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  1. I saw the scans, and 3D just got more 3D but looks like the zoom hack Edit: @Illithian but RBY and GS can be played on the first gameboy, only Crystal doesn't work there as it needs to be in color
  2. I had that too, but it's not a major problem to me, deposit them to pc or pokesav stat edit fixes it no problem
  3. I know what you want, try the PPSE. it has the pokedex edit which modifies almost if not all entries including forms. You can even change spinda's sprite
  4. I tried it, 32769 is a nameless pokemon with bulbasaur sprite that floats attempting to catch it and fail will glitch the sprite for a while then glitch some more then revert and say that the pokemon broke free it dies in 1 hit and have the item full heal its 2 attacks are covet and present I used mew and transformed it, it hangs up successful catch will add it to pokedex, but since it doesn't have a pokedex # it hangs ashbox, I don't know you caught one but try a pokemon that has gender, not arceus
  5. That video, is it just a DSi? What more if it's actually the system(which none of us saw yet) Gen 5 should have an improved function for 3DS
  6. Changing the OTID/OTSID makes shiny pokemon not shiny anymore How come PID is affected?
  7. Rumors are rumors, but I enjoy them My DS Phat is still good with patches on and in it, but I'd like new ones after some time
  8. Yeah, the names will be in Japanese font(cool)
  9. You can still download pkm files that are eggs, then edit away
  10. Then make an egg with daycare, any pokemon will do. After you get the egg, use pokesav to change the species, stats, moves etc.
  11. Ahhhh... Ciro's pokemon maker is like the "export ards code" in pokesav? I've seen it but didn't understand it until now
  12. Well, Mesprit was already "roaming" in my save and pokesav couldn't read it. When I met Cresselia, it was the only time there's a roaming pokemon in the pokesav. When the 3 birds are roaming it was still just cresselia in pokesav (I hope event flags will soved as well)
  13. Can I change a trainer name of a save file of ruby, sapphire, leaf green, fire red, emerald? I just want to catch pokemon and have them with different OT. I don't need some pokesav for it, even hex edit will do. I just don't know where it is
  14. In platinum I have 5, namely Mesprit, Cresselia, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. However only Cresselia shows up in the pokesav
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