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Found 8 results

  1. Ok im here to write a quick Tutorial for those of you that have the new Action Replay DSI can now edit Pokemon events items etc from pokesav by loading your games sav file! Does not require.NET Framework 3.5 has been tested Under 3.5 .NET FrameWorks i apologize for any confusion Step 1: backup your sav file using action replay dsi and copy it to your computer Step 2: download this sav file converter http://projectpokemon.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=3917&d=1269701955 Step 3: Drag your .duc sav file onto ARDStoSAV.exe Step 4:Load your .sav file that was created from the converter into Pokesav. Note: the created sav file will be located in C: \ the main hard drive that your computer uses! Step 5: after saving changes in Pokesav drag the edited .sav onto ARDStoSAV.exe and then just put the .duc file back onto your action replay and restore the save file and enjoy [Edit by evandixon] To clear a bit of confusion, this will NOT back up saves for HeartGold/SoulSilver/Black/White. If you want to do that with an Action Replay, you must look here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?16601-How-to-Backup-Restore-your-retail-cartridge-save-file-(D-P-Pt-HG-SS-B-W-Nearly-any-other-DS-game) [Edit again by evandixon] With Megaupload shut down for piracy, legitimate files are gone as well. After a bit of digging in the forum, I found the original link for this program. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=3917&d=1269701955
  2. I know a lot of people have problems with Pokesav and that its codes do not work for the CPUE-3811DEF6. And I also know that there may not always be a straight answer to your problem. Well, I have found an answer. A straight up answer, and quite simple, in fact. Here is how you fix the problem. Please read the whole thing, I know it might seem like "Oh, here we go again, another guy not answering the question", but I do answer it. OK, first, you're gonna go to Pokesav and make your code, whatever you want. Put whatever items, Pokemon, etc. Then, you're gonna go to Export ARDS. Tick all the changes you made, and which ones you want to be changed in-game. If you changed your ID, tick ID. If you changed your Pokemon in your party, tick all the numbers of the Party Pokemon that apply. Now, save the file with whatever name you want. It should save as "Name".xml, "Name" is whatever you named the file when you saved it, for example if you named the file "trainer", it will show up as trainer.xml. OK, here's where a little modifying comes into play. Right-click "name".xml, and click rename, so you can change the .xml to .txt. It should now be "name".txt, and show up as a notepad instead of the little xml icon. Now, open the file. You should be able to modify it when you click on it. Now, it will look like this, kind of. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <codelist> <name>POKESAV</name> <game> <name>Pokemon Platinum</name> <gameid>CPUE 3811def6</gameid> <cheat> <name>POKESAV generated</name> <codes> You see where it says game ID? It should be the other ID for Platinum. I have already changed it to CPUE 3811def6. DO NOT PUT A DASH! Leave a space between CPUE and 3811def6. And make sure they are lowercase letters! Once you have done this, save the file. OK, one last thing. Right click the modified .txt file. Rename it back to a .xml file, and it will show up as a .xml icon. And there you go! Just load the cheat as you normally would, through the Custom Codelist or however you normally do it. ARDS should rewrite Pokemon Platinum to its codelist. If, when you put in your cartridge and it still says unknown game, take out the cartridge, put in your ARDS, and click the green asterisk button. Go to add new game, and type in Pokemon Platinum, or whatever you want. Seriously, you could type in Haxx0rz 1337 and ARDS will recognize your Platinum as Haxx0rz 1337, AS LONG AS YOU DO THE FOLLOWING: Press next, and put in the ID CPUE-3811DEF6. And YES, INCLUDE THE DASH. The code should appear in the list of codes you have available for Pokemon Platinum (or whatever you named it.) If all else fails, go back and check that you have done all the steps properly. If it still doesn't work, you have a defective ARDS, or a wrong copy of Pokesav. MAKE SURE IF YOU HAVE A USA PLATINUM, HAVE THE USA POKESAV! If you have a UK Platinum, have a UK Pokesav! Etc. If it still doesn't work... Well there's not much more I can help you with.
  3. I want to request for a pokemon team. All the IVs are maxed. If you can help please PM me so I can give you my email so we can see whether both of us are online at the same time or not through msn. (: Many thanks
  4. hi i'm niksmart1a. i'm new to these forums but i have loved pokemon forever!!! there are so many things that i dont know. am i allowed to post my questions here in this thread and people can answer them?:confused: (if i ask a question, i need a well explained answer because i'm not that fast of a learner!! sorry!!) either way, almost all of my questions deal with pokesav or all the programs that go with it like the legality checker, the trash bytes program, the PID/IV program, etc. i think i might as well post the first question anyway because i need to no some stuff. i'll edit and put more questions later. Questions 1. :confused:exactly what do each of these programs do? legality checker, the trash bytes program, and the PID/IV program ( i would like an explanation for each. plz dont just say, "they help you edit the pokemon." i need to no exactly wat they do, and how to use them. thanks!!!):biggrin:
  5. I'm a little "Internet surfer", and this site is probably the best 4 Hacking tools, so.... i'm happy to be here.:wink: (and...i'm italian, so my english can be sometimes a bit "bare" ) However, Hi!:grog:
  6. hey wats up? im new here (if you couldnt already tell) the names Blazedge but you can call me sam, pokemon is one of my favorite game series of all time along with zelda, mario, and sonic, anyways i hope i have and awesome time here and make some awesome friends
  7. HI Need some one to battle and trade with my game is platinum Name: Kyle FC: 1247-5270-6340 please need someone to beat...uh....i mean battle with I am very good slight chance u can beat me and i do not use cheats to win battles with people over wifi so please give me your friend code
  8. Hey guys, you may remember me from the other forums or from the chat. If not, I am Godzilla231 and I am happy to be here. And congrats you guys at staff for finally getting vB. So I am here to have some fun!
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