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  1. I'm trying to create a code in PokéGen for Pokémon Black 2 US. I'm using an Action Replay on DS hardware. I created a code putting 999 each of Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Carbos, HP Up, PP Up, & PP Max in that order in my Medicine bag. They appear at the top of the Medicine bag, overwriting any items at the top, which I know is typical, so I tried moving any items to the "Free Space" bag, but after I activate the code and go to the Free Space bag to move all the items back, all the items that are from the Medicine bag disappear. Here is the code that was created: I code the above code into the Action Reply Code Manager and uploaded it to my ARDS.
  2. I've heard a lot of people complaining about the ARDS portion of pokesav isn't working.. well, here's some explanations, of why they aren't working as well as they should, and what solutions you can take, to make the AR codes working to your advantage. pokesav, proper lists version this version clearly doesn't like to support ARDS function, because of the spacing bug. why this happens? it could be that it's tied to the full names of the pokemon and items that are listed properly. there are two ways to fix the spacing issue. one way, is the old-fashioned, time-consuming way, of doing it yourself. it's not recommended, unless you have a crapload of time on your hands. there's also another way, with a web page, that does the spacing for you, which is here(thanks to Jason). also, if you want to fix the problem offline, there's also this program to download(thanks to Biohazard), if you like. I would recommend the web page more though, because that also supports .txt format files as well, unless someone proves otherwise that the program also supports .txt format files. pokesav, ARDS Code Output version this one is most reliable for people who has ARDS, but the names of the pokemon and the items aren't consistent with the game, so you would have-to add the full name manually, which can also be a little time-consuming, if you want your pokemon to be completely legal and "look legit". there's also a bug in the ARDS portion of this version, which I thought was fixed completely, but I guess I was wrong, since I've noticed a couple of posts that the game ID isn't complete, and is missing a letter. there's two ways to fix this as well. one way, is to fix it by opening up in notepad and putting that letter that is missing in the game ID. another way, is to just save it as .txt format, so you don't have-to deal with the game ID bullshit; since because .txt format only saves the code itself and maybe the name of the code, not the game ID and extra HTML junk that comes with .xml formats. but doing it this way, would have-to make you put the codes in the old-fasioned way, by copying and pasting the codes into your ARDS Code Manager(tutorial of that is here), which could take a longer time to put your codes in your ARDS cart. so, there you go. ways to fix your AR codes! have fun hacking! - Soldjermon
  3. [update 7/9/09]: Fixed Major Bug! If you downloaded this, Please Re-Download it! I have written a small console app that converts *.duc files from an Action Replay Media Edition to the RAW *.sav file type and back, making the Action Replay Media Edition a device that although I loath, more compatible with PokeSave. To use this, drop your *.sav file or *.duc file onto the executable. [Edit]: I forgot to mention it, but this requires the .Net Framework. If you experience any problems, feel free to contact me. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contack me. Planned Features: -GUI -State your own Game Name, Save Name, and Description. -More hidden commands as this version has.. Changelog: v1.2: Fixed a MAJOR bugs: now, dosn't remove first 4 bytes from save file, and now dosn't end with one "00" after many "FF"'s. v1.1: Added more command-line arguments. Launghing this via cmd: ARDSMEDUC-SAV-Converter.exe [o] [sa] will open from [o], save to [sa], and resise to (WARNING: THIS PARAMETER IS STILL UNTESTED. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK...) To Download: Right Click -> Save Target As... ARDSMEDUC-SAV-Converter.exe
  4. Hi! This program allows you to convert between *.DUC and *.SAV files, using a custom Game Name, Save Name and Save Description. Please make sure you have the .NET framework (3.5) installed!! Changes List: ARDStoSAV's Official Page Download Links: ARDStoSAV.zip
  5. I have an ARDS which I've had for almost 2 years and it worked fine but I just upgraded to windows 7 64 bit and now it just doesn't work right I mean the software installs fine but software won't connect to my ds I only get the waiting for ds and that's it, I've installed the the most recent version and tried the vista 64 bit driver (as well as the 32 bit and the one that came on the disc) any idea how to get it to work?
  6. I did not see this coming. I got an Action Replay DSi in the store, and loved the improvments. EVERYTHING about it was improved. I play with the Save backup/Restore feature, and they made the touch screen usable, and also removed the comment feature. For those of you who wish to convert save files from / to this, just know this: all the tools for the Action Replay Media Edition will work on this device. (Just make sure the save size is the proper size, for you people with flashcarts with 512KB saves for every game) The point of this thread is to state that tools are not required for the ARDSi DUC file.
  7. Hello, I'm needing the Wondercard for some event Pokémon. Here are the ones I need: TRU Manaphy ALAMOS Darkrai Gamestp Deoxys TRU Shaymin TRU Regigigas TRU Dragonite I will also need the TRU Arceus one, once it comes out. I'm trying to get these Wonder Card, so I can have them on my game and send them to my friend, so he can get the events, too. I prefer trading over Wi-Fi to get mine. Since the Wondercard download page is down until the new design is done, it'd be appreciated if someone could send me the files somehow. Oh, and I'm trying to get them on my Diamond, if it matters. I also need help with ARDS. I have one, but I cannot connect it to my computer to transfer codes to it. I've downloaded the ARDS code manager, but it doesn't read my AR. At first I downloaded the US code manager, but then I realized it might be an European one, since my grandparents got it for me for Christmas, and they live in Europe. I tried both the US and EU code managers, but none of them work! When I downloaded the WiFiReg tool on the Nintendo website, it worked. Why doesn't it work when I download the ARDS code manager? I start up the code manager, plug the ARDS to the computer using the cord and put it in my DS. I start it up and click on the little mouse icon. On the computer, it says "Waiting for DS" and on my DS, it just says "UPDATING..." with the empty red bar. Now, I could just type in the codes manually, once I will have uploaded a Wonder Card onto Pokésav, but that would take ages to do. Well, thanks in advance.
  8. Use these codes to fix most if not all of those annoying freezes in HG/SS NO$GBA Fix 020DD9E4 E1A00000 Use ARDS RAW mode (normal mode might work though!) Use some other patch for the rest.... I am just to tired. PLEASE!!!!! If people still get freezes be sure to tell me where/when it happens!
  9. Ok, so I got my action replay yesterday and I used Pokesav Platinum to make the Porygon-Z I wanted. I output the ARDS code and added it to my action replay. Enabled the code, and then while ingame I held the button combination to activate the code (L + R). There were two results. First I had the Pokesav set for a 512K save. When using the code output for this, my game froze completely. Then I tried with a 256K save size. When I activated the code, nothing happened. Here is the code from the 256K file (I don't know if it makes a difference, I just changed the setting in Pokesav): All the other codes Ive tried have worked. If you hadn't guessed from me saying I used Pokesav Platinum, I'm using the Platinum version. If someone can help me get this code working or testing it to see if it works for them. Or help me out by maybe putting in the settings I want, getting their own code and wifi trading the Porygon-Z to me that would be great. If anyone has MSN that could help me with that I'd appreciate it. Sorry if I seem like a leecher since I just came on asking for help/someone to do the code for me and wifi it me, I'm planning on staying on the forums. Edit: I think one reason the code might not work is that I tried to make the Porygon-Z shiny, which I don't think can be obtained ingame. So maybe that is why it won't work?
  10. when i do the output for making the the cheat code for my ARDS the code dosent work when i press L+R HOW DO I FIX THIS:mad:
  11. can project pokemon have a ARDS cheat codes section like we did at pokesav.org ---------- Post added at 06:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:10 PM ---------- and maybe some GBA cheat codes too
  12. i made my pokemon, i gave myself more money and tms. i did everything every guide ive found told me to do. but they simply say "add the xml file to the ards code manager. how do u do this ??? ive tried dragging it. it drags but it doesnt work. can someone please give me a step by step guide as to how to upload pokesav created profile onto ards
  13. without pokesav???:confused::bidoof:
  14. I've created AR codes with pokesav but when i try to use them on my ARDS and click start, the screen just turns white permanently......Help? Codes i got from codejunkie Work fine.....Help? I have pokemon platinum and i'm using the platinum pokesav
  15. i didnt see any thing refering to this. i do all the work on pokesav but i cant get it to activate the code on my ARDS. could i be over looking something??
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