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  1. Editing story progress in the save file is currently undocumented as far as I know. The save file contains two identical copies of the regular save data, and if the first one is corrupt, the second is loaded. Note that quicksave data does not have a backup, and any corruption is treated as a defeat, as it would if you resume the quick save then power off.
  2. Mystery Dungeon is different enough from the main series that PKHeX isn't going to support it. Depending on the results of reverse engineering the game, I might be able to write a save editor, but at a glance, the save looks like the same structure as PSMD, which I opted not to make a save editor for because the structure is fluid enough to require a full understanding of it, and not just a partial one.
  3. Version 4.2.12+1


    ROM Editor for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. Refer to the tutorial for details:
  4. Backgrounds shown on the main menu
  5. Yeah, walking is a placeholder animation for anything that's not already animated.
  6. You mean in the same folder as Sky Editor itself? That's the program that'll go in the zip that Sky Editor creates; the zip you can distribute if you so choose. Instead of manually starting DS Patcher, use Solution -> Build. When that's complete, you'll find PatchedRom.nds in the Modpack directiry in the directory you chose in step 5.
  7. I just noticed the version number in this screenshot: The latest version is Can you give that one a try?
  8. If you close the file and reopen it, are your changes still there? If so, does it still not work when you use Solution -> Build?
  9. One common cause of this is that after you make the changes to the starter Pokémon, the filename in the current tab should have a "*" next to it, and when you use File -> Save -> Save File, it goes away. If that's not it, try looking for any errors in the errors window. If there's still nothing there, please send me the zip file that Sky Editor automatically creates.
  10. That'd probably be determined by gender too. Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to change it for anyone except the partner (the cool vs cute question at the start).
  11. If you open up the dropdown for Pokémon species, you should notice there's two entries for Meowstic. There's one for each gender, but I don't know which is which. Unfortunately, I don't know how gender works for Pikachu in PSMD, since there only seems to be one Pikachu in the game. Maybe it works differently in Sky Editor, but I don't have that handy right now.
  12. No, you'll need to get the save data that'd be loaded when booting without a savestate.
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