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  1. site Requesting feedback about the theme

    We're currently using Jovie's banner for external sites like Patreon, Twitter, and Facebook. The logo at the top of the site theme came with the theme, and I think looks best when they're kept together. As someone who's not a graphic designer, I think it'd be best to leave it that way rather than attempt to make anything more than small tweaks. I'm beginning to wonder if it'd be better to get a 3rd party theme (like from IPS Focus), have them do the bulk of the work, then just apply art such as Jovie's banner to customize it.
  2. hey evan dixon checkout and leave a vote in my new topic "what lycanroc should i choose"

  3. Crash Fix

    I fixed the crash I reported a few days ago: I'm not 100% sure why it was an issue in the first place, but one of the characters must work a little differently than others, so substituting animations broke something. Download
  4. Crash with PSMD Animation Substitution

    Remember last week's blog post? Turns out it causes a crash during the final boss battle. I'm working on fixing it, and everything should work fine until the final boss battle, but everyone should be prepared to recreate any starter modification projects made since I announced the new feature: It has something to do with substituted animations, and that's all I know. No idea why this is an issue yet.
  5. site Requesting feedback about the theme

    Sadly, I'm not skilled enough with image editing to change any of the graphics. I can only integrate existing graphics into CSS.
  6. What do u think the new Eevee type is going to be?

    That'd be cool, but a little out of character for a line of Pokémon with a bunch of different single-type evolutions. Also, I moved this thread to the Gen 8 Pokemon Discussions forum, since the Debate forum is meant for the more controversial off-topic discussions.
  7. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon GTI Save Editing?

    Sky Editor has an experimental feature that lets you edit only held money. To use it, use File -> Open -> Open (Let me Choose File Type), open the game_data file, and choose "Gates to Infinity game_data File (Experimental)" as the file format. Be sure to make a backup before saving or restoring the file. And please let me know if it works or if it doesn't, since it's been tested very little.
  8. Hello Project Pokemon

    Welcome to the forums, Loaf!
  9. You'll need to download Lua and put it in the same directory as DeSmuMe. There's probably a better place to get it, but I have a copy in one of my projects: https://github.com/evandixon/SkyEditor.ROMEditor/tree/master/SkyEditor.ROMEditor.Windows/SkyEditor.ROMEditor.Windows/lua
  10. PSMD Animation Substitutions

    User-friendly interface over vague, impossible-to-guess-without-documentation step I have a new build of Sky Editor's ROM editor available that adds some fun new features. First up is the new wizard you can see above. This should make the whole process more user-friendly (I hope). At the time of posting, there is a glitch where the Finish button won't be enabled when the extraction is complete, but this can be worked around by clicking Back then Next. The second feature is the addition of PSMD substitute animations in the starter project that was hinted at 2 months ago and showcased in the Mystery Dungeon Hacking club. The demonstration shows major spoilers, so if you haven't played the game, you should not follow this link here. As always, please let me know what you think or if you encounter any issues. Download Usage Guide
  11. When playing as a non-standard starter, things can get glitchy due to missing assets and animations. Thanks to hacks, it's possible to minimize the impact. This can be accomplished using Sky Editor. Without Animation Substitution: With Animation Substitution:
  12. detective Detective Pikachu - First Impression

    I find this surprisingly game good so far. It starts out with a tutorial that feels painfully easy and very much like a tutorial: investigating obvious clues as to where two Aipom went, one of which stole a necklace. "The one with paint on its tail went that way, and the one with ketchup on its tail went that way. And we know which one took the necklace." This quickly becomes far more complicated when you find the Aipom unconscious on the ground, without the necklace. The search to find the necklace is a refreshing one that has you learn about the people and Pokémon in the surrounding area, and the game gives a good sense of each of their personalities. Personally, I'm not too fond of the Pikachu species. I think it's overused and overrated. However, Detecive Pikachu is certainly growing on me. Tim Goodman is clearly becoming close friends with this Pikachu, through their mutual search for Harry Goodman (Tim's father and Pikachu's former partner), including Pikachu teaching Tim how to be a great detective on the job, and even unwinding at the end of the day in the coffee shop. While the puzzles aren't too difficult, sometimes it helps to use the Case Notes section to organize my thoughts, which involves Pikachu talking through what we know. A lot of games have you solving the puzzles alone, but here, the game provides a competent partner. I really like how characterized the people and Pokémon are. Because you can talk to this Pikachu (and surprisingly, no other Pokémon), you can know by proxy what the Pokémon are thinking. For example, a scientist can't get his partner Pokémon to cooperate, and when you talk to the Pokémon about it, Pikachu exclaims something along the lines of "What, you think he's your servant! How arrogant!", all while the Pokémon darts across the room without a care in the world. This is only one example; most other Pokémon I've encountered had their own bit of personality. I'd give a few more examples, but I think they're best discovered through the eyes of Tim Goodman.
  13. Detective Pikachu: Episode 0

    Until we know more, I'd rather we didn't repost it anywhere. If they do charge for it in the future, it could be seen as piracy. But thanks for asking.
  14. Singapore Police Team Up with Pokemon to Help Stop Crime

    Source: http://sgcafe.com/2018/03/singapore-police-teams-pokemon-help-prevent-crime/ Additional reading: https://www.police.gov.sg/news-and-publications/media-releases/20180310_others_pokemon_joint_crime_prevention_campaign_others
  15. Following the US release of Detective Pikachu, the Pokémon Company has made a prequel book available for free, for a limited time. It's available in the Apple iBooks Store and Amazon's Kindle Store. Here's a brief synopsis: Anyone who might want to read this should download it as soon as possible. It's unclear how long this will be available, though presumably it will cost money at some point in the future. Source