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Found 17 results

  1. Just need a simple upload and trade if anyone is available .pkm files are already modified and legal and attached to this post VM/PM for friend code
  2. I want to trade someone my Tyranitar, and have them do the following: Make it's nature careful, Make the EVs 252 HP, 252 Special Defense, 4 Defense. Give it Crunch, Curse, Rest, and Sleep Talk Name it Yoshi 1934 3717 0875 -- Could someone do that for me? I really appreciate the help.
  3. I wanted to make a Heatran that looked like it was traded over from Pearl to Platinum. Are these hex values correct? 44h:00 (Is 00 for 44 to 45 since it obviously wasn't hatched.) 45h:00. 46h: D1 (Is 46 to 47 where I put values for link trade?) 47h:07 85h:05 (Caught in Stark Mountain in Pearl, which is a cave.) Also, what would the status of link trade be for my Heatran? Would it be Link trade (arrived) or Link trade (met)? I'd gladly appreciate an accurate, detailed response. Also, an ENORMOUS THANKS to whoever helped. (Maybe I'll give away one expertly made Pokemon )
  4. Does the Trainer ID and Secret ID matter when the pokemon's homeland is from the GBA games, such as Emerald? Can I make this up? Or is it much more complicated then that.
  5. Hi.I would like to know whats best and makes pokemon more legal.I got this 2 options: 1- Load the events on Pokemon pearl and transfer them to Pokemon Platinum 2- Load the events on platinum and get the pokemons there. Any problem using this second option? Regards and thx for the great site. New to the forums but u will see more a lot. Love the pokemon wondercards hehe.
  6. I am wondering where one can download the Trash Byte Normalizer mentioned in Greencat's Pokemon Legality Guide. I've asked about it a few times before, but I did not get any replies yet so I felt I'd just make a topic. EDIT: I found it. This thread can be locked.
  7. GEN II Qwillfish Corsola Gen III Swellow Plusle Swalot Grumpig Spinda Zangoose Seviper Gen IV Carnivine
  8. hi im new in the forums im need 3 pokemons: i have a flash card so... i need the .PKM files... i have pokesav too but i cant make legendary pokemons shinys and whit 31 ivs in all stats... the Legality Checker say : hacked pokemon if anybody can make them for me i will be very grateful
  9. Hi I have a really quick request. All i need are two eevees. One german one italian and both different genders. Thats it. They canhave any moves, any stats. They just need to be diff genders and one german, one italian. I need them as an in game trade and fairly soon please. If you want anything for them, just ask. Thanks
  10. Pokemon: Infernape Gender: Male Nickname: None Trainer ID: 27125 Secret ID: doesn't matter OT: Landon Level: 100 Ability: Blaze Held item: Life Orb Move set: Nasty Plot, Grass Knot, Close Combat, Fire Blast PP usage for move set: Normal Nature: Hasty Egg: No/Received from the Daycare Couple, April 20, 2008 Shiny: No Pokerus: No Ball caught in: Pokeball Battle stats: Set to Max EV stats: 64 Attack / 252 Special Attack / 192 Speed IV stats: HP – 31/Attack – 31/Def – 30/Sp. Attack – 31/Sp. Def – 30/Speed – 31 Ribbons: None Contest stats: None Location met: Egg hatched on Iron Island, April 20, 2008 Game: Platinum Pokemon: Deoxys-A Gender: Male Nickname: None Trainer ID: 27125 Secret ID: doesn't matter OT: Landon Level: 100 Ability: Pressure Held item: Life Orb Move set: Ice Beam, Superpower, Thunder, Hidden Power Fire PP usage for move set: Normal Nature: Hasty Egg: No/Received from the Daycare Couple, April 20, 2008 Shiny: No Pokerus: No Ball caught in: Pokeball Battle stats: Set to Max EV stats: 4 Attack / 252 Special Attack / 252 Speed IV stats: HP – 31/Attack – 31/Def – 30/Sp. Attack – 30/Sp. Def – 31/Speed – 30 (hidden power fire) Ribbons: None Contest stats: None Location met: Egg hatched on Iron Island, April 20, 2008 Game: Platinum
  11. Pokemon Species: Weezing Held Item: Leftovers Level: 100 Ability: Levitate Nickname (If wanted): AIDS OT name: ALTOIDS (yes, all caps) Trainer ID (If specific): 53641 Secret ID (If specific): 51260 Moveset: -SLUDGE BOMB -WILL-O-WISP -PAIN SPLIT -EXPLOSION Shiny (Yes or No): No Egg (Yes or No): Yes Nature: Bold Pokérus Status: Cured Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball EV Stats: 252 Def / 252 HP / 4 SpAtk IV Stats: 31 in all Ribbons (If any): None Location/Date Met: Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Route 209; Nov. 11, 2007 Friend Code (If Trading): Bob 2320-7423-5813 Wi-fi Trade pls. Thank you!
  12. Pokemon Species: Heatran Held Item: None. Level: 100 Ability: Flashfire Nickname (If wanted): Surprise me. . Whoever edits this gets to choosethe name. Trainer ID (If specific): 54883 Secret ID (If specific): 32662 OT: Johnny Shiny (Yes or No): No Egg (Yes or No): No Nature: Naive Pokérus Status: No Thanks Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball EV Stats: 6 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk IV Stats: Anything that will work/make it look legit. Ribbons (If any): Location/Date Met: Stark Mountain, Met at level 70. Moveset: Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Earth Power, Explosion. Thank you. =)
  13. Hey everyone, I'm wondering if it's possible to use the PokeSav program and pick my hidden power type. Right now my Alakazam's Hidden power is Dragon, but I'd like to get it to Electric, is there something I should do or am I asking for too much from PokeSav?
  14. Not sure if this goes here but will do it anyways. On the Pkm Download pages is the pokemon's name is black that means there is no file for it, right.
  15. So I made myself a code for items, that gives Super Repel/Power items for EV training/EXP.Share, and some random items. The code I used was the following. 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E0000644 00000294 00050125 00050124 00050122 00050121 00050123 00050126 0087004C 000400E5 03E7004A 03E7004B 03E70049 03E70048 03E7005D 000600D8 But the code was very long, it had 00000000 00000000 for like 50 more lines, so I decided to cut those lines and just end it with D2000000 00000000. Now after about a week after I used the code, I can't seem to get anymore items.. If I pick up an item or take one from my pokemon, it simply just isn't in my bag anymore (Moon Stone + Lucky Egg).. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this?? ---------- Post added at 04:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:27 PM ---------- I should include that the code I used, replace ALL the items in my bag with the items listed in the code (Power items / all the Shards + some random crap ). ---------- Post added at 05:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:29 PM ---------- I'm been fiddling, and this is what I think happened : Since I didn't copy the 00000000 00000000 lines (I think these are placeholders in your bags..), I think my bag only holds the items I pokesav'd for.. Now how would I revert this code back?
  16. Is there anyway I can edit the number of people I've talked to in the Underground, via Pokesav? I've put in the odd Keystone, and I'd just like to get my Spiritomb before the 4th gym.
  17. anyone who can use pokesav and hack a pokemon and then trade it over wifi please help me really quick, i just need one pokemon, ill send the info for the pokemon if someone tells me they can do it
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