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  1. doll

    hex value help!

    can anyone please tell me what is the hex value (85h) for a rotom catched in old chateau, a cress (catched in grass), and arceus (spear pillar)?
  2. can someone please give me the ot sid, and the place where i met it for the ageto celebi? thanks!
  3. After 2 days for hard work, i finally beat 28 people in the battle factory. I continued, thinking that i might beat 49 people and get the gold print. What could possibly go wrong, right? sadly, i lost at the 34th person (my latios` dragon claw missed 0_o). i was so mad. now, i have to start all over again, and i dont feel like doing it. What was your highest streak, and how did you react after losing? P.S is there any ways to hack the battle frontier?
  4. I recently bought a R4i (official website is [removed]) and I dont know how to use it. I downloaded all the files that i need (_DS_MENU.DAT, _DS_MSHL.NDS, _system_, and a DS mario kart game), but still cant make it work. everytime i put the r4i card in my dsi, i says that there is an error and that i have to shut down my system... please help!
  5. o rly?! lemme double check! EDIT: thats weird, my legality checker says that mine is valid, and the other one is not...
  6. i already ran it through trash byte normalizer. wth are you talking about...
  7. thanks, for your contribution! ---------- Post added at 09:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:48 PM ---------- haha, i first bought the item on the second pic. then, when i realized my mistake, i bought a mini sdhc... but, its not a waste since my dsi also needs a sdhc for photos and music!
  8. i just made a suicune via pokesav, and i am wondering if it is well made. suicune.pkm
  9. doll


    Does the underground have unlimited amount of resources, or is their a possibility that after I dug up all the fossils, plates, and spheres, there will be no more?
  10. wow, thanks!
  11. i have a question about the underground. is it possible to have no more fossils, plates and spheres in the underground to dig, if i dig up all of them? or, will they always be some to dig?
  12. I recently got a r4i SDHC and a 2G SD card. Since its my first time using them, can someone please tell me how to use them properly (or give me a link of a guide)? also, how do we download musics on the sd card? whenever i try to, it says something like ``cannot find any music (compatible AAC files)``. What is this AAC thing? *This final question isnt really important, but it would be great if someone answers it. So i heard there are many types of R4i. Can someone tell me the difference between R4i SDHC, R4i ultra, R4i Revolution, and so on? thanks a bunch!
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