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Found 14 results

  1. IF IT DOESN'T WORK TRY PUTTING IT IN THE ROOT DIRECTORY! If your card supports the argv mod it should be OK in another directory (AKAIO, CycloDS, HomebrewMenu) Homebrew menu is included in the download! SOURCE I use 7zip, get a copy here! I use it because its better and faster then winrar or zip AND FREE. It works, it loads saves, it saves saves and does all that needed checksumming. Works with: Pokemon Diamond Pokemon Pearl Pokemon Platinum Pokemon Heart Gold Pokemon Soul Silver Remember to DLDI it for your cart if it doesn't automatically. Works on: CycloDS Evolution (before v1.55 root only) Acekard 2i AKAIO EZ-Flash V (root only) Most R4 clones (root only) Does not work on: Most slot 2 carts. ( sorry -.-;; ) Currently it does: Edits trainer dataTrainer Name Rival Name TID SID Gender Money Badges [*] Edits Box & Party Pokemon Move pokemon around boxes Delete pokemon Clone pokemon Edits Pokemon Name Edits Pokemon IV & EVs Edits Pokemon Moveset (autosets PP) Edits Pokemon Ability Edits Pokemon Species Edits Pokemon EXP/Level Edits Pokemon Item Edits Pokemon Trainer Data (name,tid,sid,gender) Edits Pokemon Contest Stats [*]Edits item data Add Items Inline Add (insert) Items Delete items. Automated Item Resort Latest Version: r11 Get the latest version: Download Next in line: (in no particular order) Cutting down the item lists to what can be put in bags (r12?) Rework windowing color system (almost done (r12ish)) Basic Pokedex Editing (r12ish?) Later: Finish Pokemon Editing (r10 to r15??) Wider range of save type support Retail Cart Eeprom Loading/Editing/Saving (very very experimental right now) Mail Editing (maybe?) r10 snapshots -------------------------------------------------- PPSE-DS Goals: Edit basic trainer data. Edit basic item data. Edit basic pokemon data. Maybe Edit Pokedex entry data. Do it with style. (End Goals) PPSE-DS will not and can not ever be a complete replacement for a computer based editor, due to the DS's limited memory and processing capabilities. (notably even simple pid generation is slow) Pokemon editing should eventually have: Auto calculation of battle data for party pokemon. Ability to edit moves. Change Nickname, Species, Ability, PID, Exp, IVs, EVs, Contest stats, TID, SID, OT Name, OT Gender, met date, met location, pokemon gender, pokerus, egg location, egg date, pokeball, held item, and that is probably about it. (no ribbons, etc, sorry) Item editing should cover each of the different bag slots, (and limit it to items which could be in them?). Trainer editing, should eventually have TID, SID, Money, badges, Name, Trainer Multiplayer Avatar, gender and rival name. Thats about it. This should be more then enough for 'on-the-fly' editing. Anything you can change freely in game will probably be omitted (pokemon markings, box wallpaper, box names, signature, etc) -------------------------------------------- F.A.Q: Q: Why make a save editor for use ON the DS? A: Why not? Well okay, the real answer is that I personally wanted one, and so if I wanted one maybe other people want one too, so why not share? Q: Will you be able to edit saves on the original cartridges? A: No, unfortunately not. The main reason being that there are circumstances that prevents loading from eeprom (in most cases) in later versions of the toolkit I am using. Q: Can you make a save editor for Game XYZ? A: Probably not, unless I wanted to, I get no other reward out of making an editor then for my own use. Plus all the research that is required, Pokemon has a lot of research already done and publicly available. Most games do not. Q: So your not very 'skilled' then if you cannot do the research? A: I like to think that I am skilled and I DO do research, it just happens that I have to do substantially less since there is already research done. I like to think that I am not so much unskilled as I am lazy. Q: So what languages do you know? (okay so not a FAQ) A: Well normal languages I know English and some Japanese. Computer languages I happen to be able to read, understand, and write ASM(RAW)(x86, ARM, Thumb), C++, C, Java, BASIC(omg), Brainfuck, PHP, Perl, Lua, Python, Pascal, Fortran, and more... I mainly only work with C++,C, Java, and ASM however. But Brainfuck has a special place in my heart. [Edit by evandixon] Aaarrrrggg!!! So many dead links in the forums I moderate! So that's why I attached the *.nds file included in the package that used to be downloadable. No, I don't have the full package anymore, so if you need help, then you'll have to ask, instead of reading the readme. I don't have the HomebrewMenu.nds, so if you need it, you'll have to find that elsewhere. PPSEDS..nds
  2. Hey guys. I'm trying to get the Pokemon Black and White translated to work on my R4 card. (normal R4 card, not R4i, not gold and not SDHC) However, I've encountered a problem. When I plug in the adapter with the MicroSD in it, Vista doesn't recognize that it's even there. No eject button in the taskbar, no difference in the Device Manager, there isn't even an hourglass ponter when it's plugged in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Bought my Nintendo R4DSI and use to edit my data with pokesav platinum. Everything was right until the moment but when I loaded my game, my data does not, I have to commence the game again, I have try several times and always passes the same. We would appreciate your help.
  4. OK Ive been reading that the RNG Method can be used to make pokemon that pass the Nintendo Tournament Hack Tests. I have tried to understand this method but just cant get the hang of it. Now I have a R4 (FlashCard Thingy). What would be best way to make pokemon with pokesav that pass the Nintendo Tournement Hack Tests. I can make pokemon that pass the PBR Hack Test and the Platinum Battle Video Test. (All my pokemon from eggs have a hometown of Diamond (10) and hatched in Solaceon Town (4) from the Day Care Couple (2000) at Level 0) (Does the PID/IV combo change with evolution. So would i be able to hatch a legit pokemon so its Bytes and Hex Values are OK. Then just change it to its evolved form and change the IVs/PID combo using the Generate button) (All pokemon i make are legit as possible) Thanks for any help.
  5. If this is in the wrong place, or isn't allowed, sorry, I'm new. So, I'm kinda considering getting an R4 or similar device. However I have a few questions: Can they play GBA ROMs? Which one do you suggest me getting? Are there any that work for the DSi? What's the average price of one? Where can you buy them? Thanks, Darkrai204
  6. i need a little help i gonna buy R4 or acekard. but i dont know which i should take... so what u think should i take R4 or acekard?
  7. This is a problem I'm sure other people have had. It seems to be pretty common, but I haven't found a solution. I just recently bought an R4i SDHC DSi back-up unit. It is compatible with DSi, DS-Lite, and NDS. Here the actual product I bought: http://www.consolesource.com/ecomm/catalog/R4i-SDHC-DSi-Backup-Unit-p-2906.html So. I received the card about 40 minutes ago. Had my Micro SD card ready with YSMenu firmware etc and put it in the R4 and then into my DS Lite. I turned the DS Lite on and I was stationed at a LOADING screen and it did not progress any further than that. I tried using some R4 firmware, and then some R4i firmware that came off of the website I bought from, its actually downloaded from the link above. Nothing worked... I have a Sandisk MicroSDHC 4gb. I'm trying to figure out what is wrong. I dont want to come to the conclusion that the R4 unit is actually plain messed up because that would suck and it would be a total waste of money. I really need some help here. Again, I have searched google - people have had this problem but they didn't really get worthwhile responses... If you need more info, let me know. And maybe I'm missing some things, I'm not sure. It seemed simple. Firmware - in MicroSD. Period. EDIT: the maker of the clone R4 is www.r4ultra.ncom
  8. I really wasn't quite sure what section to place this, because the problem could of occurred in the Flash Cart, or MicroSD Card, perhaps even both. Just recently a problem occurred in either my Micro, or R4 ,(no duh:redface:) it started when i woke my DS up from sleep, it was already in the YSMenu, as i forgot to turn off at school, and when i tried opening a Rom, more specific Knights in Nightmare, but then a error message popped up saying: "Error opening NDS file" (something in the lines of that) So i thought OK, i rebooted my DS then the message popped up saying: "Couldn't find _system_.dat" (something in the lines of that) I started thinking O NO!:eek: So i plugged my MicroSD Card into the adapter, then into the computer, and now my computer doesn't even recognize my SD Card, only the adapter, i have tried rebooting the computer, blowing on the SD Card, Adapter, R4,Slot-1, even the area you insert the MicroSD Card Adapter, but of course no avail.:frown: Much to my surprise there were some files in my Adapter, which are: -TTMenu.sys -YSMenu.sys (My memory is quite vague at the moment) Now I'm not so sure what to do,:confused: and please i hope I'm able to recover the files on the SD Card, i haven't updated the back ups recently, and losing all those files on my SD Card would be heart breaking, all those save files, and the R4Ysauto took ages installing, i would have to replay several games i was half done.:frown:
  9. I have made yet another save converting program. Well, this dosen't exactly convert it, all it does is make the file you drag onto this 512KB (The Size that is used by the R4). I do not have it support any other sizes, but might in the future. To download: Right-Click -> Save Target As... (Save Link As... for some browsers)
  10. Well , i have R4 sdhc it worked perfect every game played and then i accedently deleted a file so i downloaded the firmware from R4 Sdhc from the original site , and now some games don't work and if i delete cheat.dat and replace it whit urscheat.dat and evocheat , ect ,ect ,ect .... it says : This card is fake !!! and if i leave cheat.dat it works ! can someone help me
  11. I have Pokemon Platinum on my R4, but I don't know if it will work with Pokemon Battle Revolution. I have tried multiple times on records that have had no activity with other Pokemon games, but my Platinum keeps freezing on a white screen when I attempt to connect. Is there a way to make it work? I really hope there is. I appreciate the help.
  12. I don't know where exactly to post this sorry but here goes... I currently have an R4 for my DSL and I need someone to help me "copy" my pokesav generated xml file to the R4. I actually know how to do it but I'm stuck on importing the pokesav generated xml file to the R4's cheat code editor. Whenever I choose the xml file to import it to the cheat code editor, it always says "the xml file format is error." Can anyone help? Thanks
  13. So yea, I sent my friend the sav file filled with a box worth of pokemon and a party of my selection. My friend then obtains a Pal Pad and a FC. He goes in the Wi-Fi room and I enter as well. For some reason, He does not show up on my screen and gets randomly DC. Is there somthing we can do so we can sucessfully trade between an R4 and a Cartridge game? EDIT I have the Official Pokemon Platinum cartridge game on a DS He (Euro Guy) has an R4 with a ROM of Pokemon Platinum using a .sav I made specifically with pokemon to trade to me I believe he obtained the Pal Pad through the game legitly and we both registered our FCs When I entered the WiFi Room, he said he would DC and ANY action that would occur while he was in the room would make him DC At one point during the trade he had a message appear saying that "Your friend didn't register your friend code blah blah" He was sitting next to his router the whole time
  14. I started Platinum on R4 and wanted to change my Piplup (it was adamant) I opened the .SAV file in Pokesav PT and changed it to modest. When I put it back in my R4 it still says I have an adamant Piplup but when I open the exact same .SAV file in pokesav again it says it is Modest. What the hell? Is this a major bug? If so, where should I report it?
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