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  1. can we edit a pokemon's description with pokesav (such as "likes to run", or "somewhat stubborn", or "good perseverance", or "likes to relax"?
  2. when we check the fateful encounter box, on pokesav, is it necessary to choose a hometown for the pokemon? is yes, then which? thanks!
  3. wow, thanks! answered everything i needed to know!
  4. k thanks a lot! so, if i want to make an event darkrai, i will have to click on fateful encounter, right?
  5. can anyone clarify the fateful encounter, and hex values options in pokesav? im trying to make legit pokemon, so i was wondering if these two things are really necessary in order to make legit pokemon, or can i ignore them.
  6. i want to make a legit jirachi (from pokemon colloseum) through pokesav. i made the OT WISHMKR, and ID 20043, but, what should the secret ID be? Also, where should i say i met the pokemon?
  7. so, what informations should i place to make my jirachi legit?
  8. im trying to make a legit jirachi (from colloseum), celebi (from anniversary), and manaphy (from pokemon ranger) through pokesav. i do know that most event pokemon come in a cherish ball. but, can anyone please tell me from which pokeball do these three pokemon come from?
  9. i recently started using pokesav, and have a few questions. i wanted to create a legit jirachi from the pokemon colloseum (id 20043), but i dont know what should i enter for secret id. can someone help out? also, what should i write for "met in place"? can we edit the pokemon description (something like good perseverance)? finally, can anyone tell me how do the fateful encounter hidden hex values work? thanks a lot!
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