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  1. Hello my name is MasterKirby1982 and I am going to teach you how to activate and add any Code in Citra Emulator? for Android or Mobile versions as you can say. Well... let's get started! First things first if you have Citra Emulator on Android and played your first random game. You have to look for the citra-emu directory (which is your entire Citra directory or folder), well open that folder and then you see the folder that says cheats, well open that folder too and then we go to the next step. To add Cheats in Citra you will have to write the game ID in text format (TXT). The game IDs are different depending on the regions, such as: Mario Kart 7 (USA) ID Game: 0004000000030800.txt Mario Kart 7 (EUR) ID Game: 0004000000030700.txt See the difference between the expectations of Mario Kart 7, well that's how your TXT file should look. Now comes the case of how to add a code, first I'm going to copy a code, for example: [All Characters] D3000000 14000000 0013C99C 01FF003F This is a code for Mario Kart 7 (USA), and well, what goes inside the bracket "[]" is the Name of the code you want to put and below it comes the code below. Bone, the example is like this: ["Code Name"] 00000000 00000000 < Insert Code 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 Now comes how to enable and disable the code. To activate or enable the code requires using the term of *citra_enabled placing that term below the code name, here I go as the example: [All Characters] *citra_enabled D3000000 14000000 0013C99C 01FF003F Well, as you saw that, this is how the All Characters code will be enabled in Mario Kart 7 (USA). And now to finish, to deactivate or disable the code, simply delete the *citra_enabled and so the code will be disabled as usual, here comes the example: [All Characters] *citra_enabled < The Code is Activated D3000000 14000000 0013C99C 01FF003F Objective: Disable. Result: [All Characters] D3000000 14000000 0013C99C 01FF003F The code is now disable in this way. And that's it for the tutorial, and also you can add more 3DS codes, enable and disable them in the way I explain. You can add more Cheats on differents titles games of Nintendo 3DS (examples: Pokémon, Kirby, The Legend of Zelda, among others) in this page: GitHub (3DS Cheats Codes) I hope have helped you
  2. Im trying to save edit pokemon heartgold on my 3ds using checkpoint to back up data and pokegen to edit. However, when i transfer the save to my computer, pokegen doesnt recognize it. Im sure that im using the correct .sav file and that checkpoint is fully updated. My pkmn heartgold is not bootleg either. I tried loading somebody else's save on pokegen and it worked, so i figured that there's something wrong with what i did. Any suggestions? Ive been trying to get this to work for a while, so any help would be appreciated.
  3. Have some problems to make IV and EV to max stats. I play only in emulators, but can not save pokémons if IV and EV hare illegal.
  4. Hello my name is Roylan Davinci I'm a developer of Action Replay & Pokesav I'm a webmaster I do alot of gamming and stuff on my free time and I'm looking forward to working with the community
  5. So i just came up with this thread. What should not be in the Pokemon games? My intention in this is to post the most dimwitted or unthoughtful things in the games. Example 1: Beldum, Metang, Porigon (2, Z) and other Pokemon without no mouths to be able to eat. Example 2: Mewtwo, Deoxys and others can freely fly in the movies but in the games can be hit with Ground type moves. So post the absurd and wrong things or anything that you think should not be added to the games.
  6. can cyclo evolution play both nds and gba games? if not can u say a flashcart that can? and has action replay feature?
  7. Hi all, I have a feeling the copy of Platinum I just picked up might be counterfeit. Any way to tell for sure? Cheers, Arterion
  8. Well. I had a question that kept coming back to me. They recently did Red and Blue (FireRed and LeafGreen) for GBA... However I think they should re-do it ONCE more in the Gen IV graphics with Wi-Fi capability. This would make almost all of the games in the same graphic and technological generation. Is there any way we can convince these guys to do that? And would it be worth it?
  9. I (quite stupidly) went out and bought an AR for the sole purpose of using PokéSav without checking if the software will actually work with my UK version of the game. I tried using the program, however I can't seem to load the AR code onto the AR. Anyone got any ideas?
  10. So, as a few people on the internet might remember, (it hasn't really reached that many people,) I've been working on formulas that could make Pokemon from, (hopefully in the end,) any part of the franchise where user control exists, at least apprximately, in D/P/Pt. ...So far, I've worked on Pokemon GSC, the TCG, & PMD. Considering this is not an actual hack, (& probably never will be but if someone changes the coding to implement this as a feature, that's very fine by me,) but just formulas, I see it as very well for Pokesav doing more than just cheating your way through the game, for instance. So, I posted on the NSider2 Forums a guide to what I've done so far in it, & i thought it would be best that I share it with this forum. Here's the link: http://nsider.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=494209&st=0&p=8938571entry8938571 Thanks, PM260
  11. My brother, Smoke is his online name, is ruined by video games. Here's how it all started, we got into a debate, like we usually do. I told him it is illegal to download a game even if you own it, you must dump it from your game. He said if you own the game, you can download it and still have it be legal. He turned to his site and started a thread http://www.pspmod.com/forums/all-about-psp-games/56341-okay-download-backup-psp-iso.html and then stated lies about me saying GameFAQ's offered ROMs yet still said downloading them is illegal. I posted saying that was a lie, and then he told me not to make spam accounts, that the site already had enough. It wasn't soon until he came over here and made a thread that is now closed under the Site Feedback section under the username of "Pokefail". I rushed to SCV on IRC and asked him to ban his username. That's when all hell broke loose. He started registering a new account, and I started telling him not to, I began to shout and it got pretty physical. We got into a fight and we were basically punching each other in the face and kicking each other all over the place. Our mother ran in and started shouting, she was frightened by the situation, I've never heard her yell like that before. That's when this turned for the worse. I started laughing at him as we saw that people who went to his site started saying that I was right, he got very angry, then the debate entirely changed. You see, my mom was going to buy me a PSP slim, my brother already had a phat. He stole this PSP slim from someone long ago and decided that the slim had a better d-pad, so he opened up the 2 PSP's to switch the d-pads. The slim broke and the phat was in terrible condition, it was not long until he decided to give me the phat so he could buy a slim. My brother's ego was huge as he started yelling at our mother that he wants the PSP and that he deserves it more, as I said I told her beforehand, and that I was buying it myself, so you wouldn't have to pay anything. I said he already has a perfectly good working one with him, so I deserved the slim. My mom acknowledges that I have a point and begins to tell my brother that she was only letting me get one. That is when everything went haywire. He started throwing a fit, literally striking his own mother in the face, my mom started to cry as my brother walked out of my room and hit the wall with tremendous force breaking a huge hole in the wall. When he noticed it he began to cry and lied on the sofa crying saying the words "Kill me now". I was shocked that this came to such an extent, it was terrifying. Currently, it's done for now, my mom decided to let us both get PSP slims to avoid any issues, and my brother is currently out with my mom going to Game Stop and getting groceries... The thing I'm trying to tell you with this stories is that my brother took video games way to seriously that he actually took it to such an extent, it was so shocking... he would actually damge the house and hurt his own mother because of a video game. this distracted me from everything that was going on, for example at the same time sabresite was asking me for help with some things, and I had to tell him something unbelievable came up... it was so strange... Please tell me what I should do because my brother will not leave video games alone and utterly hates me and all of you for liking Pokemon. Also share your opinion on the story if you were able to read it all....
  12. If Nintendo makes any new Pokemon (main) games should they be on console or handheld? Personally I like handheld better because its light to carry and because pokemon (main) games have always been on handheld devices.
  13. What is your favorite item in the games? Be it TM, HM or a Key Item or a certain Barry maybe even a kind of Mail.] Write below your favorite item in the Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl or Pokemon Platinum version games. My favorite item:
  14. is there any existing program that can edit pokemon into a gba game? if not, is there any chance of one being created any time in the future? i would like to be able to modify my gba games with a pokesav-like program.
  15. What dou you think the new pokemon games will be played on? Do you think it'll be on dslite/dsi or an entirely new console? and if you have any speculations about the upcoming games feel free to share them with us :grog:
  16. There was a poll thread about this on the previous forum, so I just thought I'd revive it here for people to post their wish-list for the next generation. I decided not to go with a poll for this, though, as most of the poll options in the previous thread were things that are pretty much assured to to be in the next gen... better graphics, more pokemon, etc. But there are other things that we may want in those games, that may not necessarily present themselves to the designers as obvious additions. A big one for me? I think it's about time the National Dex was reorganized... after 3 generations of adding to previous evolution lines and legendaries no longer being at the end of the list, it's started to look less like an organized database (which is what it's supposed to be) and more like just a gigantic mess. While most Pokemon are pretty much okay where they are, all legendaries should be shifted to the end and sorted according to Trios, ubers, cute ones, etc... and specimens like Pichu, Magnezone, Magmortar and all other evolution lines which aren't currently together in the National Dex should be shifted so they are.
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