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  1. My site is back up (the domain never expired, just my hosting ). I am re-uploading the ppse-ds files now.
  2. I ran my calculations on their latest git, rather then the latest patch. It's a decent for comparing. Main we have about the same percent translated, not to say we have the same things translated. But in total, about the same amount. For story we have about 8% ahead of them at the moment, but they have been working hard far as I am aware. So they will probably catch up eventually.
  3. A beta release, I do not own white 2 so I cannot make a white 2 patch okay? This is from the private dev git is being used at the moment. We are about 2% total ahead of PSN, 8% in story (30% vs 38%) and about 0.3% in main (both about 74%). Assuming everything took and worked as expected of course. As I mentioned before, I do not make the patches usually. Most of the team have been off busy with life, so we haven't had much time to work on it, but as always we have a decent amount of work done. It is trimmed only. Sorry about that. We have a large patch of changes from a private contributor
  4. The changelog does not scratch the surface of what was done in v4. As always we have a lot more translated. We are just lazy when it comes to writing change logs.
  5. Pokestations story patch is only at 3461 lines out of 13085 total lines translated: 26.450134% They still have an inaccurate counting of translated percent.
  6. 50% translated, heh, no so sure that is accurate. Calculating an actual % is not a simple task.. well actually it is, now that I think about it. Let me give it a try. I will write a program to analyze the actual text and give me some HARD numbers on the matter. WITH SCIENCE. Using the very latest of this very second git pull from each. PP Main: 43642 lines out of 60405 total lines translated: 72.248986% PP Story: 4318 lines out of 13085 total lines translated: 32.999618% PSN Main: 42476 lines out of 60406 total lines translated: 70.317518% PSN Story: 2109 lines out of 13087 total lines tr
  7. What GUI you use doesn't matter. An xDelta patch is dumb (that is, it is unintelligent). It knows nothing about NDS files. Trimmed or otherwise. xDelta changes one thing into another based on a binary diff (difference). It will ALWAYS trim the rom, no matter what magical chanting or voodoo you use during patching. Because the original binary diff was done on a trimmed rom. But aside from that. The xDelta Lite Patcher uses xDelta 3.0.0z where as the old xDelta GUI uses xDelta 1.1.2 the two versions are not compatible at all and barring divine intervention neither will ever support the others
  8. We just translated like +9000 lines of text using my translation matrix (top secret technology). So new version soon hopefully.
  9. Added the source for anyone who wants to try and work on this. I am not giving support on how to use it. If you don't already know how, or you cannot figure it out on your own, you really shouldn't be messing with it in the first place.
  10. Pretty much means I will not make a PPSE-DS for black and white. To even consider it I would like at the very least. Needed for Black and White PPSE-DS: Working code in some language for b/w checksum fixing, or a REALLY good description. All information on the change in pokemon data structure between 4th and 5th generation. Verified addresses in the save of pokemon, items, and trainer data values. A little information on the text format. These would help Item Index/Name lists. Pokemon Index/Name Lists. Race Information List (base stats) Pokemon Sprites for 5th gen Any other relevan
  11. More of Opera > Chrome > Firefox > Safari > IE, but yeah, about right.
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