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  1. The file extension for the patch is .rar The current patching program I'm using isn't working.
  2. So would you suggest getting R4? The reason I don't own one yet is because owning an R4 is illegal.
  3. I wanted Zard as my sweeper due to the Spikes immunity.
  4. Uh this isn't an in-game team it's a competitive team. It's for Netbattle. Anyway I'm thinking of replacing Forry and Blissey or Wobb (two of them) for Suicune and Raikou. They can probably take care of Zard's counters better and I need a PHazer. LeadGar can come back and lure them in as well. Wobb is good but maybe I can come up with something better like CurseTar.
  5. So this is my GSC team I made. Most sets are copypasta from Smogon but I have made some small alterations to the Smogon sets as I saw fit. As you already know EVs and Natures didn’t exist then and the choice of held items was rather limited so most of it is Leftovers. Gengar @ Leftovers -Thunderbolt -Ice Punch -Fire Punch -Shadow Ball / Hypnosis / Explosion The idea is to hit anything I could face in the lead hard. T-Bolt and Ice Punch give that famed BoltBeam coverage and Fire Punch puts serious dents in Steelix, Forry, Skarmory, and etc Steels. In the last slot I’m torn between the above mentioned moves. Although Ghost is Physical in this Gen, Shadow Ball can put a hurting on Alakazam, who is used a lot more in GSC than in the current metagame. Explosion is for Blissey mostly and would let Gengar go out with a bang after it has surpassed its usefulness. Hypnosis helps to counter the every so common SleepTalkers. Charizard @ Leftovers -Belly Drum -Earthquake -Rock Slide -Fire Blast BellyZard is the main sweeper of this team. Since Stealth Rock doesn’t exist yet, Charizard can shine in GSC. Its attacking moves have pretty good coverage. Fire Blast takes care of Steels or anything else with high Defense that could wall its physical moves, like Skarmory. Wobbuffet @ Miracle Berry -Safeguard -Counter -Mirror Coat -Destiny Bond Not much to say about Wobb but it’s lack of Encore and Shadow Tag don’t make it broken like it is now. Wobb still gets the job done and it will most likely be taking at least one of my opponent’s Pokemon down, and might be able to take down a second with Destiny Bond. If I suspect a status abuser, I’ll use Safeguard. Miracle Berry is there to get rid of the initial status since Wobb won’t be fast enough to set up Safeguard before getting hit. Alakazam @ Focus Band -Psychic -Fire Punch -Recover -Thunder Wave Charizard is the Phsyical sweeper and Alakazam is the Special sweeper. Not many thing like switching in on a STAB Psychic and having to take a second hit before they can attack. In fact, most things not Steel, Psychic, Dark type, or Blissey are KO’d by that. The fact that Calm Mind doesn’t exist yet hampers Zam’s sweeping potential but T-Wave picks up the slack by making sure the few things that are faster than Zam (like Electrode, Jolteon, Aero) are no longer a threat if it catches then on the switch and paralysis helps the rest of the team out. Fire Punch takes care of Steels and can at least do some damage to Darks. Recover is still useful since Calm Mind and Nasty Plot don’t exist yet meaning Zam’s okay Special Defense won’t be penetrated by boosted Special sweepers and it can stall them out. Foretress @ Mint Berry -Spikes -Explosion -Rapid Spin -Rest Standard Spiking Forry. Rest and Mint Berry for maximum longetivity so it can get Spikes in and wall Physical moves. Rapid Spin is to get rid of opposing Spikes and Explosion is when Forry’s finished doing its job. Blissey @ Leftovers -Softboiled -Heal Bell -Toxic -Ice Beam Another standard set. Toxic is to spread the status around. Softboiled is to stall out Special attackers. Heal Bell gets rid of any status on my team and Ice Beam provides some offense and puts a nice dent in Dragonite.
  6. I formatted my SDHC card and inserted it into my DSi but when I wentr to backup my save with AR it says "No SD Card detected".
  7. Someone said the problem could either be you need to re-battled Giratina too or the game will only let you do it once. I can't find Giratina at Turback Cave nor at the Distortion World. Maybe I was mislead and this code only works on Cresselia idk. Anyway I'll be sure and try what you suggested thanks.
  8. 94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00500000 b0000004 00000000 000013b8 01011903 c0000000 00000017 200013bc 00000001 d2000000 00000000 Press L+R I did this code and I was able to re-battle Cresselia but I want to re-battle her again for I'm trying to get a Bold nature Cresselia to EV train. I caught an Abra with Synchronize that's Bold to ensure I get what I want. The code isn't really working anymore though I wonder what the problem is.
  9. Does anyone know a solution to my original problem though?
  10. That one's not workig for me a and I even pressed L+R.
  11. I have the Action Replay for the DSi and when I add the AR codes from Pokesav to my AR codelist using the Code Manager it says the codes were added. When I disconnect my AR from my computer, insert it my DSi, and power it on, the code's name will appear in the codelist but the actual code will be blank. I know for a fact that the AR DSi uses the exact same codes as the AR DS so that's not the issues. I've used AR DS codes many times and they've worked fine. P.S. Does anyone have a working code for checking your Secret ID on U.S. Platinum Version?
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