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Found 10 results

  1. Hello Pokemon Fans, and today, I made a huge discovery. I discovered that what I think is Either the N's Pokemon glow and/or seal data exists in B1W1, plus seal data in b2w2, (to insert it, THE PokeSav is a MUST, because PKHEX junks the data in the party at the last 5 bytes of the 220 byte data structure, plus offset 8D, which is ball capsule ID, and needs to match the Pokemon Party slot ID, but also be non-zero) Meaning, to get the full effect out of the attached pkm file, you need to inject it using Pokesav B1W1 to a B1W1 save, and trade using wireless/ir into the party of a B2W2 save, without letting the pokemon data get touched, or munged by pc boxes/dumb editors like PKHEX/Pokegen. When you send it out first, it will first shine due to being shiny, then it will shine again, as for what flag, I have no Idea other than that I enabled both the N's poke flag as a shiny leaf using hex editing, and I did the same for the remnant of the seal data. I think it semi-displays, so evaluate it yourself on a BW (preferably B2W2) copy. Here it is below. Also, use Pokesav, and do NOT mess with the Pokemon data or you will corrupt it. G5 Seals.pk5
  2. Amzz

    Trash Bytes

    Does anyone know what Trash Byte values correlate to? My pokemon's extra byte values seem to vary between 0, 16 and 17 and I am unable to figure out why. All of my fully EV/IV trained pokemon seem to have extra byte values of 17_, with those having just been bred / caught having extra byte values of 0. Those with max EVs (252) in a single stat appear to have extra byte values of 16. However, I recently fully EV trained a lycanrock (completely legitimate, unaltered by PKHEX) which seems to have an extra byte value of 16_. Could anyone explain this in further detail to me? Many thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, Need to question the collective knowledge on the current understanding of PokeBank legitimacy checking. Specifically, names and trashbytes. As of last week, I finally started uploading my collection into the bank. This included both legitimate and illegitimate Pokemon. To my surprise, a good number of illegitimate Pokemon made it through! So I did some exterminating with a legit-caught, wild Sableye in a retail copy of Sapphire. Experiment 1: Edited Sableye Wild captured in Retail Sapphire, Granite Cave to be exact. Retail Sapphire -->[pal park]--> Retail Pearl Retail Pearl -->[poke transfer]--> Retail White Retail White -->[trade]--> Rom White2 Here, I opened the Rom and used PokeGen 3.1.13 to change some information. 1. Region changed to Japanese Emerald. 2. OT/OT-ID/OT-SID changed to a Japanese Emerald combo. Note, the one I used had been previously marked in PokeCheck as invalid trashbytes (ID / SID fine / Region fine). The name with trashbytes were copy and pasted directly. The trash bytes were not the FFFF\0000\...\0000\FFFF\ blank ones, but various numbers and letters. 3. Name was changed to ヤミラミ (copy pasted directly from bulbapedia) and filled in the \FFFF\0000\...\0000\FFFF\ missing. 4. PID changed to accommodate five 31 IVs and a different nature. Nature changed on main tab as well. Rom White2 -->[trade]--> Retail White Retail White -->[3ds poke transporter]--> PokebankIt worked with no problems! I'm quite certain that PokeCheck would have thrown down a "bullshit" flag on the trashbytes. However, I decided to test PokeTSA again. Experiment 2: Sableye to another species Wild captured in Retail Sapphire, Granite Cave. Retail Sapphire -->[pal park]--> Retail Pearl Retail Pearl -->[poke transfer]--> Retail White Retail White -->[trade]--> Rom White2 PokeGen 3.1.13 to change some information. 1. Region changed to Japanese Emerald. 2. OT/OT-ID/OT-SID changed to the same Japanese Emerald name as before. 3. Name was changed to nickname, ツンデレ (tsundere, lol. copy/pasted from Wikipedia) and filled in the \FFFF\0000\...\0000\FFFF\ missing. 4. Species changed to Mawile. Moves and ability changed to match a Gen3 wild Mawile. 5. PID changed. Rom White2 -->[trade]--> Retail White Retail White -->[3ds poke transporter]--> PokebankAnd wouldn't you know it. Went through just fine! I'm stumped as to how trashbyte sirens didn't go off during the TSA screening. Questions for the subject matter experts here: 1. In the process I just described- ? In Emerald, Mawile cannot be obtained in Granite Cave. At the G5 level, after going through PalPark and PokeTransfer, would the .pkm file have any clue where it was originally obtained? Wouldn't that somehow be deduced by trashbytes? 2. Is there something about Gen 5 Pokemon having the dummy FFFF/0000 trashbytes that PokeBank reads as, "We must have lost his papers, carry on." 3. Does PokeBank or G6 care about trashbytes anymore? 4. Any additional knowledge you would like to throw at me? Am I missing a (un)commonly known process in G5?
  4. With X and Y coming out this weekend, and capability to transfer Gen V mons later this year, I was curious to see if any problems would arise with my favorite starter, once it entered Nintendo's detecting cloud. Now, since the golden days of GEN I, I've been nicknaming my Charizard as Ryuma (a nod to Ryoma from the Getter series), but I discovered something odd when saving the .pkm file (simply titled "test.pkm" as an attachment to this thread) and uploading it to Pokecheck. The ending sequence in the name (/FFFF) constantly resets itself. Now, if I change it, save it, and upload it onto Pokecheck it turns up just fine. But if I open the file again, I continue to see "Ryuma\FFFFnder" with the terminator sequence resetting. Now, I'm confident that a remedy for this is simply DON'T OPEN IT AGAIN AFTER SAVING IT, to where my bad boy will make it over to my Y copy without any problems, but I am curious if this nicknaming issue is selective with certain names? My Venusaur is aptly named "Veena", and the correct trash byte sequence follows it without any need to re-input said data. Thanks for your time! test..pkm
  5. All generation 4 eggs hatch with trash bytes - even if you nickname the hatchling. However, there's a catch - like pal park trash bytes, they are different across languages and versions. The goal of this thread is to find the string of trash bytes for all versions and languages of generation 4 games. For instance, english games use the following: D/P: \0237\4008\C019\50C8\020D\3B28 Pt: \0238\4008\C019\B318\020C\3730 HGSS: \0000\1960\0211\0002\0000\4008 French D/P: \0000\0237\4008\C019\5124\020D\3B28 Pt: \4558\0238\4008\C019\B3BC\020C\3730 HGSS: \0000\0000\1980\0211\0002\0000\4008 German D/P: \0000\0237\4008\C019\5124\020D\3B28 Pt: \4558\0238\4008\C019\B3BC\020C\3730 HGSS: \0000\0000\1940\0211\0002\0000\4008 Italian D/P: \0000\0237\4008\C019\5124\020D\3B28 Pt: \4558\0238\4008\C019\B3BC\020C\3730 HGSS: \0000\1960\0211\0002\0000\4008 Spanish D/P: \0000\0237\4008\C019\5124\020D\3B28 Pt: \4558\0238\4008\C019\B3BC\020C\3730 HGSS: \0000\0000\19A0\0211\0002\0000\4008 Japanese D/P: Last 8 bytes not consistent (FF otherwise) Pt: Last bytes not consistent (FF otherwise) HGSS: \FFFF\FFFF\FFFF\FFFF\FFFF\FFFF\FFFF\0000\???? Korean D/P: \0000\0000\C0D4*\0237\4008\C019\0E1C\020D\3730 Pt: \0000\0000\54F4\0238\4008\C019\BDE8\020C\3730 HGSS: \DE60\021D\0000\0000\2360\0211\0002\0000\4008 Note that for english only the last 6 bytes matter because all hatched pokémon have at least 4 characters in their name. For german and french, it's 7 and 8 for japanese. What I am looking for is .pkm files of french, german, italian, spanish, japanese pokémon with the shortest possible name length (e.g. Claffa in japanese and german, ekans in french, otherwise seel/abra/natu/onix/jynx) hatched on a generation 4 game (and preferably not transfered to gen 5 as it removes the last 2 bytes). If the pokémon was nicknamed when it hatched it doesn't really matter as long as the nickname is at most as long as the original name. You can also check the trash bytes yourself in Pokegen. Furthermore, gen 4 trash bytes are not considered to be important from a legality standpoint because they are unfortunately removed by the name rater. However, it seems even the name rater can leave some trash bytes of its own for short names. Hence, I am also interested in foreign pokémon that were given a 1 letter nickname by the name rater, in all versions and languages of gen 4 games as before. I thank in advance anyone willing to help.
  6. My friend got a dragonite on the GTS in HG. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=2749621 He's the one who got it the ribbons and PKRS, though. So, I was wondering how such an awfully made pkm file could even go on the GTS(Note that it said it was hatched, only I pokecheck wouldn't let me upload it like that, since "Egg recieved" was still "---", so I had to upload it as a gen5 pokémon). I took it's pkm file and opened it in pokégen with "Target game Black/White" selected, and it's name changed into Dragonite, and the OT changed into JEESE. It also lost 2 shiny leaves, which were apparently a glitch. I tried to reverse engineer the process and figured most of the info must be a glitch. However, I tried to make it look more legal, just for the lulz. It seems the trash bytes were completely screwed, so I tried fixing them with TrashBytes.exe, but they're still illegal. http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=2749653 Any ides on how to fix them? tl;dr What's wrong with this Dragonite(pal parked)? http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=2749653
  7. I've been having trouble recreating my Pokemon with Pokesav and Pokegen since I lost my game. So I kind of need someone to check the trash bytes and stuff of my Pokemon because I kind of suck at this trash byte stuff (I barely understand any of it). I need someone to fix up my Skarmory, (such as the trash bytes for the names and stuff) and if it would be helpful if you could explain this trash byte stuff too, such as 0x77 and stuff, I'm not sure where that would be located or how to find it. I guess it's using a hex converter? I'm kind of new so try not to flame me =S Thx. (no need for external links)
  8. Hi there! I am planning to use Pokesav to re-EV some of my Pokémon (they're level 100). I am aware that editing them will make their trash bytes come up as hacked if they're a hatched, Pal Parked or event Pokémon. I’d love to be able to edit them and fix their trash bytes afterwards. Sabresite's trash byte normalizer looks like just what I'd need, however I can't get it (or the legality checker) to work. When I save a Pokémon file, drag and drop it over either the tb normalizer or the legality checker I get this: http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o22/Sim9/shot1.jpg Clicking ok creates this weird file as seen here, above trashbytes.exe (seviper.pkm): http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o22/Sim9/shot2.jpg I can't seem to do anything with that file. If I try to open the file, I get this: http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o22/Sim9/shot3.jpg I'm aware that it’s possible to edit a Pokémon’s trash bytes in a hex editor, but I can’t find where 0x48 to 0x5D (where the trash bytes are) are here: http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o22/Sim9/shot4.jpg (By the way, the Seviper in the Pokémon file hasn’t been modified in any way. It’s Pal Parked from Emerald.) I have searched all over the internet, these forums and Project Pokémon’s site, but have not been able to find anything which solves my problems. The ideal for me would be to be able to edit my Pokémon on Pokesav and be able to fix their trash bytes afterwards, preferably via a trash byte normalizer, or otherwise via a hex editor. Would anyone be able to help me? Sim
  9. when i run a .pkm through legal.exe the output is lacking the trashbytes valid/invalid line I am running the most recent version of legal.exe and I am testing with hatched pokemon from both pearl and plat am I doing anything wrong? thanks in advance
  10. Hi, As The Title Say I'm Having Trouble Fixing This " Invalid TrashBytes " Of Both Lugia,Ho-oh And Jirachi, Can Some Tell Me How ?? Also How Can I Change The IVs And Nature Of Both Jirachi And Lugia While Keeping Them Legit, I Don't Want Them To Be Very High Just A Little High !! , Because Once I Changed Them With The PID/IV Button On Pokesav They Became " Normal NDS/GBA " ?? Last Thing!!, " Common GBA Event ( Restricted ) " Means That Pokemon Event Will Come Only With One Nature Always Right?? Another Last Thing , Do Any Of These Pokes Need A Hidden Value ??? Thanks In Advance ^o^ ( Hope There Is No Grammere Mistakes Lo0oL ) lugia.pkm jirachi.pkm Ho-oh.pkm
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