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Found 23 results

  1. Details ID 506 Name Hex Description This relentless attack does massive damage to a target affected by status conditions. Type Ghost Qualities Only DMG Category Special Power 65 Accuracy 65 PP 10 Priority
  2. Project Pokémon Bot


    Details ID 506 Name Hex Description This relentless attack does massive damage to a target affected by status conditions. Type Ghost Qualities Only DMG Category Special Power 65 Accuracy 65 PP 10 Priority
  3. Project Pokémon Bot


    Hex Details ID (Decimal) 506 ID (Hex, Big Endian) 0x01FA ID (Hex, Little Endian) FA 01 Type Ghost Range (Tiles) 1 Cuts Corners True Base Damage
  4. Hello Researchers! Today I have discovered an exploit for Generation 3 that affects Pokemon Legality for RNG. The exploit can be done in 2 ways. One way is to take a save file with Japanese/Localized dual compatible names and nicknames from a Japanese Gen 3 game, flash it to an English cart, and then take any already-nicknamed Pokemon (pre-naming fixes a bug with bank compatibility for Japanese-exclusive Pokemon like mew) to the name rater to enjoy longer English names when kept on that same file. The more legit way is to RNG both region games to have a 5 to 1 digit cross region OT, with
  5. The title pretty much says it all, Bulbapedia is down, which sucks because thats the site i used and only site i know, for the Ability and Moves hex ID's, for Powersaves 3DS ability/move modifier codes. But!! i found a new website and downloaded the list in a .txt. i will also post the full list below. Download here. Abilities:http://www.mediafire.com/download/lnx6mv6qa2etgxe/Ability+modifier+ids.txt Moves: http://www.mediafire.com/download/01c2uy72dktvvzn/Move+modifier+codes.txt Here's the website that i got it from, though i still recommend downloading it in case this one goes down as we
  6. I've recently been plagued by SD card troubles, and long story short, today, I lost a Pokemon X save that I really would rather have back. I tried using a backup from Nov 21, but some time between then and today, I had launched and saved the game. Now it says the save version does not match the game version and tough shit lol. From my limited understanding of pokemon xy's save file scheme, I am under the impression that there is literally nothing wrong with my save except that the last save time in the meta data of my .sav is older than the last save time stored somewhere on my 3DS? Can I
  7. Until now, I've been editing some items effects like the prices in pokemarts or set the evasion up of the bright powder from 10 to 25 and the focus band % from 10 to 50 coz I've seen somewhere in this forum changing the 0x003 byte affects the %... My question is: can anyone explain the meaning of each offset from the a024.narc?? Like "the first 2 bytes are the item's price" pls help sorry my english is bad
  8. I've searched the internet and the wiki, but never found those values.
  9. I want to make PKMN for my Japanese Soul Silver game, but I am not sure of what order the hex values need to be set for them. I want to know what the hex value set up and order for a PKMN I breed from an egg in SS looks like when making it in Pokesav so I can make it correctly and look legit. I want to make a few PKMN to use and I want them to look like I bread them in my SS game. So I need to know what hex values to use for it to look like the egg was received from the Daycare Couple, hatched somewhere in Kanto or Johto, and look legit. If someone can show me a picture of a HG/SS Pokesav
  10. Hi there! I am planning to use Pokesav to re-EV some of my Pokémon (they're level 100). I am aware that editing them will make their trash bytes come up as hacked if they're a hatched, Pal Parked or event Pokémon. I’d love to be able to edit them and fix their trash bytes afterwards. Sabresite's trash byte normalizer looks like just what I'd need, however I can't get it (or the legality checker) to work. When I save a Pokémon file, drag and drop it over either the tb normalizer or the legality checker I get this: http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o22/Sim9/shot1.jpg Clicking ok creates t
  11. Can I change a trainer name of a save file of ruby, sapphire, leaf green, fire red, emerald? I just want to catch pokemon and have them with different OT. I don't need some pokesav for it, even hex edit will do. I just don't know where it is
  12. well, in the guide of the other hex values, one person said that the 87 is the value which edit the characteristic of the pokethlon (the aprishakers, the stars, that things) and i want to edit this in my pokemon but pokesav can't edit the value, if someone has a editor like pokesav that have the possibility to change the value, Can't he or she say what editor is? and what are the numbers o letters to write in the value? (sorry for my english, i dont speak it)
  13. I'm trying to replicate the five recent event Pokemon (Deoxys from Gamestop, and Darkrai, Shayman, Regigigas and Arceus from Toys 'R Us) using Pokesav Platinum, but I have no idea on how the valuse work and I don't want to screw something up. I someone can help me on this, I'd be grateful. That, or either the PKM files for these Pokemon (because I don't have an SD card to transfer save files =P).
  14. Hi! I discovered that 41h hex value in HGSS is the shining leaf adress! This is the list of values to set in 41h. The X is a "Shining Leaf". Kotone/Hibiki give you the crown of shining leaf when you show her/him a pokemon with 5 SL and she/he will give you a star for your trainer card. 00 = 00000 01 = X0000 02 = 0X000 03 = XX000 04 = 00X00 05 = X0X00 06 = 0XX00 07 = XXX00 08 = 000X0 09 = X00X0 0A = 0X0X0 0B = XX0X0 0C = 00XX0 0D = X0XX0 0E = 0XXX0 0F = XXXX0 10 = 0000X 11 = X000X 12 = 0X00X 13 = XX00X 14 = 00X0X 15 = X0X0X 16 = 0XX0X 17 = XXX0X 18 = 000XX 19 = X00X
  15. converts the HEX output that NO$GBA debugger spits out and converts it to a raw dump for your hex editing enjoyment. http://www.csdgn.org/files/Hex2Raw.7z PS: Open the program itself in a hex editor. ;3
  16. I wanted to make a Heatran that looked like it was traded over from Pearl to Platinum. Are these hex values correct? 44h:00 (Is 00 for 44 to 45 since it obviously wasn't hatched.) 45h:00. 46h: D1 (Is 46 to 47 where I put values for link trade?) 47h:07 85h:05 (Caught in Stark Mountain in Pearl, which is a cave.) Also, what would the status of link trade be for my Heatran? Would it be Link trade (arrived) or Link trade (met)? I'd gladly appreciate an accurate, detailed response. Also, an ENORMOUS THANKS to whoever helped. (Maybe I'll give away one expertly made Pokemon )
  17. Hello everyone. Does anybody know the hex codes for the itens of pokemon platinum? I have the hex code for pokemon diamond but some itens are change and i can't find the gracidea or the platinum orb. If it is possivel i would like to know if the pokemon hex code and the attacks hex codes for pokemon platinum are the same of pokemon diamond. Tanks. [EDIT] Sorry but does anyone also know how to change the pokemon form (ex: shaymin land form to sy form) on the pokemon hex code? Tanks.
  18. To get the Regice/Regirock/Registeel pokemon, I need to have the Lv.100 Even Regigigas? Does anybody have the Event Regigigas and can open Pokesav and screenshot the Pokemon Edit Menu?
  19. can anyone clarify the fateful encounter, and hex values options in pokesav? im trying to make legit pokemon, so i was wondering if these two things are really necessary in order to make legit pokemon, or can i ignore them.
  20. Hey Guys, I figured this would be the best place to get help with this kind of thing. Basicly I tried to edit my save file manually by changing the hex values. That was the easy part but unfortunately the game checks the save with a hash check of some kind. When I load my edited save the hash was wrong and the game said the file is corrupt. I can get around this problem by opening the edited save in pokesav and saving without making any changes as pokesav calculates the hash correctly. I was thinking of writing a small program to set the state of the Honey trees and if you could enlighten m
  21. I was looking for more information on creating hidden hex values on pokemon. Is there anywhere I can find out more about it?
  22. Right, so I am trying to achieve the ultimate feat.: creating pokemon that can pass the Vs. Recorder. For most of you veterans (I've been using Pokesav since uh... July 2007?), this sounds easy, but for me, I'm having a large amount of trouble, especially with the arrival of Pokemon Platinum. My biggest concern right now is transitioning my Pearl Pokemon to Platinum to make them appear as if I caught/bred them via Platinum and EV trained via Platinum. When I use the PID/IV Generator, I've realized that my pokemon never appear as a possible shiny. Is there anyway to get the correct algorithms
  23. Here i am posting a hex guide(thank you SCV for telling me where to put this) anyway hex is what is used in codes. I am going to show you a hex chart showing what = what, this will help you figure out how to edit/modify a code. Here we go. HEX BACKGROUND(HEX IS A SERIES OF NUMBERS AND LETTERS USED IN CODE THEY ARE ORGINNIZED LIKE THIS 1-9 AND A-F 1-9 IN HEX EQUALS (DUH) 1-9 BUT! A-F EQUALS 10-15) hex. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 dec. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 alright this may seem weird at first but it gets easy. Note: You can use a calculator on your computer to convert the values I am just sowing you
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