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Found 23 results

  1. I'm new to this whole thing, not just the forum but I had no idea that the emulators and flash cards were such a big thing. I would like to know two things 1.) Are Pokemon transferred from a flash card recognized as "legal" by the Pokemon bank? 2.) What are some of the best GBA Flash cards to get? I'm asking here because all of the ones I find have reviews that say "didn't work.". I really just want to avoid that sort of thing if possible. Any help is very much appreciated and I thank you.
  2. Hey there. I wanted to use the Members Pass for Darkrai. I got the event loaded, and picked my card up just fine from the mart. But, when I go to the inn in Canalave, and go up to the door, it just says "The door is tightly shut. It appears to be impossible to open..." and nothing else. I've done the event in Diamond before just fine, but it seems to hate me on Plat. .-. Is there some requirement for the Darkrai event I'm missing? >.< Or does it simply not work? I got the code from the Official code thread.
  3. Here post what yor best pokemon card is. My Best is Giratina Orgin Forme. The one from Platinum Theme Deck.
  4. Hi, I've looked the site over, and I can't find any reference to where I can get the PCD and PGT files for the Darkrai Member Card Mystery Gift for Platinum. Does anyone know where I can get it? I looked on the Pokemon Database site, but either it's not there, or I'm a total idiot and can't see it. My husband missed the Darkrai Wonder Card event because he only just got into Pokemon again, and he wants the Wonder card if I can hack it in for him. Thanks, TreeSprite P.S. I just want to add that I think you guys are all great to share all this knowledge, and the files for the Wonder Cards so everyone who missed the Legit event can still get the pokemon. I've seen and heard all the nasty stuff some people say about Pokesav, and the AR and game hackers, and I have always defended a person's right to hack. I think everyone should be able to play a game the way they want. While I don't generally understand the point of cheating to play out a game, I CAN understand it for this one. Nintendo shouldn't make it so bloody hard for someone to get the events. I'm glad they've moved them to WiFi, but It's just mean anyway. I feel bad for people who get the game too late to make the event! It's wrong. :mad: I'm glad you guys are here and are nice enough to help those of us who couldn't make an event. Thank you! ---------- Post added at 10:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:24 PM ---------- Oh, fooey! :eek: I see now that this should have gone in Ram Editing Help. Sorry! :redface: Could some nice mod help me out and move it? I don't want to post it in both places and be annoying. Again, Sorry!
  5. Again, I'm guessing this site used to be called www.pokesav.org. I remember that there used to be a section where you could download the different Wonder Card files from different Pokemon Events (e.g. TRU, GameStop). Have they been removed or relocated on this site?
  6. I want to do this mainly to create a TRU Arceus distribution cart, but I first need the Wonder Card. I went to TRU to get the event, and have a SAV file of Platinum with the Wonder Card on it. Is there a way I can extract it? Also, I was just wondering about the status of the whole db.pokesav.org site. I used to use it to get event Wonder Cards, but it appears that it is no longer being maintained. Is there an alternate site that is hosting events? Sorry for n00bish questions, but I'm not very experienced or knowledgeable about the SAV editing scene. All I've done so far is backup SAVs and create distro carts from Wonder Card files, and I haven't done that since the TRU Regigigas event.
  7. Hey guys. Not sure if this belongs here or somewhere else.. So, I saw eevee has a move called "trump card". It says it gets stronger as PP decreases. It only has 5 PP to begin with, so would u have to use it 4 times for it to do a decent amount of damage? Just trying to find out more before I start breeding.
  8. Hi everybody, does anybody have the pcd and pgt files for the English wifi oaks letter and members card event because i cant find them anywhere.
  9. have you gotten the black trainer card yet i will post a video of mine on youtube sometime soon. it took me 111:00 to get it.
  10. Hello there, does any one heard about some updated firmware for EZ Flash card? Sorry for being a pest but I want to give up my R4i card and change to EZ Flash card, I want the most updated firmware, but I don't know how to update the firmware by myself, does any one know where can I get the most updated firmware version for the EZ Flash card?
  11. I recently got a r4i SDHC and a 2G SD card. Since its my first time using them, can someone please tell me how to use them properly (or give me a link of a guide)? also, how do we download musics on the sd card? whenever i try to, it says something like ``cannot find any music (compatible AAC files)``. What is this AAC thing? *This final question isnt really important, but it would be great if someone answers it. So i heard there are many types of R4i. Can someone tell me the difference between R4i SDHC, R4i ultra, R4i Revolution, and so on? thanks a bunch!
  12. I followed the instruction on the main website and succefully injected the PCD and PGT file into Pokesav. But when I get back into the game and checked my Wonder Card it says something like "You have already recieved this Gift" Any suggestion would be appreciated!
  13. Hi everybody, I just needed some help on a Wonder card as when I look at it on my game it says that there is no gift attached but when i got to the PokeMart theres an item to pickup. Any help to make it not say there is no gift attached??
  14. Can someone make me a TRU regigigas wonder card code for the action replay? and legit as possible if you can, thanks.
  15. Ever since Pokemon made it's first video game there were also cards to go along with them... So the question is ''What is your favorite Pokemon Trading Card?'' Be it nostalgic or new:rolleyes:, feel free to post it here.:smile: My favorite is - Neo Destiny - Shining Mewtwo Holofoil - Ultra Rare Holofoil It was really really hard obtaining it. Considering that my country had no more that bout 50 boosters. And noting that it is an out-of-set card made it even more difficult. I got it from a guy that sold it to me for about 8-9 dollars. Awesome card that is in 2 protectors, keeping it mint.:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  16. I really wasn't quite sure what section to place this, because the problem could of occurred in the Flash Cart, or MicroSD Card, perhaps even both. Just recently a problem occurred in either my Micro, or R4 ,(no duh:redface:) it started when i woke my DS up from sleep, it was already in the YSMenu, as i forgot to turn off at school, and when i tried opening a Rom, more specific Knights in Nightmare, but then a error message popped up saying: "Error opening NDS file" (something in the lines of that) So i thought OK, i rebooted my DS then the message popped up saying: "Couldn't find _system_.dat" (something in the lines of that) I started thinking O NO!:eek: So i plugged my MicroSD Card into the adapter, then into the computer, and now my computer doesn't even recognize my SD Card, only the adapter, i have tried rebooting the computer, blowing on the SD Card, Adapter, R4,Slot-1, even the area you insert the MicroSD Card Adapter, but of course no avail.:frown: Much to my surprise there were some files in my Adapter, which are: -TTMenu.sys -YSMenu.sys (My memory is quite vague at the moment) Now I'm not so sure what to do,:confused: and please i hope I'm able to recover the files on the SD Card, i haven't updated the back ups recently, and losing all those files on my SD Card would be heart breaking, all those save files, and the R4Ysauto took ages installing, i would have to replay several games i was half done.:frown:
  17. Hi everyone, i'm new here, i went through this board already trying to find out how to get the mystery event wonder card stuff like Members Card, but when I went to the section to download the items and trigger the Event to get members card, i can't find it =\ please help :bidoof:
  18. So, I'm trying to find out what kind of card the Nintendo DS game card is so that I can look and see if there is a compatible reader in a store near me rather than on the internet. If I must, I'll grab one off amazon or something, but it'd be much easier to grab one from a local store. Plus, it'd be faster >< Anyways if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated. THANKS
  19. Hi all. Just went out and bought an ar card, i put the pokesav codes in and i accidently pressed the quick update button:o, now all of the codes that were on the card are gone and it won't let me put any new ones on, it just says not enough disc space. Here is a screen shot, any help would be great. ---------- Post added at 12:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:23 PM ---------- problem now fixed, it needed resetting.
  20. i just want a "copy" of the wonder card of the birthday pikachu event .. if someone can do it, it will be helpful cuz i try reseting to get good IV but since i didnt live in japan =(
  21. I have an acekard 2i lol edit: I also use to have an EZ Flash IV for my old ds lite
  22. I'd like to know how to use all the other Event Pokemon downloads, when I go to Mystery Gift Edit and Gift Type, it pops up a message not allowing me to upload a non Wonder Card Pokemon. Is there a specific way to get the non Wonder Card Event Pokemon?
  23. Hi Guys, I need help with somethin You know the member card that is needed to catch darkrai on newmoon island? well, apart from pokesav, is it possible to get a member card?
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