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  1. Riolu Aura Sphere Now's Pokemon SoulSilver & HeartGold Action Replay Codes

    Can someone make a working Mysterygift code of the JP movie celebii for a Japanese Soulsilver? also ones for each of the three Crown johto beast?
  2. Did you import?

    I have to import it the only ds I have is my Imported JP DSI
  3. Hey is there a way to use this to unlock the zora events in B/W?
  4. I found my old account Anyway thanks I just got back into this and a lot has changed...
  5. I was wondering if anyone had a link to a Engl translation of the Japanese platinum pokesav?
  6. GTS: website research

    probly not as its made to send pokemon
  7. GTS: website research

    can you tell me how to use that dns server download?
  8. GTS: website research

    could you explain how i could do this
  9. GTS: website research

    so does that mean its possable from another network? and if so how?
  10. PKM File for English Night Sky Jirachi

    yeah can someone upload a party one two not just a pc one
  11. General Pokesav Request thread

    ok thanks do you know what the correct dates might be i know anytime after the missions are distrubuted
  12. General Pokesav Request thread

    ok heres the pgt. files for all six my friend code is 1977 9493 9755 send me a pm when there ready. thanks! Ranger 3 Deoxys - Defense - Japanese.pgt Ranger 3 Deoxys - Speed - Japanese.pgt Ranger 3 Shaymin - Japanese.pgt Ranger 3 Heatran - Japanese.pgt Ranger 3 Deoxys - Normal - Japanese.pgt Ranger 3 Deoxys - Attack - Japanese.pgt
  13. General Pokesav Request thread

    cna someone help me?
  14. General Pokesav Request thread

    cna i get some one to trade me the tracks of light events i could post the pcd files and pgd files two
  15. GTS: website research

    so would i have to be on the same net work as my computer for this to work?