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  1. Were any error messages displayed?
  2. Technically yes, but we don't condone piracy on this site. Please try to dump your game yourself. If GodMode9 isn't an option, try braindump. Check "HANS" in the modpack properties:
  3. Nope. PSMD (and GTI) support 256 * 256 * 256 colors just like most other formats.
  4. When Gen 7 was announced, I was pretty "meh", at least until the demo came out. I'm actually pretty interested in this one, however. Not sure exactly why though. That map looks oddly linear. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing yet.
  5. evandixon

    Member Card

    Yes. First, choose a method of managing NDS saves: Then import the wondercard using PKHeX:
  6. It's restricted to the first form. And mega evolution works a little differently and won't happen with scarf evolution.
  7. I've got one right here: I've since 100%'d it, but I don't remember if I updated that file or not. Let me know if it's not complete enough for you.
  8. Are there any errors in the errors dialog? It's pretty bad about putting stuff in there without telling you.
  9. That depends on how you want to run the hack. If you have Luma 3DS, simply enable game patching in the settings menu (hold select on boot), then copy the contents of the SD Card folder to your SD card. If you want a ROM for Citra, Gateway, Sky 3DS+, etc, then you'll need to choose an appropriate option in the modpack settings:
  10. Not for the time being.
  11. Not possible without a lot more advanced editing, unfortunately. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to evolve into a Gallade post game, however. Just not with the harmony scarf.
  12. I tried you're starter editor mod and I want to use it to get a Ralts that evolves into a Gallade I know you said that it has to be the frst evolution in the index but please culd you make a way to bypass that

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