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  1. For some reason my PKHex doesn't work in my HP laptop, I made a download of the latest version, I think it's 01-27-15c and I've been following the steps exactly. I don't know why this is happening. And I think I'm the first person with this problem. Please someone help me. And yeah, I'm spanish, sorry if my English is bad.
  2. Hi, The editor don't save the changes when i close I select the .sav, i edit, and after like the principle The PID changes the Nature e IVS, i edit these, I save & i close the changes disappears Sorry the bad english
  3. Bought my Nintendo R4DSI and use to edit my data with pokesav platinum. Everything was right until the moment but when I loaded my game, my data does not, I have to commence the game again, I have try several times and always passes the same. We would appreciate your help.
  4. When I enter my name into the OT box in pokesav, the name I just wrote vanishes. It's impossible to write a name in and therefore, the Pokemon is fake. How can I fix this, or just edit the code, so that I can get my OT to "Fred"?
  5. I have an italian pokemon platinum and I want to use AR pokesav codes. But when i press L+R and go to the box its not there, I had no other codes on, one guy told me to change the second line of the code from something to something, Can you please help? And if its not that can you tell me how? And im using an english pokesav if it matters because i do not know the other languages there ---------- Post added at 07:30 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:27 AM ---------- If you can change it to italian, this is the code I want to use 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E000DF34 00000088 661CDD95 901C0000 AA1BBD3E E05F1ACB 01630D89 F2A1AB4E 248BA65B 7B7A6B0E 97FAA2FB C5A96533 1404F623 43231C67 00F57AC9 48708AA2 1B98021D 82D9C7F8 B3A00ACA 41BC8EF9 59B3BCB9 C307E00E 19C671E0 D52BDED8 ED3934A5 5B18419B CE443D60 C2C9527C E8B7B057 853071BC FA94A7B0 047F119D 65EF77FE 31F1CEF8 B60D9FF0 DDA0412F E000DFBC 00000088 275F830F 53400000 4ADFBD70 CE83360F 4A64F400 4ABBD9FB EE170D98 703146D3 46EF8931 6F0285FF 80205BFA 04FDA971 E3B63470 3F3AAAB7 F5F71734 F7CDF63A 4C772C69 D954550A D58F83CA A4DBEDFF D674C32E 1734E49D A9314F4B 685A6535 6ED69DC1 B39641DB F63DE88E 4C97B50D 4F4C7D09 6F3EF845 54D7BB45 48AB7E39 DFF83E22 5CAA4004 E000E044 00000088 D3B0640B 30F30000 26209C4B 59AEDD2D 4D7D37A5 55482CF4 38D4859E 6C65C315 4E3733ED 3FAA29EF 10931C54 5D3ADD0A 6A0842AA F9D9EF1B 0B57681C E3FD3CB9 A2A8B556 DDBFF18F E03C720C 7B2E6878 6E1556F7 77E790BE 58B3A96D CD892844 92523BD4 21CA884A BE3B0A02 6C82A40E DADB60F2 09F40560 05F064B7 27082186 54C8560A D098AD1E E000E0CC 00000088 433812D1 07510000 F1C03B76 AF386A62 F1FF9793 3A216EE9 2DBC7443 8949A2AA E5614A7F 2F14CD49 41D3D6C5 CDFECD8D FB82030D 1498CBBA B5689625 423147A1 F6553100 694D8D5D 12D05285 F5F8368C 45DCA25E DB12B1DD 4673C6EC 3305351E 480AE486 0CF170ED 942ED988 A4CDFBCD F5B94757 57FB2F55 1F309E92 7AF82E0D D52B8083 1385024E E000E154 00000088 610D6109 09120000 500E982A 28CAC7E7 8663CA22 D14E7A73 11813333 AB11F77F 2B4C40AC 9A6C1C65 A9CB798F 758FCC12 F6365683 11132EA7 2A51C8BE 481375EF 720E4D4E 851FA50E E31D1D55 2B4BD0EA E0E8DAC8 3A62A416 1FA7C952 CB546EC1 B5AC8DD1 70C2D2BA 1A1A37F4 D9C6D8DB 8B60B8AB 572A15C0 8505C526 A92E38ED FDA6C5C6 0A3DB9D3 E000E1DC 00000088 8BCF690D E9CE0000 87F36A93 A491285F EA3EE619 98583F3D D60B6F1A 7AD3AC54 3C5877FE A5F5DCB8 E3FEB21F EA737FBF 2F6C6C1B 8A5C9884 2B370FC6 0D1CD7D5 3CCC8138 0CE70F1E 6300384E BE6737D9 02032970 745A5F62 94908C39 B0D07AE6 328CE00E 62F11F0A FC233954 954844A8 BC2F2C7D 557B6CA7 D93DC4F2 0CB8B228 7C0B8298 0E6B02D4 D2000000 00000000 Also tell me if it works on an american platinum too please, Look in box 2 first 6 slots
  6. Hi everybody, I spent all morning searching the forum about this problem. I play Platinum trough M3 Lite and the passcard. I used the pokesav for many things but the Pal Park button doesn't work. When i played diamond version it worked. Can anyone tell me why it doesn't work on Platinum the pal park editing? I passed elite four and have unlocked Pal park but still i cant edit it. =S:confused:
  7. The only Wild pokemon level modifier code I've found doesn't want to work, either it doesn't work completely, or wild pokemon are at level 1. Any other level modifiers that have been made or any help with the one I have?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm using version 0.02 of pokesavhgss. I've edited the items and money in the sav file. However, nothing has changed when I open the game. I used pokesavhgss to open the sav again and it can show the stat that I've changed, but the game doesn't reconize. Any ideas?
  9. Ok, so I got my action replay yesterday and I used Pokesav Platinum to make the Porygon-Z I wanted. I output the ARDS code and added it to my action replay. Enabled the code, and then while ingame I held the button combination to activate the code (L + R). There were two results. First I had the Pokesav set for a 512K save. When using the code output for this, my game froze completely. Then I tried with a 256K save size. When I activated the code, nothing happened. Here is the code from the 256K file (I don't know if it makes a difference, I just changed the setting in Pokesav): All the other codes Ive tried have worked. If you hadn't guessed from me saying I used Pokesav Platinum, I'm using the Platinum version. If someone can help me get this code working or testing it to see if it works for them. Or help me out by maybe putting in the settings I want, getting their own code and wifi trading the Porygon-Z to me that would be great. If anyone has MSN that could help me with that I'd appreciate it. Sorry if I seem like a leecher since I just came on asking for help/someone to do the code for me and wifi it me, I'm planning on staying on the forums. Edit: I think one reason the code might not work is that I tried to make the Porygon-Z shiny, which I don't think can be obtained ingame. So maybe that is why it won't work?
  10. I (quite stupidly) went out and bought an AR for the sole purpose of using PokéSav without checking if the software will actually work with my UK version of the game. I tried using the program, however I can't seem to load the AR code onto the AR. Anyone got any ideas?
  11. hi, i put bunjalloo on my ttds and it doesnt work. it cant find the data i think. HELP PLEASE -cbs
  12. On both the Diamond & Pearl poke sav and the Platinum one it won't load my NDS file. I have tried to change the settings on my NO$gba so it saves .sav files, but this is not properly loaded by pokesav and cannot be loaded by No$gba. I was wondering whether there was a solution for this problem.
  13. I cant seem to make my empoleon code work! im not sure what i am doing wrong. maybe its because i didnt click the "stats edit" on the top left corner of pokesav?! But then again, i cant click it since its grey. someone help please!
  14. My girlfriend made this after i sent her a picture from a pokemon event. The wording on it makes it unsafe for work. You have been warned.
  15. I would like someone to make these pokemon for me and trade over wifi if they could. I don't really what people want for their services so can someone tell me so I have a clue? Also: I have an AR... Would I need anything else if you were to give me an AR code? How would it effect the game? Please and thank you to anyone that helps.
  16. see the title. My pokemon platinum is cpue-3811def6, but the codes dont work. what gives?
  17. my... code manager dont show me the options, it dont say "add new cheat add new folder delete etc, it only says "new codelist" i tried to uninstall but it not worked could some one help me please?
  18. I go into pokesav, add the event pokemon .pkm file i downloaded into the first party bit, go into create output, tick 1st party, get code input it into my ARDS. I then go into my game, after ticking the cheat on my ARDS, and press L+R, but nothing happens, I have tried everything but it's just not working. regular codes work, like all tms and shiny encounters, just not the events. Any ideas? PS im using the UK version
  19. I'm about to start hand-writing a story through the eyes of the voice of MDD (Major depressive disorder) Basically, Depression is a wolf, hungry and agressive, prowling for anyone to stake a claim on. The weak and wounded. He acts as a shadow, always looming over your shoulder. I think I'm going to try this in the second-person POV as well, something I have not yet done. As a person struggling with MDD, I thought it might be interesting to try to get some of those emotions of raw anger and rage out in the form of a story, to show how it really is. To feel that hate breathing down your neck, screaming obscenities. Because I truly believe that this is something people just don't understand. We CAN'T just 'get over it' like they so wish of us. I want to give them a taste of what it's like. What it feels like to be trapped, with anxiety making your heart pound a million beats a minute. I'm thinking of calling it "Le Loup d'Ombre" like what my user title is, literally "The Shadow Wolf" or more accurately, "The Wolf of Shade." What do you guys think, would you read it if I were to translate it to the computer? It's just an idea I've been playing with recently.
  20. I'm unable to trade and have a few (just 2) pokemon that are trade only evolutions. Is there any way to force evolution? I don't really want to just change the pokemon completely in pokesav because I don't think it will register in the dex then. I looked into hacked roms (they fix trade evolutions) but they alter way to many other things. They also sound like they can be quite iffy if you know what I mean >_> . Hate to clock up 50+ hours and have it break. Anydangway, that's the question. I hope someone can offer a suggestion as to how to get around not trading to evolve. Shouldn't there be a "traded" option in pokesav? Don't traded pokemon level faster? Many thanks already projectpokemon. Awesome site. ~~~Edit 1 ~~~ After looking for a solution for a few hours, I found here that there are evolution editors for Diamond and Pearl but not for Platinum (something about offsets being different whatever that means). So I searched for a "Evolution Editor" for Platinum and found a few posts in various forums about people asking for one or asking whether one exists. I also found a few were they said they were in the process of making one and would be finished in 2 weeks. Well May is nearly gone and I had no luck finding one. I tried the Hex editing thing first to great failure. Don't know how nor understand how to do that. Followed a tutorial but nothing it said matched what I had. Guess we'll just have to be patient. :bidoof: ~~~~Edit 2~~~~ If you really wanted to get around the trade evolutions for Platinum, you could play one of the other 2 (Pearl, Diamond) with your rom edited with the D/P Evolution Editor. Then use pokesav to save a .pkm file of an evolved pokemon and transfer it to your Platinum game. I think you'd have to edit some trainer values though so it can be controlled? Let's call that the "PITA Method 1". ...
  21. Lets see do you? or do you import anything you want>?
  22. Can someone explain me how i put the sav file and make it work? i have pokemon platinum and Acekard2i. i have the game and i put the sav file [520KB] in the game floder and it still doesnt load,the game works but not the save!
  23. I just downloaded the Jirachi card, imported the .pgt into Pokesav Platinum, and exported the code. However, it doesn't work on my (US) Platinum. I've done the exact same process numerous times with D/P, even with Japanese wonder cards, and it's worked just fine. Is there anything I'm missing? And by "didn't work," nothing at all happens when I press L+R.
  24. Because it doesn't work. Yesterday I was building a wondercard event (did that many times on the US version of Pearl) and when I tried to load it onto the UK version of Platinum the game crashed. I thought something was wrong with the Wondercard I built but no, the same card works like a charm when I rebuilt it for US Pearl... Please what can I do? The game ID is CPUE3b823103. I can only find Pokesav's for the French version and the US one. Maybe I'm missing something on the site. Btw the card I built was for a Shiny Regirock. :biggrin: Would be super if I can make that work on UK Plat.
  25. Hey I remember before on diamond/pearl pokesav if you had an r4 you could edit the in-game save data. does that still apply to platinum pokesav? and if so, then how do you do it? Thanks
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