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  1. Can someone make a working Mysterygift code of the JP movie celebii for a Japanese Soulsilver? also ones for each of the three Crown johto beast?
  2. I have to import it the only ds I have is my Imported JP DSI
  3. Hey is there a way to use this to unlock the zora events in B/W?
  4. I found my old account Anyway thanks I just got back into this and a lot has changed...
  5. I was wondering if anyone had a link to a Engl translation of the Japanese platinum pokesav?
  6. probly not as its made to send pokemon
  7. can you tell me how to use that dns server download?
  8. could you explain how i could do this
  9. so does that mean its possable from another network? and if so how?
  10. yeah can someone upload a party one two not just a pc one
  11. ok thanks do you know what the correct dates might be i know anytime after the missions are distrubuted
  12. ok heres the pgt. files for all six my friend code is 1977 9493 9755 send me a pm when there ready. thanks! Ranger 3 Deoxys - Defense - Japanese.pgt Ranger 3 Deoxys - Speed - Japanese.pgt Ranger 3 Shaymin - Japanese.pgt Ranger 3 Heatran - Japanese.pgt Ranger 3 Deoxys - Normal - Japanese.pgt Ranger 3 Deoxys - Attack - Japanese.pgt
  13. cna i get some one to trade me the tracks of light events i could post the pcd files and pgd files two
  14. so would i have to be on the same net work as my computer for this to work?
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