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  1. <p><p><p><p><p>where'd you get the avatar? it's awesome</p></p></p></p></p>

  2. <p><p><p><p><p>Same post as below.</p></p></p></p></p>

  3. <p><p><p><p><p>Hello Inu. I haven't seen you around the Forum pages these days.</p></p></p></p></p>

  4. <p><p><p><p><p>Hi, </p></p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p><p>i love your threads and avatars how do you make them?</p></p></p></p></p>

  5. <p><p><p><p><p>Lots of work DX Barely time to even check the forums. I just pop on to check to see if I have any messages. Once inventory is over I will be back. Sorry T^T</p></p></p></p></p>

  6. <p><p><p><p><p>How come you haven't been working on your Thread lately?</p></p></p></p></p>

  7. Sorry I poofed for a few days. Been crazy busy with work and art commissions. I will get to work on your avvies ASAP
  8. <p><p><p><p><p>Hey could u make an avatar 4 me plz? <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink.png" alt=";)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> LOL I have a sig already <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p></p></p></p>

  9. OK here are some avvies guys. reyesdelexceso, do you still want the banners? I see you got some from Toffeuy :3
  10. Oh I loves it to pieces Toffeuy. I'll give it a 10/10 :3
  11. Sure. Sounds fun :3 I am on lunch right now, but I will start them after work. CURSE YOU LETTERS DX Thanks Toffeuy. I look for some better fonts later. ---------- Post added at 02:05 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:04 AM ---------- I don't make the walkers anymore, but I will gladly make you a pikachu avatar. I'll whip you up somthing nice :3
  12. Why does everyone think it would be such and issue with trading pokemon caught in apricorn balls? You could trade between G/S/C and R/B/Y so why would it be so hard to do this now? All they would have to do is A) Just not make them tradeable *like how you couldn't trade pokemon with new moves to Gen1* or B) Have the pokeball it is captured in default to a pokeball when traded over to DPP or *highly unlikely buuuuttt* C) Maybe the images for the apricorn balls are coded into DPP just like the code for Jhoto is programmed in? Though I figure someone would have found this already At least that is what I think. Feel free to prove me wrong lol. I am not much of a programmer lol
  13. It is she Relyte. Gender is so hard to tell over the interwebs lol. Love the sig Toffeuy. Salamence is a fav of mine :3
  14. Thanks Naru! *hugs* SkyFire, I originally had yours done HOURS ago, but Photoshop crashed just as I was saving it and lost everything. I was so mad I didn't bother touching it till after dinner. They aren't as awesome looking as the first time around, but I still like them. Relyte, here is your avatar. Hope you like it. If you want something changed let me know.
  15. Yeah, there are a lot with Ho-Oh and Lugia sadly. And it wasn't my intent to make it look so much like kevins. It's because of the stupid glow I put around them. I didn't realize I had used the same glow on Kevin's till I put mine up DX It blocked a lot of the liquify and brush effects I put in. I am working on a new one now, but with Mew. *huggles mew* EDIT: Added the new siggy. What do you think? And I wasn't trying to mess with your thread DX You and Narwhal do such and awesome job. Naru too. It was you guys that inspired me to start making Graphic Art again.
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