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  1. What is your favorite Pokémon starter? Type "Popplio" if that is your favourite (I didn't have enough slots) Fixed
  2. So Dusk Lycanroc recently got revealed as another Lycanroc form. Do you think this is good or should we have another form for a total of four forms (so many f's, lol)
  3. This is for the next splatfest for Splatoon 2 that is happening on the first week of September.
  4. What is your favourite Pokémon generation? (why is this required?)
  5. What elevation/altitude (ft) do you live on? I live at around 4,000 ft and it's nice. It's snowing right now.
  6. What is your favorite type? Please post a comment and only one vote please.
  7. This one's gotta be interesting... [sprite]025[/sprite] [shinysprite]025[/shinysprite] PIKACHU Type: Electric HP: 35 Atk: 55 Def: 30 SpA: 50 SpDef: 50 Spe: 90 BST: 310 Advantages: - Can utilize the Light Ball, which doubles its attack and special attack power, making it stronger than Raichu - Has a larger fanbase for the most part - It's uber in the anime >.> - Learns Grass Knot to OHKO Bulky grounds - Static can be very annoying to stuff that hits it with a "contact" move Disadvantages: - Is very very frail - Can be killed by priority moves - Light Ball does not all
  8. Clash of the fire creatures! [sprite]257[/sprite] [shinysprite]257[/shinysprite] BLAZIKEN FIRE/FIGHTING HP: 80 Atk: 120 Def: 70 SpA: 110 SpDef: 70 Spe: 80 BST: 530 Advantages: - More powerful attack and special attack power - Can learn Brave Bird and some other Flying moves - Is able to Baton Pass unlike Infernape - Can use Agility to become faster - Not weak to Stealth Rocks thanks to its Fighting type - Learns Reversal and therefore can fire off an Endure + Reversal combo with Blaze powered Salac Berry'd Fire Punch/Blaze Kick - Was the ORIGINAL Fire/Fighting Disadvantages;
  9. As the last three games are now complete, we have three different ideas to base future rounds or games on. For Staff v Members 1,2, and 3, see their threads for more information. Hit and Give Legendary Pokemon also has a thread, but is older. Every pokemon has x lives, and you can give lives to your favorites and take away lives from the ones you dislike. Hard Counters is a game where you must make a pokemon set (you can use B/W stuff as well) that can destroy the previous poster's set. You cannot repeat sets! In Find the Error, users are divided based on the first letter of their username
  10. I probobly should have done this a long time ago, but anyway; I'm ShinyLucario889; My name, you might realize, represents my favorite pokemon and more... that's about it.
  11. Hoenn: Starters Poll Which starter from Hoenn did you choose? Comment on how it effected your game play and the over all idea of the Pokemon you choose. [sprite]252[/sprite][sprite]255[/sprite][sprite]258[/sprite] I personally choose Torchic. It helped me so much, I didn't need to restart again to decide if it was the right choice. It learned some of the most helpful moves and was the highest level Pokemon I had.
  12. Sorry for the late post... but here it is. In celebration of the new HG/SS game coming up, what's coming up should be obvious to you [sprite]249[/sprite] [shinysprite]249[/shinysprite] LUGIA PSYCHIC/FLYING HP: 106 Atk: 90 Def: 130 SpA: 90 SpDef: 154 Spe: 110 BST: 680 Advantages: - The best wall in the game statistically and therefore is able to take a lot of hits before going down - Signature move Aeroblast has a high critical hit ratio - Has quite a large movepool - Is generally easier to obtain than Ho-oh in Crystal version - Quite speedy for a wall Disadvantages: - Aerob
  13. Returning from my hietas for a while... here is an actual three way poll of three well known Pokemon. I think I will know who will get the most votes >.> [hgsssprite]144[/hgsssprite] [shinysprite]144[/shinysprite] ARTICUNO ICE/FLYING HP: 90 Atk: 85 Def: 100 SpA: 95 SpDef: 125 Spe: 85 BST: 580 Advantages: - Is statistically the most defensive of the three birds - Ice is generally one of the better offensive typing, scoring a lot of damage on many things, especially when STABd - Learns Ice Shard, a priority Ice move (albeit physical) - Is the only Pokemon to learn the Mind R
  14. Continuing with the weekly poll, we have the two titans for the first two games based on the Sinnoh region: Dialga [sprite]483[/sprite] and Palkia [sprite]484[/sprite] Dialga [sprite]483[/sprite] [shinysprite]483[/shinysprite] Type: Dragon/Steel HP: 100 Attack: 120 Defense: 120 Sp. Attack: 150 Sp. Defense: 100 Speed: 90 Advantages: + Being Steel type makes it resistant Dragon, Ghost. + Immune to poison based attack. + It can control and alter the fabric of Time. + Has more HP than Palkia. Disadvantages: - Since it is Steel type it receives super effective damage from Ground
  15. Which Pokémon DPP Versions do you currently have? Also, leave a comment on which you got first. I have Diamond and Platinum. I got Diamond two weeks after it came out and Platinum one week after it came out.
  16. The great bug battle between the generation one bugs - [sprite]012[/sprite] Butterfree and [sprite]015[/sprite] Beedrill. The epic battle has been raging on for quite a while so lets decide what bug i better. Butterfree [sprite]012[/sprite][shinysprite]012[/shinysprite] Type: Bug/Flying HP: 60 Attack: 45 Defense: 50 Sp. Attack: 80 Sp. Defense: 80 Speed: 70 Advantages: + It can learn various status moves that help the player in bad situation. + The ability to learn Psybeam and Confusion when leveling, and up cam almost surely make Beedrill regret going against this butterfly. + Has
  17. So knowing that our Wraith89 is departing from us i cannot help but make a thread like the ones he used to make. So the weekly brawl will be between the first generation's grass type starter's final evolution against the fourth generations final grass starter's evolution. Venusaur: [sprite]003[/sprite] [shinysprite]003[/shinysprite] HP: 80 Attack: 82 Defense: 83 Sp. Attack: 100 Sp. Defense: 100 Speed: 80 Advantages: + It is partly Poison type so moves from that type do normal damage and is immune to poisoning attacks. + Has bigger Sp. stats + Can learn Sleep Powder, Poison Powder a
  18. Water Versus Fire Which is better: Water or Fire? Vote for which type you think is best. Please comment on why you think it is better. I voted for the Water type, because it is the type that my first level 100 (Swampert) is, and because Swampert is my favorite Pokémon.
  19. You saw it coming... clone vs original! [sprite]150[/sprite] [shinysprite]150[/shinysprite] MEWTWO PSYCHIC HP: 106 Atk: 110 Def: 90 SpA: 154 SpDef: 90 Spe: 130 BST: 680 Advantages: - Has one of the highest Special Attack in the game - Has an amazing movepool, physical and special and support - Has 130 base speed, which is among the highest of Pokemon - No Pokemon will ever outdo what RBY Mewtwo was in terms of raw strength (and has defined the Uber tier) - Is deceptively bulky despite its sweeperish stats - One of the best special sweepers in-game - Quite unpredictable for it
  20. I realized no one cares about Kanto Pokemon anymore unlike me, so I'll bring out two familiar Grass Pokemon for the new. Not that I don't appreciate it, mind you... but I'm more tuned for the Pokes of the old. Now let's bring in the more eccentric and still obscure Pokes... [sprite]275[/sprite] [shinysprite]275[/shinysprite] SHIFTRY GRASS/DARK HP: 90 Atk: 100 Def: 60 SpA: 90 SpDef: 60 Spe: 80 BST: 480 Advantages: - Has good attack power for both sides of the spectrum - Gets Nasty Plot to boost its special attack into insane levels and Swords Dance to boost its attack into insane l
  21. Two plant Pokemon of the old times... quite obscure nowadays because everyone is busy staring at the new more powerful Grass Pokes... [sprite]071[/sprite] [shinysprite]071[/shinysprite] VICTREEBEL GRASS/POISON HP: 80 Atk: 105 Def: 65 SpA: 100 SpDef: 60 Spe: 70 BST: 480 Advantages: - Has good attack power for both sides of the spectrum - Can boost both its physical and special attack in some form - Chlorophyll boosts its speed to insane levels - Decent speed for a grasser - Learns a variety of status moves to disable its foes - Learns Sleep Powder earlier than other grassers -
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