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  1. 1. Load Save 2. Click "Seen all", then "Caught all" in the Pokedex editor. (Note that "Caught all" is forced to mark them all as seen anyway.) 3. Save within Pokegen 4. Pokegen crashes after you click save or save as
  2. Alright. I said this before in the original PokeGen post. Codr did take note of this but I'm going to go ahead and write this up again anyways for organizational purposes. In the beta, when you open up the pokedex preferences and set the seen and caught to all. You go through all that, and everything is fine. However, once you attempt to save your file so it rewrites itself for gameplay. Then the program freezes up and crashes.
  3. I tried using the pokedex editor for HG/SS set the seen caught to complete and saved the file but the program actually STOPPED working, it crashed. I don't know if someone pointed this out, I honestly didn't bother sifting through 51 pages. Check out whats good with this! LOL
  4. I really don't post enough content on these forms. My presence is practically unknown. Little funny back story on Arceus... Long story short, Arceus is infamous with the platinum event and any event relating to that sucker will live in infamy. Gotta love Game Freak.
  5. Well. Your not the first to think of this. But just to recap - we simply don't have the tools right now to complete such a thing, which sucks. I wish we knew someone in the Nintendo/Gamefreak company to lend us a hand but thats impossible. =(
  6. Yeah, I second the question on the Move Editor The interface is vague... Random numbers for values but have no idea what these things mean. If possible can that be fixed and or can someone who knows take a screen shot of the move editor and put little labels.
  7. I say no.
  8. Well. I had a question that kept coming back to me. They recently did Red and Blue (FireRed and LeafGreen) for GBA... However I think they should re-do it ONCE more in the Gen IV graphics with Wi-Fi capability. This would make almost all of the games in the same graphic and technological generation. Is there any way we can convince these guys to do that? And would it be worth it?
  9. I dont know the encounter rate.. But you cant search for them with your PokeTech if thats what you mean. They are wild... So, it's all by chance basing off of that - I'm sure the encounter rates will be higher since you cant really track em. Roland can give you a better answer when he finds this. Heh.
  10. Yup. The new release should be ready with all 4 events avaliable! Hope SCV's works out.
  11. Okay... I'm assuming you haven't even touched Pokesav. Because those questions are answered really easily if you just look around pokesav. Yes, you can choose the form of the pokemon... Keep in mind - forms like Sky Form fore Shaymin ONLY work in Diamond.... But as for Unknowns, you can change them to whatever you like... For pokemon you make. The main Pokesav window allows edits for party pokemon... And then there is a seperate storage button on the main Pokesav window which allows you to edit storage pokemon... These edits will take place in their respective places once the SAV file is saved and put back in the game.
  12. Yeah, lets throw PokeSav into the flames and embrace the new PPSE!!!!!!!!!!! HURAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. This is a textbook Platinum sav problem. I presume you guys use retail carts. In that case, if you have an R4.... I suggest that you would just download a .nds rom image and put it on the R4 and start over, it's not that bad. Or, you could read my guide, http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3649. Which deals specifically for platinum retail carts. This would be your best shot at trying to make it work, and unfortunately the retail cart problem will never be solved 100%... I did myself a favor by throwing my retail cart to the back, and putting everything onto my r4.. Now I can edit, if I want, what I want without fail.
  14. Yeah. There really is no point for PokeSav anymore. So... No need to worry, but theres no shame in using it while PPSE is being created, there is no telling when PPSE will be fully completed.
  15. Well SCV and I worked on it and he basically said copy stuff in the hex editor over to complete the sav. His example file worked nice, but when I tried to do what he instructed it didn't work... Trying to figure out what went wrong. I keep getting that invalid thing still. Im not down with No$GBA.
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