using Tools > Data > Encounter Database. but I don't know what to do once the search comes up and I see a version I want. Tried right-clicking but that just brings up "view" and that's it. Again I profusely apologize for the newbiness here. I just wanna make a few mon for myself that the game simply won't give me after over 333 hours of play time. **EDIT** Also, why whenever I use any PLA genning bot with a PKHex file does it have max grits? I like doing those myself in-game.
  19. I was trying to see which Pokemon and how many I still had on the 3DS games and the stupid thing keeps giving me an error. Nintendo's site didn't really help https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/655/~/error-message%3A-an-error-has-occurred.-hold-down-the-power-button. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is the only one so far that gives this error. I can see it on the menu with the rest of the icons, but when I click it to start, it just gives the above error. Tried turning off an on numerous times and even with a piece of paper in front of the side with the sticker, hoping it would keep the connection. Y, Sun and Moon all had no issues. That said, Pokemon Soul Silver will not be noticed at all by the 3DS and is the only one with that issue. Silver DOES work on an old DSi. Any ideas? EDIT - Oh yeah, if I can't fix the game, is it possible to trade/transfer between a rom (that I dumped myself some time back) and a game cartridge?
  20. Like the title says, I've been trying to make a White 2 rom where basically all that's different is Gym Leader/Rival/E4 teams are different (and slightly buffed), encounters are slightly different, a few Pokémon are changed (ex I made Serperior a Grass/Dragon and gave it Dragon Pulse as a level-up move), and I changed all the trade evolutions to be possible while playing alone. I've encountered a few problems along the way, though. First off, I use BWTE v2 to edit the trainers I wanted, and had no issued there. I followed a tutorial and everything went smoothly, and after making it to Cheren to see if his team was updated, it was. The first problem then came when I tried to change encounters. Using Pokémon ROM Changer BW2, I looked at the encounter tables (which I had already fiddled with beforehand but I wanted to update it more), and found that they all looked like this (first image). No big deal, I just took the painstakingly long task of loading up a Vanilla copy of W2 into Pokémon ROM Changer BW2, downloading the .bin files for every area, and then placed those .bins back into my modified version, added the changed I wanted, and then saved the ROM. The second, bigger issue then came when I tried to boot up my version. After I clicked "New Game," I was instantly greeted with a screen that read "An error has occurred. Please turn off the power." (second image) I tried again, and the same thing happened. I guess what I'm asking is, is this copy essentially bricked, and I should start over? Or is this salvageable? Can anyone help me identify what I maybe could have done wrong?
  21. Hi there I couldn't find a gameboy forum so im popping my post into GBA as its closest thing to it, so I'm planning on making a ROM hack probably very difficult due to it being gen 1 and not having a single clue about coding other than having the story of strangled red creepy pasta. The story of the fake game has always made me wonder what a game without the original characters would be like before red, before team rocket what would the main goal be in the story apart from the obvious ones we know given to us in the story. So yeah I'm basically calling for help if anyone knows decent tools i could use for making a gameboy hack with that might still be around from early 2000s? Many thanks.
  22. I have absolutely no idea how to use this site... mainly pkhex so I can troll 1 of my friends
  23. hi I'm new to useing pkhex and I cant seem to get my .dat save for Pokémon red to go into pkhex can someone please help. I fallowed all the steps on the guides I have seen but every time I try to load the .dat file I get the windows error ding and then nothing and everything I read said nothing about what to do. please help.
  24. Hello, I have a Pokemon Heartgold save file that pk hex says invalid file size i think it is corrupted is there any chance i could get my Pokemon back even an individual one the file is attached here so if anyone could help that would be amazing! Pokemon HeartGold .sav
  25. I know it's a pretty recent game but I just wanted to know if I can get the Mystery Gift clothes using the PKHex or if I need to wait a little longer.
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