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  1. Hi. I have transfered to pkn home my gen iv shaymin (from platinum to black2 and then to bank) but it only registered the land forme. I uses sky forme in platinum and in black 2 so i have them in my bank dex. What do i need to so fo have the sky forme resgitered in pokemon home dex? Thanks
  2. Hi. I have a question about a trade evolution pokemon. I have a hacked switch with emunnand where i used pkhx to edit the way that trade evolution pokemon evolve (from trade to level 40) in Pokemon sword. If i trasnfer a pokemon via pkhex to my sysnand save (where i play online, i found a guide in gbatemp with instructions to backup and inject a save without cfw and I been using for a few months now without any problem or ban) will it have any legality issues because it was never traded to evolve? Is there any flag or byte in the Pokemon code that is flagged when it is traded? Thanks.
  3. You are right, i do not buy the game, i buy a license. But the license that i bought for my non-DRM game (Like The Witcher) will still work in 20 years, but the licence for my DRM-protected game may not work in that time. Am i right or wrong?
  4. "Yes, but are you implying that there's a limited period in which you can use PokeGen after the payment...? If not, this comparison makes no sense." - There is a limit, 5 Days. You ca say that it does not matter, that after that 5 days, we get more 5 days, and that is right, but still, there is a 5 day limit. "...the company...? Of course it's a well-known name, and has marketing to go with it. You're not furthering your attempted point here." - That's true, and false as the same time. Big companies launched games that had never been popular, small companies launched games that have become very popular. It only depends on how good the game is, not how good the company is (if that was true, all EA or Activision games would have been good, and that is the most wrong thing that anyone can say). "How do you know what I know? Perhaps I have more detailed usage data than you realize. Yet you're calling me naive? You're being overly presumptuous about all of this, and acting as though you're highly experienced in all of these matters. The chance of that is miniscule. I think any reasonable person would agree that my statement regarding usage is the most likely case. You're making so many assumptions about what my intentions are as well. I'm not concerned if I don't cater to every single individual here. I'm not a company worried about utter perfection in profits. I'll do what I can and make decisions as necessary." - I never said i was experienced, or something like that. What i wrote was as a PokeGen user, nothing more. But the program is yours, so do whatever you want. I just talk as a user of PokeGen, nothing more. I am well served with the current version, and i will probably only buy this new version if a new main series Pokemon Game got out (like RSE remake or new GEN V game, etc) and you provide support for it, or when the DRM has been drooped out/hacked. Until then, i will use the current version.
  5. "...the bullshit about renting is..." - What here is bullshit? Like i said, imagine that Codr decide to shut down the PokeGen server, you will be unable to use PokeGen. When buying PokeGen with this DRM, so you will pay for something that is a "infinite rent". This happen with all types of DRM, not just this. When you buy something with a DRM, it is not a BUY, it is a RENT, whenever you like it or not.
  6. "Renting implies a repeated payment? I'm not sure how that's applicable." - Some types of renting only require one payment, but have time limit (like a car renting, or a vacation-house renting, at least in my country is like that). The future version of PokeGen only requires one payment, and have a time limit of 5 days, the only difference is that it gets 5 more days after that 5 days ended (much like an infinite rent). See the similarities here? "Being much more popular makes a difference. It's possible that this requirement will end up being removed just like they did, but for the moment, I don't intend to refrain from adding it." - How could the game bee popular on his release date? It was a new IP, not a sequel or a spin-off of a popular game. It gained popularity, and that was probably what made Bioware give up on the DRM. "I don't think the majority of people are going to have any issues with making a connection to a server once every five days. Some people will, yes, but this is something you know before paying." - I don't think you know the majority of the situations, don't think that everyone, every city, every country work like yours. You may have a good Internet connection, and your ISP may provide a good service, but it isn't like that in every place. Don't be naive, that can ruin you "business".
  7. When you say that, it makes me believe that you know very little about DRM, and how it really works (turns buy into rent). Do you know the vide game Mass Effect? Release in 2007 (November), it had a very similar DRM (a once every 10 days online check). It did not lasted long, in May 2008 the developers, Bioware (parte of EA), had to delete the DRM because the problems that it had ONLY on the person that legally acquired it (the pirated versions never had any problems). You can check this info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_Effect_(video_game)#Controversies If for them, a major developer, part of a major company, it did not worked, what makes you believe that it will work for you? If you server is down, if there is a problems on the connections on the users side, if the person is in a place with no Internet, etc... what will happen?
  8. Hi Codr, just to say two things: First, i support you decision of make PokeGen a paid program, you developed it, you created it, you should (and you are) allowed to do whatever you want with it, and everyone wo does not like it, just don't continue to use it, simple as that. Second, i am a bit worried about the "DRM" that you will implement, i (and i believe alot of people here) am not a big supporter of any type of DRM, even if it is a "not always internet connection", it can develop issues like if am in a place with no internet, and the program ask for internet connection, i will not be able to use the program that i paid, etc.... Here is my idea for an "DRM" much less intrusive: instead of an "casual internet requirement", why not only check the "legal status" of the application when you update it, like this: a person buy PokeGen, first time execute check on internet for "legal status", if ok the program unlock. After that the program will always work in offline, never needing any type of connection, but when an update appears, it will again check for the "legal status". If the "legal status" is ok, the person gets the update. To know if a person bought or not the application, you ca use a serial key, or some sort of "account system", or something like that. When you release more information about the "DRM" of the application, i will decide if i buy it or not, for me that will be the most important thing.
  9. Pedro250


    hi codr, I can do a Portuguese translation for PokéGen if you want. I just need to copy one of the language files and translate it right? like: "Menu_File=File" is translated "Menu_File=Ficheiro" or "Menu_File_Load=Load" is translated "Menu_File_Load=Carregar". Waiting for awser, Thanks Bye
  10. Codr, not trying to start a fight or anything but i made both 4º gen and 5º gen evolution editor (along with allot more non-pokemon related programs), i know how to do this things I am more directed to ROM editing, not SAVE editing OK? Everyone starts some way, you start your way, i star mine. If you don't want to help, don't criticize, if you want to help, just help. Thanks
  11. Thanks a lote, i will check on this. I am hex editing the data, but i am thinking in change the data management , hex editing brings a lot of problems, so it's ok. Thanks again
  12. Hi again, In the Project Wikia there is a method of Checksum calculation, but don't know what language is it wrote, maybe someone can help me converting it to .net language? Thanks The link is http://www.projectpokemon.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_NDS_Save_File_Checksum
  13. Hi again, In the Project Wikia there is a method of Checksum calculation, but don't know what language is it wrote, maybe someone can help me converting it to .net language? Thanks The link is http://www.projectpokemon.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_NDS_Save_File_Checksum
  14. AS i said to you, the program is still a beta, so bugs will happen. I will look on that, but first, the most important is the checksum fix. Thanks
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