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  1. The following is a list of what will happen when you use the character modifier code. To use this code, simply hold R while entering or exiting a building area and your character will change to whatever is specified. To get the code, please refer to the spoiler below. Red = DO NOT USE! GAME WILL FREEZE! Blue = Repeats. Nothing special. Black = Safe to use. Code and Modifier Values 1~100 Values 101~200 Values 201~275 Vales 276~99999 ENJOY!!! ---------- Post added at 08:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:27 PM ---------- Values updated and Finalized. A total of 275 working values have been found. Values worth Noting: 81: Baby in a Carriage 99: Professor Rowan 120: Cyrus 121: Mars 122: Saturn 123: Jupiter 124: Male Galactic Grunt 125: Female Galactic Grunt 126: Roark 127: Gardenia 128: Maylene 129: Crasher Wake 130: Fantina 131: Byron 132: Candice 133: Volkner 134: Aaron 135: Bertha 136: Flint 137: Lucian 138: Cynthia 140: Your Mom 141: Cheryl 142: Riley 143: Marley 144: Buck 145: Mira 148: Barry (AKA Your Rival) 151: Uxie 152: Mespirit 153: Azelf 154: Dialga 155: Palkia 156: Arceus 157: Darkrai 158: Shaymin 159: Cresselia 184: Regigigas 161: Heatran 160: Giratina (Altered Form) 230: Giratina (Origin Form) 166: Professor Oak 167: Jasmine 169: Tower Tycoon Paulmer 186: Lucas in Tuxedo 187: Dawn in Dress 193: Mystery Gift Green Man 215: Factory Head Thorton 216: Hall Matron Argenta 217: Castle Vallet Darach 218: Arcade Star Dahlia 219: Castle Queen Lady Caitlin
  2. These values also may be used to modify your Multiplayer Avatar for the Union Room and Wi-Fi. The sprite change will only occur between two Copies of either Heart Gold or Soul Silver. Details on this can be found in the Third Spoiler. Progress: As I did with Pokemon Platinum, I've taken the liberty of deriving a list of values to be used to modify your character sprite to that of another sprite in the game. The following code was created by the hackers on GBAtemp, whom I thank alot for their hard work. The code will work like this: Due to the lack of a calculator in the game, the alteration of the code is neccessary to change you character. Also note using multiple character altering codes at the same time has a high potential of crashing your game, so please refrain from attempting it. Here is the code: 62110DC0 00000000 B2110DC0 00000000 10025D90 00000XXX D2000000 00000000 First start by finding the desired value that you want. All you have to do is replace the Red X's with any of the following values and presto. You have yourself the desired sprite. It should be known, however, that although the walking animations for each sprites work perfectly fine, the only sprites capable of having a working running animations are the Hero Sprites for Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver. Values 000~00F: Values 100~1FF: Values 200~244***: I will update this thread as I finish more lists. Also, here are some working codes that some of you may enjoy: Play as Red: Play As Platinum Male: Play As Platinum Female: Play As Team Rocket Hero (Male): Play As Team Rocket Hero (Female): Personal Favorite Values: Pics of Modified Sprites: Sprite Set #1: Sprites #2: Sprites #3:
  3. I've recently been plagued by SD card troubles, and long story short, today, I lost a Pokemon X save that I really would rather have back. I tried using a backup from Nov 21, but some time between then and today, I had launched and saved the game. Now it says the save version does not match the game version and tough shit lol. From my limited understanding of pokemon xy's save file scheme, I am under the impression that there is literally nothing wrong with my save except that the last save time in the meta data of my .sav is older than the last save time stored somewhere on my 3DS? Can I simply open up my .sav in a hex editor and edit the time to something that will let me play the game, provided I knew where the hex values for last save time were? I feel I should clarify, although it's probably obvious, I own the digital copy.
  4. Hexadecimal Converter: http://www.mathsisfun.com/binary-decimal-hexadecimal-converter.html ~Preston's Guide to 44h, 45h, 46h, 47h, 85h, and 86h Values~ Last updated: 10/09/09 ~Which game uses these values?~ On R/S/E/FR/LG/CO/, none of the hidden values are used. On D/P, only the 85h is used. On Platinum, 44h-47h and 85h are used. On HeartGold and SoulSilver, 44h-47h and 85h-86h are used. ~What are the values for a Pokemon that was migrated from Pal-Park?~ D/P Migration: Set all values to 00 Platinum/HG/SS Migration: Set 46h to 37 (Pal-Park in hexadecimal) and the rest to 00. ~What do the values mean?~ 44h and 45h are used for who you recieved the egg from in Platinum/HG/SS. 46h and 47h are used for where the egg was hached at or where the Pokemon was caught at in Platinum/HG/SS. 85h is used to determine how the Pokemon was caught/received in D/P/Pt/HG/SS 86h is used to determine what Pokeball was used to capture the Pokemon in HG/SS ~Do the values change when you trade them to a different game?~ Once a Pokemon's values have been determined by the game, they will never change. This means trading a Pokemon from Diamond to Platinum will keep its regular hex values from Diamond. There are exceptions for Pokemon eggs when they are traded. Finding the Values: 44h and 45h 44h and 45h will always be 00 if your Pokemon did not come from an egg. If you obtained your Pokemon as an egg, go to PokeSav and look for the decimal number of where the egg was received at. For example, my Riolu was received from Riley. Riley's decimal value is 2010. (The decimal number is shown in PokeSav right next to Riley.) Now I need to convert 2010 to hexadecimal. If you don't know how to convert, then just use the link at the top. 2010 is 7DA in hex. Egg location and Met location are written from right to left in hex (called little endien). I'll rewrite 7DA to 07DA to make things easier. Since we have to read this from right to left, we need to break it in two and then flip the values. 1. 07DA 2. 07 DA 3. DA 07 So the 44h value will be DA and my 45h value will be 07. 46h and 47h These are found just the same way as the egg locations. Find the decimal number for where your Pokemon was hatched or caught at in PokeSav. My Riolu hatched at Iron Island, and Iron Island is 69 in decimal. So now I just convert 69 into hexadecimal, and I get 45. (0045) Since we have to read this from right to left, we need to break it in two and then flip the values. 1. 0045 2. 00 45 3. 45 00 My 46h value is 45, and my 47h value is 00. 85h 85h Values are used in Diamond and Pearl too, along with Platinum. 00 - Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey Tree/Shaymin (D/P/Pt) 02 - Tall Grass/Darkrai (D/P/Pt) 04 - Dialga/Palkia (D/P/Pt) 05 - Cave/Hall of Origin/Giratina (D/P/Pt) 07 - Caught in the Water (D/P/Pt) 09 - Caught in Buildings (D/P/Pt) 17 - Distortion World (Giratina) (Pt) 18 - Starter Pokemon/Bebe's Eevee/Fossil Pokemon (Pt) 0A - Great Marsh/Safari Zone (D/P/Pt) 0C - Starter Pokemon/Fossil Pokemon (D/P) My Riolu was in an egg, so my 85h would be 00. 86h 86h Values are used in HeartGold and SoulSilver only to determine the PokeBall. (Thanks to Wylfred for listing them out!) If there is an *, that means the normal Pokeball slot in Pokesav should be set to a Pokeball. Never set the normal Pokeball slot in Pokesav to any Apricorn balls. 01 = Master Ball 02 = Ultra Ball 03 = Great Ball 04 = Poke Ball 05 = Safari Ball 06 = Net Ball 07 = Dive Ball 08 = Nest Ball 09 = Repeat Ball 0A = Timer Ball 0B = Luxury Ball 0C = Premier Ball 0D = Dusk Ball 0E = Heal Ball 0F = Quick Ball 10 = Cherish Ball 11 = Fast Ball* 12 = Level Ball* 13 = Lure Ball* 14 = Heavy Ball* 15 = Lovely Ball* 16 = Friend Ball* 17 = Moon Ball* 18 = Compé Ball* My Riolu's Summary: 44h: DA (Egg recieved from Riley) 45h: 07 (Egg recieved from Riley) 46h: 45 (Pokemon was hatched/caught at Iron Island) 47h: 00 (Pokemon was hatched/caught at Iron Island) 85h: 00 (Pokemon was hatched) 86h: 00 (Pokemon was hatched on Pt, not HG/SS) All the other values you see on Pokesav should be 00. None of them have been used yet. The Giratina Factor Giratina, as well as any other Pokemon caught or hatched in a new Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver location, are kind of tricky. This will show you how the game reads these new locations, and how to create them. First of all, these are the new locations added. 112- Battle Frontier 113- Battle Factory 114- Battle Castle 115- Battle Roulette 116- Battle Stage 117- Distortion World 118- Global Terminal 119- R.A House 120- Match Place 121- Rotom's Room 122- Eterna Galactic HQ 123- Iron Ruins 124- Iceberg Ruins 125- Rock Peak Ruins 2011- Cynthia* (In Hex) 7E - New Bark Town 7F - Cherrygrove City 80 - Violet City 81 - Azelia Town 82 - Cianwood City 83 - Goldenrod City 84 - Olivine City 85 - Ecruteak City 86 - Mahogany Town 87 - Lake of Rage 88 - Blackthorn City 89 - Silver Cave 8A - Pallet Town 8B - Viridian City 8C - Pewter City 8D - Cerulean City 8E - Lavender Town 8F - Vermillion City 90 - Celadon City 91 - Fuchsia City 92 - Cinnabar Island 93 - Indigo Plateau 94 - Route 1 95 - Route 2 96 - Route 3 97 - Route 4 98 - Route 5 9A - Route 6 9B - Route 7 9C - Route 8 9D - Route 9 9E - Route 10 9F - Route 11 A0 - Route 12 A1 - Route 13 A2 - Route 14 A3 - Route 15 A4 - Route 16 A5 - Route 17 A6 - Route 18 A7 - Route 19 A8 - Route 20 A9 - Route 21 AA - Route 22 AB - Route 23 AC - Route 24 AD - Route 25 AE - Route 26 AF - Route 27 B0 - Route 28 B1 - Route 29 B2 - Route 30 B3 - Route 31 B4 - Route 32 B5 - Route 33 B6 - Route 34 B7 - Route 35 B8 - Route 36 B9 - Route 37 BA - Route 38 BB - Route 39 BC - Route 40 BD - Route 41 BE - Route 42 BF - Route 43 C0 - Route 44 C1 - Route 45 C2 - Route 46 C3 - Route 47 C4 - Route 48 C5 - Diglett Cave C6 - Mt. Moon C7 - Cerulean Cave C8 - Rock Tunnel C9 - Power Plant CA - Safari Zone CB - Seafoam Islands CC - Sprout Tower CD - Tin Tower CE - Burnt Tower CF - National Park D0 - Radio Tower D1 - Ruins of Alph D2 - Union Cave D3 - Slowpoke Well D4 - Lighthouse D5 - Rocket Hideout (Mahogany Town) D6 - Ilex Forest D7 - Goldenrod Underground D8 - Mt. Mortar D9 - Ice Path DA - Whirl Islands (Lugia's Chamber) DB - Silver Mountain Cave DC - Dark Cave DD - Victory Road DE - Dragon's Den DF - Tohjo Falls E0 - Viridian Forest E1 - Pokéthlon Dome E2 - S.S. Aqua E3 - Safari Zone Gate E4 - Cliff Cave E5 - Frontier Front E6 - Path to Tin Tower E7 - Shinto Ruins E8 - Hidden Tower E9 - Pokéwalker EA - Cliff’s Gate *2011 is the Hall of Fame for D/P/Pt, but when read for where the egg was from, Pt regards it as Cynthia. Okay, these are the new locations. But how would Diamond and Pearl read these unknown areas? Nintendo came up with a "good" solution. Here's how to do it: The first step is to convert your location to hex. I'm gonna give an example of me hatching a Togepi in Rotom's Room. Rotom's Room is 121 in decimal, and 79 (0079)in hex. 0079 00 79 79 00 So 46h will be 79 and 47h will be 00. This is where most people screw up. If you are using a new location in Platinum, you must set the place you met at to 3002 (FarAwayPlace). When the game notices your Pokemon was caught in a Faraway place, it then looks at your 46h and 47h values. If they are both 00, then the game will simply show FarAwayPlace. If they have values, such as my Togepi here, your game will show the hex value location for where the Pokemon was caught. This way, if you trade Giratina or any Pokemon from a new location in Platinum, it will show up as FarAwayPlace on Diamond and Pearl. (D/P do not read the 46h/47h values at all.) Please respond with any questions you have, or any part that was confusing to you! I would love to help! If you have any Information that isn't up here, please tell me! Special Thanks to: damio Sabresite SCV ZMaster Xeomyr Wylfred
  5. I'm trying to replicate the five recent event Pokemon (Deoxys from Gamestop, and Darkrai, Shayman, Regigigas and Arceus from Toys 'R Us) using Pokesav Platinum, but I have no idea on how the valuse work and I don't want to screw something up. I someone can help me on this, I'd be grateful. That, or either the PKM files for these Pokemon (because I don't have an SD card to transfer save files =P).
  6. These values are to be used in conjunction with the Pokemon HG/SS Battle Music Modifier Code: 62110DC0 00000000 B2110DC0 00000000 1003FF58 00000XXX 1003FE9C 00000XXX d2000000 00000000 Simply replace the Red X's with the desired Value and enter a Battle to hear the altered music. The top line in Green alters Wild Pokemon Battle Music, and the bottom line in Blue alters Trainer Battle Music. Values 400~*** (Whatever I'm currently at):
  7. Could anyone tell me the 44h and 45h values for Pokemon recieved from the daycare in HG/SS? Or just the decimal value for the daycare in HG/SS would be fabulous! And I am looking for the 46h and 47h for the actual daycare building, but I'm guessing nobody has hatched an egg in the building so I'm probably gonna end up having to do that on my own. Does anybody have a save file for SS thats fairly far into the game that I could use? And lastly, does anyone know the 46h and 47h values for a Pokemon caught in the Dragon's Den? I really appriciate the help guys! Thanks in advance!!!
  8. The list has been completed. Special thanks to Kaarosu, who translated some yet untranslated names for me. It seems that HG/SS start at 7E. 7D is Rock Peak Runes, a Platinum location. EB and onwards are all Mystery Zone, thus there ends the list. Please note that this is the value the 46h byte should be. The 47h byte has to be 00 if you use any of these locations and the location met should be FarAwayPlace (3002)
  9. I just recently transferred a Pokémon from my SS file and I was going to look at it and see some similarities, when I found that 86h values are used by HGSS. I just posted it here for some added info... here's a .pkm. (it's a party pokemon btw) HGSS.pkm
  10. After messing around for a little while, I've finally gotten the Code values for ALL the key items in HG/SS. I'll be posting the code you've all been wanting along with the Value Set. And here it is: This code (When activated by pressing Start) will give you the Red, Blue, and Green Orbs, the L/Rock Capsule, the Enigma Crystal, and the GB Player. To those who may be confused, allow me to elaborate: Take the code fragment here: 94000130 fff70000 62110dc0 00000000 b2110dc0 00000000 e00008e8 000000c8 00010215 00010218 00010216 00010217 00010214 000101f6 00000000 00000000 .... Now then. Let's say that I would like to have the Battle Recorder as a key item early on. I would first start by editing the blue section. Then I would change the blue section to the listed value posted above for the Battle Recorder (In this case, 101D1.) 94000130 fff70000 62110dc0 00000000 b2110dc0 00000000 e00008e8 000000c8 00010215 00010218 00010216 00010217 00010214 000101f6 00000000 00000000 So the code fragment should look like this when you're done: 94000130 fff70000 62110dc0 00000000 b2110dc0 00000000 e00008e8 000000c8 00010215 00010218 00010216 00010217 00010214 000101f6 000101D1 00000000 The red section is the edited portion. If you want a certain number of key items, simply do this process throughout the entire code. Please note that shortening or lengthening the code posted above in any way will freeze your game.Enjoy! To anyone concerned as to why all other key items are being deleted, refer here:
  11. I wanted to make a Heatran that looked like it was traded over from Pearl to Platinum. Are these hex values correct? 44h:00 (Is 00 for 44 to 45 since it obviously wasn't hatched.) 45h:00. 46h: D1 (Is 46 to 47 where I put values for link trade?) 47h:07 85h:05 (Caught in Stark Mountain in Pearl, which is a cave.) Also, what would the status of link trade be for my Heatran? Would it be Link trade (arrived) or Link trade (met)? I'd gladly appreciate an accurate, detailed response. Also, an ENORMOUS THANKS to whoever helped. (Maybe I'll give away one expertly made Pokemon )
  12. From what I have seen through pokesav the HG/SS games only use the 46h, 85h, and the 86h. I was wondering from all of this do the old hex values still mean the same for the values?
  13. can anyone clarify the fateful encounter, and hex values options in pokesav? im trying to make legit pokemon, so i was wondering if these two things are really necessary in order to make legit pokemon, or can i ignore them.
  14. To get the Regice/Regirock/Registeel pokemon, I need to have the Lv.100 Even Regigigas? Does anybody have the Event Regigigas and can open Pokesav and screenshot the Pokemon Edit Menu?
  15. reading the pokemon editing FAQ on the site it says "Hidden Value: The only thing to worry about here is the box next to 85h. Set this byte according to how the Pokemon was obtained" but when I look at what people are doing on the forums they are also changing a few other values, what should be done here for legality? I am exporting all my codes to AR, and so far its worked out okay, but I haven't been able to check legality just yet (I have a mac and an old windows XP that I am currently updating to support legality check) I was just curious about the hidden values
  16. I have 3 questions about rotom. To make it legal: Should I check the "fateful encounter" box? What should its 85h be?(in diamond) In platinum, is it caught at level 20 and in diamond/pearl is it caught at level 15?
  17. I was looking for more information on creating hidden hex values on pokemon. Is there anywhere I can find out more about it?
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