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Found 17 results

  1. Did it get removed? cant find it under the trainer info
  2. So on wifi-battles stats like "Has 32BP" shows up, and "Has hatched 2329 eggs". Is there any way to modify this number/stat within Pkhex? Its very nice to gen legit pokemon with pkhex, but what good is it if stats like "has hatched 0 eggs" shows up? I would suggest this as a modifiable option within Pkhex:biggrin: It would be unbelieveable to see someone with 10 shiny pokemon and 200 hatched eggs. To make it seem legit, you should be able to modify the number of eggs you have hatched
  3. Hello everyone! Any of you notice this problem? The Egg hatch date field in newest PokeGEN seems to be inverted with Met date. This was done with a legit egg-hatched pokemon from a retail copy of Pearl, checked in SoulSilver Rom, then manually traded to to a retail HeartGold, then finally legitly imported into a White 2 Rom. Mmmm, might be easier to explain like this: Retail Pearl (hatched) ---> Rom SoulSilver (1st window) Rom SoulSilver ---> Retail HeartGold Retail HeartGold ---> Rom White2 (2nd window) Same PokeGen version used to view both SS and W2 Rom. And this is where I'm viewing it before sending to Retail Black2. Is this just on my end or trouble with PokeGen?
  4. All generation 4 eggs hatch with trash bytes - even if you nickname the hatchling. However, there's a catch - like pal park trash bytes, they are different across languages and versions. The goal of this thread is to find the string of trash bytes for all versions and languages of generation 4 games. For instance, english games use the following: D/P: \0237\4008\C019\50C8\020D\3B28 Pt: \0238\4008\C019\B318\020C\3730 HGSS: \0000\1960\0211\0002\0000\4008 French D/P: \0000\0237\4008\C019\5124\020D\3B28 Pt: \4558\0238\4008\C019\B3BC\020C\3730 HGSS: \0000\0000\1980\0211\0002\0000\4008 German D/P: \0000\0237\4008\C019\5124\020D\3B28 Pt: \4558\0238\4008\C019\B3BC\020C\3730 HGSS: \0000\0000\1940\0211\0002\0000\4008 Italian D/P: \0000\0237\4008\C019\5124\020D\3B28 Pt: \4558\0238\4008\C019\B3BC\020C\3730 HGSS: \0000\1960\0211\0002\0000\4008 Spanish D/P: \0000\0237\4008\C019\5124\020D\3B28 Pt: \4558\0238\4008\C019\B3BC\020C\3730 HGSS: \0000\0000\19A0\0211\0002\0000\4008 Japanese D/P: Last 8 bytes not consistent (FF otherwise) Pt: Last bytes not consistent (FF otherwise) HGSS: \FFFF\FFFF\FFFF\FFFF\FFFF\FFFF\FFFF\0000\???? Korean D/P: \0000\0000\C0D4*\0237\4008\C019\0E1C\020D\3730 Pt: \0000\0000\54F4\0238\4008\C019\BDE8\020C\3730 HGSS: \DE60\021D\0000\0000\2360\0211\0002\0000\4008 Note that for english only the last 6 bytes matter because all hatched pokémon have at least 4 characters in their name. For german and french, it's 7 and 8 for japanese. What I am looking for is .pkm files of french, german, italian, spanish, japanese pokémon with the shortest possible name length (e.g. Claffa in japanese and german, ekans in french, otherwise seel/abra/natu/onix/jynx) hatched on a generation 4 game (and preferably not transfered to gen 5 as it removes the last 2 bytes). If the pokémon was nicknamed when it hatched it doesn't really matter as long as the nickname is at most as long as the original name. You can also check the trash bytes yourself in Pokegen. Furthermore, gen 4 trash bytes are not considered to be important from a legality standpoint because they are unfortunately removed by the name rater. However, it seems even the name rater can leave some trash bytes of its own for short names. Hence, I am also interested in foreign pokémon that were given a 1 letter nickname by the name rater, in all versions and languages of gen 4 games as before. I thank in advance anyone willing to help.
  5. I want to create traded hatched Pokemon from scratch. However, I'm utterly clueless about what data remains the same and what data changes upon trade, especially regarding hatched data. CAN EGGS BE TRADED? (lol) ********************* I am almost certain it is a positive. If it isn't, then all the other questions pertaining to traded eggs can be ignored. HOMETOWN ********************* If eggs can be traded, does the soon-to-be-hatched Pokemon take the hometown of where the egg was created or where the egg was hatched? EGG RECEIVED AT ********************* I'd like to know what happens to the Egg Received At data upon trade between (or among) certain versions. Does it get changed? Does it get deleted? Those are what I primarily want to know. Here are the specific ways the Pokemon/Egg may change hands that I'm interested to know how Egg Received At may or may not change. If anyone has had first-hand experience in doing this especially concerning DPPt-HGSS trading and can verify/correct my suspicions/predictions, please do so. 1) RSEFRLG to DPPtHGSS a.k.a. Pal Parked Pokemon -Suspecting either values 2003 (Kanto Region) or 2005 (Hoenn Region) or data gets deleted. 2) DPPt to DPPt - Hatched Pokemon -I'm thinking that nothing changes except for that whole Faraway Place issue. 3) DPPt to DPPt - Traded Egg -Same as 2). About Date Egg Received... possibly the date where the egg was received from the Daycare? 4) HGSS to DPPt - Hatched Pokemon -Suspecting either values 2004 (Johto Region) or 3002 (Faraway Place). 5) HGSS to DPPt - Traded Egg -Same as 4) and 3). 6) DPPt to HGSS - Hatched Pokemon 7) DPPt to HGSS - Traded Egg Or maybe, nothing gets changed, just like with the hex values. Any sort of information pertaining to this will be greatly appreciated.
  6. The title says it. I see quite a lot lvl 1 shiny pokemon nowadays. Is it possible to check te legality of these newly hatched?
  7. I've spent the last 2 hours reading sticky threads and previous discussions, but i'm still wondering if there's some difference between wild pokemon PID/IV's, hatched pokemon PID/IV's and legendary pokemon PID/IV's (such as Cresselia's or Palkia's), in Platinum version. If it is so (as i think it is) how can i get hatched PID/IV's (if i can)? Thank you advance.
  8. Hi all, I've read the threads and there're sth i dun understand. Whats should I input in the "Egg received at" field if I want the pokemon to look like hatched from an egg in GBA, and then transfered to pal park? Whats the corresponding trash byte values then? Also, can I use any PID that does not match its IVs if the pokemon is hatched from GBA and catched in palpark? Thank you for your help.
  9. Welcome to Tyler's Rare, Event, and Newly Hatched Pokemon Thread! Here is our current stock: AVAILABLE ~Newly Hatched~ [sprite]037[/sprite] ~Rare~ [sprite]359[/sprite] (2)[sprite]029[/sprite] (3) [sprite]104[/sprite] ~Event~ (Multiple of Each) -12th Movie Arceus (UT, Comes with Draco Plate) -Pikachu-Colored Pichu (UT) -VGC09 Shiny Milotic (UT) -VGC09 Weavile (UT) -PKTOPIA Magmortar (Original moves, just gained some EXP in battle) -PKTOPIA Electevire (Original moves, just gained some EXP in battle) NOTICE: I'M NOW OFFERING ANY SHINY POKEMON YOU WANT! IT MUST BE ABLE TO BE CAUGHT IN THE WILD IN SINNOH! SOME LEGENDARIES ARE AVAILABLE! NON-AVAILABLE POKEMON SO-FAR INCLUDE MESPRIT, & PALKIA SOON, MORE WILL BE AVAILABLE!!! TAKEN [sprite]296[/sprite] by Insignia
  10. What are the conditions for a Pokemon that was hatched in the GBA games then sent to D/P? Does it follow the algorithms to get a PID or is it completely random like the DS games? Does the Pokemon have any data for the Egg fields in Pokesav or are they disregarded when you send them over Pal Park? I currently don't actually have any of the GBA games that have actually made it as far as the breeding centres to test myself.
  11. Lets say I used a Manaphy Egg downloaded from the main site event downloads (which for some weird reason under Summary says obtained from mystery zone) Using Pokesav am I supposed to set the met location to Link Trade (arrived) or Link trade (met)? Next, will the fateful encounter check remained ticked? Also, if I using the Shiny code from found in the forum, Will its PID look legal? Lastly, while it is in its egg, are there supposed to be any trash bytes which needs to be corrected, and is there anything else I need to know?
  12. Just so I know once and for all, can hatched Pokemon legally have 31 in all IVs?
  13. Okay I think this is one of the most confusing parts of creating a pokemon in pokesav. I haven't really gotten good at doing this so mostly I just edit pokemon that I've bred in real games, but I'd like to know: When creating a pokemon on pokesav and you want it to be completely legal and look exactly like any other hatched pokemon, what parts of the pokemon edit box do you fill out? What parts don't you fill out? Thanks.
  14. Do I have to normalize trash bytes for hatched pokèmon?
  15. First time poster. So please be gentle. I've read the extensive documentation on various sites and this forum (as well as it's previous incarnation), about PID's. As I understand it, the actual IV value of a Pokemon hatched from an egg, do not match those indicated by the PID. Therefore that PID is generally meaningless (for lack of a better word) in as so far as IV values for hatch eggs dictate, and that the various legality checkers "overlook" these discrepancies in a hatched Pokemon. Having gathered all this... PID generation for eggs are done differently than Wild Pokemon. My primary question: is there a PID generator for eggs floating about? I assume that one simply cannot use any PID they like, when assigning a PID for hatched Pokemon. That is to say: there are legal and illegal PID's for them, correct? Someone advised me, that using a PID in the Pokesav chart for Normal NDS or GBA Pokemon (Type 1), and having those IV values match accordingly for the hatched Pokemon, would be sufficient. Is this true? Can the PID's for hatched Pokemon, match those of Wild Pokemon, and be 100% legal? Regardless if hatched or wild, certain aspects of the PID would always apply: sex and ability for example... so just picking any PID off a chart wouldn't do, if someone is going out of their way to make "perfect forgery" of a Pokemon, correct? tl;dr I wanna have my hatched Pokemon have a valid PID for hatched Pokemon. How do I go about doing that and making sure I'm doing it right (without doing it the legal way of course). I'm merely worried that certain PID's are just impossible for a hatched egg to have and want to avoid them.
  16. after doing some research on the hatched pokemon's trashbyte in Diamond .. i figure out that hatched pokemon has its own trashbyte string ^^ yeah, it's true ^^ at first , when it is an egg .. the trashbyte is the same as any of the wild pokemon, but after it hatched, it had its own trashbyte ... and i also did some trashbyte research on "nickname rater" and here is the results : I hope this will help you all ^^
  17. Quick question. I was curious if the PID/IV algorithm mumbo jumbo applies to Pokemon who have been hatched. Every time I run them through the legality checker it just says "Hatched" so I assume everything's fine when I use the Generate button instead.
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