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  1. Incorrect Link to Latest Version of PKHeX

    I fixed the link not working, thanks for reporting.
  2. DACA

    The problem is that the border isn't under control, so in a few decades, we'd all be having a similar discussion again. The DACA repeal won't take effect for like 6 months, which is hopefully enough time for a better solution. Seeing how many lawsuits there are, once people remember how the government works, I think Congress may look into another solution.
  3. The Official Art Competition Submission Thread

    No need for Pokémon to be present. Good work!
  4. The Official Art Competition Submission Thread

    That would be preferable, since we don't want any blatant plaigarism.
  5. Project Pokémon needs some new branding art, specifically a banner and a square logo, so we're holding an art competition. Here's how it works: Participants will submit art in this thread from now until October 13. Members will have 2 weeks to vote for the best submission. Members must have at least approved 50 posts in order to vote, as of the close of the voting period. The winner will be awarded a colored username here and on Discord, as well as a forum badge. Additionally, credit will be provided wherever the image is used. Submission Criteria: Images should be PNG files. Additionally submitting project files (Photoshop, Gimp, etc.) is requested, but not required. Images should prominately display the text "Project Pokémon" Banners should include the text "Pokémon Through Innovation" Banners should be approximately 1000 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. Larger images are acceptable (and preferable) as long as the aspect ratio is the same (5 wide:1 high), and text is readable when resized to 1000x200. Logos should be approximately 250x250 pixels. Larger images are acceptable (and preferable) as long as the aspect ratio is 1:1. Content features original drawings and background; plagiarism not accepted You may place your name/username in the corner of each image so long as it does not draw undue attention to itself
  6. The Big September Update

    We just got finished applying some back-end server updates. Nothing particularly interesting, but we have some other exciting announcements. Discord For years, we've used IRC as our primary instant messaging service. Now, we have a Discord guild where you can discuss anything. Advantages of Discord over IRC: See message history without having to be connected Cross platform - use it on desktop, mobile, or in a web browser More formatting options, including the same reactions as what we have in the forums Guild link: https://discord.gg/pmATjZw IRC isn't going anywhere, and we still plan to use it for more technical discussions. Patreon Project Pokémon gets its funding from two sources: advertisements and administrators. Nobody likes advertisements, and things can get expensive when only a few people bankroll a dedicated server. Thanks to Patreon, hopefully we can fix that. Patreon is a place where users can help support us, helping give Project Pokémon a more stable future. People who donate will receive the following rewards: No more advertisements Gold username on the forums and Discord Sneak-peeks of upcoming features Project Pokémon Patreon The Image Gallery Speaking of sneak-peeks of upcoming features, one new feature that's been in the works for quite a while is now ready. Today, we introduce our Image-dex. Here, you can find a collection of Pokémon images from various games and generations. Art Competition We need a new banner and icon for things like Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon, so we're holding an art competition. The winner will be awarded a special username color on the forums and Discord, a forum badge, and credit wherever the image is used. Details are in the art competition thread: View full article
  7. DACA

    DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is an executive order passed by Barack Obama that protects people who illegally entered the United States as children (called Dreamers because of previous legislation) from deportation, as well as allowing them work permits. Illegal immigration is a problem because they get benefits of citizens (employment, free education, etc.) without paying any taxes. Donald Trump recently wrote a new executive order that will repeal DACA in March of 2018, and now states are suing him for his supposed cruelty and prejudice against Mexicans. It is my opinion that these people who are suing don't understand how things work, and DACA should no longer exist. Let's start with how government works (since a significant portion of Project Pokémon is not from the United States). In the United States, there are 3 branches: The Legislative Branch. This consists of both Congress and the Senate, and they are responsible for making laws, allocating money, and other things. The Executive Branch. This consists of the President and his Cabinet. The President is responsible for seeing that these laws are carried out, among other things. The Judicial Branch. This is also known as the Supreme Court. It's the highest court there is, and has the final say in disputes between these two branches (among other things). In order to ensure laws are carried out, the president has the power to write an executive order. This is basically a law, but is more volatile, since writing laws isn't the president's job. An example of a executive order is the travel ban that Trump passed, which blocks travel by citizens of countries filled with terrorists (while it has good intentions for the US, the implementation made it problematic, and further discussion is outside the scope of this thread). Executive orders can be overturned by federal courts if it is found to be unconstitutional or outside the president's generally-accepted power, or by the current president for any reason. My problem with opposition to the DACA repeal is that they have a fundamental misunderstanding of executive orders. They want to prevent the president from repealing a volatile order that was passed by his predecessor. According to CNN, Trump's reasoning behind this repeal is to make Congress pass a law that's a more permanent solution, because again, it's not the president's job to pass laws. When Obama was president and passed DACA, he was essentially doing the opposite of what he was supposed to be doing. The president's job is to enforce the law, and by ordering people to not enforce laws, I think that's overstepping his boundaries. According to Wikipedia, Congress at the time agreed and tried to defund DACA. However, DACA isn't funded by money allocated by Congress. I guess they just never bothered to bring it to the Supreme Court? Just to be clear, I oppose DACA because of what it actually is, not because of the idea behind it. People who illegally entered the US as children likely didn't have any choice in the matter, and I'm sure many of them don't remember it at all. I don't think they should be deported, but allowing them just encourages more people to try to enter the country illegally for their children's sake, so there's no good solution for the time being. The US should probably get control of its border before trying to do things with the people already here. Oh, and the supposed cruelty against Mexicans that states are suing over is BS since this only affects people who entered the country illegally. While it sounds worse than it is*, these people are technically criminals as far as the law is concerned (illegal immigration is a misdemeanor, but to be deported then come back is a felony). * Where I live, I don't directly see any negative effects of illegal immigration (perhaps I'm just oblivious), but people who live in areas with lots of illegal immigrants may have stronger opinions about the associated costs.
  8. PSMD Update Removes Meowth Theater

    Uninstall the update and it'll be back
  9. Capture.PNG

    large.59988a511fe76_PSMDPortraitNormal.p Excited to see Meowth is gone?

    large.59988a49ce932_PSMDPortraitCloseup. I certainly hope that's not what you were going for.

    (Sorry, I couldn't resist :P)

    1. HaxAras


      I never played the game but I appreciate the article. I'm a HUGE Mystery Dungeon fan. I think it's stupid that they removed the feature. 

  10. Death Note Discussion

    I finished re-watching the anime. It managed to alleviate my boredom for quite a while, and it seems that the same applies to others on the internet too. I found a video about how Light's scheme would fail much more quickly nowadays.
  11. In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, there's a place in Lively Town called the Meowth Theater where you can record yourself playing through a dungeon. Films that are saved locally can be watched later or shared online. Since the games were released, the online service for sharing films has been discontinued. However, so has the entire theater service, if you install the latest update. If you try talking to Meowth in town, you'll be greeted with this dialog: Welcomeow to Meowth Theatrer, Meowever... You won't be able to watch any films anymore. I'm really sorry, meow. This Meowth Theater shutdown extends outside the game itself, however. It has been removed from the official character list. Meowth as previously shown on the official character list, courtesy of Archive.Org The same place on the same page shown today. Notice the "=-". Perhaps Meowth scratched the page as he was dragged away. Restoring the Meowth Theater to the game is as simple as uninstalling the update. It remains fully functional, except that films can no longer be shared. It is currently unknown if anything else has changed in the update, so there is no compelling reason to install this update. View full article
  12. Huston, Texas was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Harvey. Chary from GBAtemp gives a first-hand account of some of what went on.


    1. theSLAYER


      It pained me as I was reading that :(

    2. wrathsoffire76


      There is also a GoFundMe that they set up.

  13. Aww, you had the topic about seriousness closed.

    I was going to see if I could shoe-horn this video in there somehow, probably saying something about there's a certain place to be serious. Or something.

    What if the reason everyone's so serious is because of in-game cheating and they're trapped in the serious room for infinity years?

    1. Got_Eevees


      O.O. oh my. That would be spooky,indeed my fellow believer. You might never know where I found that out....

      But I'm a believer too so that's pretty cool,no?

      And that guy never got out....

      But we're cool and outside of the cheating limit,right @evandixon ? RIGHT?


      For me. Good time of day/night for you. :).

      They're so serious,though...

  14. Death Note Discussion

    I just finished watching it. Having watched the original anime, it felt.. wrong. The anime is about an intelligent and upstanding young man who finds a death note, uses it on a man who's holding 8 people hostage, becomes a vigilante, then afterward meets Ryuk. The movie is about an intelligent young man who sells homework to other students (aka cheating), finds a death note, meets Ryuk while in detention for said cheating, is manipulated by Ryuk into murdering a school bully (they probably didn't need to show a live action depiction of decapitation), then is manipulated by his girlfriend Mia into becoming a vigilante. I got some hope for the movie back after L was introduced, but because of spoiler-ific events, the whole plot became about revenge rather than a clash of ideals. I plan to rewatch the anime, since the movie made me remember its strengths.
  15. NTRBootHax/Magnethax Released

    Removed the mention of HANS. Thanks for pointing this out. We should probably mention LayeredFS at some point, but at least HANS isn't the focus anymore.