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  1. well this thread is just supposed to be, if you had a chance to create a pokemon game, how would it operate? I have had an idea for so long, I imagined if someone made a virtual reality pokemon game where whatever happens to you in game happens to you in reality, and if you start a new game, the plot is always different
  2. Off Topic and Spam posts will be removed by moderators. Users responsible will also receive infractions from moderators. Please read this entire post before posting. we will make HeartGold and SoulSilver requests aswell. since benngy's thread was over 1000 posts it was getting a little too much, so this is the new thread you can post requests at, i only ask of you that you will follow the rules. Rules: 1. please use the request form. 2. please use proper english so we can understand what you requested. 3. if you have any questions, or anything else that dosnt concern requests, please pm
  3. Hi just a quick question how do i make a pokemon from scratch and make it 100% legal to work on wi-fi on pbr i made a new team i used pid iv generator all shiny pid's and i put in the hidden hex values on top of that but once i use them on pbr on wi-fi it tells me that some of the pokemon cant be used on the pass so i would appreciate any help and it only happends wen i search for random battles if i battle a friend it ignores to check if they are hacked or not Thanks
  4. I want to make the pokemon look like they were pal parked to me, so I'm assuming I need to leave 85h on 0. But Treecko, Torchic & Mudkip are starters. So I was thinking that maybe the 85h value should be 0C. Help? -Karasuhebi
  5. Hey I'm trying to Pokesav an UXIE that I can use for the E-4, and it always ends up saying that it's a hacked pokemon in the legality checker. How do i get around this, to make it appear legit? is it the hex values that im messing up on? help would be most appreciated. thanks.
  6. Now I download a Pokemon from the database on the site. Then I open pokesav and edit the Pokemon Afterwords I use IVPid.exe to generate a shiny PID code. When I have may shiny PID in insert it in pokesav. But is there a easier way to make a “legit” Pokemon? Because now it takes plenty of time to make just one shiny Pokemon.
  7. I can make you any pokemon,item,or codes and i can give you the code or trade the thing it to you. Tell me this info: If pokeomn: Name: Nickname: Hold item: ID: Secret ID: Gender: Nature: Ivs: Evs: Stats: Contests won: Ribbons: Moves: Ability: Ball caught in: Shiny?: Egg?: Pokerus?: Where found: What time found: Region found in: Unown/deoxys/burmy/wormadam/shellos/gastrodon form: Code or wifi trade?: If item: Item name: Code or wifi trade?: PM me with your request. I won't be checking this thread daily, but I check my messages daily. Also PM me with any questions.
  8. Hi! I never thought about making a team... I want a Meganium, Lucario, Empoleon, and Tangrowth in my team... I can take care of the IVs but can you teach me how I should get the EVs. and can you tell me a helpful nature for each of them. I will give you a shiny Zapdos or shiny Articuno or shiny Mespirit.(Real!!!) or other legendary or shiny wild or starter pokemon. ---------- Post added at 03:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:01 PM ---------- I thought about tangrowth's moves. How about sleep powder, sunny day, solar beam, and leech seed?? Item: heat rocki, ability chlorophyll
  9. hi everyone I need some major help making my team. Here is the team i just need help with the IV's and the EV's bc I am going to make them in pokesav. Aggron @ Focus Band Adamant Nature Trait: Sturdy Moves -Substitute -Focus Punch -Stone Edge -Thunder Wave Blaziken@Choice band Adamant Nature Shiny LV:100 Moves ~Fire Blast ~Focus Punch ~Brave Bird ~Sleep Talk Salamence @ Life Orb Trait: Intimidate Brave Nature LV:100 - Draco Meteor - Earthquake - Fire Blast - Outrage Metagross@Choice Specs Trait:Clear Body Serious Nature LV:100 -Meteor mash -Earthquake
  10. i want to make a legit jirachi (from pokemon colloseum) through pokesav. i made the OT WISHMKR, and ID 20043, but, what should the secret ID be? Also, where should i say i met the pokemon?
  11. Hey there, I'm trying to make a Pokemon which is legit. I need some help though. Basically, I would like to know how to make my Pokemon look like it has been traded from a Pokemon Pearl game, to my Pokemon Diamond game. I don't know how to get the "Apparently Met" part of the details. Also I want this pokemon to look like it was bred on that game and EVed on thatgame, and traded to the Diamond game once complete. Do I need to put any other details? Thank you, Style.
  12. I am trying to "revive" my old pokemon game because it ws stolen from me and I had a max of 1000+ hrs. Luckily I recorded the IVs and natures of the shinies I found in the wild (w/o using AR) -i legitamately caught them. Now with this new game file I am trying to recreate them in pokeSAV. Thing is when I try and generate a PID w/ the shiny box checked, it automatically unchecks the box when I go to select the correct type. So in a nutshell it will not give me the correct PID/IV of a shiny. In the legality checker it always comes up as a hacked pokemon *type* for my shiny due to when I go to re
  13. How to make a shiny SID. Thanks to Preston for teaching me how to do this on IRC.
  14. Hey Guys, I figured this would be the best place to get help with this kind of thing. Basicly I tried to edit my save file manually by changing the hex values. That was the easy part but unfortunately the game checks the save with a hash check of some kind. When I load my edited save the hash was wrong and the game said the file is corrupt. I can get around this problem by opening the edited save in pokesav and saving without making any changes as pokesav calculates the hash correctly. I was thinking of writing a small program to set the state of the Honey trees and if you could enlighten m
  15. would anyone like to take my sav file and make sure it's legit? the hex values are wrong, but most of my pokemon were "bred" in platinum. Meaning that the daycare couple gave them to me, and then they were hatched in solaceon town. I have around 40-ish pokemon. So does anyone want to help?
  16. Can someone explain me how i put the sav file and make it work? i have pokemon platinum and Acekard2i. i have the game and i put the sav file [520KB] in the game floder and it still doesnt load,the game works but not the save!
  17. Meaning a team that could work together to counter and defeat a wide-scale of pokemon. Anyone got any suggestions for me? I need some ideas to go off of. I'll probably keep my ever-faithful Mightyena, but am unsure at the moment. I want to make these pokemon as legal as possible, at level 100. With suggestions I'm looking for EV/IV levels, movesets, possible natures, etc. Anything that will help to give an upper-hand.
  18. I can make any Pokémon, just post a request. Fill this out: Pokemon Species: Held Item: Level: Ability: Nickname (If wanted): Trainer ID (If specific): Secret ID (If specific): Shiny (Yes or No): Egg (Yes or No): Nature: Pokérus Status: Pokéball Captured In: EV Stats: IV Stats: Ribbons (If any): Location/Date Met: Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Friend Code (If Trading): I can only make them for D/P. They may take some while to be finished.
  19. I've read the guides online tons of times but they repeatedly don't address what I want to know about, I searched through these forums but often got only partial answers or answers that were confusing. I'm at the end of my rope essentially. All I want to do is create some pokemon, preferably in my empty box 3 as the website says doing it in the box is better than directly making them in the party. What I really want is a step by step guide as to how to do this. All the guides here seem to leave things out. Now I do want my pokemon to have legal movesets but I probably won't be doing much
  20. when ever i make a pokemon egg code the date on the egg are wrong and where is says the egg came from help?
  21. I need some help using the Pokesav AR code generator. When I put the code on my game, there is no code there, just the game. What is wrong?
  22. I'm making this thread because i want to make a game and need a idea so come get me
  23. Okay so I was wondering how you make what you write in the text box to become an answer to a poll you may create on here. I know you've got to press the "yes post a poll with this thread" box and say how many answers there are but I just couldn't seem to figure out how to say what you write are answers not just simple words. Anyone who knows the answer to this little problem thanks.
  24. Hey everyone, I got Platinum on the release date, and I played through the game, and have beat it, and I'm tired of the team I have. Would anyone be able to help me make a team for the ages? Usually I don't ask people for their help with these kinds of things, but I'm going to now. I'd like it to be 100% legal, so that I can still make them in Pokésav, but not have them illegitimate. Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks, - Arjun.
  25. i need a team that is All-Around which can include my : garchomp + blissey oh and can people tell me a good nature for blissey and the moves too?
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