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  1. You've lost me, what if there is no formula what is the I'm not that familiar with bitwise operators, but if given the TID/SID can't you find the PID which makes the expression valid or is there something I overlooked. Lastly, worst case scenario, if I have to SR for a legal shiny PID, I assume that I'll be able to change the IV, nature and gender and the pokemon will still be legal?.
  2. Does TID/SID and PID apply for starters or legendaries (IE Latios/as Trio Legends) and is there a formula for legal shinies given the TID/SID/PID Lastly if I SR til I get a shiny starter or on of the legendaries mentioned above, would I be able to change the gender, IVs and still have it be legal as long as I don't change the PID? Thanks
  3. #1 I was wondering if the TID, TSV SID are still linked together via bitwise operations and if it's the same formula as X/Y #2 Would changing my TID/SID via PKHeX also change my TSV to make it legal (if Q1 holds). #3 Is the PID value still relevant? I think it changes the characteristics but have no affect on IVs or Nature, but what about Shinies? #4 As far as shinies (nonhatched) are concerned, what is factored into play? SID? PID? Why does the powersav shiny code change the IV values? Sorry if some of the questions have already been answered, but I've found some mix results and I just wanted a clarification Thanks
  4. Was wondering if there is anyway to find out a pokemon's OT trainer's Secret ID in XY or ORAS
  5. I don't quite understand your steps for the nickname trashbit. Unless, I'm doing something completely wrong, your steps don't work for the 2nd and 3rd example that you have listed Steps 1. Number of letters in Pokemon Name= X (Petilil is 7 letters => X = 7) 2. Number of letters in Nickname = Y (Lillil is 6 letters => Y = 6) 3. X - Y = Z (7 - 6 = 1, Z = 1) 4. Take the Pokemon's name and delete the front letters by the amount of Z. (Delete the 1st letter of the pokemon name P => etilil) 5. Replace the first letter with \FFFF (/FFFFtilil) 6. Type the Nickname in front of the Sequence (Lillil\FFFFtilil) 7. After the remaining letters type the block \FFFF (Lillil\FFFtilil\FFFF) I'll stop there, and the sequence is obviously not the one assigned in the game. From what I've tested, you are suppose to delete the first Y (# of letters for your nickname) instead of Z from the pokemon's name. It worked for your purrloin because Z and Y in that instance were the same (4)
  6. This doesn't work for me, I think it makes all my eggs go bad =/ I did however made the eggs using PokeSav (I set teh steps at 0 or 1 x 256, iono if that's the problem). Also I noticed when I hatch the eggs normally, not all the eggs get the steps, only the first egg slot. I got like over 100 eggs to hatch and I don't really wanna waste a couple of hrs to hatch them. Is there any way to fix this?
  7. I really like the grass starter, it maybe similar to treecko, but I still luv it. Since it's a snake pokemon I can't wait for its final evo. The fire and the water pokes are alright, but I think their final evo is probably gonna still be awesome.
  8. I was just wondering if there is a code to customize the date and time of the Hall of Fame Debut (Like in PokeSav). Also is it possible to delete or change the parties you used for those entries. Thanks!
  9. Is there a code to change the Hall of Fame Debut date and time?
  10. I'm not filling you on any of the pokes. 1. thunderbolt is useless on your Gallade, since you have a -satk nature AND you would have already covered the types that are weak to electric (Water, Flying) with Leaf Blade and Psycho Cut 2.Blizzard is a horrible move on kabutops since it's special serves no real purpose 3. Flamethrower and thunderbolt on a physical atker who has crap spatk along with a -satk nature? Also if your gonna invest that much EV into speed might as well get rock polish and lower that investment, or something 4. Why do u have two dragon moves? One with crap acc and another that's a special atk on a physical set? Iron tail also serves no purpose, your crazy to have a physical chomp w/o EQ 5. Why would you have trick room on a fast sweeper? Signal beam also doesn't help since Steel/Rock types still wall the set, your better off with a HP Fighting. 6. Your team is just sweepers, you seriously need a wall or 2.
  11. Right now my favorite wall is Cradily. He is so godly, I have it in my sandstorm team, with stockpile + Recover its pretty much GG.
  12. You gotta elaborate, it's most likely you doing something wrong, since it's been working for everyone else.
  13. I just found out that the 3 dragon pokes has to have legit PID/IV. I don't think it is possible to have a legal modest palkia with 28 IV for each stat.
  14. Yeah I just extracted the lvl 1 giratina and Spiky Eared Pichu and both of their 85h values are 18.
  15. I'm curious myself, why would the 85h value be 18 though?
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