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  1. Okay, so I just started a new contract with AT&T last month. To go with it, I picked up a Samsung Impression. I like it, but I do have some minor issues with it. However, after reading a lot of peoples' opinions and trying some things myself, I see now that it is quite limited. As a big geek, I like to be able to do lots of different things with my gadgets... and the iPhone has apps for just about anything you can imagine. Sadly, there is not much support for the Impression's platform. I'd love a client app for IRC, for example... Communication Tube works most of the time, but it's hardly an ideal solution. There are many other such cases of an app my device just doesn't have available to it. I'm thinking about switching to an iPhone to broaden my mobile horizons. But I'm hesitant to switch from a hardware keyboard to a virtual one. Plus, I've heard the iPhones tend to drop their calls frequently. Is anyone here able to offer some insight?
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