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  1. The iPlayer is more powerful then the DSi itself (Which is VERY sad since most MP3 players are stronger too.) So I'm assuming I can overclock my DS and see what it does, lag, freeze or what? But again, the iPlayer is a battery sucker, so I'm gonna guess the SCDT is gonna be one too... It is just like the iPlayer. Not only extra memory either. The CPU is several times faster than DS. Just look at the CPU specs alone- Heres what the iPlayer ran at to give us an estimate of what the SCDT will run at\DS- ARM7- 33mhz ARM9- 67mhz iPlayer also has an arm9 processor as well as its own dsp- ARM9- 200mhz DSP- 400mhz The CycloDS is a very good card and I would suggest that if you wanna get a card right away. The M3i Zero is a no no if your gonna use it on a DS lite, since it has been known to have many problems on the normal DS lite, such as freezing, updater stop working on it, and a few more.
  2. SCDT It uses a mix of Supercard firmware and iPlayer firmware,(iPlayer Firmware allowed it to play GBA games with homebrew) but the Supercard DSTwo has a BUILT IN GBA player and SNES player, that does not REQUIRE Homebrew. And I'm 97% sure it will be able to use lameboy since my Supercard DSone and DSonei were able to use it, along with SNEmulDS and NesDS, along with other homebrews. http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=192112
  3. I would recommend WAITING for the Supercard DS Two since it can supposedly emulate SNES and GBA (Built in.) along with the normal NDS.
  4. Pokemon um Puzzle league or something like that? Like Mewtwo Ex said, the name of the game helps.
  5. inb4 Scizor is on Top 10 Kings and Queens : P
  6. Nope. Unless you count LG/FR as one of them, then I've caught all 151 w/o cheats.
  7. I'm getting it to, it's a must for people who like FPS on the Xbox 360.
  8. Some people really don't feel like buy a $15 Flashcart and a $15 Micro SDHC. But still, I prefer Flashcarts more since getting saves is easier. By the way, how many minutes did it take to rip the save file?
  9. I still get the feeling people are gonna include it as hacked now <_<. Oh well, and I think this thread pretty much has everything now? (More then likely wrong.)
  10. You really wanna bet mine was hacked? I got it strait from my SAV file, from a patched ROM of SS. And saying that all my Pokemon are hacked doesn't help either since I cought all of them In game. I guess that's why my Pokemon from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Soul Silver, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire passed through legal, other then the Notched Ear Pichu.
  11. I have 2 words of advice, do it carefully and right. Hope it helps. ;]
  12. They can only pass as legal. And Deoxys is hacked as said before, because it passes the 510 EV limit. What I mean by 510 EV limit is in the Effort value area, you can only put 510 EV's through out it in endless combinations.
  13. The Flashcard question is an opinion, its features, over compatibility. Although the AK2i has good compatibility, the M3i Zero has more features, and its about the same compatibility with most rom's. That's about it for DSi. http://flashcartreviews.com
  14. Everything you've just said right there, I abused to, I mean who wants to go all the way to the Pokemon Center in that game?
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