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Found 31 results

  1. What is your favourite Pokémon generation? (why is this required?)
  2. What is your favorite Pokémon starter? Type "Popplio" if that is your favourite (I didn't have enough slots) Fixed
  3. So Dusk Lycanroc recently got revealed as another Lycanroc form. Do you think this is good or should we have another form for a total of four forms (so many f's, lol)
  4. This is for the next splatfest for Splatoon 2 that is happening on the first week of September.
  5. What is your favorite Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game generation
  6. Sorry for the late post... but here it is. In celebration of the new HG/SS game coming up, what's coming up should be obvious to you [sprite]249[/sprite] [shinysprite]249[/shinysprite] LUGIA PSYCHIC/FLYING HP: 106 Atk: 90 Def: 130 SpA: 90 SpDef: 154 Spe: 110 BST: 680 Advantages: - The best wall in the game statistically and therefore is able to take a lot of hits before going down - Signature move Aeroblast has a high critical hit ratio - Has quite a large movepool - Is generally easier to obtain than Ho-oh in Crystal version - Quite speedy for a wall Disadvantages: - Aeroblast isn't quite worth using - Quickly goes down to status - Has a lot of common weaknesses (but still workable) - Stealth Rocks somewhat hamper its defensive capabilities - Offensively lacking [sprite]250[/sprite] [shinysprite]250[/shinysprite] HO-OH FIRE/FLYING HP: 106 Atk: 130 Def: 90 SpA: 110 SpDef: 154 Spe: 90 BST: 680 Advantages: - Can attack from both sides of the spectrum - Is very defensive on the special side, allowing it to sponge weaker special moves and Pressure stall opponents - Its signature move Sacred Fire has 50% chance of burning its foes, crippling physical sweepers (much more worthwhile than Aeroblast) - Can Roost off to recover its damage Disadvantages: - Has a 4x weakness to Rocks, hence why Stealth Rocks cut off 50% of its health every time it switches in - Is more elusive than Lugia in Crystal version, requiring you to catch the three legendary beasts before obtaining it - Is often forgotten and is a rare sight in Ubers Vote and state your reason why. This... is difficult for me. I will post my opinion once I decide here X_X
  7. Vote "Yes" if you liked any one of them. If you vote "no", reply and say why you didn't, as long as it isn't in the below spoiler. Whenever someone states why they don't like it, I will edit it into the spoiler. [Edit]: Hello? Is anyone out there? I made this to compile all the reasons people don't like these games.
  8. The great bug battle between the generation one bugs - [sprite]012[/sprite] Butterfree and [sprite]015[/sprite] Beedrill. The epic battle has been raging on for quite a while so lets decide what bug i better. Butterfree [sprite]012[/sprite][shinysprite]012[/shinysprite] Type: Bug/Flying HP: 60 Attack: 45 Defense: 50 Sp. Attack: 80 Sp. Defense: 80 Speed: 70 Advantages: + It can learn various status moves that help the player in bad situation. + The ability to learn Psybeam and Confusion when leveling, and up cam almost surely make Beedrill regret going against this butterfly. + Has bigger Sp. Attack than the bee. + Negates Ground moves Disadvantages: - It can be poisoned unlike the bee. - Receives double damage from Rock type attacks. - Obtains a weakness towards Ice type. Beedrill [sprite]015[/sprite][shinysprite]015[/shinysprite] Type:/ Bug/Poison HP: 65 Attack: 80 Defense: 40 Sp. Attack: 45 Sp. Defense: 80 Speed: 75 Advantages: + It has high Attack power. + It is slightly faster than the Butterfly. + It cannot be poisoned. + Learns Iron defense as an Egg move to strengthen its weakness. Disadvantages: - It can be hit by ground moves. - It has a less Powerful movepool than Butterfree. - Has a vulnerability to Psychic moves. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I personally prefer the flying bug - Butterfree. The reason for which is because it can learn a lot of different type moves. And for helping me ingame it has my vote.
  9. This one's gotta be interesting... [sprite]025[/sprite] [shinysprite]025[/shinysprite] PIKACHU Type: Electric HP: 35 Atk: 55 Def: 30 SpA: 50 SpDef: 50 Spe: 90 BST: 310 Advantages: - Can utilize the Light Ball, which doubles its attack and special attack power, making it stronger than Raichu - Has a larger fanbase for the most part - It's uber in the anime >.> - Learns Grass Knot to OHKO Bulky grounds - Static can be very annoying to stuff that hits it with a "contact" move Disadvantages: - Is very very frail - Can be killed by priority moves - Light Ball does not allow the equipping of other items - Is generally hated as much as it is loved - 90 base speed is somewhat fast, but sometimes not fast enough - To use Surf requires a Hardy nature [sprite]026[/sprite] [shinysprite]026[/shinysprite] RAICHU Type: Electric HP: 60 Atk: 90 Def: 55 SpA: 90 SpDef: 80 Spe: 100 BST: 475 Advantages: - Somewhat more sturdier than Pikachu - Is more versatile with the "survivability" to Encore, Nasty Plot - Generally more useful than Pikachu - Has the same attack power in both sides of the spectrum - Has an interesting movepool, such as the ability to Grass Knot to take down bulky grounds - Static can be very annoying to stuff that hits it with a "contact" move Disadvantages: - It is STILL frail (but not to the same extent as Pikachu) - It cannot utilize Light Ball - To use Surf requires a Hardy nature - In popularity Pikachu outshines it - Back in GSC it was always shown to be fat and mean looking Vote which one you like and give a reason why. I'm picking Raichu because I don't like Pikachu. Weird reason, eh?
  10. So here we have two Pokemon that are inevitably compared with each other... [sprite]149[/sprite] [shinysprite]149[/shinysprite] DRAGONITE Type: Dragon/Flying HP: 91 Atk: 134 Def: 95 SpA: 100 SpDef: 100 Spe: 80 BST: 600 Based on the friendly Chinese dragon Advantages: - Looks much cuter - It possess a whole bunch of support moves - It has a much larger offensive movepool - Inner Focus can help against Fake Out users - Is a bit more bulkier than Salamence in general - Can play many roles, such as sweeper, cleric, supporter, wall, etc... - It is friendly to its trainer and saves drowning people - One of the original 150s Disadvantages: - 4x weakness to Ice - Stat distribution suggests offensive beast, but is largely outclassed by Salamence in that manner - Dragon Dance + Outrage combo now stolen by Salamence - Is often looked over for its lack of speed - Evolved from a beautiful elegant blue serpentine dragon into an orange barney-esque Pokemon (LOL) - Ability doesn't help as much as Salamence's - Evolves later than Salamence and is banned in official tournaments - Shiny form looks bizarre (subjective really) [sprite]373[/sprite] [shinysprite]373[/shinysprite] SALAMENCE Type: Dragon/Flying HP: 95 Atk: 135 Def: 80 SpA: 110 SpDef: 80 Spe: 100 BST: 600 Based on the fierce European dragon Advantages: - Looks much tougher - Is a better sweeper overall with more speed and more attack on both sides - Intimidate helps with its physical defense somewhat - Dragon Dancer is very fierce, and outclasses Dragonite's Dragon Dancing sweeperish sets - Specsmence possesses OU's most powerful Draco Meteoring Pokemon - Salamence is able to learn Wish to support its teammates (via event though) - Shiny form actually looks decent for the most part - Learns Fly naturally (for in-game purposes) - Evolves earlier than Dragonite Disadvantages: - 4x weakness to Ice - It's pre-evo had better defense - Has a much smaller movepool than Dragonite - Its role is usually locked into sweeping and stat distribution gives little room for other roles - Can be quite predictable - Can be nasty to its trainer and other Pokes Vote which one you like and give a reason why. I pick Dragonite out of personal preferences. Why? Because it is much friendlier, had a Dragonair in my old RBY versions (never got it to Dragonite stage unfortunately) and its support moves helped me a lot in battling. Salamence is cool, but I prefer old Dragonite.
  11. Do you have a Nintendo DSi, or plan to get one soon?
  12. Kanto: Starters Poll Which starter from Kanto did you choose? Comment on how it effected your game play and the over all idea of the Pokemon you choose. Note: Remember, this FireRed/LeafGreen and not Red and Blue. [sprite]1[/sprite][sprite]4[/sprite][sprite]7[/sprite] I choose Charmander. Charmander learned Metal Claw which was very helpful against Brock! In fact, I don't even think Charmander can learn Metal Claw at level 13 anymore. It was a great Pokemon and very helpful.
  13. Water Versus Fire Which is better: Water or Fire? Vote for which type you think is best. Please comment on why you think it is better. I voted for the Water type, because it is the type that my first level 100 (Swampert) is, and because Swampert is my favorite Pokémon.
  14. What elevation/altitude (ft) do you live on? I live at around 4,000 ft and it's nice. It's snowing right now.
  15. You saw it coming... clone vs original! [sprite]150[/sprite] [shinysprite]150[/shinysprite] MEWTWO PSYCHIC HP: 106 Atk: 110 Def: 90 SpA: 154 SpDef: 90 Spe: 130 BST: 680 Advantages: - Has one of the highest Special Attack in the game - Has an amazing movepool, physical and special and support - Has 130 base speed, which is among the highest of Pokemon - No Pokemon will ever outdo what RBY Mewtwo was in terms of raw strength (and has defined the Uber tier) - Is deceptively bulky despite its sweeperish stats - One of the best special sweepers in-game - Quite unpredictable for it can take many roles - Has appeared in a couple of movies and is quite popular - Has appeared in Super Smash Bros Melee Disadvantages: - Has slightly less defenses than Mew - The special split from RBY to GSC has reduced its Special Defense GREATLY (from 154 all the way down to 90) - It is no longer the "best" (although it is REALLY powerful, but it has to share its throne with Arceus) - Is a rip off of Frieza from Dragonball Z (color scheme wise ) - It is very wild and can only think of fighting, so it can be rather belligerent - Cannot utilize STAB Psychic in its metagame (Uber) very well due to the massive presence of Psychics in there, who resist it - Its Super Smash Bros Melee counterpart is rather... weak and humiliating!! [sprite]151[/sprite] [shinysprite]151[/shinysprite] MEW PSYCHIC HP: 100 Atk: 100 Def: 100 SpA: 100 SpDef: 100 Spe: 100 BST: 600 Advantages: - Can learn ALL TMs/HMs/move tutors save Blast Burn/Frenzy Plant/Hydro Cannon/Draco Meteor (therefore making it VERY versatile. Yes it learns Attract and Captivate) - Is adored among many fans for its cuteness - Has no real disadvantages anywhere - Hasn't been shattered by the RBY - GSC Special split - Shiny form looks rather cool compared to Mewtwo's (subjective, yes) Disadvantages: - Very elusive and is therefore hard to obtain - Is outclassed by Mewtwo in Special sweeping - Is an HM mule for many people - Stats may be good but not astounding Vote and state your reason why. Ugh... okay. I pick Mewtwo because I guess I sympathized him back in the Origins of Mewtwo and the First Movie. Plus when I caught it in game, it destroyed everything with its Psychic and Blizzard (when it was 90% accurate) and Recover. Eventually at level 81 it learned Amnesia... and oh boy. That move surely put a stopped to almost EVERYTHING. Yeah so Electrode was faster... but it couldn't do anything to Mewtwo anyways aside from paralyzing it. Due to the way the critical engine worked... wow, Mewtwo was surely an amazing reward for beating the game.
  16. I realized no one cares about Kanto Pokemon anymore unlike me, so I'll bring out two familiar Grass Pokemon for the new. Not that I don't appreciate it, mind you... but I'm more tuned for the Pokes of the old. Now let's bring in the more eccentric and still obscure Pokes... [sprite]275[/sprite] [shinysprite]275[/shinysprite] SHIFTRY GRASS/DARK HP: 90 Atk: 100 Def: 60 SpA: 90 SpDef: 60 Spe: 80 BST: 480 Advantages: - Has good attack power for both sides of the spectrum - Gets Nasty Plot to boost its special attack into insane levels and Swords Dance to boost its attack into insane levels - Chlorophyll boosts its speed to insane levels - Decent speed for a grasser - Can detonate whenever it is in trouble - Looks cooler than Ludicolo because he is based off a tengu (Subjective I guess ) - Has the movepool to cover its weaknesses - Has an immunity to Psychic attacks Disadvantages: - Very frail and dies to common attacks like Ice Beam or Fighting moves - Sunny Day vs Fire Pokemon is suicide - Must be a Seedot for a LONG LONG time to learn Explosion - Depends on Sun support to get its speed up; has a sweep or die mentality - Does not learn support moves - Early Bird isn't as useful of a second ability as Ludicolo's second ability is - Is not an effective Subseeder - Is often forgotten because of Ludicolo [sprite]272[/sprite] [shinysprite]272[/shinysprite] LUDICOLO GRASS/WATER HP: 80 Atk: 70 Def: 70 SpA: 90 SpDef: 100 Spe: 70 BST: 480 Advantages: - Sturdier than its counterpart - Can become very useful in the rain with both of its rain benefiting abilities - Swift Swim can help it outspeed things with the rain - Has an amazing typing which covers many of its weaknesses - Has a large movepool, such as Hydro Pump, Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Seed Bomb, Energy Ball, Grass Knot, the three elemental punches, etc... - Can double up in roles as either a staller or a sweeper (physical AND special) - Has the stats and the movepool to act as a staller (Leech Seed, Substitute, Protect, etc...) - Ludicolo is one of the few effective users of Dive - Works well in Ubers against Kyogre Disadvantages: - Does not have a great support movepool which would be VERY useful - Its stats are not too remarkable - Often forgotten and to some people it has a lousy appearance (but come on, what's not so cool about a sombrero plant?) - Must stay a Lombre for a long time to learn Hydro Pump... and if you want Energy Ball and not willing to use the TM, you'll have to wait a long time for Lotad to learn it... then evolve it at the same level to become a Lombre and learn Hydro Pump (level 45 for each I believe). - Some people don't like to evolve their awesome looking Lombre into a Ludicolo because of the personality change Vote which one you like and give a reason why. I guess I'll have to be partial again X_X I'll pick Ludicolo because that thing is just awesome in battles and I just love Water Pokemon. Really, look at that unique typing. Water/Grass... that's just so cool. It's jolly and happy, but I kinda liked Lombre better in terms of personality... but still, jolly plants FTW.
  17. What is your favorite type? Please post a comment and only one vote please.
  18. As the last three games are now complete, we have three different ideas to base future rounds or games on. For Staff v Members 1,2, and 3, see their threads for more information. Hit and Give Legendary Pokemon also has a thread, but is older. Every pokemon has x lives, and you can give lives to your favorites and take away lives from the ones you dislike. Hard Counters is a game where you must make a pokemon set (you can use B/W stuff as well) that can destroy the previous poster's set. You cannot repeat sets! In Find the Error, users are divided based on the first letter of their usernames. You must post a sentence with an error (grammatically or a falsehood) and find the previous poster's error. If you pick 'Other,' remember to specify IN YOUR POST what you think we should do! Remember, you can vote for more than one option! Vote for your top two choices!
  19. I probobly should have done this a long time ago, but anyway; I'm ShinyLucario889; My name, you might realize, represents my favorite pokemon and more... that's about it.
  20. Which Pokémon DPP Versions do you currently have? Also, leave a comment on which you got first. I have Diamond and Platinum. I got Diamond two weeks after it came out and Platinum one week after it came out.
  21. So knowing that our Wraith89 is departing from us i cannot help but make a thread like the ones he used to make. So the weekly brawl will be between the first generation's grass type starter's final evolution against the fourth generations final grass starter's evolution. Venusaur: [sprite]003[/sprite] [shinysprite]003[/shinysprite] HP: 80 Attack: 82 Defense: 83 Sp. Attack: 100 Sp. Defense: 100 Speed: 80 Advantages: + It is partly Poison type so moves from that type do normal damage and is immune to poisoning attacks. + Has bigger Sp. stats + Can learn Sleep Powder, Poison Powder and Stun Spore + It finds a way to boost its Sp. Attack. + It is the final evolution of one of the most famous Pokemon ever. Disadvantages: - Being Poison type makes it weak to Psychic and Ground type moves. - Has slightly weaker defense. - Limited movepool. Torterra: [sprite]389[/sprite] [shinysprite]389[/shinysprite] HP: 95 Attack: 109 Defense: 105 Sp. Attack: 75 Sp. Defense: 85 Speed: 56 Advantages: + Has a Higher Attack and Defense. + Learns Ground attacks without the need of a TM helping deal with steel type based opponents. + Has decent HP + Learns moves that other Grass type have to breed to get. + Being Ground makes it immune to Electric type attacks. Disadvantages: - Being Ground type makes it take twice the damage from Ice type moves and normal damage from other not effective against Grass attacks. - Has significantly low speed making it almost certain to hit last. - Receives normal damage from Water based attacks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I personally prefer Venosaur because it is the first Pokemon's number final evolution. And that requires respect. No to mention that it is still being used and i really enjoyed how it saved me in pinches.
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