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  1. I was wondering if Pokesav is capable of making events such as Member's Card, Oak's Letter, etc. Replayable. If this is possible, I would very much like to know. Thanks.
  2. Oh, well I got it, so if a mod or someone wants to delete this, then go ahead.
  3. I'm sorry if this is the wrong location. Anyways, I made an Articuno for myself, and I would appreciate if someone would be willing to activate the AR code and trade it to me. If there's any specific pokemon you would like in return, I can see if I have it. If not, I'll just send over the one I caught already from Prof. Oak roaming thing. FC:3738-6642-1452 Post your FC, and I'll PM the AR Code, as it is quite long. I wouldn't suggest doing this unless you have AR Code Manager. Thanks in advance. I have a DSi, so I currently have no AR functions
  4. Solo

    DSi, no AR

    Alright, I'll check the rest of the forums in the meantime ---------- Post added at 08:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:36 PM ---------- Sorry for double post, but MOD can delete now. Thanks for the help
  5. Solo

    DSi, no AR

    Oh, my bad, it is for Platinum Thank you for the welcome
  6. Since DSi does not accept ARDS, I would be very appreciative if someone would trade me this Pokemon. It's Darkrai, I missed the original Toy's R Us, one, so I hacked my own. It will replace the first Pokemon in your party, sorry. I apologize. If there is a specific pokemon you would like in return, I will try to look for it. My FC: 3738-6642-1452 Just post here or PM me if you accept. Thank you very much to whoever does this. I also apologize if this is the wrong place. I'm new here
  7. Excellent guide. Thank you very much. My Pokesav Pokemon are much more accurate now
  8. Solo


    Thank you very much for your help. I think that Datel might be updating AR firmware soon
  9. Solo


    I don't have one of those, where could I get one. Also, I have the GameShark save backup thing, that can put DS cart files on your computer, is there a way to use that, or is flashcard the only option so far?
  10. I made mine 00 and from NewMoon Island, but I made it with Spacial Rend because I missed Toys R Us event. I made it 00 because I think it's an event
  11. Solo


    I recently got a DSi and found out the hard way that the ARDS will not work at this time. I was wondering if there was any other way to use PokeSAV besides having someone else make it for me? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Also, love the program, great for getting event Pokemon and skipping EV training.
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