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  1. Yay, I'm famous! :V It was a complete oversight on my part. Pokemon rarely has any scripted battles, so I didn't expect the randomizer to mess this one up so much, heh.
  2. So, just for fun, I decide to use the Universal Pokemon Randomizer on a ROM of Pokemon Emerald. Everything's going fine until Wally tries to catch a Ralts, it KOs his Pokemon and makes the game bug out. I can't flee, I can't send in a new Pokemon (it comes out as a BAD EGG), so I'm stuck. I don't want to risk messing up the game's progression with the Walk Through Walls cheat, so I'm considering one of two options: -Edit Ralts' movelist to not have Earthquake. I have no idea how to do this, so I'll need assistance or a tutorial on move editing. -Using an AR code to give Zigzagoon Infinite HP. I tried checking GameFAQs, Supercheats and similar sites, but haven't found such a code. If anyone can help me solve this problem, I'd really appreciate it.
  3. I've been looking around for a code that makes any Pokemon you catch have specific IVs. No Marking box codes, I want to be able to have specific IVs without making my Pokemon illegal. Here's the max IV code for Platinum, is there any way to modify this for Black? 12073f50 0000201f 12073f66 0000201f 12073f7c 0000201f 12073f92 0000201f 12073fa8 0000201f 12073fbe 0000201f
  4. I'm using Pokesav D/P as opposed to Plat, so I wouldn't have to worry about editing multiple hex values, but now I have a bit of a problem. I created a Pokemon (an Infernape), everything was fine, even ran it through the Legality Checker just to be sure. However, when I tried to reload it, the .pkm file had all the wrong stats. I think it's because I saved over the original file, and it glitched up or something...Has this been a problem for anyone else?
  5. (epic facepalm) Doy, am I stupid. I think I'll just use Di/Pe Pokesav from now on, only one hex to edit. Thank you sooooo much!
  6. I posted this on another thread, but I didn't get an answer so I figured I repost my query here. Attached to this post is a Deoxys I made using Pokesav Platinum (to replicate the event Deoxys given out at GameStop). Everything's legit, but the type is "Mystery Gift (Hacked)" when I run it through the Legality Checker, and I have no idea how to change it so it appears 100% legit. Can someone help me, please? GameStopDeoxys.pkm
  7. Lol, it's no big deal. If worse comes to worse I'll just use D/P Pokesav instead, it's a bit easier to use since you only have to edit one hex value. I ran the trashbytes checker, so the trash bytes are normalized...But the type still says "Mystery Gift (Hacked)." Is there any way to change this or is this supposed to happen?
  8. Okay, I delved into Pokesav Plat for the first time and made myself an almost-legit Gamestp Deoxys. I say almost legit because I'm having a hard time getting the 46h and 47h values correct, I ran the PKM file through Legal.exe and it said the Pokemon's Country of Origin was invalid. Can someone help me fix this problem? The file's attached (you'll need Pokesav Plat to look at it). EDIT: Updated the file. The Country's been set, but the Legality Checker's still giving me trouble because of invalid trash bytes, which I know nothing about. GameStopDeoxys.pkm
  9. Okay, I'm trying to edit a Pokemon's hex Values for the first time in Platinum Pokesav, and I'm trying to replicate an event Pokemon (Gamestp Deoxys specifically). I know the summary file says "Pokemon Event," but when I look at the "Egg hatched at" locations in the program, I see numbered Pokemon Events (Pokemon Event 06, 07, etc). Which one should I use in creating my Pokemon?
  10. I'm trying to replicate the five recent event Pokemon (Deoxys from Gamestop, and Darkrai, Shayman, Regigigas and Arceus from Toys 'R Us) using Pokesav Platinum, but I have no idea on how the valuse work and I don't want to screw something up. I someone can help me on this, I'd be grateful. That, or either the PKM files for these Pokemon (because I don't have an SD card to transfer save files =P).
  11. Lol, yeah, but to get the Trainer ID without hacking would be like a one in a million chance. =P I wouldn't do it anyway, in official tourneys people look for that sort of stuff (that is, if they ever allowed event legendaries in the first place!!).
  12. Wow, that was easy! See, I don't have a passthrough card or anything similar, so I can't just edit the save file...I have an AR though, so I can edit using that...But this really helps, XRay, Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I kind of forgot about this thread. ^^;; I'll look into editing my Pokes later, thanks a bunch!
  13. I have a TRU Shaymin, TRU Regigigas, and TRU Arceus, as well as ALAMOS Darkrai and Gamestp Deoxys. I want to learn their SIDs so I can make my own legit event Pokemon (and give them max IVs and such), but what I want to know is this--does each event Pokemon has it's own ID? I know each Pokemon has its own OT and trainer ID, what I want to know is if they have their own SID too. Failing that, is there an AR code I can use to see what a Pokemon's SID is? Of course, I'm willing to trade with someone who can tell me what my Pokemon's SIDS are, too. I'm just curious and wanting to save a bit of time. =P
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