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  1. Heyo, I'm new to this so sorry if there's any mistakes. I've been looking to get ahold of a shiny turtwig just to play through the game with. If anyone can help me out I'd greatly appreciate it!
  2. Event pokemon i want *=ut POKEMON I WANT READ THIS READ THIS: IF U HAVE A SHINY NINCADA RAISE TO LV 20 WITH AN EMPTY SLOT AND U GET A SHINY SHEDINJA SO ITS like getting 2 SHINYs IN 1 DAY lf a bagon japanese named and ot japanese,lf cancea japanese named an ot in japanese, and spoink 2 Last edited by xxTHExxJOKERxx; Today at 08:23 AM.
  3. Would anyone be willing to inject some Pokemon and trade them to me? Preferably at the lowest possible level that Pokemon bank and home will allow. If the legendaries cannot be sent into Pokemon bank and home with nicknames, please just leave them with their normal name's. Seeing as I can rename them in Pokemon sword. Thank you in advance. Jirachi: Nickname Spaca Shayman: Nickname Mielikki Darkrai: Nickname Kira Mew: Nickname Myu Shiny Celebi: Nickname Mikuru Shiny Lugia: Nickname Galaxia moeletta: nickname melody Diance nickname Diora Keldeo nickname Kathie Magearna nickname Mal Zaerora Nickname Zynga Marshadow Nickname Marshie Victini: Nickname Victoria
  4. I accidentally traded my Gigantimax mewoth, and now the event is over. I was wondering if anyone had any spare meowth's that they wouldn't mind trading away.
  5. Hi guys, just as the title suggests I would like for someone to pls help my son and I out. I don't have a hacked switch and would probably brick it. If someone could help me it would be appreciated 132 ★ - メタモン - 21DC00000000.pk8 151 - Mew - 090E8B22E9E1.pk8 151 - Mew - F3718B22E9E1.pk8 887 ★ - Dragapult - DA8E00000000.pk8 889 - Zamazenta - EA4E00000000.pk8 006 ★ - Charizard - E47C00000000.pk8
  6. I am looking for some assistance in getting the last four berries I need in pokemon alpha saphire on the 3ds and a Darkrai as well. the berries i need are Enigma, Custap, Jaboca, and Rowap thanks for all your help in advance guys and if possible i will return the favor
  7. mew lvl 1 (not shiny) ability: Eject+ moves: pound OT: Leon Nature: Timid My frend code: 3024-9752-3819
  8. To simplify the process of requesting a Wi-Fi Trade and to keep your thread organized, use the form provided below. Copy, paste and fill-in the blanks. You can refer to this post if you are unsure of the difference between a legit, legal and hacked Pokémon. Please be honest about the integrity of your Pokémon when trading. Additionally, please add the tag "trading" and set it as the post's prefix. If you are replying to a Wi-Fi Trade request, please use the form above by copying, pasting and filling in your own information. Keep in mind the OP’s requested Pokémon. [If you are here to request PKM files, you are in the wrong forum]
  9. Mimikyu: Shiny: NO Female (Level 63) HP: 166/166, Sp. Atk 94 Atk. 150 Sp. Def 156 Def. 132 Speed 143 Nature: Quiet - Ability: Disguise No held item. Moveset: Shadow Claw Mimic Play Rough Shadow Ball Feebas: Male/Female (Any Level) Shiny: NO/YES (Must hold a Prism Scale) Method: Link Trade - If you agree, send a PM.
  10. Hi Im trying to find a shiny aloan, rock head marowak for pokemon moon. Been grinding long time but i have never found a shiny played since blue. Im willing to trade Something. Pst me pref outstanding for main whisper Please and thanks.
  11. Hi guys~ I've recently bought ORAS, after being away from the pokecommunity for years. Unfortunately I've missed LOADS of really awesome event poke's in my absence I was wondering, if anyone could trade me some of them? I don't mind if they're hacked (aslong as they are looking legit) Can provide a list of poke's I'd love to have (Won't ask for too many as I'm very gratefull to anyone offering their help!) Feel free to either reply down below, shoot me a PM or add my FC! Thank you for reading my post ~
  12. The title says it all. I've tried the only 2 Pokemon trading chats I know. My friends are of no help and I have a trade shop on a forums that's a ghost town. I'm trying to get the missing berries for my collection in. Of course I waited until gen 7 was out and I was nearing 1,000 hours play time to start looking into growing berries and messing with the 0-powers and I haven't even made it past the first gym in ORAS. If anybody is willing to help me, I have quite a few events, I have a collection of foreign Pokemon and most HA Pokemon. I have about 30 boxes of events that I can trade and about 25-27 boxes of foreign Pokemon and a checklist of each of them. While I'm trying to collect the Vivillon forms, I have a spare shiny /white one and I wouldn't mind cloning what I do have. So if you could help me get these last few berries I need, I'd be happy to barter with you. Edit: I didn't make this checklist. Sorry if it's hard to read. The ones that are black are the ones I have. I only need 1 of each. I can easily grow them after that. Hidden abilities Foreign Pokemon Trade shop link (Event Pokemon list)
  13. Note: All trade requests/battle/etc should be done via Private Messaging! This is an attempt to get some activity going on in this side of the board. Please reply only once in this thread stating your in-game name and Friend Code and possibly the game version you play if you wish to be added here. I will try to fill out this original topic with a friend codes list so we can all have fun with each other, possibly trade rare mons and whatever. Please note to use the private messaging feature if you want to start something with another user. I will start. Name: Wraith FC: 4613-7526-1652 Game: Moon
  14. I just want to battle everyone, and trade, so if you want to, just put your FC down and i will do the same Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. If anyone has an extra kyogre they can trade me, that would be greatly appreciated and thanks! Ign: Naruto 3ds friend code: 0318 8055 1239
  16. Hello and hello again if somebody had known me. During injection update from ORAS, I found out that pkHex is no longer working and this website will close down. I was wrong and people are still on their service. It's a relief that this website is working. If somebody will trade me, use my friend code "5258-1529-8539" and find me online on ORAS. My offers are two shiny events, one that I Masuda bred, and one shiny that I got. If we are going to trade online, I give you the four first, then the rest that I give away are Ralts in the PC. I can give time to anybody, If you are finished, notify me, and I will reply as I can. If someone is finished making the ones I listed, please inject a few dittos for my breeding. It will be long for you to finish it. But as I said already, I will wait and reply as I can.
  17. So since i seem to be stuck with a shiny remoraid and a shiny octillery ( i already have a shiny octilery), I am willing to trade them for any shinies you would offer. Currently for trade: Shiny Goldeen lv 25
  18. Say one thing I can't figure out is, is it possible to trade between and 3rd Gen games using DS or DS Lite for some reason I keep thinking someone told me it was supposed to be possible. If it is please comment and say something
  19. use this thread for tradeing in heart gold soul silver and platinum iam looking for voltackle pokewalker pikachu flail pokewalker pikachu lv 1 palkia lv 45 SS shiny lugia lv 35 latias shiny HGSS rayquazay shiny umbreon shiny HGSS latias HGSS shiny entie HGSS shiny raikou NOK Arcanine bday chimchar NOK DARKRAI NOK MEW NOK MUNCHLAX NOK FEEBAS iam currently offering lv 70 shiny giratina lv 6 riolu egg move blaze kick lv 31 houndoom egg move thunder fang lv 30 shiny luxaray lv 50 SS Groudon ( groudons will be clones) lv 50 HG Kyorger (english patch but still activates rayquazay) lv 5 SS Oak charmander lv 5 SS steaven stone treeko lv 5 SS bills eevee and every single japanese and us ds event surfing pokewalker pikachu flying pokewalker pikachu i also offer lots of event pokemon pm me about questions and offers SS friend code = 1977 9493 9755 PT friend code = 1118 5010 1989 ---------- Post added at 12:06 AM ---------- Previous post was Yesterday at 10:54 PM ---------- Currently adding soulsilver gift pokemon to my offers
  20. Does anyone have a 13th movie celebi or one of the three shiny beasts(13th movie) that they are willing to trade? I am offering to trade any pokemon any level. The special pokemon I have are: -event shaymin(oaks letter) -wishmaker jitachi(nights sky edge) -shiny pichu(notched ear pichu event) -event darkrai(members pass) -ev trained darkrai(ar used to get, but ev trained without cheats) -shiny lucario (ev trained myself) -shiny mewtwo(ar used to get) and more just can't remember Please trade me!
  21. Ash's pikachu wanted.I am able to give any pokemon including: -any starter -any legendary -any pokemon -Event: -13th movie celebi -13th movie entei,raikou,suicune -pikachu coloured pikachu -shaymin -jirachi(night sky edge) -darkrai -lovely place mew -HG kyogre -SS groudon -goons scizor -ev trained: -shiny lucario -shiny charizard -darkrai -palkia -gallade and more! Edit: only need Ash's pikachu edit:can one of the mods delete this
  22. (If any of you call this thread "trolling or spamming"... then I will be really pi55ed off:mad:) Rules 1.no hacks UNLESS we talk about it first and agree 2. No scamming 3. No trade thief 4.DO NOT BEG. 5. Be patient 6. Have a good time here! Services= Cloning= I can clone for you PM ME FOR MORE DETAILS WANTS: Haves: OFFER AWAY PLEASE!
  23. Hello i have many events all these are legit all from either the event thenselfs or this very fourm my fc for platinum is 4340 1749 4289 WANTS HGSS dragon trio HGSS dasuki eggs mareep JAPAN EVENTS USA EVENTS ---------- Post added at 09:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:37 PM ---------- [/color]EUROPEAN MY EURO EVENTS ARE TO VARRIED TOLIST ASK FOR SPCIFIC PKMN AND MOST LILY I WILL HAVE IT
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