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  1. When I hatch my eggs the pokemon emerges as a shiny but isn't a shiny from there on. Any ideas how to make them permanently a shiny?
  2. Might help avoid noob points if I realised that I had a DS**i** as opposed to a DS *dies of noobness*
  3. I'm wondering if this is possible after spending ages trying different drivers and software versions. Basically the system won't let me use 64 bit ones (they're vista onwards...) yet non vista/7 drivers are xp 32 bit... grrrr!
  4. Found one... eventually.. its here incase anyone is in the same situation (or has lost their disc)
  5. Anyone have an AR DSi and have a link to the program? I have the disc but I'm emulating windows on a crackbook which only has a slot mounter so no mini-discs for me.
  6. I'm just wonderign if anyone has made a word processor / text edit type program for the dsi? Something that I could load onto my SD card and just run to write stuff on?
  7. Probaby not. I think I will have to get them on board rather than do it covertly
  8. I traded for a bred lvl 1 trapinch
  9. Well only having a mac I cannot use pokesav. However I've only gotten my team sorted out now so the highest is my lvl 57 gyrados.
  10. Charmander because I like charmeleon
  11. But its more complicated than just changing it... my housemates seem to loose internet if I change it t WEP and then reset the router whcih changes it back to WPA which is not compatable with pokemon. Is there a cheap usb key I could get that would work with a mac to let me play pokemon online?
  12. Kingdra or Gyrados though they have secondaries (dragon / flying respectively)
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